itnet7RoAkSoAx: Hey there02:49
RoAkSoAxitnet7: how's iut going man04:28
sublime1hello 04:36
reya276Morning Everyone14:04
munz_werkmornin reya276 14:08
anguhi there14:59
anguanyone here?14:59
tiemonsterMichelleQ: hey. haven't talked to you in a while...16:01
mhall119tiemonster: you haven't been around in a while16:04
mhall119tiemonster: they're doing project lighting talks in the next Ubuntu Developer Week: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Sessions16:04
mhall119at the bottom16:05
mhall119thought you might have something you open sourced that you'd like to talk about and promote for 5 minutes16:05
tiemonsterI've been busy with school, work, family, FOSS ;-)16:05
tiemonsterour open source project is having an initial release on March 1. very exciting.16:05
tiemonsterit's fun working with an Aussie, because bugs magically get fixed and features magically get added while I'm sleeping :-)16:06
mhall119tiemonster: UDW lighting session is on March 4th, so perfect timing for you to promote it!16:06
tiemonsterlol. sure.16:06
mhall119add yourself to the list at the link above16:07
tiemonsterit all seems very Ubuntu-focused16:08
tiemonsterI'd feel out of place16:08
tiemonsteralthough I never did that django-nonrel talk...16:09
mhall119it doesn't have to be Ubuntu-focused16:09
mhall119mine is XDG/generic desktop16:10
MichelleQtiemonster: been a little crazy around here. 16:10
tiemonstersame here16:10
tiemonsterwe need an excuse to party16:10
MichelleQI'm counting down days until October16:13
tiemonsterwhat happens in October?16:16
tiemonsterall these acronyms...16:17
mhall119Ubuntu Developer Summit16:17
mhall119where all the Ubuntu developers will gather in Orlango16:17
tiemonsterUDS != UDW?16:17
mhall119Orlando even16:17
mhall119UDW is a week of online hour-long teaching sessions16:18
mhall119UDS is a week of 8 hour days of in-person planning for the next Ubuntu release16:18
mhall119UDS: http://uds.ubuntu.com/16:18
tiemonsterthere's a user week, too, right?16:18
mhall119well, user day (not week)16:19
mhall119there's developer week, open week, and user day16:19
mhall119all online IRC sessions16:19
mhall119UDS gathers several hundred people from around the world to one location to plan the next 6-month iteration of Ubuntu16:19
mhall119you know, that big event in Orlando last October that you missed :(16:20
tiemonsterbecause it was for people hacking on Ubuntu itself...16:20
mhall119it was for people working in the community too16:21
tiemonsterstill within the Ubuntu ecosystem16:21
tiemonsterKDE, gnome, etc.16:21
mhall119again, no16:21
mhall119ask MichelleQ 16:22
mhall119is UDS just for people contributing code to the desktop?16:22
mhall119tiemonster: you're going to the next UDS in Orlando if I have to drive up there and kidnap you16:24
tiemonsterjustify it for me16:24
tiemonstermy boss offered me time off last time16:24
mhall119I spent most of my time at the last one talking about django and other web technologies16:25
mhall119which have been a benefit to me here at Moffitt16:25
tiemonsterUbuntu is really committed to Django I've noticed16:26
mhall119they're really committed to Python16:26
mhall119and Django is just much easier than zope16:26
mhall119tiemonster: did you see my blog post from last week?16:26
tiemonsterdid you post that on Twitter?16:28
mhall119probably not16:28
tiemonsterthen no16:28
mhall119but it was on planet.u.c16:28
* RoAkSoAx btw... the Canonical is hiring a new member for the UBuntu Server Team16:42
reya276mhall119, hey can I PM u? I need to ask you a MySQL Q, something you had helped me with before16:56
mhall119reya276: sure16:56
maxolasersquadIs there any sort of way to call class methods statically in Python?17:21
maxolasersquadmhall119: Thanks17:23
mhall119there's also a class method decorator17:23
mhall119@class_method I think17:23
mhall119but when doing it that way, I don't think you get 'self' as the first argument17:23
mhall119you might get the Class instead17:23
maxolasersquadTypeError: unbound method get_connections() must be called with Connection instance as first argument (got nothing instead)17:24
