newz2000AlanBell: try lp:~newz/canonical-webmonkeys/wikithemes/02:12
newz2000not done yet, but that's what I have so far02:12
cjohnstonnew wiki theme?02:16
newz2000cjohnston: yes02:17
cjohnstonwhats it for02:18
newz2000It doesn't take into account all the enhancments suggested so far though02:18
cjohnstondidnt we just get a new one?02:19
newz2000It had some problems02:19
newz2000it was decided it's unwise to too closely emulate the www.u.c site02:19
newz2000Should look similar but different, this one matches planet02:19
newz2000Hmm, guess I should change the footer to match the new license announced today02:21
cjohnstonwhens the target release?02:21
newz2000I think its ready to go now, it's at least as good as the one we have02:21
newz2000(as of the change made 2 min ago)02:22
cjohnstonwhen you gonna make it available?02:23
newz2000I guess now, assuming that branch I just pushed is public02:24
cjohnstonwhats it called02:27
cjohnstonnewz2000: i dont see any changes02:32
newz2000did you download the branch? this isn't published to the actual wiki yet02:32
cjohnstonI asked when the target was released02:33
cjohnstonwhen the target release is02:33
cjohnstonmeaning to the wiki02:33
newz2000hopefully this week02:34
newz2000I've got a bunch of stuff queued up for IS to deploy and they're going to be very distracted this week, so won't surprise me if it doesn't happen to end of Feb02:35
newz2000s/this week/next week/02:35
AlanBelllp:~newz/canonical-webmonkeys/wikithemes/ does not exist07:00
nonickname2do you know by chance if there is any progress improving/fixing the USN feed layout?11:57
nonickname2(there might be a bug report somewhere, but i don't know the url)11:58
nonickname2ubuntu security notices, http://www.ubuntu.com/usn12:12
nonickname2the layout of the notices in that page's feed isn't preserved in at least two feed readers/"feed readers", which makes them somewhat... hard to read12:15
nonickname2you can try it out by opening http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/rss.xml in firefox12:15
nonickname2the notices seem to use html markup, so enclosing them into a pre element might help12:18
nonickname2(quick guess, don't know if it's definitely a feed problem - but i think so)12:18
AlanBellworks for me in firefox12:44
nonickname2AlanBell: do the notices look like on http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-1064-1 for example?13:07
nonickname2in firefox 3.6.13 (and akregator 1.6.5), the line breaks are lost13:08
AlanBellah, see what you mean13:13
AlanBellso it is a valid feed, but with linebreaks in the content rather than <p> or <br/>13:14
AlanBellor as you mention <pre> round it13:14
AlanBellI would suggest having a little hunt on launchpad for a bug and file a new one if you can't find it13:15
nonickname2ah, just found the old bug again13:16
nonickname2(had asked a few months ago)13:17
ubot4Launchpad bug 613852 in ubuntu-website-content "USN page is too long, rss feed messy (affects: 3) (dups: 1) (heat: 13)" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:17
nonickname2searched ubuntu-website before and thus didn't find it...13:17
newz2000nonickname2: yes, there is a plan to address that, however the date has not been firmly set. Supposedly yet before Natty14:25
nonickname2great, thanks in advance14:35
AlanBellnewz2000: lp:~newz/canonical-webmonkeys/wikithemes/ does not seem to exist14:47
newz2000AlanBell: ok, give me a couple min and I'll see what I can do. I think it's permission related.14:47
AlanBellah, that would make sense14:48
newz2000AlanBell: when you can, try again14:52
AlanBellI can see it on your launchpad page now14:54
AlanBellis it in a place that I can do a merge request to?14:55
AlanBellI know I can't to your +junk area, not sure about that location14:55
newz2000AlanBell: if you propose a change I will review it, any way you can is fine with me14:56
newz2000I think you can push to something like lp:~alanbell/canonical-webmonkeys/wikithemes/14:57
AlanBelllooks like I can request a merge to that14:57
newz2000AlanBell: the code has changed a lot since your last contribution14:57
AlanBellyeah, I can make a branch in my area, that is fine14:57
AlanBellsure, I just remember from a way back when there was a branch in +junk launchpad doesn't allow merge requests to target them14:58
AlanBellI will get this new code working later14:58
AlanBelldo you have a running instance of it anywhere?14:58
newz2000AlanBell: not public, no14:59
AlanBelloooh loadsa stuff in that branch15:00
AlanBellkubuntu, campfire, edubuntu, storm, ubuntuhelp15:00
newz2000yeah, the license on this is questionable, actually15:01
newz2000now that I think of it, some of these are canonical proprietary. :-)15:01
AlanBelloh exciting :)15:01
newz2000Nothing big, really15:01
newz2000just I haven't asked permission to open source15:02
AlanBellsure, so the stuff in light is the interesting stuff still right?15:02
newz2000AlanBell: I'm goign to change it back to private and set you as a subscribe until I get permiossion to open source campfire and storm15:02
