hazrpgpopey: ooo, its your birthday soon?00:00
hazrpgstill can't believe #cumbria_lug is dead00:02
_SPT_Any one know of any Ubuntu groups/meetings in the staffordshire area?00:02
hazrpg_SPT_: http://www.staffslug.org.uk/ <==00:04
hazrpg_SPT_: just google around for the, type in "Staffordshire LUG" and see what you get00:04
hazrpgLUG = Linux User Group00:04
hazrpg_SPT_: they got a channel here on freenode too #staffslug00:07
hazrpg_SPT_: seems active too, currently 60 people in there00:07
_SPT_just going to popin now00:07
hazrpgah wait, 19 sorry00:08
hazrpgbut still :)00:08
hazrpgwould it be mean to make my own Cumbria LUG?00:21
hazrpgor just more beneficial to just get people to join Cumbria LUG?00:21
penguin42hazrpg: We have someone from Barrow who comes to ManLUG00:23
hazrpgpenguin42: yeah I think its because the Cumbrian LUG is pretty much dead00:25
hazrpgthey've ditched their website for a wiki, and the last proper email on the mailing list archive is months/years ago, there have been one last month and one in november... but mainly job adverts00:26
hazrpgkinds sucks00:27
popeyhazrpg: yeah, april00:31
penguin42heck, you do look forward to them don't you00:32
hazrpgpopey: awesome :)00:34
penguin42April is ages away00:35
shaunohazrpg: when I was there, it was completely fragmented.  there was a furness lug, and a westmorland lug ..00:47
shaunoit was all pretty much 3 guys in a pub unless you got on the train00:47
penguin42how big is westmorland exactly?00:47
penguin42(says he never having heard of it)00:47
shaunoI'm really not sure.  I think it's just kendal & associated villages00:48
shaunokinda like furness, it's just enough tiny towns / villages pooled together enough to have their own newspaper00:48
* penguin42 knows of kendal, just not the westmorland bigger chunk00:49
hazrpg /pool \o/00:49
shaunocumbria's strange because it's got a huge gap with nil population in the middle00:50
shaunoso you've got barrow, whitehaven/workingston, carlisle and kendal in each corner00:50
shaunoand they act like completely separate places because they've got this wall between them00:51
shaunoso a 'cumbria lug' just doesn't end up working00:51
shauno(unless everyone wants to drive an hour to meet at a farm in the middle)00:52
shaunofrom barrow it is easier (and probably quicker) to get on a train to manchester than carlisle.  01228 & 9 are split by a national park00:55
shaunoI just remember that when I was in barrow, the local lug were in a pub in the middle of nowhere.  decidedly not public-transport friendly00:59
penguin42I seem to remember getting a train to somewhere up in the lakes and realising that the place I actually fancied going was on the opposite side of it, of which there was a bus every one or two hours - in the summer only, if you're lucky01:00
dutchiejust accidentally middle clicked in mutt, resulting in pasting of colossal amount of text01:03
dutchiewhich marked all of my emails as read01:03
shaunoheh, yeah a lot of the lakes is like that01:04
shaunoeither tourist-season services, or services that are timed to get people to sellafield & back, so your transportation plans revolve around their shift patterns01:04
shaunoit's kinda cute when you make it work.  there's a nice pub that brew their own, a short walk from the end of the eskdale railway01:08
shaunobut for anything you'd want to do on a regular basis; either a car, or just get on the train to a real populace01:09
hazrpgis there an easy way to backup my PGP/GPG keys I'm about to use for launchpad?02:50
MartijnVdShazrpg: have you ever used pgp/gnupg before?05:44
MartijnVdShazrpg: (any questions about gpg, ask me :))05:44
hazrpgMartijnVdS: Nope!05:46
hazrpgFirst time05:46
hazrpgmanaged to get myself linked up on launchpad (considering I've been registered with launchpad since 2006)05:47
hazrpgjust want to back those GPG/PGP files up just in-case (I do re-installs regularly when I mess something up)05:47
MartijnVdShazrpg: backing up ~/.gnupg should be sufficient then05:49
MartijnVdShazrpg: make sure you back it up to a secure location (USB stick in a safe?)05:49
hazrpgwait, you saying if I back that folder up and restore it... it'll just popup?05:50
MartijnVdSit should, yes05:51
MartijnVdSdon't forget the passphrase though :)05:51
hazrpgsurely that can't be safe - thought the whole point was that you had to enter your passphrase in to export/import05:51
hazrpgheh :P05:51
hazrpgwas going to say :P05:51
MartijnVdShazrpg: the secret key in ~/.gnupg/secring.gpg is encrypted with a symmetrical cypther05:52
MartijnVdSand the key for that cypher is (derived from) your passphrase05:52
hazrpgwinner :)05:52
hazrpgso say I backed that up, and then restored that folder back05:52
hazrpgnow what?05:52
MartijnVdShazrpg: gpg --list-keys05:52
MartijnVdShazrpg: gpg --list-secret-keys05:53
hazrpgwould those ask for all the keys?05:53
hazrpgI mean passphrases?05:53
MartijnVdShazrpg: no, those should list all collected public keys, and all private keys you have05:53
hazrpgbut say I wanted to use one, it would ask then right?05:53
MartijnVdShazrpg: doing modifications on the key (gpg --edit-key yourkeyid + save) should ask for a passphrase05:54
MartijnVdShazrpg: you can check by encrypting a small file to yourself05:54
hazrpgwoah, I can use the GPG/PGP to encrypt files :O05:54
* hazrpg liking this even more already05:54
MartijnVdShazrpg: (gpg -a -se -r your_keyid testfile)05:55
MartijnVdShazrpg: I have a vim plugin that allows me to say: vim file.gpg, and it'll transparently decrypt on open, and re-encrypt on save05:56
MartijnVdShazrpg: I use that for my password list :)05:56
hazrpgI use KeyPass for that05:57
MartijnVdShazrpg: install vim-addon-manager and vim-scripts, then: vim-addons install gnupg05:57
hazrpgwith mono05:57
MartijnVdShazrpg: gnupg works everywhere.. mono not always :)05:57
MartijnVdShazrpg: you can also store your key on a chip card05:58
MartijnVdShazrpg: http://www.g10code.com/p-card.html05:58
hazrpgheh that's awesome06:00
hazrpgalthough I don't have a reader on me06:00
* hazrpg pats self06:00
MartijnVdSI have a Dell keyboard with cardreader :)06:00
hazrpgawesome :P06:00
MartijnVdSit can also read other chip cards (credit card manufacturer, phone cards, SIMs etc.)06:00
hazrpgwow no way :o06:00
MartijnVdSelectronic cash cards :)06:00
hazrpgall of which are encrypted, however I'm sure people have worked their way around it06:01
MartijnVdShazrpg: not easily06:01
MartijnVdShazrpg: but cards have an id code, and there's a mapping of id code range <-> card manufacturer06:01
MartijnVdSso you can tell what kind of card is in the slot06:02
MartijnVdSThe dutch "chipknip" (electronic cash) system is also secure: read-only commands work fine, but "write" transactions are impossible if you don't have the secret key of a bank06:02
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Live Ubuntu Video Q+A: Every Wednesday - http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/02/16/live-ubuntu-video-qa-every-wednesday/06:03
hazrpgmakes sense really06:03
MartijnVdSso I can stick in my chipcard, and see the balance + last few transactions :)06:03
shaunosurely they could just make them usb & save the silly hardware requirement :/06:04
MartijnVdSshauno: chip cards were invented way before USB06:04
shaunosays that p-card has been supported in gnupg since 2004.  we've had usb since then too :)06:05
MartijnVdSshauno: sure, but smart cards are a "known" -- they're easy to take with you (definition of "credit card size" :))06:05
shaunoaye.  I just don't have anything that'll read them06:06
MartijnVdSshauno: they're also more secure than random USB devices from China06:06
MartijnVdSshauno: you can buy a reader from the same people as you buy the card from (kernel-concepts.de) :)06:06
MartijnVdSshauno: they have lots of types06:06
MartijnVdSshauno: also, some laptops come with a smart card slot06:06
shaunoand the readers are just usb devices from china ;)06:06
