bcurtiswxmaco2, if I wanted to drive to TOI where should  I try parking?22:19
maco2bcurtiswx: there's a parking garage in the alley behind the restaurant, but i dont know if its open to the public.  if its not, then on one of the residential streets, like if you drive past TOI with it on your right, the next light you can turn right and there's houses that sometimes have open spots a block or two down22:20
bcurtiswxmaco2, thx22:42
lfaraonemaco2: congrats on getting on the dMB22:48
lfaraonehmmm, somebody asked me for a keysigning. (prolly because I'm a DD) would it be acceptable to ask him to meet me at a TOI evening?22:51
maco2presumably keysigning means hes a free software person22:59
lfaraonemaco2: we still have weekly meetings there at 6, right?22:59
maco2i havent gone in a long while23:05
maco2with my excuses being final exams, and being out of town, and moving into town, and ummm...23:05
maco2this weekend my excuse is linuxchix23:05

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