Atamiraanyone hooked up a microsoft exchange to evolution or thunderbird?04:55
ojwbi used to grab my mail from exchange at a place I was working at05:40
ojwbI think I was lucky and the IMAP port just worked05:41
ojwbthis was nearly a decade ago too, so things have probably changed05:41
Atamirathanks ojwb05:57
Atamirawe've worked out that its not going to work05:57
Atamiranot on this machine neway05:57
karoraAtamira: There is a cool little project called DAVMail too.06:01
Atamiradoes it link to outlook?06:02
karoraIt provides an interface to Exchange which you can use for IMAP, CalDAV, ... protocols.06:02
karoraSort of for a one-person server.06:02
* karora has never used it, since I don't have access to an Exchange server and am unlikely to :-)06:03
ajmitchI think there's an evolution mapi connector now, not sure how stable or useful it is06:06
ajmitchit's in the evolution-mapi package if you want to try it out06:07
Atamiraawww..im going to miss the mornings in here over the next week17:50
chiltsmorning (just)22:33
hadsYay, 4 more hours then it's long weekend time.22:39
ajmitchlucky for some :)22:40
hadsAnnual trip, only taken the whole week to arrange work around it.22:54
ibeardsleemeh long weekends .. just means more has to be stuffed into shorter weeks22:54

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