MartijnVdSshauno: sure, the readers are.. but the readers are just simple "bridges" between PC and card06:07
MartijnVdSthey don't know more than the PC (maybe the PIN, if it's a reader that can pin-unlock a card without host intervention)06:07
MartijnVdS(those exist)06:07
shaunosomeone should make one in the form-factor of my lacie key, that takes a sim-sized chip06:08
MartijnVdSshauno: now there's an idea :)06:08
MartijnVdSshauno: http://shop.kernelconcepts.de/index.php?cPath=1_2606:09
shaunoI have a couple of these on my keyring.  silly price for a usb stick, but I love the form-factor06:09
MartijnVdShttp://shop.kernelconcepts.de/product_info.php?cPath=1_26&products_id=133 http://shop.kernelconcepts.de/product_info.php?cPath=1_26&products_id=11906:09
MartijnVdSshauno: ^ you want those06:09
shaunoyeah.  but in a sexier package :)06:10
MartijnVdSthey have openstreetmap reflective vests 8-|06:10
shaunomy 'key' is about 2/3rds the thickness of a normal usb plug.  and key-shaped.  makes it very convenient on a keyring06:11
shaunoinstead of having huge chunks of plastic hanging off06:11
MartijnVdSshauno: well.. be the first to market :)06:12
shaunoI think my work laptop has a card reader.  but nothing I have at home06:13
MartijnVdSyou could probably cut out a key shape from a normal smart card06:13
shaunoyou'd still lack the reader tho.  being able to punch out a sim card is easy enough as far as the card goes06:14
shaunothe card's the easy bit.  a reader that's thought-free to take with me is the bridge06:15
MartijnVdSshauno: get laptop with card reader built in :)06:15
shaunogive up my macs for some bulky dell?  nevar!06:15
MartijnVdSshauno: put ~/.gnupg on your usb stick06:18
MartijnVdSonly problem will be possible key stealing by systems you stick your key into :)06:19
shaunomy .ssh lives on it already06:19
shaunoI don't go sticking my key in random machines tho.  too young for children.06:20
shaunoit just makes sure a stolen laptop isn't the end of the world :)06:21
hazrpgman I hate organising emails... and sorting through them - always a time consuming process :/06:25
shaunothat's what procmail is for :)06:44
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phonex01hello guys07:38
phonex01i need help07:38
phonex01how can i configure proxy over a proxy07:38
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AlanBellmorning all07:44
AlanBellphonex01: you might want to add a bit more detail, I have no idea what you are trying to do07:45
phonex01ok o07:46
phonex01ok ok07:46
phonex01i'm forced to use a proxy in my university and i want to use outside proxy , so when i configure the proxy settings i put the setting for the universtiy proxy , but where i have to put the outside proxy settings07:47
phonex01i think its called tunnling07:47
phonex01do you unerstand me AlanBell ?07:49
phonex01plz help !07:51
AlanBelland you are using Ubuntu?07:52
phonex01ubuntu 10.1007:52
phonex01can i use some package that can help in Tunneling ?07:52
phonex01like httptunnling ?07:52
AlanBelldunno, quite a reasonable question, it should be possible08:02
AlanBellif the internal proxy is a socks proxy you could use tsocks and then in firefox the regular proxy settings for the external proxy08:02
MooDoohello all08:03
AlanBellthere might be a firefox extension somewhere that will do it08:03
AlanBellmorning MooDoo08:03
phonex01what is tsocks ?08:10
AlanBell!info tsocks08:10
lubotu3`tsocks (source: tsocks): transparent network access through a SOCKS 4 or 5 proxy. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8beta5-9.1 (maverick), package size 269 kB, installed size 660 kB08:10
AlanBellyou tell it where your internal proxy is, then run "tsocks firefox" and it will tunnel firefox through the first proxy without firefox knowing about it08:11
DJonesMorning all08:14
MartijnVdSAlanBell: firefox is a bad example, because it knows how to speak socks4/5 itself :)08:26
hoovergood morning folks08:29
AlanBellMartijnVdS: the point is to get through two proxies08:30
* MartijnVdS is too used to ssh -D :)08:30
MooDoosmittix: hello :)08:47
MooDoomorning czajkowski hugs08:48
czajkowskiMooDoo: boo08:51
MooDooczajkowski: aaaaaaaaaaarrrrggghhhhh08:51
AlanBellEben Moglen at fosdem http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNaIji_3xBE08:58
DJonesArrrgghh. Why when using Excel does my brain still keep trying to tell my fingers to use /fs to save files, anyone would think I was back in the early 1980's using Lotus 12309:00
shaunoexcel does strange things to most people.  you're lucky your affliction is almost logical :)09:02
DJonesshauno: Yeah, surprisingly it still works though09:03
smittixMooDoo: Hi :)09:12
MooDoosmittix: how are you?09:13
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screen-xmorning :)09:22
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hazrpgshauno: if you don't mind you might have to teach me how to use that at some point dude :)09:28
hazrpgAlanBell: Woot! I made myself a PGP/GPG (whatever its called!) key and hooked up to launchpad/ubuntu keyserver finally :D! And even clicked to join the ubuntu-uk group, thing... lol09:29
hazrpgStill need to make me a wiki at some point ^^09:30
hazrpgI thought, since I've been registered on launchpad for years nows... might as well make it official :P09:31
popeymorning all09:40
BigRedSgood morning!09:40
Neoti|workhey popey09:40
JamesTaitHello, hello!09:41
Neoti|workhey MooDoo, i added u on msn last night ...09:41
MooDooNeoti|work: did you?09:41
Neoti|workyeah ... was just looking for fellow ubuntu'ers in my area etc ....09:42
screen-xmorning daubers09:42
MooDooNeoti|work: not had any requests.....:S strange....09:42
Neoti|workhumm .... i use empathy ... of cuase ... lol ... and sent it through there ...09:42
MooDooNeoti|work: well i'm using empathy at the moment, can you try again?09:43
* daubers finishes coffee #109:45
MooDoodaubers: 1?? it's nearly 10....sureley you mean 15?09:46
daubersMooDoo: Nope, been so busy this morning forgot to make it till about 20 minutes ago09:46
* screen-x finishes last night's pizza09:46
MooDoodaubers: lol09:46
MooDooscreen-x: yum09:46
daubersOOooh... processors might be being delivered!09:46
* DJones processes daubers 09:47
DJonesSyntax error09:47
bigcalmGood morning peoples :)09:47
DJonesMorning bigcalm09:47
MooDoobigcalm: morning09:48
Neoti|workMooDoo sent again09:49
MooDooNeoti|work: hmmm strange, i've not had any requests09:49
* screen-x wonders who Neoti|work is sending requests to..09:50
MooDooscreen-x: me :)09:50
screen-xyah, but if you arent getting them..09:50
Neoti|workscreen-x good point ...09:50
Neoti|worksome random stranger lol.....09:51
DJonesscreen-x: It'll be easy to find out, just wait and see who reports Neoti|work as a stalker09:51
Neoti|workLOL DJones09:51
MooDoostupid empathy09:51
Neoti|workwell i sent a message... i hope its gone to Moodoo.... lol09:53
Neoti|workelse i am defo being a stalker today ...09:53
MooDooi got it :)09:53
Neoti|workin fact stuff it i might just pick some random strange and stalk them for the hell of it ... lol ... JOKE!!!!09:53
MooDooNeoti|work: that's how i roll with facebook, just add everyone and stalk them :)09:54
* DJones unfriends MooDoo 09:54
MooDooDJones: haven't started stalking ubuntu people yet, i had an issue with facebook last week and it's lost me about 35 friends09:55
Neoti|workwas it the virus thing moodoo ...09:55
DJonesMooDoo: Ouch, thats not good09:55
Neoti|workas i did not click it even though loads of people kept sending it me ...09:55
MooDooDJones: it happens every so often, i've left facebook i don't know how many times09:55
Neoti|worki must be the only one out of my frineds who did not click the link he he09:56
hazrpgheh, facebook should be added as a bug ^^09:56
dwatkinsMooDoo: it lost you real friends, or facebook people you added?09:56
MooDoodwatkins: facebook people i added, i don't have any real friends ;)09:56
