jibelhi all08:59
jibelTesting of 10.04.2 is going well, but some images need a better coverage. Here is the list:09:20
jibelKubuntu Alternate amd6409:20
jibelKubuntu Alternate i38609:20
jibelKubuntu Desktop amd6409:20
jibelUbuntu Alternate amd6409:20
jibelUbuntu Alternate i38609:20
jibelYou can see that Kubuntu need some love.09:20
jibelYou want to give it a try, pick an image from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/lucid/ and select any uncovered test in this list http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/all/notcompleted09:23
linuxfreakerHello Guys10:01
jibelHi linuxfreaker10:08
linuxfreakerI am eagerly waiting for 10.04.2 to be announced and available10:15
linuxfreakerWhen is it expected to arrive?10:15
linuxfreakerawaitng since 14th Feb10:15
jibellinuxfreaker, due date for 10.04.2 is tomorrow Feb. 17th10:18
jibellinuxfreaker, but ISO are available for testing since last friday.10:19
jibellinuxfreaker, You can help testing it if you have some spare time.10:19
linuxfreakerWill be waiting for tmrw10:21
jibelProgress of 10.04.2 Testing :13:27
jibelMandatory Test Cases coverage: 71.21%13:27
jibelRun once Test Cases coverage: 23.68%13:27
jibelWe have made good progress but the following images need more coverage:13:27
jibel * Ubuntu Desktop amd6413:27
jibel * Ubuntu Alternate amd64 and i38613:27
jibel * Kubuntu Alternate amd64 and i38613:27
jibel * Kubuntu Desktop amd6413:27
charlie-tcaGood morning, jibel14:00
jibelGood afternoon charlie-tca !14:13
jibelhow are you today ?14:13
charlie-tcaa bit under the weather, got a cold or the flu, but still going14:13
charlie-tcaThis is a long week!14:14
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jibelcharlie-tca, the length of the week depends on the speed you move :-)14:16
jibelcharlie-tca, xubuntu testing is pretty good.14:16
charlie-tcathat seems to be getting slower too, now that you mention it ;-)14:16
charlie-tcaThanks, I will get those last few done, then we move to something else. All the tracker is looking pretty good.14:17
jibelcharlie-tca, I've done wubi, if you can do the remaining alternate test case that will be a 100% for Xubuntu \o/14:17
charlie-tcarunning them now.14:19
jibelHey all, we still need a better coverage of Kubuntu. Any volunteers ?15:49
patrickmwjibel: i can run a few15:49
jibelpatrickmw, Hi patrickmw , you're welcome. Kubuntu AMD64 is not in a really good shape with no real installation.15:51
jibelI mean Desktop even if Alternate is not really feeling better.15:51
patrickmwjibel: ack15:51
patrickmwjibel: updating kubuntu isos now15:52
jibelcharlie-tca, will beat all of us with a 100% coverage of Xubuntu!15:53
patrickmwhe's the bomb15:53
jibelonly 2 tests to go.15:53
charlie-tcathey said I had to get mine done if I wanted the .2 release15:55
charlie-tcajibel: xubuntu 386 tests 100%16:14
jibelcharlie-tca, You're The Man. I'm proud to know you!16:14
charlie-tcaThanks for your help with them16:15
patrickmwjibel: can I get the point release isos with dl-ubuntu-test-iso?16:15
jibelpatrickmw, yes, with --release=lucid16:28
patrickmwjibel: thanks16:28
jibelcharlie-tca, I can't get OEM test cases to work, keep me informed if you're luckier than I am.16:30
charlie-tcawhich images? I got one to work yesterday16:32
charlie-tcabut it was on hardware16:32
jibelalternate i38616:35
skaet_jibel, urk spotted the bug,  yeah that's a nasty one.   Let me know soonest if there's a confirmation.16:36
charlie-tcaI'll try it here16:36
jibelskaet_, I really looks similar to bug 650703 in maverick and natty16:38
ubot4Launchpad bug 650703 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "oem-config-prepare works, but oem-config fails to start after reboot (affects: 10) (heat: 56)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65070316:38
jibelnot I, it16:38
jibelskaet_, I'm trying to reproduce again.16:39
skaet_jibel,  thanks.   :)16:39
skaet_hmm,  is 650703 known to be an issue in Natty too?   it isn't marked for tracking in Natty, and probably should be if thats the case.16:40
jibelskaet_, comment 1116:40
charlie-tcaxubuntu done16:42
jibelskaet_, same pb with i386 or amd6416:46
skaet_jibel, ok, have gone in and targetted the bug to Natty as well.16:46
charlie-tcajibel: are those in VM or hardware? I seem to recall that happening in VBox but working on hardware before16:46
jibelcharlie-tca, seems to affect only VMs from the comments16:47
* skaet_ hoping that when people see the bug in the development release, they nominate it for consideration... would help with making sure it gets the right focus (and get fixed). 16:47
jibelwell no, see comments 8 and 916:48
charlie-tcajibel: desktop oem worked17:02
jibelcharlie-tca, no here, now the game is to find why17:06
charlie-tcajibel: Ubuntu 64 desktop, I ran the migrate test, but nothing showed up in the new install from the old install17:48
charlie-tcaI never tried this before, though17:48
jibelcharlie-tca, I think it migrates data from a windows partition to the new installation, so you need a windows system installed.17:50
charlie-tcaI don't have windows17:51
