karnitake care! cat /me | bed01:27
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duanedesignmorning rye09:20
ryeduanedesign, morning!09:21
JamesTaitHello, hello!09:40
duanedesignrye: i have a couple bugs like bug 703033. Are you ok with making that one the 'master' bug report to dupe others againstA?09:42
ubot4Launchpad bug 703033 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) "Unchecking 'synchronize this folder' doesn't stop synchronization (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70303309:42
duanedesignhello JamesTait09:42
ryeduanedesign, yes, i am ok with that and was actuallly going to file a bug re: DeleteVolume not being prioritized or pushed to the top of the queue09:43
ryethanks for reminding!09:43
JamesTaitHey duanedesign. :)09:45
duanedesignrye: before I start looking I thought I might ask you. Is there a bug for the way Ubuntu One handles the tokens i.e. People having to manually purge the token ?09:55
duanedesignhandles == handled09:56
duanedesigni think this was fixed09:57
ryeduanedesign, in case auth fails the token stays in the keyring and it is not removed. hmm09:59
ryeduanedesign, need to check how then controlpanel works09:59
ryewe just fixed a runaway server instance that was causing /files/ to OOPS, it did not want to rollback to the previous revision while all other servers were ok.10:03
karnihi guys. you working like ants from the very morning :)10:14
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duanedesignhello karni11:31
karnihi there :)11:39
mandelduanedesign, rye: ping12:22
mandelone question, in ubuntu sso, do we have an email validation if the user sugned through the desktop sso client?12:24
ryemandel, yes12:25
karniI have to leave for few hours, be back later.12:25
ryemandel, which calls SSO method to validate the email token12:25
mandelrye: so the user gets and email and validats is that right?12:26
mandelrye: there is no need to copy the token, is there?12:26
ryemandel, yes, everything is done via email click-through12:27
mandelrye: ok, so click here to confirm email thing, ok, thx :)12:28
ryemandel, you are very welcome12:29
alecuhello all!13:18
ralsina_errandshello alecu!13:41
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ralsinaTo whom it may concern: standup in 8 minutes. That's you dobey alecu nessita thisfred mandel!13:52
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ralsinaI have a call at exactly the standup's time, so please post everything and argue, but I will probably not be paying attention then13:59
mandelme (no notes yet)14:04
alecu(no notes yet too)14:06
ralsinayes, I lied, I am looking14:06
alecualecu, go14:09
alecuDONE: a branch to fix bug #717172, bug #715842, bug #715887, needs one more review: https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntuone-client/config-notifications-2/+merge/4990414:09
alecuTODO: API work: add OAuth to DroidCouch14:09
alecuBLOCKED: no14:09
alecuNEXT: thisfred14:09
thisfredDONE: worked on u1 couchdb API14:09
thisfredTODO: finish and package API, some u1client UI wrap up14:09
thisfredBLOCKED: still no unity14:09
ubot4Launchpad bug 717172 in ubuntuone-control-panel (and 1 other project) "Allow pynotify notifications to be enabled/disabled (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71717214:09
ubot4Launchpad bug 715842 in ubuntuone-client "Percentage in notification is a bit off: Uploaded 52/52 files, 95% completed (affects: 1) (heat: 87)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71584214:09
ubot4Launchpad bug 715887 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "Notify-OSD messages say "your cloud" (affects: 1) (heat: 542)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71588714:09
mandelDONE: added refactoring of dbus. Fixed merge issues. Talked with  UX about windows installation. Added remote objects for IPC on  Windows.14:09
mandelTODO: more IPC merging dicussiones. More UX dicussions.14:09
mandelBLOCKED: no14:09
mandeldobey, please14:09
dobeyλ DONE: brought back my server, fixed nightlies versioning14:10
dobeyλ TODO: banshee mustic store fixes, evaluate SRUs for maverick14:10
dobeyλ BLCK: on-call for jury duty14:10
mandeldobey: is it a murder trial or just someone that stole a car?14:12
dobeyi don't know14:16
dobeyi haven't been called in yet14:17