dwatkinsMooDoo: yeah you do, as evidenced by this channel's logs :)09:56
hazrpgyou, can't say I've added any ubuntu people on my facebook...09:57
MooDoodwatkins: over the years i've come to regard you lot as people i met :)09:57
dwatkinsMooDoo: indeed, my friend09:57
* MooDoo hugs you all, apart from czajkowski she gets a prod09:57
hazrpgthink the word is "acquaintances" then :P09:57
mungojerrymoodoo: red dwarf quote :P09:57
MooDoomungojerry: ssshhhhh people think i'm clever and witty09:58
bigcalmAs people I've met09:58
hazrpgMooDoo: nah, see even I knew that ;)09:58
bigcalmAh, helps if I look up09:58
* bigcalm goes back to work09:58
* mungojerry does too :P09:58
MooDooanyway, lets not talk about me all day ;)09:58
* hazrpg changes topic to "Lets talk about MooDoo all day :)"09:59
daubersOoooh, processors, motherboards and SAS expansion kits09:59
dwatkinsdaubers: and arduinos?09:59
MooDoolet's talk about NAS baby :)   hmmm looks like my second drive is failing :(09:59
daubersNo I just need the other 112 HDD's and and I can finish this build09:59
Neoti|worki might play some mine craft but dont want to lose a who day ....09:59
dwatkinsdaubers: no small array, then09:59
daubersdwatkins: Oh dear10:00
dwatkinsdaubers: I'm not following you10:00
daubersdwatkins: It's 4 seperate arrays in reality, each being 2 chassis with 16 spindles per chassis10:00
dwatkinsFun with partition boundaries and RAID definitions10:01
mungojerry^^ numpties10:01
Neoti|workthough i was caught playing space invaders the other day by the boss and brushed it off as hackers attacking the firewall and being killed LOL ... was funny ....10:01
daubersdwatkins: I'm still waiting for the other 16 tape drives as well for the cluster of tape servers10:01
dwatkinsdaubers: reminds me of some of the customers I used to support in my previous role10:01
mungojerrytape drives worry me10:01
mungojerrywe don't restore from tape enough...too much faith in them10:02
daubersdwatkins: This is all for the Beeb10:02
BigRedSmungojerry: where I used to work we didn't do practice restores frequently because they were hard and complex....10:02
mungojerrydefeats the point...more of a box ticking exercise, but when there is a disaster u r screwed10:03
dwatkinsdaubers: it's not related to an application currently being rolled-out/tested, by any chance is it?10:03
daubersdwatkins: Probably not...10:03
mungojerrybetter to rsync offsite10:03
daubersdwatkins: It's destined for the archives, for their QC stuff as they digitise the old footage10:03
daubersmungojerry: That's quite hard when you're talking xxTB of data10:04
DJonesDid anybody hear the report on BBC radio yesterday that 450 episodes of the Dick Barton radio show had been found in the Australian radio archives & the beeb were going to release some of the series/stories on CD later in the year10:04
dwatkinsdaubers: ah I see, I used to work with them occasionally, they have quite a large video editing suite also, as you are no-doubt aware10:04
hazrpgQuestion, do I need to put my PGP onto my e-mails to the mailing list?10:04
daubersdwatkins: Yup :)10:04
AlanBellhazrpg: no10:04
* mungojerry is pleased to report that gwibber memory leak issues seem to have improved10:04
* hazrpg has just realised this might not work since my e-mail is just a forward to another e-mail address10:05
bigcalmImproved? It now leaks more memory than ever before?10:05
dwatkinsjust in case you wanted to test your RAM...10:06
* daubers goes and finds the electric screwdriver to finish putting disks in caddies10:06
mungojerrygwibber used to swallow 1gb in 24 hrs10:06
mungojerrynow after 20hrs or so , virt 229m  res 80m10:07
mungojerryUI is still sluggish though :(10:07
Neoti|workdoes anyone have any jobs going ... my skills are VoIP, centos, Windows networks, etc ...10:07
dwatkinsreminds me of Platform Computing's cluster manager - it would spit out a couple hundred megabytes of useless log errors a day due to java errors10:08
dwatkinsNeoti|work: any programming?10:08
Neoti|workPHP, MySQL10:08
MooDooNeoti|work: this is on our jobs page - http://jobs.heartinternet.co.uk/10:08
mungojerrynice job moodoo, where are u based10:09
Neoti|workHumm seems good ...10:10
mungojerryit's often a struggle to hire good linux guys, not sure why10:10
Neoti|workok im sold "Your choice of OS for your desktop." if i can have my choice of computer and 2 x 22" monitors im yours .... lol moodoo10:11
MooDoos-fox: hello :)10:11
MooDooNeoti|work: lol10:12
MooDooi just posted the link, that's about as much as i'm involved in that side lol10:12
MooDoocan't believe he's listening to alien breed intro music lol10:13
Neoti|workmoodoo, so you work for them, whats your role ?10:13
MooDooNeoti|work: tea boy10:14
AlanBellin bash how can I find the number of seconds between a timestamp like 01:20:43 and 01:21:3210:15
AlanBellwhich is the output of something like "ps -C soffice.bin -o time h" showing the amount of processor time used10:16
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AlanBellhigh level problem is a process that sometimes spins at %100 CPU forever and needs killing and respawning when it does that10:16
smittixMooDoo: Not bad thank's and you?10:19
smittix /delay heh10:19
dwatkinsAlanBell: time <command>10:20
dwatkinsAlanBell: oh wait, you mean process the text and throw it at the date command with a calculation?10:20
mungojerryalanbell, with a little perl script10:21
MooDoosmittix: yeah i'm ok thanks /straightaway ;)10:21
AlanBelldwatkins: yes, I want a cron job to run every minute and see if that process has used more than say 55 seconds of processor time in the last minute10:22
AlanBellso it needs to compare cumulative time with the last time it ran10:22
dwatkinsAlanBell: can you not change the output of ps to show it in seconds anyway?10:23
AlanBelldwatkins: I failed to see that in the man page, but that would make things easier if it can10:24
mungojerryalanbell, pidstat might also be your friend10:31
mungojerrye.g pidstat -p <pid> 6010:32
mungojerryOT: wikipedia is down :(10:34
AlanBellworks here10:35
Ngit's not down :)10:35
mungojerryis on a 1gb connection :S10:35
AlanBelldon't think pidstat is going to do it for me :(10:36
dwatkinssilly samba got restarted now my virtual machine has stalled...10:37
* dwatkins tries to forget about it and let it work itself out of its state10:37
andylockranguys, when did I get kicked from irc ?10:42
andylockranor disconnected?10:42
dutchie16:20:00 -!- andylockran [~andylockr@genesis.zrmt.com] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]10:43
dutchiei assume yesterday10:43
andylockranhmm.. very strange10:43
dwatkinsI've noticed my server sometimes kicks me off over night, not been told about any network problems with it, though.10:43
danfishmoarning ubuntu crew :)10:44
danfishI am venturing into a dark, dark place this afternoon - installing windows 7 on my laptop to do a bios update :(10:45
bigcalmYou have to use windows to do a bios update?10:47
bigcalmCan't you do it via a usb flash drive?10:47
andylockranI've got an internal site with horrible css. what's the best script to use in firefox to use my local css against a particular site?10:47
mungojerryor a livecd?10:47
andylockranis greasemonkey the right oen?10:48
danfishbigcalm: have tried and failed. I've not seen a bios updater like it.10:48
mungojerrydanfish sent u a link :P10:49
mungojerryhaven't done it myself but it migt save u wiping data10:49
danfishthanx - i'll have a look10:49
danfishclonezilla is at work copying everything right now10:50
mungojerryi assume u don't have a spare hard drive then10:50
hazrpgokay, hopefully that message sent successfully :)10:56
DJoneshazrpg: Good first email to the list :)10:57
daubersmungojerry: I've been quite surprised at the quality of CS graduate candidates we've had here for a couple of job roles. Bit of a damning inditement of the current University system tbh10:58
