Chat0804 :|04:03
czajkowskitdr112: howdy doody09:04
slashtomgood morning09:18
slashtomwhen's your dentist appointment?09:18
moylanhope it goes quickly and painlessly.09:20
czajkowskime too09:21
slashtomaye, good luck09:23
slashtomalthough in aldershot you're probably all expected to be as 'ard as nails ;)09:24
czajkowski00:06 <moonpie> ya still interested in doing the UL barcamp?09:25
czajkowski00:07 <moonpie> Weekend of 30th April/1st May (after natty release)?09:25
slashtomczajkowski: has ebel told you that we won't be around for limerick barcamp and ubuntu release09:27
* slashtom takes ebel a latte09:27
czajkowskioh off anywhere nice ?09:27
moylanslashtom: a shot of whiskey and a pliers?09:27
czajkowskioh nice09:27
ebel3 weeks start of may09:27
czajkowskiye biking over there?09:27
ebelPerhaps. looking into it09:28
slashtomebel: 3 weeks from easter saturday09:28
ebelNot going to drive to AU, we'll do that some day09:28
ebelwe need to sort out something for the loco cds.09:28
ebel(this is on the agenda for tonight's meeting)09:29
czajkowskiget them shipped to someone else?09:29
slashtomit would be an interesting route to ride to AU09:30
* slashtom sees email from ILUG, PoTD tonight - nice short notice09:31
ebelyeah that's what we're thinking09:44
slashtomannounced on irc.linux.ie but not be email until late last night09:47
airurandomorning all11:29
ebelyo yo11:31
ebelhttp://votomatic.ie see which party policies you agree with11:40
ShaneMebel: I got Labour....11:43
ebelI got Green (with FF runner up)11:44
* ebel is right wing economically but very left wing socially11:44
ebeli.e. I'm voting based on social policy, not economic policy11:44
ShaneMAh ok.11:45
ebelalso FG want to charge you TV licence fee for your computer http://www.reddit.com/r/ireland/comments/fmejw/fine_gael_want_to_charge_you_a_tv_licence_fee_for/11:45
ebelAs we see from this election, FG seem to be a bit clueless when it comes to computers and internet11:46
* slashtom should be voting Labour, Sinn Féin, Green, Fianna Faíl, Fine Gael in that order11:47
ShaneMYeah it's kind of shocking that FG might win11:48
ShaneMFF/FG same shit IMO.11:48
slashtomoh noes, ebel 2nd preference Fianna Faíl!11:50
ebelslashtom: don't worry, i'm not voting FF11:50
slashtomat least i got a viable party for my best fit :P11:50
ShaneMIt's shocking the response all the parties have on abortion.11:51
ebelyes ireland is an odd on on abortion11:52
ShaneMGoing to lunch11:52
moylanwill they be asking for the licence fee from blind users who use a braille display on a laptop which still has a screen?11:54
slashtomnot to mention cutting their benefits12:01
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airurandoevening tdr11219:34
airurandoevening all19:34
imgarysmithheya guys19:34
airurandohowdy imgarysmith19:35
airurandoimgarysmith: is episode 2 of the ubuntuie podcast being recorded tonight?19:38
ebelyo yo19:44
imgarysmithye it is, after this meeting19:46
airurandoI'm looking forward to hearing it.  Well done to you and all involved.19:48
imgarysmithairurando, thanks.its great craic to do19:49
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infoturtle_evenin` all20:01
imgarysmithstory andru20:02
airurandohi infoturtle_20:02
Gnatrickevenin all20:03
infoturtle_my pc's on the mend again so I'm using this toned down web version of IRC20:03
airurandoebel wanna start or give it a few more mins?20:03
tdr112infoturtle_: irssi is the only way to go20:03
airurandoevening Gnatrick20:03
imgarysmith@infoturtle_, did you get your hdd working?20:03
infoturtle_nope, still bust, and I installed ubutn on another hdd i had and now I can't install thinsg20:04
infoturtle_lol thats my pc for ya20:04
infoturtle_quad core, 4 gig's or ram and can't run linux20:04
Gnatricklive boot?20:04
ebelwe could give it a few mins.20:04
Gnatrickneither hdds working andru?20:05
imgarysmithis all your app work gone?20:05
ebelmight aswell start meeting now, i suppose20:05
MootBotMeeting started at 14:05. The chair is ebel.20:05
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]20:05
infoturtle_Gnatrick: I have a running version that I'm using to repair it, it's just banjaxed too20:05
