rlaagerWow, today's featured article on wikipedia is "Climate of Minnesota".01:43
tonyyarussoh00k: btw, I should share some Nagios plugins that I've tweaked with you.  They iz better now.18:28
tonyyarussoh00k: well, and ones that I've just found that are non-standard.18:29
tonyyarussoh00k: You totally want these, for instance:  http://files.tonyyarusso.com/check_mem.pl and http://files.tonyyarusso.com/check_uptime318:29
tonyyarussoh00k: (The former allows you to count caches as free memory, which is WAY more useful than the default check_mem plugin that will tell you you're always out of memory on Linux, and the latter I added performance data capabilities to.)18:31
tonyyarussoI should totally turn this into a Nagios check too:18:31
tonyyarussoMoon face is 99% illuminated. || Moon phase: Full || Next full moon is on Thursday 17 February18:31

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