c2tarunI packed newer version but since it was not in  3.0(quilt) format I didn't get the debian.tar.gz file. I tried to create the debdiff of both the .dsc files but it is HUGE for uploading as an attachement on the bug page. what should I do? Should I get the diff b/w debian folder?00:49
micahgc2tarun: .diff.gz is fine00:54
micahgc2tarun: you should set to in progress, not confirmed if you're working on something01:07
c2tarunmicahg: ya, actually I first downloaded the source and worked on it :) since the build was successful I filed a bug and added the attachement :)01:09
micahgc2tarun:I don't see any attachment on bug 719715, also you should unassign yourself once you're seeking sponsorship01:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 719715 in coin2 (Ubuntu) "Newer Version Available" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71971501:09
c2tarunmicahg: I checked, there is an attachement :( please check again.01:10
micahgweird, now I see it01:11
c2tarunmicahg: np :)01:11
c2taruncan anyyou please take a look at this error. http://paste.ubuntu.com/567526/01:31
c2tarunanyyou=>anyone :(01:31
micahgc2tarun: you might want to look at config.status in the build dir of one exists01:31
c2tarunmicahg: I dont think I have build dir, I was using pbuilder. It must have removed them.01:32
c2tarunmicahg: ping01:34
micahgc2tarun: there should be a pbuilder flag to not delete the directory01:34
c2tarunmicahg: ok, I looked but failed to find that flag. should I try to build it on my own machine?01:37
micahgc2tarun: you can try that01:39
micahgor in a chroot01:39
c2tarunmicahg: ok, i'll login into pbuilder and try :) this will give me the build folder01:40
c2tarunmicahg: I build that package into chroot of pbuilder, but there is no config.status file :(02:10
micahgc2tarun: config.log?02:11
c2tarunmicahg: yup02:11
c2tarunmicahg: config.log only have what I got in pbuilder. What to look into it?02:13
micahgc2tarun: idr, last time I had a configure error, there was a file there that had more info02:14
micahgmaybe configure.log?02:14
micahgmaybe someone else knows :)02:14
c2tarunmicahg: ok, :) thanks anyway02:14
wejaegerHey, anyone up for reviewing l2tp-ipsec-vpn? It's a little applet to configure and manage L2TP IPsec VPN connections. I've just uploaded a new candidate. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/l2tp-ipsec-vpn02:54
c2tarunHow to check reverse dependencies of a package?03:09
ScottKc2tarun: apt-cache rdepends <binarypackagename>03:25
c2tarunScottK: I got the message "Handler silently failed"?03:26
ScottKThat's a bug.  That happens to me sometimes.  No idea why.  Try again later.03:26
c2tarunScottK: Thanks :)03:27
c2taruncan anybody please take a look at the attachement of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mped/+bug/71975903:31
ubottuUbuntu bug 719759 in mped (Ubuntu) "Newer Version Available" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:31
micahgpersia: ping re powerprefs04:32
persiamicahg, My powerpc machine is headless: I'd suggest asking in #ubuntu-powerpc: someone with a laptop is much more likely to have a valid opinion.04:58
micahgpersia: ok, thanks04:59
kaushalwhats the sun java version available in 8.04 and 10.04 LTS ?05:39
kaushalI mean the update05:40
micahgkaushal: well, it's currently 6.22 in both, but in hardy, it's the default java, in lucid, openjdk is the default05:41
kaushalmicahg: ok05:41
kaushalmicahg: how did you find out ?05:42
micahgkaushal: the first question, rmadison sun-java6, the second, I just happen to know05:42
wejaegerHey, anyone up for reviewing l2tp-ipsec-vpn? It's a little applet to configure and manage L2TP IPsec VPN connections. I've just uploaded a new candidate. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/l2tp-ipsec-vpn06:02
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c2tarunneed help with this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/567555/07:03
persiac2tarun, Your issue is above that.07:04
c2tarunpersia: means?07:05
c2tarunoh... more pastebin :) wait07:05
c2tarunpersia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/567556/07:05
persiac2tarun, I'm about to head away, but the next step is to look through the ./configure script, and find out what happens after confdefs.h, and then try to replicate the error manually.07:08
c2tarunpersia: ok, i'll try :) thanks07:08
persiaOnce you find out which specific part of the ./configure run is failing, you should be able to identify the fix fairly easily.07:08
persiaGood luck!07:08
