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jibelRiddell, Hi, coverage of Kubuntu test cases is below 50%, can you grab people from the kubuntu community to help with testing 10.04.2 ?15:22
highvoltagecody-somerville: I just discovered Offspring, does it work yet?15:22
cody-somervillehighvoltage, Yup.15:23
highvoltagecody-somerville: nice15:24
Riddelljibel: kubuntu community never seem very enthused by CD testing, but I'll be doing some myself and I'll see if I can conjole people15:24
jibelRiddell, Thanks, I'll help once I'm done with the remaining ubuntu cases.15:29
Riddellcjwatson: there's no kubuntu-netbook images for .2 candidates, I'm not too fussed about having them but will it mess up the publishing at all?15:55
Riddelljibel: how did you go the kubuntu netbook test? http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/result/5024/85415:55
cjwatsonit won't mess up publishing, no15:55
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jibelRiddell, I synced it and a lucid-netbook-i386 has been downloaded, but its a 10.04.1 apparently :/15:59
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NCommanderskaet_: ping, you about? I'd like to talk to you about the team being tracked for issues against the ARM port16:24
skaet_NCommander, yup16:25
NCommanderskaet_: its my understanding that for release critical bugs, the release team has been following ~canonical-arm16:26
skaet_Hmm,  couple of ambiguities in that statement for me.   I am not following ~canonical-arm, but ogra may be.16:28
skaet_what i look at is the milestoned & release targetted bugs, and then review them.  The ones that look like they are ARM related I try to group under the ARM team in the weekly agenda.16:29
skaet_I know the linaro team also tags the specific bugs that are of interest to them, and there is some overlap.16:29
skaet_Do you have suggestions on how to improve the tracking?16:29
ScottKRiddell: I don't think it's worth the trouble to reroll netbook for 10.04.2.  I'd recommend any netbook user use 10.10 now.16:37
RiddellScottK: i agree16:46
skaet_ScottK, Riddell,  ack.17:02
skaet_NCommander ^^ ?17:03
NCommanderskaet_: sorry, the internet died on me17:09
skaet_NCommander, no worries.   are my comments from 1/2 hour ago visible to you?17:10
NCommanderskaet_: I was under the impression that the release team was tracking ~canonical-arm. Appears I have misunderstood the issue :-)17:10
NCommanderskaet_: yup, that's for the clarification, I can strike a work item off my TODO list now :-)17:11
skaet_NCommander,  if you've got suggestions on how we can improve the tracking, very interested.  Still a bit more manually based than I'd like, esp. with the overlap with the other groups.17:11
skaet_Riddell, charlie-tca - do you have any change logs and overview information you want referenced in the 10.04.2 announcement?17:40
charlie-tcaI have to think about that, if it is okay?17:42
ograskaet_, you dont look at the workitem trackers anymore ?17:42
Riddellskaet_: no I don't think so17:43
skaet_ogra,  yup I look at it (a lot)  I was talking about how I track bugs.  hmm...???17:44
skaet_charlie-tca,  sure, final version will go out tomorrow,  just wanted to get it on your radar.  :)17:45
charlie-tcathank you17:46
skaet_Riddell, ok.  Will insert general comments for Kubuntu overview, and point you at it to vet tomorrow.17:47
ograskaet_, ah, i thought NCommander referred to wiS17:57
skaet_ogra,  in reading the backscroll it is ambiguous,  we'll let NCommander clarify :)17:58
skaet_ogra,  I just backscrolled.    He did mention bugs17:59
ogra(he had an action item for the WI tracker to be moved to ubuntu-armel for release team tracking, so i assume its that one)17:59
ograi alreayd did that for the team report last friday though17:59
* skaet_ nods18:00
ograwas just to make sure you are on the same  page18:00
skaet_thank you.18:00
NCommanderogra: skaet_ indeed I was :-)18:03
ograbe clearer next time ;)18:03
NCommanderogra: didn't realize you did18:03
ograNCommander, you should follow the release meeting then, its intresting ;)18:04
skaet_or read the minutes/logs... ;)18:05
* skaet_ --> lunch18:11
* skaet_ back18:30

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