oz120hello all still working on getting my systems online hoping then to learn more about linux00:15
pleia2welcome oz12000:17
oz120I wish I new enough about linux to be able to help other people with there problems like this chat has done for me00:22
MutantTurkeywhew. all lag is gone.00:29
rmg51MutantTurkeys have lag?00:35
MutantTurkeyearlier i did00:37
jedijfoz120: be careful what you ask for00:49
oz120y you say that00:50
jedijfjust kidding...have fun learning00:50
oz120I used to know I had builtmy own gui and was working on a AI program with some friends then I was in a truck wreck no seat belt no air bag just me and a steering wheel meeting at 75 mph now I can't remember anything01:05
ChinnoDogoz120: you are logged in twice from your phone?16:35
oz120huh it will disconnect and then reconnect must not recognize the dis as leave and somehow let me log twice16:36
oz120thanx for the heads up16:41
oz120nickserv login16:46
andrew /msg nickserve identify PaSsWoRd16:50
ChinnoDogSo, Banshee default media player in 11.0418:43
ChinnoDogWith disabled Amazon MP3 store due to money and politics.18:44
pleia2people obsess too much over defaults18:49
pleia2it's like 2 clicks to enable it18:49
pleia2it's just a setting18:49
ChinnoDogWell /we/ don't obsess over it, but the nontechnical users aren't going to think about it.18:49
pleia2knowing what store you want to buy your music from isn't highly technical18:50
pleia2if you have an amazon account and prefer to use that I don't think it'll be hard to figure out even for regular people18:50
ChinnoDogI think you are giving them too much credit. haha18:50
ChinnoDogThey use what they see.18:51
pleia2seems like configuring a whole new account with ubuntu one is a lot more work than clicking on the store settings to change them18:52
ChinnoDogIff princessleia.com were the default home page and you were selling a book called "How to be more like pleia2" you would have thousands of orders on release day.18:53
pleia2I am not saying that defaults don't have an impact18:54
pleia2I'm saying that people freak out about them too much18:54
pleia2people who want to change it can easily18:54
pleia2not sure where all this love for amazon is coming from honestly, they've long been criticized in the open source world for their patent issuse (one click ordering most notoriously)18:56
pleia2I guess it's trendy to hate Canonical :)18:58
teddy-dbearwho's more hated. Canonical or Microsoft?19:09
pleia2different leagues19:09
teddy-dbearsame basicthing19:09
teddy-dbearthey both do things that users end up either liking or hating19:10
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!19:14
andrewWait, we are supposed to hate Canonical now? I must have missed that memo.19:19
jedijfall the other distros do19:19
jedijfpurists...anti-social....basement dwellers19:20
SamuraiAlbawhat happened with Canonical?19:21
ssweenywhy do we hate canonical? is it the banshee thing?19:22
teddy-dbearhey, I'm in a basement now :P19:22
ssweenycanonical wanted a cut of the money banshee sends to GNOME for amazon purchases19:23
ssweenythe banshee guys said no, so the amazon plugin will be disabled by default19:23
ssweenyi think them asking for 75% was a bit much19:23
teddy-dbearI'll probable just stick with Rhytmbox19:23
ssweenybut i can understand them wanting a cut19:23
ssweenyregardless of if they "deserve" one19:24
* ssweeny is actually a huge banshee fan in general19:26
ssweenyglad they're making the switch19:26
* pleia2 still plays mp3s with mplayer19:26
* ssweeny has way too much music for that19:26
SamuraiAlbaso... Fedora time?19:26
SamuraiAlbaI have over 200GB of MP3s19:26
ssweenyi've never had a good experience on fedora19:26
ssweenyi did try linux mint recently and i'm rather impressed19:27
SamuraiAlbaI finally got runescape running fine in Firefox under Ubuntu, too19:27
jedijfssweeny: ewww19:28
jedijfto mint19:28
ssweenyjedijf: no likey the mint?19:28
jedijfssweeny: maybe there was too much hype...i just don't get it19:29
ssweenyi like the tiered updates19:29
ssweenyand the menu is pretty slick19:29
ssweenyotherwise it's basically ubuntu19:29
jedijffirst coolatta brainfreeze for 201122:12

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