robho-neohey guys00:00
robho-neoanyone on that typically attends the Akron Ubuntu Hour? Have a co-worker that is interested in coming, but wants to make sure his drive is worth it00:01
Cheri703I go to the mansfield one :)00:01
robho-neowe're just trying to get a feel for what goes on at the meeting00:02
robho-neoWe're discussing going to the one next week, we're both going to the NEOISF meeting in Independence tomorrow night00:03
robho-neoback for a few00:18
robho-neoCheri, what do you folks do at the Mansfield Hour?00:19
Cheri703we just hang out and chat, various stuff, sometimes ubuntu, sometimes computers in general, if someone has a question or issue we'll help out. we're a SMALL group right now00:24
TheErkGreetings programs!00:54
Unit193Hey TheErk!00:57
TheErkHello Unit193 .  How are you functioning?01:03
Cheri703TheErk: how's things?01:03
Unit193TheErk: Not bad, playing a game...01:04
robho-neohey TheErk Unit193 Cheri70301:07
robho-neoI did some digging on the ubuntu forums about the issue we were chatting about last night01:07
robho-neotwo common fixes I've seen have been to use Ionice and WICD01:08
Cheri703no clue01:10
robho-neoI was going to give it a go tonight when I get home from work, but have no idea what either of those do exactly (haven't had time to research it deeply)01:10
Unit193How did the LiveCD go?01:14
robho-neoHaven't had a chance to do that either01:17
robho-neocrummy work schedule is crummy01:17
robho-neogoing to give that a go tonight as a matter of fact01:17
robho-neosomething else I remembered after I logged off last night was: When performing a large file operation (like copying say, 10GB of data from an external HDD) the entire system slows to a crawl, is that normal?01:18
robho-neothat has happened on numerous fresh installs since 9.0401:18
robho-neoI'll touch base with you folks in an hour or so, leaving work now.01:29
Cheri703I'm going to be messing with partitions on my computer tonight...should be interesting...01:46
TheErkremove them01:46
TheErkyou don't need em01:46
TheErkrm -vf *01:46
TheErkFixes any issue01:46
Cheri703ha, no01:47
Cheri703going to dual boot with 10.1001:48
TheErk10.10 and what?01:49
Cheri703I use 10.04 generally, but need to familiarize myself with 10.10, as I'm going to be training some people, want to dual-boot because previously, when using 10.10, I had issues, so am being cautious01:52
Unit193Dang finch!01:53
Cheri703ah, 10.1003:04
* canthus13 just got a 500GB hd for his lappy today... may install 10.10 to see how badly it breaks...03:07
Cheri703yeah, I made a separate partition for it, so we'll see how it goes03:09
dmcgloneI'm trying to reserve the library room and it will not let me because I'm using firefox.. Dang it!!!03:14
BiosElementReminds me, T-Mobile's site doesn't support "Safari"...it's chrome, not safari. :P03:17
BiosElementYay for lame devs03:17
canthus13Doesn't support webkit.03:18
BiosElementYes, very.03:19
BiosElementI fired up konqueror, disabled the browserid and it worked fine :P03:20
dmcgloneWell not only is the site giving me fits, I also forgot my library pin #03:20
dmcgloneBiosElement: it all works until you go to register the room, then it fails03:21
BiosElementFun fun03:21
canthus13Hmm.. mebbe I'll install Debian with my new drive instead...03:22
dmcglonehave fun with that03:22
canthus13dmcglone: From what I've been reading, 10.04 and up have issues with the broadcom STA drivers.  I really don't want to deal with that.03:22
dmcgloneI don't blame you03:23
dmcgloneOk I'm out. Catch you all tomorrow hopefully03:44
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robho-neoafternoon folks19:16
robho-neoanyone have a sec to field a question?19:17
BiosElementJust ask it, it'll be quicker. ^_^19:18
robho-neolol right on19:18
robho-neopicked up a Linksys E3000 router (my netgear bit it last night after I got home)19:18
robho-neoand here's my question: My board k9n2gm-fd supports Gig ethernet, the e3000 supports gig ethernet, but I can't figure out how to enable it in Ubuntu 10.1019:18
BiosElementI'm clueless however, did find this. Not sure how helpful it is. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=14398219:20
robho-neomy google-fu has been iffy today, lol19:20
robho-neoso it appears that all that is really needed is to change the MTU for the NIC to accept "jumbo frames"19:22
BiosElementSeems so. Again I claim ignorence heh19:23
robho-neome too, that's why I came here to ask19:23
robho-neoperhaps I should hop into the Ubuntu support IRC to be safe, lol19:23
BiosElementThey might be more helpful19:24
BiosElementMost of the intelligent folks around here are off at work :P19:25
robho-neoyeah, I have the day off, lol19:25
robho-neoaight, well, thanks Bios19:25
robho-neowanna get this stuff up and running real soon so I can play some WoW before I head off to the NEOISF meeting19:25
robho-neothanks for the hel19:25
BiosElementYep. ^_^19:26
thafreakFinally! I installed the block domains extension in chrome...now I can prevent experts-exchange from showing up in search results!21:49
BiosElementLOL thafreak21:54
BiosElementThat's the FIRST site I added21:54
BiosElementNext was scribd21:55
thafreakseriously, why bother showing it to me in results if I can only see the info if I pay $22:02
thafreakmega dumb22:02
BiosElementBecause some people will pay22:02
thafreakcanthus13: hey, I got my pogoplug...I think I know why it hasn't been reported to have heat issues...22:02
thafreakit's relatively large22:03
thafreakbut, the built in software/service is actually pretty neat...22:03
Unit193You don't *have* to pay for experts-exchange... just set your UA to google bot and go to the end of the page...22:07
canthus13thafreak: Nice. :)22:09
canthus13Anyone know how to get wicd to show up in the notification area?22:09
canthus13bah. I got it up for the moment... dunno if it'll keep working after a reboot, though.22:16
canthus13Not liking the crap speeds I get from this new wireless card. :(22:22
Cheri703hooray for GIANT shipping boxes for just a keyboard!22:27
Cheri703seriously, like 2'x3'x1', a bunch of brown paper, and A KEYBOARD in a retail box...not even a keyboard/mouse combo -_-22:36
Cheri703Trying to decide between using the HP recovery partition (that puts a TON of crap/bloatware/whatever on) or just doing a clean generic install of xp home for a client's computer...22:59
Unit193I take it you can't use Pro? (use the CD)23:50
Cheri703well...could...I'm contemplating that as well...23:51
Unit193I guess if it has a home sticker...23:53
Cheri703eh, we'll see23:55

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