MarkDudeiheartubuntu, we are ALL on the same side here.00:00
MarkDudeMany groups regularly meet, yet dont stay active online, so it looks like they are dormant00:01
akkUsually LUG mailing lists have public archives, though, so you can see if the list is active.00:01
MarkDudeWell DVLUG may have lulls in its ML, not usually for meetings tho00:04
nhainesGareth: /msg pleia2 pingy00:49
nhainesThat's fail.  :)  Anyway, pleia2: ping.  Except in PM.  ;)00:49
nhainesWhew, sent out acceptance emails to all the Ubucon speakers.01:18
jdeslipThanks nhaines: I'll get you my pic/bio/summary in the next day or so01:50
nhainesjdeslip: thanks!02:07
MarkDudeMeeting in #gidgetkitchen right now - if anybody cares- all are welcome03:01
MarkDudeAgenda >>http://pastebin.com/4VNM8H8F03:01
outofjungleMarkDude: i'm okay with any location03:22
iheartubuntudrank faaar too much last night... two double bocks practically crashed me. i must be a lightweight now :\03:23
pleia2MarkDude: help, how do I make posterous connect to this california facebook thingy?04:14
MarkDudepleia2, you need an admin to give access to an admins FB page04:15
MarkDudethen in turn you add04:15
MarkDudethere is a process to activate posterous for each page you are an admin of04:16
pleia2ok, which admin wants to pimp out their facebook for the cause?04:16
pleia2look at all those volunteers04:18
pleia2alright, I think it's added04:26
erichammondpleia2: I don't understand the question.04:28
pleia2erichammond: I'm setting up posterous to automatically update all our social media feeds, I was asking facebook admins in channel04:29
erichammondah, ok.04:29
pleia2MarkDude: poke04:33
pleia2success \o/04:41
pleia2I get a social media gold star04:41
iheartubuntuwhos a facebook admin? what r there resonsibilities?04:41
pleia2the admins are listed at http://www.facebook.com/ubuntu.california04:41
* iheartubuntu awards pleia2 with a gold star04:41
pleia2none really now that I set up posterous to autopost04:41
MarkDudeFor contributor accts- just make sure your FB is not set up to post to, no amins are really needed04:43
pleia2ok, so we now have ubuntu-us-ca.posterous.com04:44
pleia2people with access to the gmail account can post to it04:44
MarkDudeWorks nice for posting pics, as long as they are relatively small04:45
MarkDudeYou can also have a landing page there, the metrics on it are very cool04:45
pleia2I think we just want to keep it super basic04:46
pleia2we have a wiki and a flickr account and 40 other things for posting other stuff04:46
* MarkDude was amazed at how many folks stumble across it using google04:46
MarkDudeSo the posterous just feeds to official page :004:46
pleia2it's set up to go to identica, twitter and facebook04:47
pleia2facebook was really the tricky one04:47
* iheartubuntu yawns07:36
iheartubuntuif anyone likes going out to eat, try restaurants.com as you can get a $25 gift cert for only $10. On top of that use coupon code "menu" and get that $25 for only $4. yes four bucks. do i get a gold star? :)08:14
MarkDudeYes, you get some brownie points iheartubuntu08:25
iheartubuntuohhhh yeah08:34
iheartubuntuthe regular brownies, right?08:34
MarkDudeUnless your Doctor has told you to do sumthin' else08:55
iheartubuntuPeter Tosh?09:04
iheartubuntuhe's known as the Bush Doctor09:04
iheartubuntu"earth changes and pole shifts" coming up on Coast to Coast AM09:40
iheartubuntuIts 3am11:01
iheartubuntu"Three o'clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do." - Jean-Paul Sartre11:02
iheartubuntui hope youre all not waiting for a 4am quote now.11:03
iheartubuntuok, ive got a good 4am quote, but youre all going to have to hang tight until 4am arrives.11:18
iheartubuntu(if this is what it takes to keep me awake, im doing it! no guarantees i will be awake at 5am though)11:20
iheartubuntuIts 4am!12:02
iheartubuntuGood Morning wherever you may be.12:02
iheartubuntuHere is your 4am quote...12:02
iheartubuntu"It’s the friends that you can call at 4AM that really matter." - Marlene Dietrich12:02
iheartubuntutheres got to be a 5am quote around here someplace Bᴑ)13:06
