yellowblueIm a true gangsta niggas03:25
yellowblueIm a true gangsta niggas03:25
KB1JWQSome people's kids.03:25
IdleOne!staff ^^03:25
jribno more gpc?03:26
IdleOnemy bouncer got disconnected and this is the default nick. I didn't change it back03:26
ubottuvalorie called the ops in #kubuntu ()03:28
wgrantHe's doing the rounds now.03:29
IdleOneKB1JWQ: feel free to kline him at your convenience :)03:31
Hobbseefail op-work in -devel, fwiw.  be careful.03:31
Hobbseeeither that, or my client's reporting wrong03:31
nhandlerHobbsee: What was it showing? I set a quiet in there03:32
Hobbseenhandler: gave the idiot in question ops03:33
Hobbsee[14:29] *** ChanServ gives channel owner privileges to *!*@
Hobbseeperhaps not the desired response ;)03:33
IdleOnehe is in #xubuntu now03:33
nhandlerHobbsee: What client? Sounds like it didn't recognize +q ;)03:33
Hobbseenhandler: konversation.  it normally recognises +q03:34
Hobbseequite.  nevermind, then :)03:35
Hobbseenormally konvi says "$person set mode +q"03:35
nhandlerHobbsee: It might be due to me setting the quiet via chanserv03:36
Hobbseenhandler: i just set one - same thing03:36
nhandlerWell, he is gone now03:36
Hobbseegood :)03:36
ubottukeastes called the ops in #ubuntu ()03:38
elkyIdleOne, looked pretty intentional03:39
elkys then p then a03:39
IdleOnehe rejoined with a diffrent ip03:39
IdleOnethink i got him03:42
IdleOnenhandler: apsss (~pas@  keeps rejoining with diff ip's03:44
IdleOneand spamming03:44
nhandlerIdleOne: I talked to him a bit. I think he is gone for the night03:58
IdleOneI removed the bans and -q's04:01
IdleOnenhandler: thank you btw04:01
nhandlerIdleOne: No pboelm. I'm still not quite sure what he was trying to do, but at least he has stopped for the night04:02
IdleOnenot sure either, it was all gibberish.04:02
mneptokWRT ImGangsta and yellowblue ...05:58
mneptokgrep 166.186.169 irclogs/2011/Freenode/\#ubuntu*  << yields a single user from January 5 in #u, and our troll friend. maybe just ban *!*@166.186.169.*  ?05:59
tsimpsonmneptok: they have seem to have at least 166.186.16*.*, possibly larger06:02
mneptoktsimpson: right you are, but the grep results show the same 2 users. one sane, who has not been around since the beginning of January, and our troll friend.06:04
tsimpsonI did ban *!*@166.186.169.* a while ago, so maybe06:07
tsimpsonbut I'd prefer staff to k-line than keeping up to date with his IPs :)06:08
ikoniapersia: please do not imply personal disputes, and telling someone with a persistant attitude that if they tell me to shut up again I'll remove them from the channel is not high handed06:52
persiaIt's personal, by use of "you".  The two of you both have irritation with the specific other person, and are less likely to take things in best light.06:53
persiaAnd it's high handed because a non-op wouldn't be able to say that.  Best to punish them for telling *anyone* to shut up, rather than for telling you to shut up.06:53
persiaMind you, very minor, or I'd be pressing harder: we're usually a lot softer in -bugs.06:54
ikoniapersia: that is utter nonsense06:54
persiaWhat?  which bit?06:54
ikoniaif someone is persistantly rude warning them that if they continue and do it again they will be removed is fine06:54
ikoniaI don't expect to be spoken to like that,06:54
persiaOh, I agree.  I just think it's important to indicate the issue is because they are being rude, rather than that they are being rude *to you*.06:55
ikoniaif someone is in a help channel and tell me to shut up06:55
ikoniano it's not06:55
persiaLike I said, minor thing.06:55
ikoniaif someone is being rude to me, I will remove them06:55
ikoniaI don't need to highlight the obvious06:55
ikoniaif someone is being rude to someone else, I will remove them06:55
persiaWhat?  Yes it is.  We don't appreciate rude, in general.  But it's our responsibility as operators to not have different standards for us vs. non-operators.06:55
ikoniaI don't have differing standards06:55
ikoniatelling someone "if you tell me to shut up again, I will remove you" is quite obvious06:56
persiaI didn't think you did: I just believe your wording could be interpreted in that light if one wanted to do so.06:56
ikoniaif we need to do word play to be "correct" then we need to get a grip on that06:56
ikoniathen they are free to do so and it can be explained06:56
persiaWord play is the difference between "let's wait and see if anyone responds" and "shut up now you idiot".  I think it's the essence of not being rude.  I understand that not everyone agrees with me.06:57
