linuxman410wrst u here00:59
linuxman410cyberanger u here01:00
cyberangerlinuxman410: yes, I am01:16
cyberangerand wrst got your link01:16
linuxman410cyberanger cool thanks01:16
linuxman410cybberanger someone going to get a deal it is still at 26 dollars01:17
linuxman410cyberanger sorry01:18
linuxman410cyberanger auction is going to end at 11:31 hope some people stay  up01:20
cyberangerlinuxman410: that's fine01:24
cyberangerit's a small upgrade internally, but I'm using the sd card slot anyhow01:24
cyberanger8GB storage01:25
cyberangerlinuxman410: hoopefully somebody needing one more gets it01:31
linuxman410cyberanger i hope they do i bought a emachine netbook with broken screen and 250 gb harrdrive for 54 dolllars01:32
linuxman410cyberanger i replaced screen01:33
linuxman410for 4401:33
linuxman410i sold my atom desktop for 110 dollars01:35
linuxman410 01:37
linuxman410NetTop HTPC DE 945FL Mini Media PC DVI WIFI 1.86ghz XPH      this is what i replaced atom with01:37
linuxman410cyberanger do u use google search engine01:39
linuxman410i do not i use another one always have do not like google01:46
linuxman410cyberanger u still here01:48
linuxman410cyberanger do you have any screen shots of your custom desktop you are running01:49
cyberangeryeah, still am01:49
cyberangerlinuxman410: it's changed some since, but most recent I recall is http://yfrog.com/mnscrotgp01:51
linuxman410cyberanger is that what u run on asus eeepc01:53
linuxman410cyberanger that is cool i like it01:53
cyberangeroh, that's not on the eee, too high res for that01:57
cyberangerbut it is the same build01:57
cyberanger(having four terminal an conky at that demisions, for a 7 inch screen, I'd rip my eyes out first01:58
cyberangerno way)01:58
linuxman410cyberanger is that your desktop02:00
linuxman410edition not netbook02:01
cyberangerwell, considering what I did, there isn't any additions02:02
cyberangerit's not a kit02:02
cyberangerit's me grabbing parts and trying it out02:02
cyberangerthat screenshot is nearly identical to the eee, two differences, I have on the screenshot four terminals open, on the eee, I'd have them on seperate desktops or something, due to the real estate difference02:04
cyberangerand conky is different, a little less info02:04
cyberangerbut otherwise, identical02:04
cyberangerdown to the wallpaper02:04
cyberangerlinuxman410: ^02:05
* cyberanger looks at his desktop, takes back the down to the wallpaper bit, but what's a jpeg matter ;-)02:06
cyberangerI forgot I changed the wallpaper up on both of them02:07
linuxman410i still like the desktop02:08
cyberangerthe wallpaper is the look rock tower webcam, looking into the smokies02:14
wrstcyberanger: we need a bot that can leave messages for folks, like linuxman410 :)02:37
cyberangerwrst: memoserv isn't good enough?02:39
wrstcyberanger: please teach me :)02:39
* wrst guesses he could just google :)02:41
cyberangerwrst: /msg memoserv help02:42
wrstonly problem i doubt linuxman410 is registered or registers everytime02:43
cyberangerwrst: /msg nickserv info linuxman41002:46
cyberangerseems he does02:46
* orias <3 memoserv05:39
chibihogoshinoanyone using ipv6 ?10:41
cyberangerchibihogoshino: I had been, tunnelbroker.net10:45
chibihogoshinoiv been trying to set it up native.. but cant get it working10:45
chibihogoshinomy computer has a address10:46
cyberangerwho's your isp?10:46
chibihogoshinoi think i need to get the router to work right tho..10:46
cyberangerand what's your cable modem then?10:47
chibihogoshinohmm.. its a netgear but i dont know the model10:47
chibihogoshinoi guess we could flash that too10:47
cyberangeryour router or cable modem is a netgear?10:48
chibihogoshinoboth are10:48
cyberangeryour issue might also be the modem10:48
cyberangeryou've got a better than 2 outta 3 chance that your modem is the issue10:49
chibihogoshinoyeah .. they dont make open firmware for them do thay ?10:49