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jdeslipThe brochure that I made with the team's help made it to spreadubuntu frontpage as a top rated material :)16:37
MarkDuderight on jdeslip16:53
seidosanyone else watching this:  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/at-home-with-jono-bacon19:49
seidosi asked him about how to get politicians/government behind FOSS and he said to work with my LoCo19:50
seidosnhaines: saw it on twitter19:50
nhainesseidos: I joined in the first few, when I could at my old job.  But here I just don't have the time unfortunately.  Not today anyway.19:50
nhainesIt's a good show.19:51
seidosi don't hate it :)19:53
seidosperhaps i should write a snail mail letter to the president.19:56
seidosi usually send them through the white house's website19:56
seidosjono: what do you think, should i write a snailmail letter to the president?  or do you think there is a more efficient way to inform public servants?19:57
* seidos can't play guitar19:58
seidostried renting an m-audio external sound card and mic to record vocals, but they didn't rent them at the local music shop19:58
nhainesseidos: did anyone ask Jono about Canonical, Banshee, and the Amazon MP3 Music Store plugin?20:08
akkThe networkworld article doesn't say whether,  if you enable the non-default amazon, Canonical still gets 75%, or whether that was only if it was the default.20:13
nhainesakk: that was only if it was the default.20:13
nhainessource: http://gburt.blogspot.com/2011/02/banshee-supporting-gnome-on-ubuntu.html20:14
akkWeird! So by not negotiating, Canonical will get no Amazon revenues at all from people who switch, and Gnome gets it all.20:15
seidosnhaines: i do recall jono saying something about banshee20:15
seidosso, yeah, i don't know :)20:16
pleia2seidos: california has an Open Source Software Policy, it's available here: http://www.cio.ca.gov/Government/IT_Policy/ITPL.html20:18
pleia2partimus.org is involved with getting ubuntu into public schools, and there are a few programs around that are similar20:19
seidospleia2: i think i've seen it before.  i probably didn't see enough verbs.20:19
seidosgovernment often moves too slow for my tastes :|20:19
pleia2yeah, honestly it's really hard to break into government from the grass roots20:19
seidosi'm not even sure where to start pleia220:21
pleia2governments take professional bids, usually only big companies have the resources to put them together20:21
seidosmaybe one of us should run for public office20:21
seidosjono for governor20:21
seidosyucka is like potato20:22
seidosdare i say, it is not as starchy though20:22
seidospleia2: i guess i was thinking in terms of maintenance.  what do the IT employees of the government do if work is contracted out to the private sector?  i would think maintenance20:23
seidosi remember a speaker at the last ubucon that was a government employee...perhaps nhaines knows him20:24
nhainesseidos: Kai Ponte works for the County of Los Angeles Registrar-Recorder.20:24
seidosnhaines: iirc he was alone in his advocacy20:25
seidoscloth napkins greener than paper ones?20:25
nhainesseidos: unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of sitting in on the sessions themselves.  :(20:25
nhainesBut if I recall, he was mostly talking about working in mixed computing environments.20:26
seidosnhaines: was anyone else besides himself using foss at the county registrar-recorder?20:26
akkseidos: Maybe our secretary of state, Debra Bowen, who is VERY clueful about open source and software issues.20:27
nhainesseidos: I don't know.20:27
seidosnhaines: i'm pretty sure the answer was "no."20:27
akk(and unfortunately is thinking about leaving for a different position)20:27
akkThough she wouldn't be a "him".20:27
seidosakk: androgenous pronoun20:28
seidosa sound.20:28
seidosem?  ah?  om?20:28
seidosi'll use whatever we agree on :|20:28
* akk uses "they" -- it turns out to have a longer history in English for indeterminate gender singular than "he"20:29
seidosnever heard of Debra Bowen, nor did i know she was knowledgable about open source issues20:29