ikoniaI'm telling you I don't agree with you06:57
persiaThat's fine :)06:57
ikoniaI am fed up to the back teeth of seeing people being allowed to be spoken to in a rude and offensive manner 10 times before we act and do anything about it, and even then we have to almost follow a script to make sure someone who is a known troll parsing logs can't use it as a way to cause a stink, we need to start applying common sense rather than overkill correctness06:58
mneptokwelcome to IRC06:59
persiaI very much do not support people being allowed to be spoken to in a rude and offensive manner.06:59
persiaI just think we have a moral responsibility to trim our responses to that sort of thing such that we cannot be accused of sinking to their level.06:59
ikoniaI could not disagree more07:00
persiaThen what separates us from trolls, other than an @?07:00
ikoniaI'll leave now. bye07:00
mneptokpersia: our mirrors vs. their mirrors?07:00
persiamneptok, heh07:00
elkyRoughly the same thing that separates me from any guest to my house, I'd assume.07:05
_jesse_can we kick littlerue ?08:08
* mneptok looks08:08
_jesse_can we kick littlerue ?08:09
_jesse_Don't know if the first one made it through, wasn't actually in channel yet08:09
_jesse_Thank you mneptok :)08:14
ardchoillespamming in #ubuntu08:36
ardchoillethree nicks all beginning with ucen08:36
ardchoilleI tried the !ops trigger but it looks like it was removed08:38
elkyIs ardchoille on bot ignore?08:59
bazhanghe missed the | when he called !ops09:02
ubottuThe TLS protocol, and the SSL protocol 3.0 and possibly earlier, as used in Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0, mod_ssl in the Apache HTTP Server 2.2.14 and earlier, OpenSSL before 0.9.8l, GnuTLS 2.8.5 and earlier, Mozilla Network Security Services (NSS) 3.12.4 and earlier, multiple Cisco products, and other products, does not properly associate renegotiation handshakes with an existing connection, which allows man-in-the-middle attacke09:08
Tm_Tikonia: did you explain to jennie of the ban?11:04
ikoniashe logged off, but she got told in ##windows about it too11:06
ikoniahence why she quit as she got busted11:07
ikoniait is commented in BT though11:08
Tm_Tthanks (:11:08
ikoniaMadHaTTer_666: you're currently banned from the #ubuntu channel and forwarded to this channel. Do you wish to resolve this matter and gain access to #ubuntu again ?11:23
ikoniaMadHaTTer_666: ok, then I need you to stop swearing and stop cutting down swear words, I asked you, then kicked you, and have now been force to ban you as you refuse to comply11:24
MadHaTTer_666im banned cause so0me stuck up 4th grader doesnt like ppl whop cuss when they talk ohh wait that was u lol11:25
ikoniaMadHaTTer_666: I've just explained why you're banned, and if you chose to not accept that, that is your decision11:25
ikoniaMadHaTTer_666: if you can agree to stop swearing we can resolve this11:25
MadHaTTer_666i never swore at anyone11:26
ikoniathe ubuntu channel has rules of no bad language, if you can't follow this rules, you will not be allowed to use the channel11:26
ikoniaMadHaTTer_666: then why did you just say I don't like people who cuss when they talk11:26
ikoniaif you where not cussing11:26
MadHaTTer_666i didnt say i dont cuss i said i didnt cuss at anyone11:27
ikoniait doesn't matter11:27
ikoniacussing to no-one is unacceptable11:27
MadHaTTer_666yes uit does11:27
ikoniaI'm telling you the rules, if does matter in the Ubuntu channels11:27
MadHaTTer_666ur really a fkin stuck up lil prick with a fkin nepolien complex ahh?11:28
ikoniaMadHaTTer_666: ok, then we are done. Bye11:28
MadHaTTer_666ill take that as a yes11:28
ikoniaplease leave the channel and come back when you wish to resolve your ban11:28
MadHaTTer_666i do wish to resolve it11:29
ikoniaMadHaTTer_666: ok, then you need to accept the rules, stop being abusive towarwds people and agree to control your language11:29
MadHaTTer_666what ur asking for is for me to impose a speach impediment on myself because the way i talk interfears with your bullshit sencibilities11:29
ikoniayes, that is what I am asking11:30
MadHaTTer_666btw i havent been abusive towards anyone but urself\11:30
ikoniawell, actually, it's not what I'm asking as you didn't respond to asking. That is what I am telling you to do to gain access to the ubuntu channels11:30
MadHaTTer_666and only cause ur pulling this shit11:30
ikoniaMadHaTTer_666: I've told you you swore in the channel, that is acceptable and you've been abusive to me personally. Both are unacceptable11:30
