TommyTanybody awake?03:31
TommyTany familiarity with tweaking Radeon cards?03:53
TommyTI was given a laptop and the stock open Radeon in Ubuntu doesn't sleep right. fglrx doesn't work with it.03:54
TommyTthere's a program called radeontool that's supposed to let you tweak bits but it apparently does nothing.03:58
kwadroke_might be using the opensource driver03:58
TommyTyeah, it's the open source driver, but I gather from my searches it hasn't gotten a lot of attention, at least for the Radeon 110003:59
TommyTor whatever the chipset is actually known as03:59
kwadroke_might be able to do something with xset, I think03:59
zillahhi all03:59
TommyThowdy, zillah!04:00
zillahhows it going?04:00
kwadroke_hello zillah04:00
zillahhi kwadroke04:00
TommyTI used radeontool to read some registers in the video card, put the thing to sleep, woke it to garbled screen, and via a ssh tried to write the registers using radeontool and ... nothing. the registers didn't update.04:01
TommyTI haven't played with xset but I think it's not low-level enough, unless it can tweak registers.04:01
az7what isup04:02
zillahhey az704:02
kwadroke_not sure. I had some issues with my Ubuntu shutting off the monitor, and xset is supposed to fix it04:02
D0ubleBHi az704:02
TommyTyeah, reading the man page, xset lets you mess with X defaults and stuff, like the font path and the Energy Star settings.04:04
TommyTI think to diagnose my Radeon problem I am going to have to get hardcore enough to compile it... or at least load the -dev packages.04:05
kwadroke_I personally don't like putting computers to sleep04:08
kwadroke_I'd just shut them down04:08
TommyTyeah, but it's a laptop, and it's easy to forget and close the lid04:08
kwadroke_I usually disable that04:08
TommyTI guess I will have to.04:09
TommyTI don't know if this particular one overheats when the lid is closed, but that would be my big concern04:09
kwadroke_I like the computer to still run when I close the lid as I'm usually just moving it and will use again04:09
kwadroke_I don't give it time to over hear04:09
TommyTYeah, I'm probably over-thinking this. I always try to fix them up well enough I can pass them on to the next person with a minimum of explanation.04:10
TommyTThis one came with Windows Vista Home Premium on it <gag>04:10
TommyTamazingly painful, that OS is04:11
Ahmuckhello, hello04:11
D0ubleBAhmuck, hello04:12
zillahhey Ahmuck04:12
TommyTanybody else been following the HBGary breakin in Ars Technica? Most educationial.04:13
TommyTthis is the latest, describing exactly how they were broken into04:13
zillahi've been reading some of it04:13
zillahi thought the just emailed an admin and askin him to change the pass to changeme12304:14
D0ubleBme too I follow @ioerror on twitter he talks about all the time04:15
TommyTit sounds like they unleashed all their techniques for maximum embarrassment of the target.04:15
D0ubleBgood i say04:16
D0ubleBshould'nt have went after anon04:17
TommyTactually the publicity is bad for HBGary but I'm glad it's being described in detail because it will help more folks know best security practices04:18
TommyTI have to go... goodnight, all!04:25
D0ubleBany one ready for natty?04:27
az7heard there wasn't going to be a release candidate?04:28
D0ubleBno i haven't04:29
zillah_im not sure i think he was going to reinstall the other day04:31
zillah_i think he may be waiting on me to give him a disc to re-install04:31
zillah_he's on satellite internet04:31
=== zillah_ is now known as zillah
zillahoh wrong window04:31
Ahmuckit means if you don't know security, find someone that does04:37

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