akkShe's the one who got closed-source untestable voting machines banned in California.20:29
akkAnd she's spoken at quite a few FOSS conventions.20:29
seidosakk: are you on twitter?20:30
akkYes, she tweets too -- I follow her.20:30
seidosi'll search for her20:30
akkThat's how I know she may be leaving -- christian and she were having a twitter conversation a few nights ago.20:30
seidoscool thanks akk20:32
seidosoooo a gardener20:33
seidosi don't know any of these people:  http://vote.sos.ca.gov/returns/special/state-senate/district/28/20:34
akkShe's thinking about running for Congress and has a web page asking if she should do it. http://t.co/L7q745k20:40
iheartubuntu1whats her bio?20:41
akkI'm sure she has one on her website.20:41
seidosi am having a discussion on the constitutionality of healthcare and the war on drugs20:45
seidos10th amendment20:46
DarkwingDucknhaines: I'll get you that email today.20:47
iheartubuntu1im against20:58
seidosiheartubuntu1: i believe the government can be a force for good21:00
seidosi just haven't hammered out the details yet21:00
iheartubuntu1im against government instructing me to buy private anything. what if there was a law forcing me to buy windows XP? i want ubuntu, not xp.21:03
seidosare you against taxes?21:06
seidosare you okay with goverment instructing you to buy something if it's public?21:07
seidosiheartubuntu1: ^21:07
seidosi'm not against taxes per se, as long as they are spent well, and not excessive21:07
seidosi thought this was an interesting article:  http://underlore.com/TBA/?p=158121:08
seidos"why opensource can't compete"21:08
seidostldr:  support isn't friendly enough21:09
iheartubuntu1im not for the government forcing me to buy anything actually. private being the worst case, which is what they are trying to do. id love to opt out of social security. i never wanted it and i have no way out of it. i can do a far better job.21:09
pleia2I make my living supporting open source software, but I guess I'm part of that 1% :)21:11
seidosiheartubuntu1: then you are against taxes completely?  what about military equipment?  are you cool paying for that?21:11
seidosthe vast majority of monies is spent on "offense"21:11
seidospleia2: i think it's safe to say, from a purely business perspective, that closed source software is winning21:13
pleia2(and ubuntu is notorious for having higher quality user support, there are still unfriendly helpers but as a whole it's better than most)21:13
iheartubuntu1actually defense is only like 3% of the budget i read. im for jeffersons " friends to all, allies to none" philosophy. 3000 military bases in 170 countries... no wonder why people dislike us. we could pay for everything and then some if that money came home and we secured our own country and took care of our own people21:13
pleia2seidos: it depends on where you're looking, on the desktop? on the server? apache still has market share21:13
seidosiheartubuntu1: where did you read that?21:13
iheartubuntu1heck, we gave 5 billion to egypt last year. king saudi said if we dont fund egypt he will. do we really need to pay them if someone else would?21:13
seidospleia2: desktop21:13
pleia2ah yes, it still wins on the desktop21:13
seidos700 billion in 2010 is 3% of the budget?21:14
iheartubuntu1whats the budget?21:14
iheartubuntu1i dont have the #'s in front of me but i will find them later. just worked through the night and freakin tired21:14
seidosit isn't 700 billion / .0321:15
seidosunless there is a lot of money unaccounted for :|21:16
seidosand hope that isn't the case21:16
seidosNASA gets 15e9, DoD gets 700e921:17
seidoshmmm is NASA constitutional?  fascinating question21:17
iheartubuntu1good question.21:22
iheartubuntu1i do like infrastructure like roads and space exploration funded by gov.21:23
iheartubuntu1but again its a good question, especially with laws opening up allowing for private space companies to work now21:23
akkThe problem with opting out of social security (or any gov't service) and saying "I can do it better myself" is what happens if it turns out you can't do it better.21:23