mungojerrydaubers, i was trying to hire last summer and had to repeat the advertising process due to lack of response!10:59
mungojerrymost applications were illiterate or chancers or no work permit10:59
daubersmungojerry: We had 3 candidates who couldn't tell me the difference between an interpreted language and a compiled one even though they had CS degree's and I didn't!10:59
MisterSlipperyI guess university isn't what it used to be11:00
dwatkinsI'd be more tempted to go back to uni if I thought I'd benefit from it, but I'd just end up being back at the same point I was at about 10 years ago if I did.11:01
dwatkinsi.e. in a new job with little relevant experience11:01
DJonesdaubers: I work in accountancy & I've seen similar things in that industry, applicants who had a bit of knowledge after doing a degree, but didn't have the basic understanding & common sense.  Worst case was a guy who didn't understand that a balance sheet should actually balance, but was still given the job because his dad was part owner in the business11:02
daubersDJones: urgh11:02
MisterSlipperythe old boy network11:02
DJonesdaubers: Even worse, he wore Rupert the Bear trousers to work11:03
mungojerrymakes me happier when i see RHCE on their cv tbh11:03
daubers /o\11:03
* TheOpenSourcerer just realised that the Ubuntu Rugby Fest, organised by czajkowski is also "Super Saturday". All 3 games on the same afternoon. Could be a long session :-D11:03
czajkowskiI know11:04
daubersmungojerry: CCNA or CCIE don't mean anything as an FYI :) Met lots of Cisco certified chaps who can't tell the difference between a switch and a router or the difference between a normal switch and a layer 3 one11:04
hazrpgDJones: guessing it got there ok then :P - was worried since it hadn't bounced my way yet11:04
czajkowskilast match is the one we;re going in for11:04
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: I intend to be in for most of the day :D11:04
mungojerrydaubers, also RHCE can be fudged to some extent if you take it twice or get the info off someone11:04
mungojerrybut i also have a rigorous interview process :)11:05
mungojerryfor sysadmin roles11:05
DJoneshazrpg: Whereabouts in Cumbria are you, I'm down in Cheshire, but occasionally go up to Cumbria in the caravan11:05
hazrpgDJones: Carlisle11:05
TheOpenSourcererczajkowski: I'll probably get there before the first kick off. Maybe even eat something too.11:05
mungojerryi start them off gentle by some quick fire questions ..it's amazing how many people couldn't tell you the latest kernel version...or even get the 2.6.x bit right11:06
DJoneshazrpg: I've not been up round there yet11:06
hazrpgMisterSlippery: Hmm, was that uni comment because you read the email?11:06
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: that's my plan11:06
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: making use of your free pass day :)11:06
TheOpenSourcererIndeed czajkowski11:06
hazrpgDJones: Not surprised, there are some better places in Cumbria than Carlisle :P11:06
MisterSlipperyno, I didn't read the email11:06
screen-xmungojerry: any tips on interviewing sysadmins? I may have to design an interview process for my replacement..11:07
danfishbah - you're rubbing it in now TheOpenSourcerer and czajkowski11:07
czajkowskidanfish: :D11:07
hazrpgMisterSlippery: heh, just wondered noticed the comment about uni - but I'm guessing it was a topic I must have missed somewhere11:07
daubersscreen-x: Still planning on moving this way?11:07
mungojerryscreen-x let me check my list11:07
czajkowskidanfish: we may even tweet it if you're lucky11:07
screen-xdaubers: yep11:07
screen-xdaubers: had estate agents round to take pics yesterday..11:07
DJoneshazrpg: It depends what you're looking for, when I'm away in the van, I've got a dog with me, so all I want are wide open spaces/moors/hills/beaches I can take him for long walks on11:07
daubersscreen-x: \o/11:07
* danfish pokes czajkowski with a jealousy stick ;)11:08
hazrpgDJones: exactly, doubt you'd get that in Carlisle :P11:08
hazrpgsome nice places around here though11:08
czajkowskidanfish: we'll clearly have to do more of these at world cup time11:09
czajkowskidanfish: try and not go to any more conferneces please :)11:09
MisterSlipperywhat is screen-x ?11:09
danfishczajkowski: I know - the world cup should be a cracker and we get to start really early in the morning :D11:09
czajkowskidanfish: ohhhhhhhhhhhh11:10
czajkowskidanfish: smashing idea, no std events then :p11:10
TheOpenSourcererNeed a pub with a "friendly" landlord.11:10
danfishczajkowski: that should be an std's for a lifetime11:11
TheOpenSourcererMy local opened about 07:30 for the Aussie cup when we won it.11:11
czajkowskidanfish: I hope this confenece is worth it mister!11:11
mungojerryscreen-x not sure how that direct message came through to u11:11
danfishczajkowski: nah, it won't be, but having to go through a tick-box exercise for a qualification11:12
czajkowskidanfish: qualification?11:12
screen-xmungojerry: ahh missed, that will have a look now :)11:12
MisterSlipperythere seems to be a lot of screen-xing going on11:13
danfish"Diploma in Sexual Health"11:13
screen-xMisterSlippery: very useful gnu screen command :)11:14
hazrpgI should really get some shut eye *eye-twitches*11:14
MisterSlipperyI'll have to add it to my speechbot11:15
czajkowskidanfish: ;)11:15
danfishTheOpenSourcerer: round to your local during the world cup then ;) AlanBell can provide the eggy breakfasts11:20
TheOpenSourcererThey did Bacon/Sausage/Egg sarnies11:21
TheOpenSourcererWashed down with lots of Guiness.11:21
Myrttiyay! mum got out of the hospital \o/11:21
Myrttisitting by the bedside was getting a bit tiresome11:23
bigcalmShe tunneled her way out?11:23
Myrttino, they let her finally out because the infection seems to be gone. I need to get some antibiotics for her after work11:24
Myrttibigcalm: belated congrats, btw.11:24
bigcalmMyrtti: yay for her :)11:24
bigcalmMyrtti: and thank you :)11:24
danfishTheOpenSourcerer: the breakfast of champions (though not Ireland of course coz they've no chance)11:25
danfishbigcalm: ditto congrats to you :)11:25
MooDoodanfish: +1 :) now wait for the pounding from czajkowski11:25
bigcalmdanfish: thank you :)11:25
dwatkins...and now I'm really hungry ;)11:28
screen-xdwatkins: 31 mins to go..11:29
dwatkinsscreen-x: exactly what I was thinking :)11:29
czajkowskiMyrtti: glad to hear she's on the mend11:30
czajkowskiMooDoo: shrup11:30
czajkowskidanfish: I may have to agree11:31
MooDooczajkowski: love you too x11:31
andylockrananyone uses the android emulator?11:31
popeyi have done11:31
popeynot recently tho11:31
directhexi used the webos emulator recently, does that count?11:32
andylockranpopey: not sure if it's my hardware, but was it quite sluggish for you?11:32
andylockran*could be my hardware, running a Pentium D...11:32
andylockranPentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz11:33
danfishandylockran: it also likes a *lot* of RAM11:34
andylockrandanfish: I've got lots of that for it.11:35
Myrtticzajkowski: well, the basic situation hasn't changed, but atleast the acute worries are gone for now11:40
czajkowskiMyrtti: some good news at least..11:41
bigcalmHayley just sent me an email starting "Dear Mr Cuthbertson". So I replied back with "Dear Mrs Cuthbertson". I wonder how she'll react11:43
bigcalmAdd a "(future)" after Dear11:44
popeyadd "(current)"11:45
popeyfor maximum lols11:45
davmor2popey: I see todays xkcd is just for you :D11:46
czajkowskipopey: evil11:46
* czajkowski hugs davmor2 11:46
* davmor2 hugs czajkowski 11:46
andylockranfeel the love11:48
mungojerrythe open parenthesis xkcd comic indeed annoyed me11:48
* Laney can breathe again11:48
* mungojerry too11:49
andylockrandoes anyone have a tip for a firefox plugin to alter css11:49
andylockranis greasemonkey the one to use?11:49
mungojerryi'm not autistic or superstitious but i find myself avoiding cracks and patterns on flooring11:49