dholbachgood morning07:40
wejaegerHey, anyone up for reviewing l2tp-ipsec-vpn? It's a little applet to configure and manage L2TP IPsec VPN connections. I've just uploaded a new candidate. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/l2tp-ipsec-vpn09:26
c2tarunwhy I am getting this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/567601/ on using rmadison in chroot?10:24
RhondaYou haven't enabled/generated the locale inside your chroot.10:51
Rhondac2tarun: unset LANG and you are set. :)10:51
c2tarunRhonda: ya its done :) wow thanks10:52
c2tarunRhonda: can you please explain me this error. http://paste.ubuntu.com/567611/10:58
RhondaNot really because I think the relevant bits are above the start of your paste. There should be a config.log or such file.10:59
RhondaAnd also please don't hilight me specificly unless you really think I'm the only person who can help you with that question11:00
* iulian yawns.11:05
c2tarunthis is the complete error I am getting on debuilding a package. http://paste.ubuntu.com/567614/ Can anyone please help11:13
mr_pouitconfigure: error: The intltool scripts were not found. Please install intltool or use --disable-nls to ignore.11:14
mr_pouitso you're probably missing intltool in b-deps11:14
c2tarunmr_pouit: yup intltool is missing.11:15
c2tarunmr_pouit: but its missing from previous version in the archive. I copied the debian folder from the older version? Is it possible?11:16
mr_pouitit's possible that it was pulled by another package depending on it in maverick, and it changed in natty11:17
c2tarunmr_pouit: but sir, when i'll execute the command apt-get build-dep <package name> it will take dependencies from archive or from the local debian folder?11:18
tumbleweedc2tarun: from the archive11:19
c2tarunso I have to add intltool to control file and than install it manually? I did it and I think it worked.11:20
c2tarundo this change have to be mentioned in changelog?11:20
Laneythere's get-build-deps in ubuntu-dev-tools11:20
tumbleweedalso, debuild will abort if you have missing build deps11:21
c2taruntumbleweed: ya debuild is working now after I manually installed intltool. Do this change in control file have to be mentioned in changelog?11:21
tumbleweedyes, you probably should11:22
c2taruntumbleweed: ok, one more thing, by looking at the error how did you know that intltool is missing?11:23
tumbleweedc2tarun: line 77 or in th everbose version 42711:24
tumbleweeds/verbose version/config.log/11:24
c2taruntumbleweed: got it :) it was in the begining only, I failed to notice it. Thanks :)11:24
c2tarunsomething happened again. I think this is due to chroot. http://paste.ubuntu.com/567618/ can anyone please check11:25
tumbleweedc2tarun: looks like it requires X for its tests, you'd better disable those tests11:27
c2taruntumbleweed: ok11:28
tumbleweed(or set up a Xvfb / something)11:28
c2tarunI am facing one more problem. I use a chroot to build the packages. There is a folder in my main home folder that I mounted onto chroot's folder. The problem is when I create debuild -b from inside chroot the files that are created cannot be accesed from outside chroot without sudo. Any solution?11:33
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hrwhi everybody12:50
mok0hrw: hi12:52
mok0hi nhandler12:52
* iulian waves.12:54
hrwcan someone point me to doc about pkgsym usage?12:55
hrwI mean: what do I need to change in packaging to get -dbgsym package12:55
mok0 hrw  I think you just need to install the pkg-create-dbgsym package12:58
hrwmok0: I am fixing binutils/cross build now to generate dbgsym package. it works for normal/native packages but not for cross ones12:59
hrwand I have pkg-create-dbgsym installed12:59
mok0hrw: I see. I don't have _any_ experience with X-compiling... perhaps the dbgsym package doesn't deal with that situation?13:00
* hrw runs test build13:02
hrwtime for debdiff and new bug13:03
hrwfor source packages with lot of binary packages it gets more complicated but doable13:05
mok0hrw, good for you!13:05
hrwbtw - is there a way to globally set lintian options?13:06
hrwso when I do "debuild" it will give "--verbose --pedantic" etc to lintian13:06
c2tarunI want my pbuilder-dist and simple chroot to share their cache (because I have slow internet connection). Is it possible?13:11
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tumbleweedc2tarun: I just feed everything through an apt-cacher-ng, and don't keep a pbuilder cache13:15
c2tarunwhat is apt-cacher-ng? is it an application?13:16