iheartubuntu1seeing how fast and efficient private sapce can be21:23
akkLike that house in [I forget which state] that burned down because they didn't pay the optional fee for fire protection.21:23
iheartubuntu1beezos is on the cutting edge of the new speace industry. branson too. very exciting21:23
akkAnd all the people who lost most of their savings in the stock market crash.21:24
pleia2the idea of it is social good across the board, not strictly personal security21:24
iheartubuntu1i can do a better job then by running everything into the gorund like the gov is doing. im for an opt out as i know i can do better.21:24
iheartubuntu1or by taking funds from one thing and applying it to another thing21:25
akk(granted, a lot of those were because the gov't makes it hard to just have a retirement savings account, and encourages a 401k through your company where you don't have that much choice how the money is invested.)21:25
pleia2better to pay a set amount now than let our country descesnd into chaos during economic failure (that's the idea anyway)21:25
pleia2it's unfortunate that people depend on social security for retirement though, I certainly don't21:25
iheartubuntu1we are pretty close to failure. the euro is teetering on the edge with several countries on the verge of bankruptcy21:25
akkAnd yes, social good across the board, but that argument doesn't work for libertarians who say that should be a choice.21:26
pleia2akk: *nod*21:26
seidosi'm not sure that it's fair to say that government is running *everything into the ground*, especially considering government is made up of people21:26
iheartubuntu1i read 8 out of 10 americans main source of income when they retire is SS21:26
pleia2seidos: it's made up of us!21:26
seidosone could say corporations are running things into the ground as well, so what's left?21:26
seidospleia2: +121:26
iheartubuntu1there are 10,000 people a day turning 65 in america now21:26
iheartubuntu1corps are doing that, then getting taxpayer bailouts21:27
akkYou can say that gov't should butt out, and if you make bad choices for yourself, then die, it's your fault ... but not many people are hardcore enough to really believe that when they're the ones who made the wrong choice.21:27
akkIt's easy to say other people are at fault and should die.21:27
iheartubuntu1look at GM. they failed. gov propped them up with my money and its like a total do over. they even have stocks again21:27
seidosiheartubuntu1: i think we can agree everything sucks.  but what does it get replaced with ;)21:27
iheartubuntu1how many "do-overs" can we do?21:27
iheartubuntu1THATS the question seidos :)21:28
seidosprobably as many as it takes.  there is a blog i read that advocates resetting the debt in this country.21:28
seidosheh, that would piss a lot of people off in foreign countries.21:28
iheartubuntu1you rralize you will pay for that reset, dfont you?21:28
seidosentangling economics21:28
pleia2yeah, as a kid I lived through some pretty bad times growing up during the 80s recession that weren't the fault of my hard-working parents so I think my perspective is a bit different than some (even though I'm wealthy now)21:28
pleia2my father had a great job when he had his first 2 kids, then he got sick21:29
* iheartubuntu1 remembers the no christmas tree christmases21:29
akkI do agree with iheartubuntu1 about being forced to buy a private product that has no price controls on it, though.21:29
pleia2and the economy tanked21:29
seidoser, i was probably raised relatively poor21:29
seidos3 families in one home21:29
pleia2we rented and had a boarder from time to time21:30
seidosi don't recall there ever being talk of a "recession", i don't think it was in the vocabularly of my ESL mother, aunts, and uncle21:30
pleia2yeah, it's all retrospective for me21:30
pleia2I certainly didn't understand our situation when I was 5 :)21:30
pleia2looking back it's quite clear21:30
seidosmy uncle and aunt owned the property, iirc21:31
seidosup until this house, which my mother and aunt own21:31