infoturtle_imgarysmith: atm yes20:05
imgarysmithsorry for ya20:05
ebelWelcome to the Feb 2011 Ubuntu Ireland IRC meeting20:05
ebelagenda is here:20:05
ebel[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-02-1620:05
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-02-1620:05
infoturtle_it's cool, just gotta find out how to repair a super block and all should be good20:06
ebelPlease say PRESENT if you're here and taking part20:06
infoturtle_now onto the meeting20:06
ebelcool :)20:06
ebelfirst topic20:07
ebel[topic] Review of previous action items20:07
MootBotNew Topic:  Review of previous action items20:07
ebelwhich i'm not sure who proposed. anyone got anything to say on this?20:07
airurandojust one action item recorded from last month20:07
airurandoairurando will make an etherpad with workshop wishlishs/offers for potential UH topics20:08
ebelok, and is there anything to report?20:10
tdr112do we have a link20:10
ebeltdr112: previous IRC meeting: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-01-1920:11
infoturtle_did anyone suggest anything for the wishlist?20:12
ebellooks like airurando is experiencing network difficulties :)20:13
infoturtle_think that answers that question20:14
infoturtle_will we come back to it when he's back on?20:14
ebelwe'll leave it till he gets back?20:14
ebelnext topic20:14
imgarysmithhere is the link to the pad20:14
ebel[topic] More community input for podcast20:14
MootBotNew Topic:  More community input for podcast20:14
MootBotLINK received:  http://pad.ubuntu-ie.org/UbuntuHourDublin20:14
infoturtle_imgarysmith: you proposed this topic didn't you?20:15
imgarysmithi did20:15
tdr112what are you looking for imgarysmith20:15
infoturtle_then the floor is yours20:15
ebelover to imgarysmith20:15
imgarysmithi want to get feedback from people on the podcast, ideas or suggestions for what we can cover or anything else20:15
imgarysmithdo people what more news, reviews, tutorials?20:16
Gnatricktutorials i think20:16
imgarysmithtutorials for beginners or more advanced users?20:17
GnatrickBoth mayhaps? Depending on the topic of the week20:17
Gnatrickthe great linux switch section is kinda like a newbie guide anwyay20:17
infoturtle_imgarysmith was saying to do one on dual booting but it raises the question, Should we cover topics for users fimilar with the system already of getting people into the ways of linux20:18
imgarysmithtrue but im not sure when paul will next be a host, do you know andru?20:18
infoturtle_duno, he's in canada now so It may be trixy20:18
Gnatrickwell i think we should try to cover both bases, have a section for both?20:19
infoturtle_point taken, we'll discuss this later will we?20:19
imgarysmithgnatrick, good idea. we can look into that20:20
infoturtle_ebel shall we move on?20:20
ebelOK so!20:20
ebel(I'm sorry to admit that i haven't listened to the podcast yet! :( )20:20
ebel[topic] natty cds20:20
infoturtle_its cool20:20
MootBotNew Topic:  natty cds20:20
infoturtle_it's full of mistakes so I'm kinda shy about it20:21
ebeli joined a few related topics into this one20:21
ebelthere are a few things20:21
ebelMost importantly20:21
ebelI am the Point of Contact, so canonical sends me CDs (& other stuff)20:21
ebelHoweever I'm out of the country when natty / 11.04 is released20:21
ebellast time the CDs were sent abotu 1 week after release20:22
ebel(but other times it's taken a few weeks)20:22
tdr112is it hard to get them sent to someone else20:22
ebelif the CDs are sent in a similar short time, they'll be in my mailbox for yonks20:23
ebeltdr112: Dunno, i'll have to look into it20:23
ebelAnyone want to volunteer to do the CD distribution20:23
imgarysmithi can do it if nobody else wants to volunteer20:23
airurandoI'd be happy to20:23
ebelI wonder if we change the PoC to someone else, then they /should/ send them to them.20:23
infoturtle_I would but, being >100 miles away causes problems20:24
airurandoapologies for dropping out earlier.20:24
ebel[action] ebel will chance up with canonical/ubuntu loco with how/if to change address20:24
MootBotACTION received:  ebel will chance up with canonical/ubuntu loco with how/if to change address20:24