charlie-tcaso, even though it says I can migrate from ubuntu, it don't really?17:53
jibelcharlie-tca, I don't know what m-a is able to do. The test case says "other OS to migrate"17:59
jibelmarjo, does m-a work with migrating from Ubuntu to Ubuntu ?17:59
* jibel thinks it is a dumb question.17:59
charlie-tcaum, and, oem worked again18:04
charlie-tcaalternate 386 oem just started18:05
charlie-tcano, just finished18:05
davmor2jibel: migration assistant is to migrate MS primarily it was going to do others but never got much further18:05
charlie-tcathat would be like I can't really test it18:06
jibelthanks davmor218:11
* skaet_ --> lunch18:11
xdataphi everybody18:12
jibelHi xdatap18:12
davmor2jibel: My normal test for this is 2 fold one against XP with a bunch of files in various folders, (music, pictures, My Documents, ie with bookmarks, and outlook express email setup)  and one for win7 similar setup except no outlook (as windows live mail doesn't store it's setting locally)  hope that helps18:12
xdataphi jibel !18:12
xdatapguys do you know if mythubuntu will be tested for the Lucid point release? It's not listed in the iso tracker18:13
davmor2xdatap: I didn't think mythbuntu was an LTS18:14
xdatapdavmor2, ok, thanks18:16
* skaet_ back18:29
patrickmwjibel: did you want me to test kubuntu desktop i386 or amd64?18:54
skaet_jibel, charlie-tca - bug tracker has https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initramfs-tools/+bug/76872 listed against xubuntu - typo somewhere?19:34
ubot4Launchpad bug 76872 in linux-source-2.6.20 (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "boot fails: does not detect hda any more (port conflict?) (dups: 1) (heat: 26)" [Undecided,Invalid]19:34
charlie-tcabetter be a typo19:36
charlie-tcalast comment on the bug itself was 100719:36
charlie-tcawell actually, 200719:36
charlie-tcaI think it was the usb creator bug, but can not say for certain19:37
marjoping jibel20:31
marjocharlie-tca: jibel says you've been having problems with oem-config, i just filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/72033420:38
ubot4Launchpad bug 720334 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Executable: python2.6 Signal 11 (Segmentation Fault) (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]20:38
charlie-tcaapparently, I can use it in both VBox and hardware, jibel can not get it to work20:39
jibelmarjo, oh, you've got a python segfault, nice.20:45
jibelmy problem is that i can't even do the second part of the oem setup. I think its a problem with upstart and some race in the order which scripts are started. Depending on the speed of your hardware you may experience it or not.20:45
marjojibel: yeah!20:45
marjojibel: what's strange is I didn't hit same with kubuntu desktop yesterday20:46
marjodoes that make sense?20:46
jibelmarjo, yes it does. That's a bug that happen under undetermined circumstances.20:48
skaet_jibel, is it possible to see if the hardware that shows 720176 could also show issue for alternate image for 10.04.1?   From some discussions with OEM may well be a fundamental flaw in the handoff for oem-config that leads to a race condition and has been there for a while.22:22
jibelskaet_, I think I've found the source of the problem. It's very likely a race condition when the oem-config job starts before a display is ready, probably on fast hw. I've marked as duplicate of 650703 and will talk to cjwatson and ev tomorrow.22:26
jibelskaet_, I think we can reproduce with any upstart enabled release22:26
skaet_jibel,  thanks.   We'll release note this one then for now.22:29
jibelskaet_, indeed too late to fix, but you can target it for 10.04.3. Once the fix will be in -updates, that will fix the problem for users of 10.04.2 because the bug is in the second part of the oem config and you can apply updates before running that part.22:31
* skaet_ nods22:32
skaet_jibel,  good to know about the sequence.   yes,  will target it to 10.04.3, and will also be marking it as A3 in Natty.22:33
marjojibel: has anyone else reported problems with kubuntu live persistent mode?22:41
jibelmarjo, no live persistent mode error in kubuntu/ubuntu. What's yours ?22:44
marjo"Cannot open ConsoleKit session: Unable to open session..."22:44
marjo"Cannot enter home directory. Using /."22:44
marjo"A critical error occurred.."22:45
marjojibel: system then presents a login screen22:46
jibelmarjo, you're a winner. I'll try tomorrow. which arch ?22:47
marjojibel: i38622:47
marjojibel: should i go ahead and file a bug against ubiquity?22:47
marjoor wait for you to dup?22:47
jibelmarjo, sure you should, we can always mark as dup after, or better you can try to find a dup.22:48
marjojibel: ack will do22:48
marjojibel, skaet: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/72043022:55
ubot4Launchpad bug 720430 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Kubuntu 10.04.2 Live Persistent ConsoleKit session error (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]22:55
skaet_marjo,  thanks23:20

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