ikoniaMadHaTTer_666: I'll ask one last time, can you agree to follow the rules I've explained to you11:31
MadHaTTer_666like i saidf ive only been abusive to u personially because your trying to disable me11:31
ikoniaok, I'm done now.11:31
MadHaTTer_666yeah i can agree to it11:32
ikoniaI'm not wasting any time, please leave the channel and only rejoin when you can accept the rules of channel11:32
ikoniaMadHaTTer_666: come back in 48 hours and we can review your atttiude then11:32
ikoniaMadHaTTer_666: too late, I've given you ammple time and only now that I've withdrawn the offer do you change11:32
MadHaTTer_666lol i can accept them11:32
ikoniatoo late11:32
ikoniaI'm not laughing11:32
ikoniaCome back in 48 hours please11:32
ikoniaplease leave11:33
MadHaTTer_666no i was only here cause someone told me to come here11:33
ikoniaI did11:33
ikoniawe have been unable to resolve your ban at this time, please rejoin in 48 hours and we can review it then11:33
MadHaTTer_666then upon entering ur being a dik to me11:33
ikonia!ops | MadHaTTer_666 persistant abuse from MadHaTTer_666 will not leave11:33
ubottuMadHaTTer_666 persistant abuse from MadHaTTer_666 will not leave: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  Tm_T, tritium, elky, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, imbrandon, PriceChild, Madpilot, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, tsimpson, gnomefreak, jussi, topyli, or nhandler!11:33
ubottuikonia called the ops in #ubuntu-ops (MadHaTTer_666 persistant abuse from MadHaTTer_666 will not leave)11:33
MadHaTTer_666cvry to mommy u really r a 6 year old11:34
knomei think it would be better if the !ops call was sent from and to query.11:35
ikoniaknome: why ?11:35
MadHaTTer_666that was my question11:35
ikoniaMadHaTTer_666: please leave the channel now11:36
MadHaTTer_666mainly cause its 2:30 am and im bored i think11:36
ikoniathen leave11:36
MadHaTTer_666then u were being a dik and it set me off11:36
ikoniaTm_T: assistance again please.11:37
MadHaTTer_666all i wanted was help with resolving a real problem11:37
MadHaTTer_666with ubuntu11:37
ikoniaMadHaTTer_666: then re-join here in 48 hours and we can discuss it11:38
MadHaTTer_666yeah Tm_T can u give me some assistance and de op this prick!11:38
ikoniathank you11:39
jpdsSpelling was quite atrocious.11:39
MadHaTTer_666assistance please Tm_T11:40
knomeikonia, i just have the gut feeling. have to say that "channel emergency" is a bit comical when speaking about a user that won't leave if asked a few times11:40
ikonianot really11:40
ikoniaif someone is geting abused in #ubuntu it is delt with in the same way11:40
ikoniaif someone is sat there abusing me and I have nothing to do to be able to stop it, it's an emergency11:41
ikoniaI don't expect to be abused11:41
Tm_Tnoone should be abused11:41
knomebut does the message explicitly need to say "chanenl emergency"?11:42
knomeerr, -typos11:42
Tm_Tthat's general message, not channel specific11:43
ikoniait doesn't matter, it's the highlight that gets people11:43
knomeikonia, exactly :)11:43
ikoniaok, so the fact that it has the word emergency in doesn't really matter does it11:43
Tm_Tit could say "apuuuva!" just like in -fi11:43
knomeTm_T, yes! that would be nice... :P11:43
ikoniaand to be honest, it is an emergency a user is abusing another user in an ubuntu channel and nothing is being done11:43
Piciguh.  A lot of red in my away log.13:09
bazhang* HozsiNekedTesoka seems to be that .hu problem user13:42
ikoniathe bruder guy ?13:43
bazhang<HozsiNekedTesoka> Ola bruder! My name is Ongavezirke13:43
bazhangalready removed. he PM'd me beforehand13:43
ikoniabanned now13:43
ikoniatired oh him13:43
bazhangjust kicking/removing and the fb will ban13:44
jpdsGuys, please keep him happy or we'll have to physically deal with him at UDS, thank you.13:46
bazhang<HozsiNekedTesoka> Come to Budapest, to UDS! We will make the bomb to {expletives deleted}13:48
jpdsI told you.13:48
jpdsIt's like that Monty Python Holy Grail rabbit thing.13:48
bazhangcounteth thee to three13:49
jpdsI warned you.13:49
knomemp <313:54
ikoniahow tedious13:55
Picihow annoying14:04
mooseThere's a guy in #ubuntu-offtopic named "germanporn". Thought you ought to know.14:09
IdleOneGood morning.15:42
bencahillhey guys, I get "Cannot send to channel: #ubuntu" (on freenode webchat), do you know why?15:44
IdleOnebencahill: let me take a look15:44
IdleOnehmm, not sure15:46
bencahillIdleOne: weird, let me try again...15:46
bencahillIdleOne: did you see my last message on there?15:47
IdleOnenot sure what happened but you are good now15:48