popeythis is fun11:49
bigcalmWild About You]11:49
MyrttiI don't open umbrellas indoors11:49
bigcalmWhere the hell did that text come from?11:50
mungojerrymyrtti thats not mathematical though :P11:50
gordi don't open umbrellas indoors because i don't know how i would leave the house with an opened one...11:50
MooDooi step on cracks, break mirrors, allow black cats to walk in front of me, and eat cheese before bed time :)11:50
Myrttimungojerry: no, but neither is avoiding cracks and patterns on flooring11:50
popey\o/ cheese11:50
* popey checks the topic11:50
=== popey changed the topic of #ubuntu-uk to: Welcome to #ubuntu-uk! http://ubuntu-uk.org | This channel is publicly archived: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Mailing List: http://tinyurl.com/uukml | Support Guidelines - http://tinyurl.com/uuksupport | Meeting Thursday March 3rd 21:00 GMT in #ubuntu-uk-meeting http://tinyurl.com/uukmeet | \o/ Chickens, cheese, minecraft, trains, cake & roundabouts
* Laney curses +t11:51
Myrttiroundabouts ♥11:51
Myrttiyou people really love em11:51
davmor2popey: http://xkcd.com/861/ :D11:51
=== AlanBell changed the topic of #ubuntu-uk to: Welcome to #ubuntu-uk! http://ubuntu-uk.org | This channel is publicly archived: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Mailing List: http://tinyurl.com/uukml | Support Guidelines - http://tinyurl.com/uuksupport | Meeting Thursday March 3rd 21:00 GMT in #ubuntu-uk-meeting http://tinyurl.com/uukmeet | \o/ Chickens, cheese, minecraft, trains, cake & roundabouts (
Laneyyeah that was what i was going to do11:52
popeysorry, i thought it truncated something11:52
* mungojerry cries11:53
mungojerrydoesn't have channel ops11:53
* popey tests people's OCD by saying "(" in various channels11:54
hazrpgwow popey do you have like 2 sets of hands!?11:54
davmor2popey: the topic is of course missing biscuits which as we know are staple diet of the geek11:54
mungojerrypopey i notice ur not on omg channel any more11:54
* hazrpg needs to use TuxType more xD11:54
popeymungojerry: indeed11:54
mungojerrythat channel kind of died..99% lurkage11:54
popeygot sick of people poking the bot all day long11:54
popeyalso, here's a potentially controversial question11:55
popey\o/ dots11:55
mungojerryellipsis mmm11:55
popey"The Ubuntu project would not be affected at all if OMG! Ubuntu! shutdown"11:55
mungojerryhey it's good at creating hype11:55
* Myrtti sees tumbleweeds11:56
* MooDoo agrees with that popey :)11:56
mungojerryi think omg can be a force for good11:56
Laneyi just like reading the comments every now and again11:56
mungojerryjorge + jono recently posting on there,11:56
Laneysame reason for reading newspaper websites11:56
MooDooyeah but at the end of the day it's just a news website.....there are hundreds more11:57
MyrttiLaney: for masochistic enjoyment?11:57
mungojerryi don't think the plan is to muck-rake, maybe the banshee article etc shouldn't have comments enabled11:57
MyrttiLaney: atleast the Finnish newspaper websites and Daily Fail have extraordinarily suitable readers comments for masochistic personalities to read11:57
hazrpgI thought omg is doing a good job at promoting ubuntu, however if it ever did disappear - I doubt the community would die as a result of it though - it was there before omg, and I'm sure it'll be there after11:58
LaneyI suggest you try the comments on your local newspaper's website if you enjoy xenophobia11:58
* Laney → lunch11:59
mungojerrywith a few tweaks they could have a great site with less controversy and extreme comments...11:59
MyrttiNIMBY attitude FTL11:59
MooDoohazrpg: it's just a news website nothing more :)11:59
mungojerryeven if a lot of kids read it11:59
hazrpgMooDoo: agreed11:59
popey11:53:16 <@popey> (11:59
popey11:54:15 <+alexjs> )11:59
popey11:54:30 <@popey> alexjs wins/loses the OCD challenge11:59
popey11:54:42 <+alexjs> I waited for as long as I could.11:59
davmor2popey: Shockingly the ubuntu project managed to survive and grow pre-OMG!Ubuntu so I'd have to agree11:59
mungojerryhowever i look at omg before ubuntu planet12:00
mungojerryand before bbc news12:00
popeyi never visit omg, but have it in my feed reader12:01
mungojerryi like hearing about apps i never knew existed and am too busy to search for12:01
* mungojerry needs an omgandroid too12:01
hazrpgmungojerry: pick one, there's many out there dude12:03
hazrpgmungojerry: http://www.androidtapp.com/ for example12:03
hazrpgor http://www.androidapps.org/12:04
davmor2popey: I couldn't live without phoronix though I like that it has info I'm not likely to know about12:04
mungojerrycheers hazrpg12:04
hazrpghowever I prefer engadget for most things12:04
mungojerryi am following them on twitter but its a bit spammy12:04
hazrpgsince its more general12:04
mungojerryso many articles all the time12:05
popeyi have engadget in my feed reader12:05
popeyi rarely read phoronix12:05
hazrpgI use the engadget widget on my android :)12:05
popeyadded to google reader now12:06
MyrttiI've given up reading news from newssites apart from Finnish and local news, and on the rest I trust my network of friends filter the news to me via Twitter/Facebook/Google Reader12:10
Myrttihas worked pretty well so far12:10
mungojerrywhat's the point of knowing that Arnold bloggs in scotland hit his thumb with a hammer anyway?12:10
mungojerrymost non-tech news is depressing12:10
AlanBellif you are Arnold Bloggs then quite important12:11
mungojerrythen he can facebook it to his friends12:11
brobostigonmorning everyone.12:11
* TheOpenSourcerer has just got an extra 250M on dropbox ;-)12:11
brobostigonafternoonings everyone,12:11
mungojerryi aim not to read too much news , and it generally has a positive effect on me the less i read12:11
mungojerryyou still get to hear stuff anyway12:12
hazrpgpopey: added which?12:12
mungojerrya brief scan of bbc and google news gives you the outline of important stuff12:12
MyrttiI heard from an indoor painter once about a fire in my apartment building three days after it happened. The fire had consumed the whole apartment, I didn't know because I didn't read local news12:12
hazrpgbrobostigon: \o hey dude12:13
brobostigonhazrpg: hey, :)12:13
mungojerrymyrtti i'd argue that local news is more important the national news. at least you can make a difference if you need to12:13
andylockrancan make a difference to national news too12:14
Myrttiyeah well, I was asked to run for the parliament12:15
Myrttiso yeah, in theory...12:15
gordi stopped paying attention to local or national news a long time ago, depressing - tech news only for me12:15
mungojerrygord i am towards that, but often it's the sports news that sucks me in12:15
gordsports is the thing where people run around a lot and ultimately, accomplish nothing right?12:16
mungojerrymaking some people happy in the process, others sad, but ultimately everyone sad12:16
hazrpggord: my thoughts exactly xD12:16
mungojerrywith fleeting happy bits12:17
* mungojerry is gonna be very happy or sad tonight12:17
TheOpenSourcererAny handset hackers. This is interesting: http://eetimes.eu/en/st-ericsson-launches-the-igloo-open-source-community.html?cmp_id=7&news_id=222905920&vID=209#12:17
TheOpenSourcererThat's a cool board. Dual Core ARM9, HDMI Out.12:18
gordnice, someone slap a display on it and put it in a cardboard box with a keyboard, you got yourself a netbook12:19
AlanBellI see an ubuntu logo on the datasheet12:21
TheOpenSourcererThere is.12:22
TheOpenSourcererhttp://www.calao-systems.com/articles.php?lng=en&pg=5940 last item.12:22
MisterSlipperyCan you install ubuntu on any of those?12:25
MisterSlipperyI know ARM5 support is lacking, but not sure about ARM912:26
AlanBellMisterSlippery: not easily12:26
AlanBelland on most of the little boards there isn't enough memory12:26
mungojerryhttp://www.calao-systems.com/articles.php?lng=en&pg=6186 seems beefy though12:27