maxolasersquadThat's what I get when I call get_connections, of the Connection class, statically.17:24
maxolasersquadIf I instantiate an object and call it then it acts as I would expect.17:25
mhall119how are  you calling it?17:47
reya276general question? what is the MYSQL Installation type on a Ubuntu System? would it be Ubuntu Linux(Vendor Package) or Ubuntu Linux(MySQL Package)?17:48
mhall119reya276: I don't understand the question17:49
reya276bah never mind it was useless as it really did not matter, don't even know why they bother asking17:51
maxolasersquadmhall119: Connection.get_connections()17:55
mhall119what kind of object is Connection?17:56
mhall119if you dir(Connection), do you see get_connections?17:57
maxolasersquadmhall119: Not much of an object right now.  It will be for retrieving and storing connection credentials in seahorse.17:57
mhall119oh nice!17:57
mhall119can you pastebin the class code?17:57
mhall119maxolasersquad: take 'self' out of the argument list17:59
mhall119wait, you're using self in that method?17:59
mhall119self == instance17:59
mhall119you can't use self from a static context17:59
mhall119bbl, meeting time18:00
zoopsteritnet7: around?18:44
zoopsteroff-topic, but for anyone in the central florida area around the next shuttle launch I'm working with questforstars.com to help with a balloon launch and recovery simultaneously...should be very interesting if you want to help with launch or recovery18:45
maxolasersquadzoopster: Sounds like a lot of fun.18:58
reya276mhall119, how can I connect to the MYSQL server through CLI?19:21
reya276like what is the command19:21
mhall119mysql -h $host -u $user19:22
mhall119host defaults to localhost, user defaults to your unix username19:22
reya276oh I got an error 19:29
reya276mysql -h localhost -u root19:29
reya276ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)19:30
mhall119-p to supply a password19:31
reya276ok I was able to connect, but how will I know when the dump is completed will the CLI give me a msg? right now is at ->19:34
reya276mhall119, weird it does not seem like is doing anything19:37
reya276it just shows this '->'19:38
reya276this is the command I ran in the CLI after connecting 'mysqldump -u root --password=$pass accureports_health | mysql -u root --password=$pass accureports_wc;'19:40
DammitJimdoesn't -p ask you for the password?19:40
reya276oh I'm connected to mysql19:40
reya276and after I connected I ran that command but its just sitting there showing me '->'19:41
reya276but it did not populate the other DB19:41
reya276how can I exit?19:45
reya276DannitJim, I was able to connect what I'm having issues with is running an specific command19:51
reya276and it does not seem to be running it, at least it does not show me any indication that is doing so19:51
reya276other than '->'19:52
reya276I just did '\c' to clear the command I gave it, so now I'm back at the mysql> prompt19:53
reya276after I enter the command I want to run do I have type 'go' so that it actually runs the command?19:54
reya276nope still nothing, same thing '->'19:57
maxolasersquadreya276: Instead of piping the results, can you get mysqldump to save to the filesystem?19:59
reya276what do you mean?20:00
maxolasersquadmysqldump -u root -p$pass accureports_health > dump.sql20:00
reya276right now I need to transfer the contents of one DB to another DB20:01
reya276oh I already have a dump file for that20:01
reya276but now I need to import it into a different DB called accureports_wc20:01
maxolasersquadI think you can do something like20:09
maxolasersquadmysql -u root -p$pass < dump.sql20:09
maxolasersquadYeah, that should work20:10
reya276right but that will import it to a DB with the same name not to a Different DB with a different name which is what I need to do20:11
maxolasersquadright, hmmm ...20:11
maxolasersquadYou will probably need to use sed to do a search/replace of the database in the dump file.20:11
reya276mhall119 had given me this 'mysqldump -u root --password=$pass accureports_health | mysql -u root --password=$pass accureports_wc;' script to use but I can't seem to make it work 20:12