cyberangerwhen'd you get it?10:49
cyberangereven if they did, doesn't fix the hardware10:49
chibihogoshinoa year ago i think10:49
cyberangeryou need DOCSIS 3.0, for what I recall10:50
chibihogoshinohmm.. they are supposed to upgrade to that this year10:50
cyberangerthey've been out for awhile, but I (intentionally) grabed a DOCSIS 2 in Aug. 201010:51
chibihogoshinowe will need to upgrade then..10:52
cyberangernot to metion, I'm not sure if the ipv6 is in east tn yet, for comcast at least10:54
chibihogoshinothis dosnt look to bad http://www.amazon.com/Motorola-SB6120-SURFboard-eXtreme-Broadband/dp/B001UI2FPE10:55
cyberangerchibihogoshino: your netgear modem might be DOSIS 310:56
cyberangerbut I know that DOCSIS is still around too10:57
cyberangerso check that first10:57
chibihogoshinoi dont think it is we were talking about upgrading it and i think thats why10:57
cyberangercomcast is rolling out, not flipping a light switch, chattanooga isn't yet, nor the other areas around me (somereason I'm charter here, surrounded by comcast)10:58
cyberangerchibihogoshino: most of the DOCSIS 3 out are due to high speed service, above 30MBPS if I recall correctly11:00
chibihogoshinothat would be nice11:00
cyberangerhowever, the cable companies would rent them and sell them to everyone, and it's been out for awhile too11:00
cyberangerMotorola Surfboards allways seem to be good11:01
chibihogoshinoi know comcast has a option to change your cable modem online so you dont have to deal with customer support11:03
cyberangerwhich is real nice11:03
cyberangerdetects the new mac address, presemts a management page11:03
cyberangerwhich is real smart11:04
chibihogoshinona you have to put it in manualy11:04
cyberangerwell, for charter they decet a new device, but yeah11:05
cyberangerstill nice to skip some annoyances11:05
chibihogoshinoi have 900 gig of files on my 60 gig hd11:07
cyberangerthat's not right11:07
chibihogoshinoit was adding the network drive i have mounted11:08
chibihogoshinoits a little disconcerting to see the allocated space go a little above what you know you have11:09
cyberangerlol, little above ?11:10
chibihogoshinoheh .. just a bit11:10
cyberanger900GB over 60GB, little, does not compute11:11
chibihogoshinoits only one zero11:15
cyberangertypo ? 06:07:28 chibihogoshino | i have 900 gig of files on my 60 gig hd11:16
chibihogoshinona that is right11:16
cyberangerand that's stll alot 840,000MB11:17
chibihogoshinothe extra is from the networked drive tho11:18
chibihogoshinoim gonna try to sleep..   peace11:21
cyberangerit's 6am, buto ok, chow ;-)11:21
wrsthello cyberanger do you ever sleep?12:47
cyberangeryes, sometimes it's just lousy sleep :-/12:53
cyberangerwrst: and the timing to get sleep is never quite right either12:55
wrstone of these days you will get older and will have to sleep :)12:55
cyberangerll settle for 50 days shy of 2112:56
cyberangerand nobodys offering that settlement12:57
cyberangersome reason, no matter when I'm asleep, I'll wind up awake around 4 and 5 am12:59
cyberangermight only be a half hour up, but damn, I can't sleep past 6am lately12:59
cyberangersleeping in is 053013:01
cyberangerwrst: it's maddening13:03
cyberangerwrst: of course, I bet youve got some of that there (or you will, crying cribs)13:06
cyberangerwish you luck on that13:06
cyberangersometimes I think I type in my sleep, and considering my habit of allways being near some eletronic device, smartphone, netbook13:16
cyberangermight not be far from the truth'13:16
wrstha ha cyberanger :)15:06
vychunequestion: when i try to upload something i cant choose the right file it chooses another file in the list whats wrong15:09
wrstvychune: upload with what?15:10
vychunemy file manager to a website15:11
chibihogoshinovychune: your doing it wrong15:11
vychunehow is that?15:11
wrstwhat are you using vychune? nautilus?15:11
wrsthmm ok i'm out then :)15:12