ebelLast time the CDs were sent all over the country20:24
tdr112we still have some 10.10 cds in tog20:24
ebel*ahem* I would suggest that this time we get SAEs from people who want CDs this time. Saves on postage :P20:25
airurandoI just have a few Q's comments and suggestions about prepping for distribution of the 11.04 CDs20:25
infoturtle_whats an sae?20:25
tdr112thats true on unfair on ebel pocket20:25
imgarysmithebel, i second that. i noticed it cost €3 to send them to me20:25
Gnatrickself addressed envelope info20:26
airurandoI think it would be worth while to e-mail the comp socs and others that received a bundle of CDs just to ask if they were happy with them and managed to distribute them.20:27
Gnatrickyou were expecting a more complex TLA ;)20:27
airurandoAlso we could ask whether or not they would like a similar amount in May.  I question this because May is a busy College month and also the end of the academic year.  Are comp soc members to busy at this time of year?  Are colleges the right avenue for distribution of the X.04 iterations of Ubuntu?20:27
imgarysmithairurando, they went down a bomb in my college. but we could have used more20:27
ebelPreviously I used normal stamps and put them in the post box, last time I went into the post office and your one insisted they weren't envelops, so i needed to pay more.20:28
tdr112i gave them to dcu & tcd20:28
infoturtle_UL want 200 quid from me to passs out the 10.10 cd's next week, you may want to look into if they charge first20:28
tdr112infoturtle_: wow20:29
airurandoinfoturtle if the college comp soc takes them there will be no charge20:29
imgarysmithinfotutle_ i can pass them onto my brother to give to the UL comp soc20:29
ebelairurando: good point re: time of year & unis20:29
GnatrickIf needs be i can get some to the UCC comp soc/netsoc/whatever20:29
ebelinfoturtle_: wow, they want to change you? nuts20:30
airurandoI think it would also be very worthwhile to compile a list of the contact details for these comp socs.  Generic contact details are best as people come and go. the question should always be asked if they are interesed in receiving CDs following each release.20:30
imgarysmithand amount of cds they need, my college would have taken more20:30
airurandoI'd hate top see CDs go to waste when other places want more.20:30
ebelimgarysmith: what college is that again?20:31
airurandoindeed imgarysmith20:31
infoturtle_ya, they sent an email in reply to me asking if they could give me a table a chair and a power socket and the students union sent me back a list of costs and it e75 per hour and 200 for a day20:31
ebelimgarysmith: good to know20:31
tdr112imgarysmith: you are welcome to drop into tog and pick up some more20:31
airurandoinfoturtle I reckon you need to go through skynet I think (UL Comp Soc).20:32
imgarysmiththanks tdr122, it will be added to my agenda20:32
ebelso suggestion is to ask people who got CDs last time how they did?20:32
infoturtle_ill look into that airurando20:32
ebelI like that suggestion.20:33
ebele.g. TOG probably got too many :P20:33
imgarysmithinfoturtle_, ill get you the contact details of someone in it if you want20:33
airurandoebe;l yes20:33
tdr112ebel: yep  as i got 100 more for the con20:34
ebelinfoturtle_: i second the idea of going through a college soc. usually they get things like that for free20:34
infoturtle_so will I sugest some being sent down this end of will I pay for postages and handling when they get here?20:34
airurandoI sent an email to NUIG and got a very positive response.20:34
airurandoif we compile a list of the 10:10 receivers I'll e-mail them20:35
infoturtle_I'll get onto them first thing tomorrow so20:35
ebelairurando: I can give you a list of email addresses/20:35
airurandothanks ebel.20:35
airurandoonce I get the list I'll send the e-mails out20:35
ebel[action] ebel will give airurando the list of 10.10 recieptients, airurando will email them to solicit feedback20:35
MootBotACTION received:  ebel will give airurando the list of 10.10 recieptients, airurando will email them to solicit feedback20:36
ebelwho wants to be the PoC for the CDs then? :) I belive airurando, imgarysmith  and infoturtle_ volunteered :)20:36