AlanBellno problem15:03
newz2000You are welcome to look at campfire, it has a clever bit of work with the quick links menu. I plan on porting this to light after the a11y stuff is done.15:03
newz2000AlanBell: would you please refrain from publishing your branch until I get the licensing stuff cleared up?15:03
* newz2000 hates licensing issues15:03
AlanBellyup, that is fine15:04
AlanBellI will probably put up a running wiki on my laptop with just the light theme so some other people can test15:04
newz2000sure, that would be great, I'd love to get some more eyes15:04
newz2000AlanBell: do I remember correctly that you're one interested in the a11y issues?15:05
AlanBellyes (amongst other people obviously)15:05
AlanBellthere is a team meeting in #ubuntu-accessibility later15:05
AlanBell21:00 UTC in #ubuntu-accessibility15:06
newz2000I have on my todo list to try to pick off the a11y bugs over the next week or two, if you find anything interesting, I'd love to hear about it15:06
* newz2000 looks for the best place to file those...15:06
newz2000AlanBell: here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-isd-web tag as light-wiki and a11y would be awesome15:07
AlanBellthe Community Council is now following up the status of the 1.9 upgrade btw15:07
newz2000part of me says, "oh, great, taht'll be good!" and part says, "oh, great, porting wiki themes :-("15:07
newz2000really, moin themes are among the least favourite part of my work. :-)15:08
AlanBellthe theme architecture hasn't really changed15:08
AlanBellbeing able to save a page without a 500 error would be kinda nice15:08
newz2000yeah, and the searching is a big deal too, it's one of the main nav methods of the wiki15:09
AlanBellyup, the new 1.9 uses xapian to do the regular expression matching to send the update emails15:10
cjohnstonAlanBell: an eta on the 1.9?15:12
AlanBellcjohnston: no idea, it was in the CC meeting yesterday and popey sent a mail on behalf of the CC asking the IS manager for a status position statment15:13
newz2000oh, so it's still blocked on IS then.15:16
newz2000I would be afraid to hope for anything prior to Natty15:16
cjohnstonThe problem with that is, is there really ever a "better time"15:17
AlanBelland it isn't as if this is a new issue suddenly dropped in the runup to a relase15:19
AlanBellI had some feedback from IS that they were intending to start thinking about it on 2nd December http://paste.ubuntu.com/567711/15:21
newz2000yeah, I remember that e-mail very well.15:54
newz2000AlanBell: I'm going to be splitting the wiki themes into diff branches. I don't think I can do that today, but it will be quicker than getting approval to open source some of the stuff in that other branch15:54
newz2000So feel free to test and experiment, but don't bother doing a merge proposal. Sorry for the hassle. :-/16:02
AlanBellthat is fine16:02
AlanBellnewz2000: http://libertus.co.uk:808318:25
AlanBellor anyone else, does that work?18:26
newz2000AlanBell: it works for me18:26
AlanBellso far this is looking good18:27
AlanBellI will show it to the accessibility team later18:31
AlanBellnewz2000: join #ubuntu-accessibility and you can see what they think18:32
newz2000ah, may be info overload. :-)18:33
AlanBellI will bring it up in the meeting in 2 1/2 hours18:33
AlanBellyeah, but you can just lurk18:33
AlanBellnewz2000: that is running on my laptop on moin 1.9.318:48
newz2000oh, that's good news18:49
AlanBellI think there is something not quite right with the rendering of the menu bar below the orange bar in firefox, looks fine in chromium19:44
AlanBellnewz2000: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/02/16/%23ubuntu-community-team.html#t20:4921:27
newz2000AlanBell: that looks encouraging21:28
newz2000Let me know if any issues pop, happy to help fix them21:28
AlanBellis the menu corrupted for you in firefox?21:29
AlanBellnewz2000: a background colour on the classes diff-removed and diff-added would be nice22:58
AlanBelljust two different colours, doesn't matter much what they are22:59
AlanBellthere were less than favorable comments about the font sizes specified in px in typography.css23:01
AlanBellthe orangeheader-tile.png is 1px too wide or something so it doesn't quite tile right23:02
AlanBelland a few other people saw the menu corruption in firefox23:03
dakercheck that 404 page ツ
TurlI'm in firefox, if you want me to check23:24
dakerTurl, if you are speaking about the wiki here is a link http://libertus.co.uk:8083/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue21923:25
dakeri mean the new wiki theme23:26
Turlthere's a grey line over the text and going outside of the page23:26
Turlis that intentional?23:26
dakeri dunno ツ23:27
Turlwell, that clean hr is mostly outside of the page23:27
Turlthat can't be intentional :p23:27
Turlyou people forgot the "height:0" on #wikinav hr :p23:28
Turlalso, there's no such class "clear", you should add it with sth like clear: both23:29
Turland then it looks good :)23:29
Turlthe dropdown thing could use some css, btw23:30

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