brobostigona very slimmed down debian, or android might work.12:28
MisterSlipperyProbably Debian would install12:29
brobostigonthere probebly is a debian arm port, aswell.12:29
mungojerrythe ZT systems server runs on A912:30
hazrpgright, off for a nap... catch ya all later12:32
brobostigonbye hazrpg12:34
hazrpgbrobostigon: toodles o/12:34
* brobostigon gets hazrpg a bear to cuddle with while sleeping.12:35
hazrpgbrobostigon: \o/12:36
brobostigonhazrpg: :)12:36
* hazrpg stares at his collection of penguins12:36
* davmor2 wonders if the penguins are staring back at hazrpg just as intently 12:37
hazrpgthey followed me...12:38
hazrpgpeople always seem to get me penguins for my birthday/xmas presents12:38
hazrpg...not that I'm complaining12:39
hazrpgright anyways, laterz12:39
brobostigonbye hazrpg12:40
hazrpgwhy do I get the feeling my ubuntu-uk folder is going to be full when I wake up xD12:42
DJonesdaubers: After the comments on degree's earlier, this is quite funny http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/02/16/graduate_sues_university/13:16
daubersDJones: Is that the OXILP thing?13:17
daubersOh, no a different one :)13:17
DJonesuniversity of bradford13:18
daubersDJones: I hear about this one http://www.thelawyer.com/student-sues-oxilp-for-%C2%A3100000/1006833.article every day, as my Mrs is studying there at the moment13:18
mungojerrydjones, i was just reading that13:18
daubersGenerally it's the "I screwed up by not doing any work and now want to try and blame someone else and get my money back" tack taken in those cases13:19
TheOpenSourcererChequebooks out guys: http://listarchives.documentfoundation.org/www/announce/msg00029.html13:19
mungojerryhad a little LOL to my self at that.13:20
mungojerrywhich is a bit of an oxymoron13:20
* daubers screwed up at Uni and knows it13:20
mungojerryuni was a long time ago now, but i still dream about it. weird13:21
DJonesThere seems to be a lot of that going around, so many people blaming somebody else for their own failings13:21
mungojerryi work at a uni and the threat of litigation is growing exponentially13:22
MisterSlipperyit's what happens when money gets involved13:22
mungojerryi call it the x-factor disease13:23
MisterSlipperyif students are consumers paying a high price for a service, they want value for money13:23
mungojerryin this generation kids have been brought up by their parents who have told them they are the best thing in the world, and they can achieve anything if they put their mind to it. then you see them auditioning for shows and clearly cannot sing but all their mates have said that they are brilliant13:24
MisterSlipperythey expect the university to "do what it says on the tin"13:24
mungojerryexams are designed to make you fail. i wish i learned that earlier in life13:24
mungojerryyou have to deal with failure at some point13:25
MisterSlipperybut you don't expect a service provider to reject you if you're bankrolling them13:25
mungojerryand 9k/year is almost what they spend on fags too13:25
* mungojerry gets down from soapbox13:26
DJonesTurning that around though, would you expect a service provider to supply you with a product if you don't do what you need to to/comply with with the requirements to getthe product13:26
MisterSlipperywell if you pay for a product you expect it to be delivered13:27
BigRedSIs this still uni we're talking about?13:29
DJonesWith an exam though, aren't you paying for the tuition & the opportunity to sit the exam, whether you get the grade you want isn't something the university has any control of, not necessarily to be given the qualification just because you've sat through the lectures & turned up for the exam13:29
BigRedSI've always thought you pay for access to the resources at uni, including lectures. It's up to you to make use of them13:30
* popey donates to the libre office thing13:30
brobostigonBigRedS: i would agree, with that.13:30
MooDoopopey: thing? project?13:33
popeyMooDoo: the link TheOpenSourcerer posted earlier13:38
popey13:19:32 < TheOpenSourcerer> Chequebooks out guys: http://listarchives.documentfoundation.org/www/announce/msg00029.html13:38
gordinteresting, not something i personally would donate to, but interesting13:42
screen-xis there a standard way of finding the expiry date for a domain?13:57
popeywhois <domain>13:58
screen-xdaubers: yah, but the output format is non standard13:58
popeyi have a script somewhere that parses the various ways in which the expiry can be shown13:58
daubersscreen-x: Waiting for the domain renewal spam tends to work too13:59
screen-xdaubers: heh, wanted to automate some checking..13:59
screen-xpopey: if you could find a copy, that would be useful :)13:59
BigRedSis what I use to do it13:59
screen-xthanks BigRedS14:00
BigRedSIt's a really easy way to get blocked by a whois server, though :)14:00
BigRedSI keep meaning to add an optional sleep thing. I wrote it when I had ~200 domains to go through14:01
=== monsterkiller is now known as MonsterKiller
* mungojerry just swapped a 6u beast of a server for a 0u vm :)14:35
screen-xmungojerry: :)14:36
mungojerrythat had the carbon footprint of a yeti14:36
screen-xprobably worse..14:36
screen-xunless you mean a skoda yeti..14:36
mungojerryand the trees of the field shall clap their hands14:37
* screen-x tries to kick the double period habbit.14:37
MattJWhat's a double period?14:40
screen-x14:36 < screen-x> probably worse..14:40
screen-x                                     ^^14:40
MattJscreen-x: it's a full-stop, and a double-full-stop is an "aspiring ellipsis"14:42
screen-xok then :)14:42
screen-xand \o/ Jabber14:42
MattJJabber \o/14:42
BigRedSMattJ: is that the actual term for it?14:42
mungojerryin my last company, an ellipsis on a line all by itself would truncate email below that point14:42
MattJBigRedS: It is now14:42
BigRedSMattJ: haha14:43
BigRedSIt's a better term than my 'two-thirds of an ellipsis'14:43
mungojerryalso known as parent directory14:43
MattJmungojerry: broken SMTP servers == yay :)14:44
mungojerryi can't remember the cause now...maybe the mail disclaimer fudge in postfix14:44
* mungojerry has a problem where he binges on irc for 2 days and then decides to stop for a month14:52
screen-xheh, I have that problem, without the stopping for a month14:52
=== lubotu3` is now known as lubotu3
andylockranhey guys15:14
andylockranthat's my current method of connection to MySQL with python.. but it's borked15:15
andylockrananyone point out how. (obvious prolly)15:15
* brobostigon returns15:17
BigRedSoop. wrong window :)15:21
mungojerryandylockran, can you connect on localhost using mysql -u root -h -u root -p test15:22
andylockrandb = MySQLdb.connect(host='', user='root', passwd='test', db='theclubshop')15:23
andylockranthat works15:23
andylockranbut what I want to do is generate the settings outside the connect string.. so create a connectstirmgh15:23
BigRedSandylockran: if you just print out the connectstr, is it formed as expected?15:24
mungojerryi only use php for that kind of stuffs15:25
andylockran_mysql_exceptions.OperationalError: (2005, "Unknown MySQL server host 'host=, user=root, passwd=axiom123, db=theclubshop_wolves' (1)")15:26
mungojerrytried localhost instead of iP?15:26
mungojerryandylockran, i see a difference between your connstr and the test string15:30
andylockransorted ta15:31
andylockranI had to pass 4 values to connect()15:31
mungojerrywas it the ' '15:31
andylockranpassing connstr meant that it was only getting 115:31
andylockraninstead did host=host,user=dbuser,pass=dbpass,db=database15:32
andylockranwhich looks silly, but works.15:32
BigRedSruddy input checking15:32
brobostigonif i install the arduino IDE via the debian package,where is it picking up its liberies from?15:34
penguin42which libraries?15:35
brobostigonie, where do i put new liberies, which i want sketches to be able to use.15:35
brobostigonpenguin42: i have found a lib i need to add to a sketch, to change the pwm output freq, but i cant work out where to stick it.15:37