ebelinfoturtle_: don't worry about being >100 mi away. they have post offices in co. clare, right? ;)20:37
airurandoI have a house in Kildare with someone at home most of the time.20:37
infoturtle_they might20:37
infoturtle_I'm in limerick20:37
infoturtle_ya I'll take em sure20:37
Gnatrickhehe forget it so ;)20:37
airurandodelivery to me shouldn't be a prob.20:37
imgarysmithi dont mind, i can take them, there is nearly someone here all the time20:37
airurandobut I'm happy either way20:37
ebelRemember it's a big (heavy) box.20:37
ebelSo if you have to walk back from the collection office, you might get a bit grumpy.20:38
infoturtle_if only we could draw straws20:38
Gnatricki'm the only one here and me collection office is miles away :/20:38
ebelTwas easy for me, since my concierge took it :P20:38
infoturtle_I'm right beside the GPO in limerick so it's not too big a deal for me20:38
airurandoI can drive back from the collection centre if necessary20:38
infoturtle_ha ha20:38
infoturtle_this is gas20:39
airurandono m e20:39
infoturtle_go for it airurando20:39
imgarysmithhaha fight fight fight20:39
infoturtle_this will never find someone if we keep it up like this20:39
airurandoha ha20:39
airurandogreat that so many are offering20:39
ebelRight, i'm thinking of an integer between 1 and 10 (incl both ends).20:40
Gnatrick0! erk...20:40
ebelairurando, imgarysmith, infoturtle_ if you're still volunteering, say a number20:40
infoturtle_for (i=0;1<10;i++);20:40
infoturtle_I win!!20:40
ebeltwas 7. airurando 'wins'20:40
ebelyou ok with that?20:41
airurandoha ha20:41
airurandoI'm happy20:41
ebelah! stubby fingers!20:41
infoturtle_how did my loop not get it??20:41
infoturtle_ha ha20:41
ebel[action] airurando will take the CDs20:41
MootBotACTION received:  airurando will take the CDs20:41
infoturtle_Don't think I've ever laughed like this in IRC20:41
ebelinfoturtle_: you didn't print out the number, merely iterated over it :P20:41
imgarysmithinfoturtle_, you forgot the brackets, duh"20:42
Gnatrick:) you never got output andru20:42
Gnatricklol snap20:42
infoturtle_and are we having a release party for this one?20:42
ebelthe other topic for natty cds was from imgarysmith about getting more CDs, what did you want to say imgarysmith20:42
ebelinfoturtle_: (oh release party, we'll AOB that, ok?)20:43
airurandoimgarysmith: as far as I am aware free extra CDs can only be obtained if an "approved" conference  is being attended.20:44
imgarysmithjust to get more cds from canonical, but from talking about the 1104 release, there are more lying around.20:44
ebelimgarysmith: feel free to ask aroung20:45
imgarysmithairurando, right, lets start a conference20:45
ebel#ubuntu-locoteams is a good resource for asking things like that20:45
imgarysmithebel, ill call into TOG and get some20:45
ebelnext topic20:46
ebel[topic] Engineer's Ireland 'IT Community Day'20:46
MootBotNew Topic:  Engineer's Ireland 'IT Community Day'20:46
ebelme and tdr112 and slashtom (and some others like ompaul, and robfitz)20:46
ebelwere at engineers ireland recently20:46
ebelsomeone there is trying to organise an it professional community day thing20:46
ebelon a saturday in dublin. twill be free in.20:47
infoturtle_this saturday?20:47
ebelapril IIRC20:47
infoturtle_a saturday20:47
GnatrickI'd nearly be up for travelling, if i'm not working!20:47
ebelit's a collection of  "a day in the life of X" short talks20:47
ebelthey'd  like a linux sysadmin to do some talk.20:48
infoturtle_anyone here a sysadmin?20:49
GnatrickI'm far from sysadmin :p20:49
* ebel /has/ worked as a linux sysadmin20:49
ebelthe audience is other it professionals (I think)20:49
tdr112i will be giving a talk on tog20:49
infoturtle_m just a glorfied blogger and lay about20:49
infoturtle_think you can do it ebel?20:50
ebelyeah I was thinking of volunteers20:50
Gnatrickis this connected to the engineering week?20:50
ebelso I wanted to tell people about it and see if anyone wanted to talk20:50
Gnatricksame folks or something?20:50
ebelGnatrick: same folks20:50
airurandosorry, I dropped out again where are we?20:51
ebelengineers ireland it community talks20:51