bencahillIdleOne: I ghosted bencahill while as bencahill_, then changed to bencahill, I guess it got confused :P15:48
bencahillok, cya :)15:48
ubottuIn #ubuntu, zroysch said: ubottu: Watson is only a bot too. He's pretty intelligent. Time to step it up, bot.18:24
tonyyarussoWell played.18:26
IdleOneis Watson open source?18:26
tonyyarussoNot yet at least.18:26
IdleOnewould make for an interesting bot in #ubuntu18:26
tonyyarusso"What is Ubuntu?"18:27
tonyyarusso'Um, shouldn't you already know that if you're in here?'18:27
tonyyarusso'Blah blah spaceships and cargo pants.'18:27
tonyyarusso"What is #ubuntu-offtopic?"18:28
tonyyarussoIdleOne: something tells me the answering in a question format would confuse the channel a bit ;)18:28
tonyyarussoalso, IdleOne again?18:31
tonyyarussoBring on the insanity: Moon face is 99% illuminated. || Moon phase: Full || Next full moon is on Thursday 17 February18:32
Picinethack says: You are lucky!  Full moon tonight.18:34
* mneptok howls18:41
IdleOnetonyyarusso: yeah my znc disconnected and this is the default nick.18:59
KB1JWQMight want to smack c0br42 down.19:39
KB1JWQAh, he sorted it out himself.19:39
IdleOneno, we catalyse first, we ask nicely, we try to explain, we try again, we try explaining more, then we apologize for not being a one stop shop for everything Linux and then we lay the smack down.19:40
KB1JWQNow on as alfredWinI_bego19:40
KB1JWQIdleOne: Ah, sorry.  I should have clarified.19:44
KB1JWQHe's a cross channel issue that's been booted from a number of channels; kinda surprised he hasn't already been handled here.19:44
KB1JWQIdleOne: This is unfortunately par for the course.19:48
ikoniaI'll sort this now19:48
ikoniaKB1JWQ: back to you in #freenode19:49
KB1JWQikonia: So it would seem.19:50
IdleOneFerrari is based on the Ford model T I still don't bring my Ford to Ferrari to get fixed19:50
PiciIdleOne: I already removed him once.20:03
ikoniahe's going +q on site until we can speak to him20:03
IdleOnedamn the full moon20:03
PiciIdleOne: who?20:03
Picier, ikonia who?20:03
Piciikonia: I misread. nevermind :)20:04
ikonianot to worry20:04
Picifull moon :|20:08
IdleOneWe can't explain the full moon or where it came from but it somehow has the effect of making seemingly intelligent people into total idiots20:09
IdleOneI say we blow it up20:09
Jordan_UIdleOne: We just need to blow parts of it up, so that it will never be completely full.20:13
ikonianeedhelp1 is back20:13
IdleOneJordan_U: My grandad always said if you are going to blow something up blow it all up20:13
* charlie-tca thinks it should be opened for discussion, with options20:13
=== Pricey_ is now known as Pricey
PiciHow did the moon get there? Why do we have one?20:14
charlie-tcaand what purpose does the moon have?20:15
IdleOnePici: more importantly why doesn't Mars have any?20:15
Jordan_UPici: In ancient times the great cow gods had a surplus of cheeze.20:16
IdleOne+9000 Jordan_U20:16
charlie-tcawell, that answers all those questions ;-)20:17
jussiIdleOne: what happened to gpc?20:36
IdleOneznc disconnected and this nick is the default. I am to lazy to do a /nick gpc20:37
IdleOnealthough it would be easier then repeating this 4 times a day20:37
jussior you could just stay idleone...20:40
IdleOneI could20:40
mneptok13:09 <+IdleOne> We can't explain the full moon or where it came from but it somehow has the effect of making seemingly intelligent people into total idiots20:41
mneptokin my case, the full moon is the only time of month i turn from a total idiot to something seemingly intelligent20:42
* mneptok cranks "The Choral Sea" by Split Enz20:58
rwwmneptok: and then you join #ubuntu-offtopic so that you'll be unintelligable again by the end of the full moon?21:20
mneptoki stand here lonely on the floor. i felt the pocket change, though all the feelings that broke through that door just didn't seem too real. the yard is nothing but a fence. the sun just hurts my eyes. somewhere it must be time for penitence. gardening at night has never worked.21:22
mneptokrww: you were saying?21:22
* mneptok polishes his halo21:22
ikonia@mark #ubuntu its-me-again ban dodging as meowbuntu after I'd spoke to him in PM and he'd said he had changed22:34
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:34
ikonia@mark #ubuntu its-me-again ban dodging as okmanman22:37
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:37
mooseCan someone ban-forward Drule in offtopic somewhere?23:38
* mneptok goes to look in23:40
ubottuLogan_WP called the ops in #ubuntu ()23:59

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