penguin42brobostigon: I don't know arduino stuff, o I don't know it's lib stuff15:38
* brobostigon ask's over in #arduino15:46
dwatkinsI have a hello world to make with my Arduino... maybe I'll make the LED flash with Morse code...15:48
davmor2dwatkins: you could make a finger pulser that sends the info direct to the brain through nerve induction?15:52
dwatkinsdavmor2: that sounds scary15:54
dwatkinsI was thinking more I'll start by having the LED flash with "HELLO WORLD" in Morse as my first sketch, and work my way up from there.15:55
davmor2dwatkins: I was Joking :D15:55
dwatkinsdavmor2: ah good ;)15:55
directhexi don't know what i'd *do* with something like an arduino16:04
Azelphurwhat can I use to check that my microSD card is faulty? I have it plugged in with a usb card reader atm16:12
gordAzelphur, badblocks16:13
Azelphurwill that wipe it?16:14
AzelphurMy android phone keeps saying things like "Damaged SD card" "SD card damaged. You may have to reformat it." and "Removed SD card" "SD card removed, Insert a new one", dmesg from the phone says http://pastebin.com/xq1TwLK216:15
Azelphurso I'm pretty sure it's dead anyway lol16:15
daubersdirecthex: I've got a half built arduino thing that will make a siren noise when a file is delete from a given folder on my NAS at home16:16
Azelphurgord: ^16:16
penguin42doesn't look a happy card does it16:16
Azelphurindeed it doesn't :(16:17
Azelphurit's only 11 months old too, although I did sorta abuse it and use it for...swap16:17
* Azelphur takes cover for the impending slap coming his way :p16:17
directhexdaubers, you've build a pron protection bot! :o16:17
daubersdirecthex: Yup \o/16:18
Azelphurpenguin42: I got a dd: reading `/dev/sde': Input/output error while taking a dd image of the entire thing too, and that was via a microsd card reader rather than the phone16:19
mungojerrycan you use an arduino for sensing when people are in a large house via their mobile devices? it could show an LED on or off depending on who's smartphone/laptop is pingable or not16:19
Azelphurso I suppose I have enough evidence to go for a replacement anyway16:20
popeyAzelphur: sounds broken HTH HAND16:20
AzelphurHTH HAND?16:20
popeyHope That Helps16:20
popeyHave A Nice Day16:20
penguin42do sd's having anything like smart?16:21
Azelphurhaha :D16:21
popeytbh I doubt the swap killed it16:21
directhexdaubers, i think i'd get a netduino, for easier programmings16:21
popeyprobably just a cheap / crap sdhc16:21
* popey is looking forward to going home time16:22
* popey has a 1TB drive for his laptop \o/16:22
* mungojerry is staying late toinght16:22
daubersdirecthex: I've considered getting one of those to play with16:22
mungojerrypopey, how much $££16:22
maco2popey:  wowzers16:22
mungojerryi just bought a 500gb and nearly filled it already16:22
popey74 quid16:23
popeyjust bumped ram up to 8GB so it's "fully loaded" now :)16:23
mungojerryyou still go back to ebuyer?16:23
maco2and its a 2.5" drive?16:23
maco2or do you mean an external enclosure thing?16:23
Azelphurpopey: cheap crap? :O I paid £60 for it lol16:23
daubersdirecthex: Also considered the other one... an mbed16:23
Azelphurit's a 16GB Class 6, came recommended by #android when I bought it16:23
mungojerryi've come to the conclusion that all ebuyer stock is shonky16:23
penguin42Azelphur: youch - what brand?16:23
gordi won't buy drives less than 1tb these days, i'll only go and use up anything thats smaller16:24
Azelphurpenguin42: Transcend, http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B001PLIG5Y/ref=wms_ohs_product_16:24
popeymaco2: internal disk16:24
Azelphurwhen I bought it last year it was £59.7316:24
penguin42popey: I've got 8GB in this - very nice; very rarely get it to swap; only way I've really managed it is playing with fractal 3d models16:25
dauberspopey: What brand 1TB ooi?16:25
gordi really love grabbing a maximised window from the panel on my left monitor and dragging it in to the panel on my right :) such a nice natural feeling16:25
daubersOh, missed the ebuyer link16:26
Azelphurgord: indeed, are you using compiz?16:26
gordAzelphur, unity16:26
Azelphurah :)16:26
daubersthe WD 1TB 2.5" drives are the ones we use in our portable raids16:26
Azelphurcompiz can do that, it's just buggy16:26
mungojerryazelphur: http://uk.camelcamelcamel.com/Transcend-microSDHC-Memory-adapter-TS16GUSDHC6/product/B001PLIG5Y16:26
gordright no, thats not what i mean, i mean the window title bar thing, it goes inside the panel, so its sort of like the panel is the title bar16:26
popeydaubers: see link16:26
dauberspopey: I saw :)16:26
gordso you grab the "panel" pull it down, gets unmaximised, drag it in to the panel on the right hand screen and it gets maximised there16:27
daubers16:26 < daubers> Oh, missed the ebuyer link16:27
popeyso you did16:27
daubersstupd keyboard16:27
Azelphurmungojerry: I already got a class 10 16GB to replace it for £30 :)16:27
Azelphurif I can get the warranty, I'll give my class 6 to my brother16:27
Azelphurso I'm back to fastest/largest again now16:28
Azelphurhttp://pastebin.com/fr92wVNB gonna send this to the seller, sound good?16:39
Azelphurlol oops, wrong url :P16:39
Azelphurhttp://pastebin.com/HDrqE1UE there we go16:39
diploWill the retailer understand linux commands ?16:40
diploMight be worth explaining ?16:41
Azelphurno idea, but reading the output from dmesg is fairly straight forward16:41
AzelphurAnyone with a reasonable amount of sense can understand 300 lines of "I/O error" spam16:41
maco2only if they know what I/O means16:42
Azelphureven if they don't there's still the "Damaged SD card" errors from android that should make sense :P16:43
Azelphurthere's a simple and advanced explanation, they can take their pick xD16:43
Myrttiboo boo headache go away boo boo headache go away16:46
* dwatkins heads off wishing Myrtti well on the way16:55
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PendulumMyrtti: *hugs* I'll 2nd that17:05
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ubuntuuk-planet[Tony] Im not a Mac fan. But& - http://tonywhitmore.co.uk/blog/2011/02/16/im-not-a-mac-fan-but/18:03
directhextony considering a mac, yet *i'm* the one who hates freedom? tsk18:05
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gordspent the past half hour writing an addon for xbmc, it now works but i can say with full confidence that i never want to write an xbmc addon ever again18:28
directhexgord, joyous C?18:39
BigRedSI'm sure there's a way to ask Apt why it particularly wants to install a package, but I can't remember what it is18:43
BigRedSanyone know?18:43
BigRedSsort-of apt-cache policy, but only displaying installed packages18:43
dutchieaptitude why?18:44
BigRedSyes, cheers dutchie !18:45
gorddirecthex, no its in python, but its a really old version compiled in (2.4) so i had to port the json porter from 2.6 to 2.4, and then instead of having an actual plugin system it basically just executes your python file sending information as arguments...18:47
gordand then debugging is a matter of tailing a log file because nothing gets printed to stdout18:48
directhexsounds Enterprise(tm)18:48
MartijnVdSdirecthex: ctrl+shift+u 2122<space> -> ™18:56
dutchieor <compose> t m18:58
MartijnVdSdutchie: you have a compose key?18:58
dutchiei have it mapped to left alt+shift18:58
jpdsMartijnVdS: → please.19:00
MartijnVdSjpds: ♥19:00
dutchielo daubers19:02
MartijnVdSUbuntu? On a phone?19:50
MartijnVdStalk about useless ;)19:50
* BigRedS nearly had Debian on his G119:52
* jacobw wonders whether he can have Debian on his shiny new Nexus One19:53
UbuntuBhoyyeah, I had it on the Hero19:53
jacobwit wouldn't work without a physical keyboard would it?19:53
UbuntuBhoyyeah it does19:53
* jacobw disappears in puff of smoke19:56
AzelphurI was trying to get Ubuntu on my DZ19:57
Azelphurbut my MicroSD failed :(19:57
UbuntuBhoyno luck19:57