Gnatrickwish i could have made it, would love to have seen the intro to arduino. I'm up for attending, but as far as talking i'd avoid!20:52
ebelSo, next topic?20:52
ebel[topic] social events from airurando20:52
MootBotNew Topic:  social events from airurando20:52
airurandothanks ebel20:52
tdr112Gnatrick: nope its not20:52
airurandoAt the bowling event at the end of January we discussed what could be organised for future social events.20:53
airurandoTiming is everything with these and clashes with other events is inevitable.20:53
airurandoGeeknics are great but based on the weather for recent ones perhaps May is a bit early and September a bit late. brrrrrr...20:53
airurandoI'd like to suggest June and August Geeknics.20:54
airurandoPreferably not bank holoday weekends.20:54
infoturtle_airurando topidea!20:54
airurandoother events for other months and perhaps other locations.20:54
airurandothanks infoturtle_20:54
ebelgeeknics ++ :)20:54
airurandonothing new in it though20:54
Gnatrickindoor geeknics? ;)20:55
airurandoeveryone ok with switching from may to June20:55
infoturtle_road trip!!20:55
infoturtle_I'm good for that airurando20:55
airurandoGnatrick top idea20:55
ebelairurando: yeah geeknics sound cool20:56
GnatrickYeah that's cool, my birthday that month ;)20:56
ebel[agreed] geeknics in june and ausgust weekends, pref. not bank holidays20:56
MootBotAGREED received:  geeknics in june and ausgust weekends, pref. not bank holidays20:56
ebelnext topic20:57
ebel[topic] Ubuntu Global Jam (née Bug Jam) (from me)20:57
MootBotNew Topic:  Ubuntu Global Jam (née Bug Jam) (from me)20:57
ebelthe ubuntu global jam (aka bug jam) is on soon20:57
tdr112what date is it20:57
ebelwhat shall we do? have a global jam event?20:57
ebelapril 1st → 4th20:58
MootBotLINK received:  http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/567/detail/20:58
infoturtle_Sounds great, how much programming knolage do we need?20:58
airurandoI'm proof of that20:59
infoturtle_I thought it was bug fixing?20:59
infoturtle_spelling knowledge would be great20:59
ebelnah, not bug fixing20:59
ebelthough you can do that if you want (and some have)20:59
ebelthe original point is a concentrated effort at house keeping20:59
ebeland an introduction of how ubuntu development works20:59
ebelhow you can get help and improve ubuntu21:00
ebelhow to file bugs, how the system works (packages, apt etc)21:00
infoturtle_sounds fancy21:00
airurandogreat fun last time21:00
* tdr112 has to head21:01
infoturtle_have we a place for it?21:01
ebelso to do it we need a venue foremost21:01
Gnatricki could prob make a day or two of it!21:01
ebeland people to be there on the day and take part21:01
airurandoperpetual issue.. venue21:01
infoturtle_where could we have it?21:01
airurandoinfoturtle_ multi site?21:02
airurandovenue in Limerick?21:02
airurandoand Dublin21:02
infoturtle_that could work21:03
imgarysmithi think multivenue is a good idea21:03
infoturtle_if we have someone it limerick that has done it before to take charge21:03
ebelhave some online video streaming. :P21:03
infoturtle_better again21:03
airurandoit weas21:03
airurandoit was great in TOG last time21:03
imgarysmithebel, podcast can cover the "best bits"21:04
airurandothey were kind to host us21:04
infoturtle_we could use the new MILK venue21:04
infoturtle_down this end21:04
airurandoinfoturtle_ now you're thinkin'21:04
ebelairurando: we could ask 'em again?21:05
airurandoebel: that would be great21:05
GnatrickI can get to Limk, stay at the gf's folks house or something!21:05
ebelso i suppose if we have a venue, then we should be OK in DUB?21:06
infoturtle_I'll talk to Milk next meeting21:06
infoturtle_so action to ask to host the jam in the hacker spaces21:07
ebel[action] look for venues for jam21:07
MootBotACTION received:  look for venues for jam21:07
ebel[topic] Possibly OSSBArcamp May/September21:07
MootBotNew Topic:  Possibly OSSBArcamp May/September21:07
ebelfrom czajkowski21:07
infoturtle_she with us?21:07
ebeli don't think so....21:08
ebelso we'll have to wait till some other time21:08
infoturtle_ok so21:08
ebelairurando: would you like to talk about the etherpad UH suggestion?21:09