chibihogoshinovychune: i dunno, i was just being stupid15:12
wrstvychune: using ftp, or sftp?15:12
vychunein a browser, like when u upload to youtube or FB15:13
chibihogoshinowhat browser15:13
vychunei have opera FF and chrome15:14
chibihogoshinothats odd15:14
chibihogoshinowith any web site ?15:15
wrstohh ok vychune sorry, yeah that is odd15:15
chibihogoshinoand its not a java or flash upload ?15:15
cyberangerwrst: the sad thing is, usually I spike some humor in things, the above is actually lacking any of that15:15
wrstha ha15:16
vychuneno its not15:16
chibihogoshinocan you put a screenshot of it doing it up ?15:18
vychunenow it wants to work15:19
vychuneWTF!!!!! NOW ITS MESSED UP AGAIN!!!!15:20
chibihogoshinoyou got a virus15:20
chibihogoshinoso you click on the file you want it to upload and then hit ok... it dosnt upload that file ?15:21
vychunemy computer is about to get it motherboard(ass) kicked15:23
chibihogoshinois it all web sites ?15:28
vychunePCManFM is another one i have15:29
vychunehow do i defalt it?15:29
chibihogoshinoim not shur15:30
chibihogoshinoim trying to upload a file now.. seeing what it does15:32
vychuneany luck15:37
chibihogoshinoits still going15:38
chibihogoshinoi didnt notice the file is 18 meg15:38
chibihogoshinoyeah it worked ok15:40
chibihogoshinocan you record your desktop while it does it ?15:40
vychunehold on i do have that installed15:42
vychuneand thats great i have to go to work at 1015:42
chibihogoshinoits 10:4215:42
vychunemy comp says 9:4215:43
vychunememphis man lol15:44
chibihogoshinoyes.. that place15:44
chibihogoshinowhen do you get out ?15:44
chibihogoshinomaybe sooner with good behavior15:45
chibihogoshinoim gonna go make some food15:46
chibihogoshinopeace out15:46
XpistosHey I need to install joomla 1.0.12 to test something and I am not sure how to install LAMP as I never have before. is this a good walk through?  http://www.howtoforge.com/installing-apache2-with-php5-and-mysql-support-on-ubuntu-10.04-lamp16:26
wrstXpistos: you just installing it on top of your desktop install?16:31
wrstXpistos: i would consider this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tasksel16:32
Xpistosnah it is in a vm16:32
wrstrunning server?16:33
wrstor gui?16:34
Xpistoswow that was easy as hell16:34
XpistosI am bookmarking that page16:34
wrstXpistos:  :)16:34
Xpistosthanks brother16:34
wrstbut since cyberanger didn't say it you shouldn't be using desktop for that ;)16:37
Xpistosappearantly I already install mysql and now I don't know what the root password is16:47
Xpistoswhat do I do16:47
XpistosI tried  - service mysql reset-password - but I get - The script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an Upstart16:48
Xpistosjob, but reset-password is not supported for Upstart jobs.16:48
Svpernova09sudo /etc/init.d/mysql reset-password16:50
Svpernova09See if that works.16:50
Svpernova09If not, there's another trick we can do.16:52
XpistosThe script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an Upstart17:00
Xpistosjob, but reset-password is not supported for Upstart jobs.17:00
Svpernova09lets do it the real way17:01
Xpistostrying it now17:02
XpistosRather than invoking init scripts through /etc/init.d, use the service(8)17:04
Xpistosutility, e.g. service mysql stop17:04
XpistosSince the script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an17:04
XpistosUpstart job, you may also use the stop(8) utility, e.g. stop mysql17:04
Xpistosif I try and to sudo stop mysql17:05
Xpistosit says stop: Unknown instance:17:05
Svpernova09is it running?17:05
Xpistosnot sure how to tell17:06
Svpernova09ps ax | grep mysqld17:06
Svpernova09or ps ax | grep mysql17:06
Xpistosjust give a carrige return17:06
Svpernova09ok, that should mean it's not running17:07
Xpistosrebooting now17:07
Svpernova09you only need to reboot if you had to remove mysql from the update-rc.d17:08
XpistosI did that17:08
Svpernova09Mysql will likely be running again after the reboot17:08