reya276meaning I can't make the server execute it as after I hit enter it just stays at '->'20:13
reya276but nothing is happening20:13
reya276the script is not being executed is there something I need to do in addition to that to make it go20:14
maxolasersquadWell, I don't think that would create it with the new schema.20:14
maxolasersquadMaybe something like this20:14
reya276no it will not the new scheme is already created20:14
reya276all I want to do is grab the info from one DB to the other DB20:14
maxolasersquadYes, but the mysqldump output, I believe, specifies the schema name.20:14
reya276and that script will do that20:15
reya276but I can't seem to get the server to execute it20:15
maxolasersquadYou are trying to copy schemas on the same database instance?20:15
maxolasersquadmysql -u root --password=$pass accureports_wc < mysqldump -u root --password=$pass accureports_health20:16
maxolasersquadPerhaps that.20:16
reya276no that script is correct but the server is not executing it meaning that after i enter the command the prompt stays at ->20:17
reya276is there anything else that i have to do to make it run it20:17
reya276like go or run or something or the sort20:18
maxolasersquadTake out the semi-colon at the end of that.20:23
maxolasersquadI just used mhall's syntax and it worked.20:23
maxolasersquadreya276: ^^20:24
reya276right I did that too but is not working for me20:25
reya276like the damn thing is not running20:25
reya276yet both DB's are there, one is populated and the other one is not yet nothing is happening20:26
maxolasersquadOn a test db I did this.20:26
maxolasersquadmysqldump db_source | mysql db_target20:26
reya276ok let me try that20:27
maxolasersquadThis database was not password protected.20:27
reya276neither are these two20:27
maxolasersquadAh, then the above should work, no need for -u root --password= ...20:27
reya276ok again nothing this is what my CLI looks like at this moment 20:28
reya276mysql> mysqldump accureports_health | mysql accureports_wc20:28
reya276    -> 20:28
maxolasersquadRun that at bash, not at the sql prompt20:29
jck77good afternoon everyone20:31
reya276at bash?20:32
reya276you mean at the default server prompt20:32
maxolasersquadThe command mhall gave you was a bash command, not a mysql command.20:32
reya276but I thought you needed to be connected to mysql in order to run mysql commands20:33
reya276bartdev@bartdev-server:~$ mysqldump accureports_health | mysql accureports_wc20:34
reya276ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'bartdev'@'localhost' (using password: NO)20:34
reya276mysqldump: Got error: 1045: Access denied for user 'bartdev'@'localhost' (using password: NO) when trying to connect20:34
reya276ok now I'm getting a different error when I try to run mhall119's commad from bash20:36
reya276mysqldump: Got error: 1449: The user specified as a definer ('root'@'%') does not exist when using LOCK TABLES20:36
reya276how can these tables be locked?20:36
reya276no one is using the DB20:36
maxolasersquadlog into the db and try: UNLOCK TABLES;20:48
maxolasersquadI'm only somewhat familiar with MySQL, but I think you can manually lock tables.  Someone may have manually locked a table.20:49
maxolasersquadreya276: You may want to read http://fossplanet.com/f7/mysqldump-got-error-1449-user-specified-definer-root@%25-does-not-exist-when-using-lock-tables-64847/20:51
reya276this is what I'm using to manage my MySQL servers and do the diagrams http://wb.mysql.com/?page_id=3521:13
reya276it is an awesome tool, for those of you whom may not be 100% comfortable with CLI21:14
reya276maxolasersquad, I need to make the root user on the server to be root@% before it was root@localhost only and that is why it would fail21:15
maxolasersquadSo it is working now?21:15
reya276so right now I entered the command that mhall119 gave me and it is running21:16
reya276yeap sure is21:16
reya276I'm just extremely glad that there is this MySQL WorkBench this thing is awesome21:16
reya276I very cool it also has this http://wb.mysql.com/?p=85721:19

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