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CIA-3usb-creator: evand * r341 usb-creator/usbcreator/backends/udisks/backend.py: Slight fix to previous commit.09:41
CIA-3ubiquity: evand * r4510 trunk/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/plugins/ubi-usersetup.py): Install oem-config-slideshow-ubuntu alongside oem-config-gtk.10:51
mterry_ev, what's this I hear about using a shared library for the ubiquity map and the system's datetime map?  I'm helping klattimer out and wanted more information about it13:22
evmterry_: will reply shortly; lunch13:24
mterry_ev, k13:24
evmterry_: the timezone map from ubiquity has been ported to gnome-control-center (in git), so the plan is to start using that C library, or to import the source.13:49
mterry_ev, is it in a library in g-c-c? or would we have to split it out regardless?13:50
mterry_(because obviously using the same codebase would be ideal)13:51
mterry_oh i see, it's written as a new-fangled g-c-c panel13:52
mterry_so we need a separate library.  I wonder if GNOME folks would be willing to use such a library in their panel so we can all share code13:54
evI hope so13:56
evseeing quite odd behavior when wedging compiz into ubiquity-dm. Compiz seemingly paints over the root window, and X ultimately crashes as the Intel driver hits an OOM condition, I think.14:04
evThe wallpaper setting code is clearly missing something that nautlius is doing.14:04
mterry_ev, so you guys need python access to the new C library?  Is PyGI good?14:06
evmterry_: ah, we can't mix both sets of bindings.  Rubbish14:08
evwe should move ubiquity over to pygi in time anyway14:09
mterry_ev, right, I forgot that the library would be exposing gtk objects14:10
mterry_ev, what is 'in time'?  you don't mean for natty?14:10
mterry_I thought we wanted this in time for natty14:11
evwell no, I don't think we can move ubiquity to pygi in a week, but presumably it will take time to generate bindings of any kind14:11
mterry_But I'm surprised to hear ubiquity would move to PyGI, since I thought that also required porting to GTK+ 3.014:11
evmterry_: it would be nice to have for natty, but I don't think the world implode if we don't get it, given that the timezone map is already functional in natty14:12
ev(my understanding is that there's GTK 2.0 pygi bindings as well)14:12
evwhich I believe we're using already in jockey, apport and the like14:13
mterry_ev, I think there's a desire for the timezone map library at least existing in C form for natty, since we'd like to use it for a modified datetime preferences14:13
evas we weren't ready for the new theme engine in gtk314:13
mterry_ev, I thought those got backed out14:13
cjwatsonindeed, pitti has been working hard on making PyGI work with gtk+2.014:13
mterry_cjwatson, OK, my mistake.  I thought the plan of record was to back out the port rather than fix PyGI, but that's good too14:13
cjwatsonI think that was the plan at UDS14:14
cjwatsonand was revised later14:14
mterry_my information is from a few weeks ago.  I'll ping pitti14:14
mterry_OK, pitti says 2.0 mostly works.  At least it does for the stuff we've ported, thanks to him14:16
mterry_ev, cjwatson: does ubiquity require CA?14:23
mterry_copyright assignment that is14:23
* ev coughs14:23
mterry_I see you're also living in the ancient GPL-2+ past  :)14:25
superm1ev, i've actually been seeing X crash just with metacity on intel too14:26
evmterry_: so ubiquity is in the list (http://www.canonical.com/contributors), but the last time I tried to round up the contributors and get them to sign (well over a year ago, if memory serves), it failed miserably14:27
evsuperm1: interesting14:27
superm1been like that for a few weeks.  bryce tracked down a few missing null pointer checks in the X server, but it's looking lower level14:28
evI'm still missing something obvious about the way compiz is handling the root window though, as even xsetroot fails to affect the display.  I'm going to dig deeper into the code.14:28
mterry_ev, I see, so it wants to be CA, but isn't quite there yet14:28
mterry_ev, or at least, maybe CA for new peeps14:28
evsomeone wants it to be CA, but that person is not me14:29
superm1just to be able to get the code figured out you might consider just trying to apply it for a maverick build to rule out these X crashes as you wedge the code in14:29
mterry_ev, OK, just trying to figure out what would be up with a new timezone library that involves the non-Canonical port to C.  I emailed Amanda to ask14:29
evmterry_: I never check for CA, and haven't gotten called out on it, but I probably shouldn't give that as advice14:30
evah, okay14:30
evsuperm1: hadn't considered that.  Thanks, will do.14:30
highvoltagemterry_: "ancient GPL-2+ past"!?14:37
mterry_highvoltage, GPL-3 is pretty old now, thought someone would upgrade the license at some point  :)14:37
highvoltagemterry_: well, in ubiquity's case I guess it's probably best to choose the most free'st license that makes sense. and gplv2+ is way more free than gplv3, and probably way more appropriate for an installer14:38
mterry_highvoltage, heh, I didn't want to start a license flamewar here14:39
highvoltageit's not a flamewar, just a cold lifeless fact :)14:39
highvoltageand I think requireing copyright assignment for ubiquity is also kind of dumb. what if ubituity gets into debian and gets widely used for some of the live images, will someone who want to merge patches and improvements from ubiquity have to go to all the contributors and keep asking them to sign ca contracts, or worse keep real big patches in the debian version because upstream doesn't want to accept non-CA patches? or just let u14:42
* highvoltage shuts up before getting a comment about "oh where's this long stream of ubiquity contributors then!?" :)14:42
cjwatsonpreaching to the choir, I think14:50
anguanyone there?15:02
davmor2ev: ref the install/slideshow issue in natty is it out of our hands to fix it?  I'm assuming so but thought I check to be sure16:35
cjwatsonev: would you mind having another look at bug 650703?  apparently it may be showing up in 10.04.2 as well16:48
ubot2Launchpad bug 650703 in ubiquity "oem-config-prepare works, but oem-config fails to start after reboot" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65070316:48
evcjwatson: absolutely.16:50
evseems to be a race with gdm's upstart job, but I'll figure out exactly what's preventing us from blocking it16:51
evdavmor2: it's a bug in webkitgtk that upstream is aware of and actively trying to solve16:52
davmor2ev: Ah okay cool I figured it would be but thought it worth checking :)16:53
evsure thing16:53
cjwatsonev: 16:49 <skaet_> thanks.   they're still working on reproducing in u-testing, if he wants to hang out there.  But it looks likely.17:16
evjoined, thanks17:16
evawesome, I *had* a vbox image where I could reproduce the issue that seems to no longer like its snapshot17:40
evsome things I've noticed that may or may not be related to the bug:17:41
ev1) gdm no longer emits starting-dm, it instead goes for desktop-session-start17:42
ev2) is rc RUNLEVEL=[...] really correct?  Shouldn't it be runlevel [...]?17:42
evactually, do we even need the starting-dm bit anymore?  Nothing seems to use it.17:51
cjwatsonmight want to bzr blame to find out why it was introduced17:52
cjwatsonIIRC it was to avoid a race with the plymouth/gdm startup17:52
evwhich seems to have been resolved in lucid: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/2.29.1-0ubuntu417:52
evbzr blame blames me, but I credit you without an explanation of why I made the change.  Fail17:53
evand we seem to handle shutting down plymouth in much the same was as the patch credited in the aforementioned gdm version does.17:56
evgotta run.  I'll poke more tomorrow.17:57
mterry_ev, how do you get location names nowadays?  Like, how might I map Europe/London to "London"?20:15

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