Svpernova09Did the other options not stop it?17:08
Svpernova09Make sure you read through that17:08
Svpernova09it's not a "do all these"17:09
Svpernova09it's a do this, if that doens't work, do this17:09
Xpistosgot it17:09
Svpernova09when you come back up do ps -A | grep mysql and make sure it's not running17:09
Xpistosnow it shows 4 processes17:11
Svpernova09kill em all17:12
Svpernova09(one of hte processes may be the actual grep, thats fine)17:12
Xpistosoh wait17:12
Xpistos"1564 pts/0    S+     0:00 grep --color=auto mysql" is the only one17:12
Svpernova09yeah you're fine17:12
Xpistosso I guess it has stopped then17:12
Svpernova09    sudo mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables &17:13
Svpernova09UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD(.new_password.) WHERE User=.root.;17:13
Svpernova09FLUSH PRIVILEGES;17:13
Xpistoswaiting for prompt after that first command17:14
Xpistosbash: syntax error near unexpected token `('17:15
XpistosUPDATE mysql.user SET Password=1110  WHERE User=’root’;17:17
XpistosUPDATE: command not found17:17
Xpistosforgot mysql17:19
Svpernova09THat's a sql command, you have to login as root to mysql17:19
Svpernova09and hten run that17:19
Xpistosnow rebooting and seeing it will start up17:24
Svpernova09You may have ot readd via the rc17:25
Svpernova09to re add*17:26
chibihogoshinosweet .. you can search while all the windows are zoomed out18:06
Xpistoswhat does phpmyadmin use as a password18:22
Xpistosthe mysql user password or something else18:22
Svpernova09It creates it upon install18:27
Svpernova09if you want to know what it's using, look at the config file18:27
Xpistosdo you knw where the config file would be18:29
XpistosI was just in it and then the tab closed now I can't get back in18:29
Xpistosright but it won't let me in it18:31
Svpernova09root / yourrootpassword?18:34
XpistosI am using root and the root password I just set for mysql18:34
Xpistosno dice18:34
Xpistosit workd like 10 mintues ago18:34
Xpistosthen I uploaded a new db18:35
Xpistosinto it18:35
Xpistosand now I can't get in at all18:35
Xpistosbut I can still login to the joomla interface18:35
Svpernova09I dunno, you changed something then :_X18:36
Xpistoswell the good news is this is a vm and I can undo it all and go to the screenshot18:37
Svpernova09check your settings: /etc/phpmyadmin/config.inc.php18:37
Svpernova09check /etc/phpmyadmin/config-db.php18:41
Svpernova09there should be a login18:41
Svpernova09make sure it's what you're expecting18:41
Xpistosis there a way to take all the term commands in my history and dump them into a txt?18:45
Xpistosback everybody20:32
chibihogoshinodid you get the history out ?20:37
XpistosI was making it more difficult than it needed to be20:39
chibihogoshinohow did you finally do it20:42
Xpistoshistory >> history.txt20:43
Juzzycp .bash_history history.txt20:55
Xpistosyeah, that is longer21:02
cyberangerwrst: lol21:17
cyberangerhistory only covers the current tty's session21:18
cyberanger.bash_history contains all history after a tty is closed21:18
techMilesanyody in here have their Linux+ cert?21:19
cyberangertechMiles: working on it21:19
techMilesdo you have any other CompTIA cers?21:20
cyberanger(my .bash_history routes to /dev/null, so no logged history)21:20
techMilesit recommends A+ and Net+ as prereqs21:21
cyberangertechMiles: I've gotta wait for May to take all three21:21
techMilesdamn you're gonna do all 3 at once? lol21:21
cyberangerI know I can pass A+, just didn't take it yet21:21
techMilesI see.21:22
techMilesI've taken a course that was kinda/sorta geared around A+21:22
cyberangeryeah, figure better odds to get at least one21:22
cyberangerand I think I can nail Linux+ and I know I'll nail A+21:23
techMilesI'm pretty sure you'll do just fine at Linux+ lmao.21:23
techMileswhat about the network+?21:23