seidosi am not sure what is defined as "wealthy".  i mean, Warren Buffet is wealthy.  so is Shuttleworth.21:31
seidosi could say i am 'wealthy' because i have a roof over my head and food to eat21:31
* seidos shrugs21:32
iheartubuntu1i dont think we'll solve the countries problems :) we CAN solve the world computing problems and offer a great alternative solution tho :)21:32
pleia2it is pretty subjective :)21:32
seidosthis diary is terribly embarrassing21:32
seidosit's nc-17, even though i wrote it when i was 1321:33
iheartubuntu1i used to hike 5 miles each way in the beating snow to buy hairy leaves to place on mother breasts when her breasts hurt from nursing. the leaves would cure her problems. i used to run down to the basement to shovel coal for heating on the 6th floor too.21:34
iheartubuntu1actually thats my dads diary, not mine :) i just compute mostly thanks to his hard work :p21:34
seidosmy dad delivered pizzas21:36
seidosmy uncle built houses.  i worked with him for awhile, but i was never fast enough.  i go slow with power tools.  but time is money.  sadly, he fell off a ladder, and died of complications of said injury.21:37
pleia2yikes, that's sad :(21:37
seidosmy dad wasn't around when i was growing up.  he did work in guatemala on "death squads".  he saw a guy that he knew get tortured and killed.21:38
seidosi left SF because of ethical reasons.  ethics tend to get thrown out the window at the threat of a gun of starvation...thankfully i have options21:39
iheartubuntu1thats terrible. my dad grew up in WW2 dodging nazis and commies. they both raped and tortured women. no side was good.21:39
seidosthe nazis and commies?21:39
seidosor the nazis, commies, and americans?21:39
iheartubuntu1poland. nazies came in and took over, then soviets came in and took over.21:40
iheartubuntu1americans did good until poland got divided up in yalta21:40
iheartubuntu1dad was in underground army at 9 yo transferring notes across lines21:41
iheartubuntu1shot twice on diff occassions21:41
seidosi sometimes wonder if things would have turned out better if the US hadn't gotten involved in WWII21:45
seidoswb jono21:45
jonohey seidos21:46
seidoswhat's going on?21:47
jonoseidos, working and working :-)21:48
seidosjono: i'm just playing and playing ;)21:49
seidoswhy work and play can't be one and the same is beyond my comprehension21:49
seidosspeaking of work and play, i should do some yoga21:52
iheartubuntu1can anyone recommend a quality recording mic? im on the verge of working on some ubuntu adverts21:55
seidoscan't recommend anything very specific here21:57
seidosi stopped chair pose to share this song: http://fictionalphilosophy.org/share/music/2003%20-%20Arcade%20Fire/02%20-%20I'm%20Sleeping%20in%20a%20Submarine.mp321:58
seidoser, not sure if you all got it21:58
seidosanyway, back to chair pose21:59
iheartubuntu1seidos.. do you have any ravi shankar?22:00
iheartubuntu1i have this old album produced by george harrison... i love it. "the radha krishna temple". the song "govinda jaya jaya" is awesome, so is the "hare krishna mantra".22:02
MarkDudeiheartubuntu, the one with the full cahnt?22:04
iheartubuntu1its awesome. yah22:05
iheartubuntu1it just builds up22:05
iheartubuntu1and then explodes in pure... nevermind.22:05
seidosiheartubuntu1: no, i don't.  do you?22:09
seidostime to run up and down the stairs.  2min is the misery mark22:10
seidosthis arcade fire song "my heart is an apple" is kind of a bummer22:11
* seidos drinks water22:16
seidoshow embarrassing, how does some of this stuff get onto the shared directory of my webserver22:20
* seidos fixes it22:20
iheartubuntu1be careful of the fluoride in your glass of water.22:22
* seidos needs to wash away his sins in the shower22:22
iheartubuntu1use a fluoride filter there too please. you'll inhale more fluoride from the mist than by drinking a glass22:23
iheartubuntu1not to use godwins fail again, but ... :)22:24
iheartubuntu1the nazis used fluoride to subdue their prisoners.22:24
iheartubuntu1it calms people. soviets used it too.22:24
iheartubuntu1america is one of the few remaining countries who havent banned fluoride.22:24