c2taruntumbleweed: there is not much information about this application in man page. How do we use it? do we have to install it in chroot?13:19
tumbleweedit's a daemon you run somewhere on your local network (or outside your chroot), and you point all your machines at it instead of at a mirror13:20
c2taruntumbleweed: sorry but not getting. Can you please explain me what do mean by point all my machines at it instead of mirror?13:22
tumbleweedc2tarun: http://www.unix-ag.uni-kl.de/~bloch/acng/html/index.html13:23
tumbleweedpoint as in, set it in sources.list.13:24
c2taruntumbleweed: thanks :) I'll go through the reference page.13:24
c2taruntumbleweed: I use maverick, but by chroot and pbuilder are of natty. Will this be a problem for apt-cacher-ng?13:28
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Laneywhat's the standard way of updating a cdbs control from a control.in? clean doesn't work13:49
ari-tczewc2tarun: you should be interested in merging with Debian where are included new upstream releases instead upgrading packages for Ubuntu13:50
Laneyhm, DEB_MAINTAINER_MODE=1 fakeroot ... seemed to work13:51
c2tarunari-tczew: sure i'd love to do that. but the problem is I dont know how to check. is use rmadison and normally look for version in natty13:51
ari-tczewc2tarun: https://merges.ubuntu.com/universe.html13:52
ari-tczewor there you can look for new upstream releases coloured on red http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~lucas/merges.html13:52
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c2tarunari-tczew: in the link you gave, it is not explained how to merge? :( I never did that before. Can you please give me a hint14:10
ari-tczewc2tarun: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Merging14:11
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porthoseScottK, ping! may I PM you?17:47
micahgugh, it looks like someone defaced the ubuntuwire rcbugs page19:58
mok0micahg: You mean those USA (downarrow) tags?20:21
mok0Yeah looks weird20:21
micahgmok0: yes, it's just a comment, but there's no easy way to remove it unless you can access whatever's behind it20:22
mok0micahg: know what server it runs on?20:27
micahgmok0: no, but I think wgrant knows20:28
BlackZmicahg: I was able to remove them20:29
micahgBlackZ: how?20:30
BlackZmicahg: there's a "-" near the text?20:30
micahgBlackZ: oh, I thought that removed the bug20:30
micahgah, I see, it only removes the bug from unimportant ones20:31
BlackZmicahg: no, that's for comments20:31
micahgoh, hmm, did that change recently?20:31
BlackZnot as fair as I know20:31
* micahg feels silly20:32
* SpamapS feels pretty20:32
BlackZmicahg: anyone can add comments to bugs in that page so I guess there hasn't been any deface :)20:33
paultagI'd like to bump bug #720431 -- anyone around to give an ACK? :)23:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 720431 in alexandria (Ubuntu) "Sync alexandria 0.6.6-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72043123:05
micahgpaultag: I can take a look23:05
paultagthanks micahg :)23:05
paultagwe can finally drop that delta :)23:05
micahgpaultag: ACKd, should be sync'd in the morning23:19
paultagmicahg: great, thanks so much!23:19
micahgpaultag: no problem23:19
pgnorthhi, does any one know how to fix "tcp sequence number approximation vulnerability" in ubuntu 10.10?23:48
pgnorthOR which channnel I can get some help on this?23:49
keespgnorth: I know of no such vulnerability. do you have a CVE number for it? (#ubuntu-hardened is generally the best channel to ask about security stuff)23:55
ubottuTCP, when using a large Window Size, makes it easier for remote attackers to guess sequence numbers and cause a denial of service (connection loss) to persistent TCP connections by repeatedly injecting a TCP RST packet, especially in protocols that use long-lived connections, such as BGP. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2004-0230)23:57
pgnorthThanks kees, I will put this question there(#ubuntu-hardened) too23:58
keespgnorth: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2004/CVE-2004-0230.html23:59
ubottuTCP, when using a large Window Size, makes it easier for remote attackers to guess sequence numbers and cause a denial of service (connection loss) to persistent TCP connections by repeatedly injecting a TCP RST packet, especially in protocols that use long-lived connections, such as BGP. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2004-0230)23:59
keespgnorth: basically, linux isn't vulnerable.23:59

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