cjohnstonallenap: ping01:57
cjohnstonAnyone around?02:16
seattlegauchocjohnston: I'm in for a few mins02:30
cjohnstonseattlegaucho: any idea when yall changed from the washingtonstate team to ubuntu-us-wa02:31
seattlegauchonope, I joined shortly after 02:31
cjohnstonhmm. ok02:31
seattlegauchoI believe it was a change of people02:32
seattlegauchobasically, many old timers left ... many new comers stayed and ...02:32
seattlegauchowhatever couldn't be figured out it changed slightly02:32
cjohnstonI guess I just need to talk to an admin02:32
cjohnstonto see about the problem02:32
seattlegauchovalorie could probably point you in the right direction02:33
seattlegauchoSalt would be another guess of mine02:33
seattlegauchoI just stick around to check what's going on and participate in events if possible (ie: launch parties, linuxfest nw, oscon, etc.)02:34
seattlegauchothe events are far apart ... but I do what I can02:34
Saltcjohnston, what do you need?02:35
* seattlegaucho now feels cjohnston will be in good hands02:37
seattlegauchosee y'all tomorrow02:37
cjohnstonsorry Salt 02:38
cjohnstonAre you one of the LP/LD admins?02:38
Saltwhat do you mean LP/LD?02:39
valorieunfortunately, Chuck has the keys02:39
cjohnstonLaunchpad and LoCo Directory02:39
valorieand seems unwilling to pass them along to someone who cares02:39
Saltyeah, there's a lot of issues with group ownership02:39
Saltbut i've been around since the beginning02:40
valorieLinda is as close as we have to an owner02:40
cjohnstonHave y'all gotten the LoCo Council involved?02:40
valorieand she's not here right  now02:40
Saltat the moment, no02:40
valoriecjohnston: if we would ever get around to having elections02:40
valoriethen there would be someone official to pass them along to02:40
valoriethis group seems to have taken the state land mollusk as its role model02:41
cjohnstonWell.. That'd be the corrrect step to get the "ownership" part fixed.. I still think that the "owner" thing is stupid.. You can't own (I guess shouldn't own) a loco team02:41
Saltright now things are a bit of a general mish mas02:41
cjohnstonWell.. I know that the 'team owner' can merge teams.. I don't remember if the team admins can or not02:41
big_thello :)02:42
valorieI think there was some general dissatifaction with the end of the PNW team02:42
valorieand enthusiasm just sorta died02:42
valoriere-animation attempts have been less than successful02:42
valoriefirst came the Pacific Northwest team02:43
valoriethen Ubuntu decided no regional teams02:43
valoriethe state one just never got going after PNW was disbanded02:43
Saltyeah, we had been a very active team and were basically given the door02:43
valoriepeople really don't like being told what to do02:44
valoriewhich -- has good sides, and downsides02:44
valorieup and down, rather02:44
cjohnstonWell.. I guess thats kinda life..02:44
valoriewe'll keep plugging away02:45
valorieour "contact" is never in contact02:45
valoriethat is a current problem02:46
valorieagain, Chuck02:46
cjohnstonIf yall can get ahold of Chuck or Linda they should be able to merge the teams.02:46
cjohnstonAnd start the process of getting the council involved02:46
valorieit's been tried, but linda wasn't successful02:46
valorieI'm guessing Chuck would have to do it, or give up the ownership02:47
cjohnstonHow was she not successful02:47
valorieI don't believe she had the necessary powerz to do it02:49
valorieChuck is the sole owner, afaik02:49
cjohnstonI'm looking at the code, but shes listed on LD as an admin, so IIRC she should be able to02:50
valorieI will ask her to try again02:53
* valorie goes to write an email02:53
cjohnstonWhen she tries, I need to know any errors that she comes up with02:53
cjohnstonhard to fix "it doesnt work"02:53
valorieI'll tell her to ping you02:54
valorieor email you?02:54
cjohnstonemail would be great02:54
cjohnstonim on vacation till next tuesday02:54
valoriecjohnston@ubuntu.com ?02:54
Saltif you stick around here she could probably just get on irc02:54
cjohnstonis_admin = launchpad.is_admin_or_owner(request.user.username, team_object)02:55
valorieare you texting her, Salt?02:55
cjohnstonShe's listed as an admin, so she should be able to02:55
Saltnope, i could if you wanted02:55
Saltcjohnston, which team are you looking at02:55
valorieif she and cjohnston both have time now, that would be ideal02:55
cjohnstonboth Salt 02:56
cjohnstonif she can get on now i can stick around for a few02:56
Salttext sent02:56
Saltshe's got dmin set on both now?02:56
cjohnstondont know for how long, but she does02:57
valorieI've just sent her an email with the scrollback for reference03:00
cjohnstonvalorie: Salt she can post https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-directory/+bug/71948203:02
valorienice summation there, cjohnston03:03
Salti need to take off03:03
Salti'll let her know if she responds03:03
valorieany response to that text?03:03
cjohnstonto what text03:04
cjohnstonfrom the bug?03:04
valoriecjohnston: salt texted her, telling her to get on IRC03:05
valoriebut no response as yet03:05
valoriec'mon althara!03:06
cjohnstonoh,, ok03:06
valorieshe isn't on the linuxchix server either03:06
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big_tMarkDude: what's up man?22:56
MarkDudeJust found out vehicle will cost more to fix than its worth22:59
Salti'm in a similar situation atm, thus why i don't have tabs right now >_>23:02
big_tMarkDude: using irssi for the first time took some time to get it all figured out but this is what i came up with http://imagebin.org/13831323:22
big_tMarkDude: did the oregon boys meet up yet?23:46

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