* akk wonders if I've somehow fallen into a Dr Strangelove remake22:28
MarkDudeakk, can I be the Slim role and ride the bomb to ground?22:30
MarkDudeYee haw :)22:30
akkMarkDude: You're hired -- you're perfect for the role.22:31
MarkDudeIf the rest of you have not seen the movie^^^ the scene I am referring to22:33
jdeslipAny plans for a global jam event that isn't on a workday... :/22:37
* jdeslip wishes I was like jono and could pass ubuntu global jams off as work ;)22:38
jonojdeslip, hehe22:38
jdeslipWas thinking of doing another one at Bobby G's22:39
jdeslipWould anyone come?22:40
MarkDudeDepends on the date and whether the idiot bar was lowered enough to let me in :D22:44
seidosjdeslip: what do you have to do to make it happen?  start a band?22:56
pleia2jdeslip: I would22:58
seidos*reads Jono's wiki* ah, be a former KDE developer as well22:59
jdeslipMarkDude: It would probably be Sunday23:06
jdeslipseidos: I think you have to do anything to make it23:07
jdeslipto make it happen...23:07
jdeslipShould probably think of some targeted activities.  Like set up some machines with latest unity and get people to report various bugs or something23:08
seidosjdeslip: you may need 17k+ karma points in launchpad as well23:14
iheartubuntu1how does launchpad work? i notice my points slowly going down23:15
pleia2karma degrades over time23:17
iheartubuntu1so im starting work on a clever ubuntu commercial. im looking for words to describe ubuntu. some of mine that pop to mind... fast, safe, community, reliable, etc. what words come to your mind? if i see any i like i may use them in the commercial.23:18
pleia2iheartubuntu1: are you on the ubuntu-adverts mailing list?23:18
* iheartubuntu1 is degrading?23:18
iheartubuntu1no, there is a mailinf list?23:18
pleia2request to join, once you join you can join the mailing list (not sure why they do it that way, but they seem to approve everyone who requests)23:19
pleia2http://ubuntuadverts.org/ is their site23:20
pleia2and they hang out in #ubuntu-adverts23:20
iheartubuntu1thanks pleia2 :)23:25
iheartubuntu1did you have a belgian on valentines day?23:26
pleia2nah, we went out to another local restaurant and bar, Absinthe (absinthe.com)23:27
pleia2they had a yummy v-day menu23:27
seidosfirst time i saw this:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecommendedHardware  kind of cool...i'll have to look it over anytime i recommend ubuntu to someone23:31
seidosdid someone say waffles?23:31
pleia2http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/ is also useful23:31
seidosi should put a link to it on the wiki23:40
erichammondany locally owned non-chain diner > ihop23:42
iheartubuntu1absinthe is a great place23:48
* iheartubuntu1 runs an absinthe site too23:48
iheartubuntu1absintheman dot com23:49
seidospeh, absinthe23:50
seidosintoxication is impermanence, and what does it accomplish?23:51
seidoscan't talk about the *real* drug that everyone loves the most23:51
iheartubuntu1its a transportation vehicle ;)23:51
iheartubuntu1french fries?23:51
seidosto where?23:51
iheartubuntu1no comment23:52
seidosdo you lust after french fries?23:52
seidosfrench fries are definitely up there ;)23:52
iheartubuntu1women more than french fries, but french fries are pretty dang good i must say23:52
seidossex is the number 6...23:52
iheartubuntu1lust in an explosive word23:52
seidosin...dutch i believe23:53
seidosdon't everybody thank me at once for that one23:53
seidosdoes anyone here like 6?23:54
iheartubuntu1the nazis worshipped six. you can see it in their artwork a lot23:54
iheartubuntu1(i had to markdude, sorry)23:54
seidosi guess we need a holy antichrist23:56
seidoshow highly improbable23:56
* seidos facepalms23:57
iheartubuntu1dont forget to use coupon code MENU over at restaurants.com. a $25 gift cert knocked down to $4... you can beat that!23:57
seidossure i can, i can eat at home and spend like $223:57
iheartubuntu1top ramen, yes23:59
iheartubuntu1local waffle house, no23:59
iheartubuntu1french fries?23:59

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