airurando_airurando will make an etherpad with workshop wishlishs/offers for potential UH topics21:09
airurando_I generated the pad and mailed the list21:10
airurando_lkink provided earlier I believe21:10
airurando_not much added yet21:11
MootBotLINK received:  http://pad.ubuntu-ie.org/UbuntuHourDublin21:11
airurando_all on the wishlist side this far21:11
airurando_think this one is a slow burner21:11
airurando_can develop over time21:11
airurando_should be discussed at upcomming UHs21:12
airurando_thats it21:12
infoturtle_more promotion might help interest21:12
ebel[topic] Any Other Business ?21:13
MootBotNew Topic:  Any Other Business ?21:13
airurando_one small thing21:13
infoturtle_10.04 release party21:13
airurando_bit late for that21:14
ebel[topic] 11.04 release aprtyy21:14
MootBotNew Topic:  11.04 release aprtyy21:14
infoturtle_whats a aprtyy??21:14
ebelSuggestions for the release party ?21:15
infoturtle_so is there one going ahead for this release?21:15
infoturtle_Just a meet up to download the os I supose21:15
airurando_I've been dropping in and out tonight so I don't have a full record of the meeting21:16
infoturtle_will it be on the day of release or a small few days after, also where could it be help?21:16
ebelhistorically we've had it a few days after the release21:17
ebelusually on a saturday21:17
airurando_isn't there the possibility of an OSSbarcamp at end of april21:17
ebelas I said, i'll be out of the country, so I've no opinion on it.21:17
infoturtle_so someone else to plan it21:18
infoturtle_airurando_ you want to tie it in with OSSbarcamp?21:18
airurando_if OSSbarcamp proceeds it will have a huge influence on this21:18
infoturtle_in a good or bad way?21:18
airurando_infoturtle_ only if OSSbarcamp proceeds21:18
airurando_In a good way but the location will depend on Ossbarcamp21:19
infoturtle_so we may need to wait for info from czajkowski on this so21:19
infoturtle_assuming she is taking charge of OSSbarcamp21:19
airurando_czajkowski is looking for support21:20
airurando_but we should look for confirmation on OSSbarcamp before deciding on anything21:21
ebel[agreed] consult about ossbarcamp before deciding on release party21:21
MootBotAGREED received:  consult about ossbarcamp before deciding on release party21:21
infoturtle_have we anything else?21:22
ebelok so that should be it right?21:22
ebel[topic] AOB?21:22
MootBotNew Topic:  AOB?21:22
airurandoMeeting section on LoCo directory21:23
ebel[topic] meeting section of LD21:23
MootBotNew Topic:  meeting section of LD21:23
airurandoI don't understand the functionality of this yet and I am happy with the wiki control of our IRC meetings21:24
infoturtle_I've yet to see this21:25
airurandojust wondering is everyone is happy with us continuing to use the wiki and I'll back populate the LD21:25
Gnatrickbrb lads, gotta get to shop before it closes21:25
airurandoGnatrick bye21:25
ebelGnatrick: night21:26
infoturtle_sure, if your up for it ebel21:26
ebelairurando: i'm happy to keep using the wiki21:26
ebelcurrent system works AFAIK21:26
airurandoI'm done21:26
ebel[topic] AOB?21:26
MootBotNew Topic:  AOB?21:26
infoturtle_new topic: infoturtle is cool21:27
ebelcool :P21:27
MootBotMeeting finished at 15:27.21:27
ebelthansk for taking part21:27
ebelsometime we should try to get these sub1hour21:27
lau1sort of sorry21:27
infoturtle_fun meeting guys21:27
imgarysmithexciting stuff21:27
airurandogreat stuff21:28
airurandothanks ebel21:28
infoturtle_right, off to the land or recording, see everybody later21:28
airurandobreak a leg nfoturtle_21:28
* ebel flees21:29
infoturtle_I'll try airurando!21:29
ebelsee ye again21:29
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=== airurando changed the topic of #ubuntu-ie to: Welcome to Ubuntu Ireland! || http://www.ubuntu-ie.org/ || https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam || This channel is logged - logs at http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/ || Next IRC Meeting: 16th Mar. 2011 @ 8pm || Ubuntu Hours: Dublin: last Wed. of month @7pm, Trinity Capital Hotel Bar; Limerick: last Thurs. of month 6pm, Absolute Hotel.

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