techMilesif it wasn't so expensive, I'd do the two ICND course geared specifically for the net+ cert that they have nearby.21:23
cyberangerI'm strong in networking, but some areas are outside the cert, and I'll bet I'd need a refresher on some stuff in the net+ cert too)21:24
cyberangerI'm alot more in depth on bluetooth and wifi (including mesh networking) things Net+ didn't really cover21:25
cyberangerand as part of that, I wonder about some wired bits21:25
techMilesNet+ covers more Wifi now.21:25
techMilesfrom the way my cisco courses have gone, anyawy.21:25
cyberangerfunny thing is, I've been studying on BGP, and some other networking tools21:28
cyberangercisco never has crossed my path21:28
cyberangerXpistos: got everything working, seems you've had a busy day21:29
Xpistosnot uet21:31
XpistosI am trying to stop mysql so I can add a new db and see if the new joomla site works21:31
Xpistosright now the db exists in phpmyadmin so I am trying to get into mysql to set it for the user21:33
cyberangersudo service mysql stop ?21:33
linuxman410cyberanger u here21:34
linuxman410wrst u here21:34
Xpistosso right now mysql is stopped but I can get into it21:35
cyberangerlinuxman410: pong21:35
wrstyes linuxman41021:35
cyberangerXpistos: can or can't21:35
Xpistosstupid contractions21:35
linuxman410wrst and cyberanger  sell went good but i had to refund going up tonite again21:35
cyberangerXpistos: why do you want it off21:36
Xpistosso I can add the table to mysql21:36
cyberangerif I recall, you want it on and using the mysql client if your trying to add a new db21:36
Xpistosthe db is in phpmyadmin, but when I try to hit localhost/cityofbaxter it won't21:36
cyberangeroh, unorthodox setup I suppose21:37
cyberangerlinuxman410: why the refund?21:37
Xpistosit's a long story, but I need to get this website installed in local host and then upgrade joomla21:37
Xpistosso I can put it on a live client21:37
Xpistosor a live domain21:38
linuxman410cyberanger i had not used it in a long time and some of the keys are hard to push to make them work and the battery only last about 30min to an hour21:39
cyberangerXpistos: ouch, annoying21:39
linuxman410cyberanger it is going up again starting at 99 cents tonite21:40
cyberangerlinuxman410: ah, well, I guess that's good21:40
cyberangerissues are better corrected that way, otherwise your feedback gets zaped21:40
linuxman410know what u mean21:40
cyberangerdid the last buyer not want it, for that price?21:41
linuxman410cyberanger i am also listing my asus eeepc 900a21:41
cyberangerand can you make the bid time longer, say 72 hours21:41
Xpistosnow I am getting this "GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, DROP, INDEX, ALTER, CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES, LOCK TABLES ON cityofbaxter.* TO 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';"21:41
cyberangerI think it'd help your sale if you do21:41
Xpistoswait no I am not21:42
linuxman410i am still going to do one day auction what ever it goes for21:42
XpistosAccess denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)21:42
cyberanger24 hours, nice21:42
cyberangersuprised for the price, the guy didn't take it and buy a new battery21:43
linuxman410i am going to have about 5 netbooks going up21:43
linuxman410cyberanger it went for 81 dollars21:43
linuxman410the 900a is in great shape21:44
cyberangerXpistos: hrm, seems odd21:44
cyberangerbut I'm more of a mongodb user21:45
linuxman410701 needs work21:45
cyberangerlinuxman410: that's still great, and a new battery seperate, better price21:45
linuxman410well a new keyboard only cost 10 dollars and new battery 30 dollars21:46
cyberangerand there are uses where skipping the keyboard isn't an issue21:47
linuxman410so thisaa time it sells as is21:47
cyberangermine is doubling as a celluar router21:47
cyberangerwell, any router really, but I'm using it with a celluar card21:48

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