Azelphurgot a new MicroSD card arriving tomorrow in theory ready for round 2 :)19:57
UbuntuBhoyhow much you pay, and what size19:59
Azelphur£30 16GB Class 1019:59
UbuntuBhoythere was a shop on ebay doing a 16G class 10 for £19.9919:59
Azelphuryea but that's unbranded crap20:00
penguin42Azelphur: As opposed to your branded one that just fell to bits?20:00
Azelphurpenguin42: haha, it's got warranty20:00
Azelphurand I managed to dd it, so I should be ok20:00
daubersc++ makes my brain go mushy :(20:16
* penguin42 is kind of OK until hairy templating comes out20:17
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daubersI also have to control my rage for wanting to murder people who use do..while. Does my head in with the logic at the end of the statement20:21
penguin42daubers: shrug, that's perfectly normal20:27
AzelphurDaviey: haha, I felt the need to retweet your hate of skype :p20:34
dauberspenguin42: Makes code look like it was written by Yoda20:34
Azelphurgot my mum an android phone so she could use skype, Skype for android is broken on certain phones (Aka the one I got for her) \o/20:35
Azelphurtelling her to use SIP instead though, so not all is ba20:35
penguin42daubers: do { } while loops can make perfect sense for a lot of stuff20:35
dauberspenguin42: But when I'm trying to read and understand I have to scroll down the code all the way to the end of the loop to find out the conditions20:36
penguin42daubers: Yeh but it makes sense if the condition only gets evaluated after the filling of the loop20:36
penguin42daubers: There's no point in checking to see if you've got there before you've set off20:37
penguin42daubers: And anyway, it's easy enough as long as your editor can go to matching }20:37
daubersnot convinced is /me20:37
penguin42daubers: concentrate hard and the power of the source will reveal itself20:38
daubersstruggling to cope with compiled languages again as it is20:39
ali1234Azelphur: n900 is the best phone for skype20:43
AzelphurI'm finally free of the evils of skype, I got my last couple contacts on it a couple days before the android problems started20:44
Azelphurso I was like /point /laugh20:44
ali1234well it is probably the best phone for sip too but i don't know a single person who uses it20:46
Neotihi all...20:48
Neotiim pissed off wit the Centos room now ...20:48
Neotii asked a simple Q and i just got stupid comments back ...20:48
Neotithis is so why open source and linux gets a bad rep!!!20:48
popeyevening all20:49
penguin42so ask in the RHEL room instead :-)20:49
* AlanBell tries to think of a silly comment and fails20:49
ali1234penguin42: AHHAHAHAHAHA20:49
AlanBellevening popey20:49
* popey notes Ubuntu needs a restore option like time machine20:49
Neotii simply asked :Thanks... "zip -r zipfile /folder/*" worked... now i need to use the date as the file name ? anyideas ?20:49
Neoti<Bahhumbug> Neoti: ##Linux for linux-101 questions, please.20:49
penguin42it is pretty much 10120:49
ali1234Neoti: backquotes20:49
Neotiand i get stupid comments and unhelpful advice like this20:49
penguin42Neoti: zip -r myzipfile`date`20:50
penguin42but that's a bit raw20:50
popeyi just put a brand new disk in the mac, booted off the dvd and it let me restore from my most recent (or any) backup20:50
Neotisee this is why i prefer this room.... !!! Thanks guys20:50
penguin42popey: If you remember the phrase 'it should just work' it wouldn't be a bad one to code by20:51
popeywe dont even have a tool that doesnt work :)20:51
Neotipenguin42 : that command just gives filename2Wed.zip20:53
ali1234because date by default outputs a date with spaces in it20:53
Neotii would like if possible Day month year etc20:53
ali1234you want dates like 2010021620:55
ali1234because then they sort properly20:55
penguin42oh I forgot zip is shit with names20:55
penguin42it would work for tar or any sane command20:55
popeyzip -r myfile`date +%Y%m%d`20:56
popeygives 2011021620:56
ali1234heh, i forgot it is 201120:56
* penguin42 reminds ali1234 which year it is20:56
Neotithank popey i will give it a try ...20:58
DJonesNeoti: I think if I'd gotten an answer like that from a channel, I'd have just said ok, if you don't know the answer don't worry about it :)20:59
Neotiyep thats why i wanted ...20:59
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ali1234DJones: sarcastic politeness always a winner :)21:00
Neotiyes i did not know the answer, but, the person should not have come out with go reed linux 101,,, should have at least helped like popey just did, which i am greatful for Thanks popey...21:00
popeyto be fair he just directed you to a channel where you may have got the right answer21:00
ali1234##linux isn't exactly friendly either21:01
ali1234well, not last time i was there21:01
ali1234it's pretty much full of people who built their own distro (hence why theyare not in a distro specific channel)21:01
DJonesI'd agree with ali1234 there, the only times I've gone in #linux, it was something of a trollpit21:01
DJonesmaybe trollpit is a bit harsh, but they weren't happy with basic questions, they pretty much wanted people to be experts before joining21:02
Neotiits like saying they expect you to be born with the knowledge!!!!21:03
ali1234not really21:03
Neotiwhat happend to learning !!!21:03
popeya fine question21:03
BigRedSEspecially with the missing e and extraneous !s :)21:04
BigRedSgotta say, though, I'd never thought to look for a #linux channel21:04
ali1234doesn't ubuntu have a specific bash tutorial somewhere?21:05
BigRedSthere's an intro to using the shell on the wiki21:06
ali1234yeah that's very basic though, doesn't cover this sort of stuff21:06
BigRedSI missed the question :)21:06
BigRedStldp does have a bunch on bash, but I think it starts a fair bit less basic than the ubuntu one finishes21:07
ali1234BigRedS: the answer was "use backquote", neither of the guides on ubuntu wiki cover that21:07
BigRedSAhh, IBM used to have a series on that sort of thing, neat little bashisms21:07
ali1234the funny thing about ##linux is even though it's full of "experts", whenever i go there, they don't know the answer to my questions :)21:08
TheOpenSourcererIs there anything on telly? I'm brain dead now - OpenERP and Enterprise Processes & Workflows... Hmmm.21:09
TheOpenSourcererAhh, Masterchef.21:10
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PaulGitDoes anybody know how to change the Ubuntu remote desktop name that is broadcast, i.e. the name 'fred's remote desktop on conputer-name'?22:27
bigcalmPaulGit: edit /etc/hostname22:28
Azelphursudo hostname newname22:28
PaulGitAzelphur: that contains the hostname i.e. computer-name in my example, I want to change the rest of the message that seems to be broadcast22:29
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Ubuntu Global Jam: First Update - http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/02/16/ubuntu-global-jam-first-update/23:04
brobostigon-g1Evening everyone23:35
Azelphurbrobostigon-g1: what client you using? :D23:40
Azelphurbrobostigon-g1: try out yaaic it's open source :D23:40
brobostigon-g1Azelphur: I will try that. Thank you.23:41
Azelphurthe developer is nice too, talked to him a couple times on IRC and sent him a 10 euro donation :P23:41
brobostigon-g1That's good23:41
* brobostigon-g1 gets everyone a welsh whisky23:43
brobostigon-g1Azelphur: what is the gui like?23:47
Azelphurbrobostigon-g1: quite nice23:47
brobostigon-g1Damn, it just spontaniously disconnected. :(23:49
JamesTaitbrobostigon-g1: netsplit I think.23:52
JamesTaitOr not.23:52
JamesTaitI should check the timestamps on my backlog.23:52
brobostigon-g1JamesTait: it might have been my client here, I am not sure.23:52
popey23:48:27 -!- brobostigon-g1 [~pmt@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]23:53
brobostigon-g1Andchat fail.23:56
brobostigon-g1I will try what Azelphur suggests.23:56

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