ralsinadobey, could you do the stable-1.4  version of this trivial branch? I am VM-less until later: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+bug/71497614:18
ubot4Launchpad bug 714976 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu Natty) (and 5 other projects) "Can't Synchronize folder ~/Ubuntu One Music (affects: 2) (heat: 10)" [Medium,Triaged]14:18
ralsinadobey: or rather forget it, I'll do it eventually14:19
* dobey forgets14:20
ralsinaanyone has handy the wiki page with the whole setup of the development environment?14:27
ralsinaI am having to reinstall all my VMs because of VirtualFreakingBox14:28
alecuralsina, sudo apt-get build-dep ubuntuone-client14:32
ralsinaalecu: there's also the ssh keys and bzr setup, the dailies, that kind of thing.14:33
alecuoh, right. :-)14:34
ralsinaalecu: not that it's all in that page anyway, either14:34
alecuralsina, that's: "rsync .ssh .gnupg .bazaar ... newlocation" for me!14:34
ralsinaalecu: well, since no Linux VM boots at the moment, that's not doable :-)14:35
ralsinaalecu: and I don't have the setup in the "outer" box, which is just for switching VMs14:35
ralsinaBut now I will have everything on ubuntuone, of course ;-)14:36
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ralsinadobey: chipaca was doing a fix for the platform.tools exception we saw yesterday14:49
ralsinadobey: it turns out it was a problem with libubuntuone's __init__.py14:50
ralsinadobey: so, if that was in the last release, we need to do a new one14:50
dobeyhe filed it against libu1 and assigned to me, yes14:53
beunoCardinalFang, so, we going down the cache-then-play route today?15:01
ralsinadobey: ok, cool15:03
nessitahello everyone15:04
Chipacaralsina: no, i wasn't doing a fix15:05
Chipacaralsina: I filed a bugtask on libu1, set it to critical and assigned it to dobey15:05
dobeyChipaca: in manager-speak, that is "doing a fix"15:06
CardinalFangbeuno, almost certainly.15:06
Chipacadobey: yes... but only when it's manager-to-manager :)15:06
* Chipaca discovers that that hurts because it's true15:07
Chipacadear huge ants: please stop falling off the tree and onto my laptop, you're freaking me out15:07
ralsinadobey: chipaca said "I am doing a branch", so I guessed he was doing it a bit more... directly ;-)15:08
dobeyChipaca: maybe they are bringing you some sugar for mixing a mojito?15:09
ralsinaOk, he said "I'll throw this branch up there". Maybe a branch had fallen on his keyboard and I misunderstood :-)15:09
Chipacaralsina: I was going to! but then I remembered my place :)15:09
ralsinaChipaca: yeah, we shouldn't hurt developers' feelings by messing with their code!15:10
Chipacaralsina: and I did some math and realized I'd only be able to start working on the branch about this time, and ...15:10
Chipacaralsina: so 2+2=5 and i pushed it (back?) onto dobey's plate15:11
alecuhello there, nessita. Didn't see you coming :-)15:11
nessitahi alecu, how are you?15:11
alecuthisfred, can I ask you for this review? https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntuone-client/config-notifications-2/+merge/4990415:12
ralsinaoh, hello nessita15:12
thisfredalecu: yep, I'm on it15:12
alecunessita, didn't ask you about Cosquin rock. How was it?15:12
ralsinaDid you see Ciro y los Persas? I'm so jealous :-)15:13
nessitaalecu: it was awesome! I did see Ciro, he's such a show off guy :-)15:13
nessitaalecu: the band is called 'Ciro y los persas' but all the t-shirts and carteles only said Ciro15:13
alecunessita, is that the Ciro from Los Piojos?15:13
ralsinawell, come on, if he wanted to be in a band he wouldn't be in that one :-)15:14
nessitabut it was a really good show. I was there mainly to see No Te Va Gustar, and it was GREAT. I wore my throat out snging songs15:14
alecuyes, those screaming teenager girls in music shows. I despise them.15:15
Chipacanessita: see? I'm becoming a lot more polite. I made no joke about people's ears bleeding.15:15
nessitaalecu: I despise the teenager girls that screams 'I love you Emiiiii' (Emi is the band main singer). I was screaming songs, so I guess I'm cool (?)15:16
nessitaChipaca: :-)15:16
alecuthisfred, when testing the branch IRL, make sure to use d-feet to turn notifications on and off thru the dbus interface.15:18
thisfredalecu: sure15:19
alecunessita, I was trying to find a place to put the "enable notifications" checkbox. And I was thinking of putting it above the "Limit bandwidth" one.15:20
alecuwhat do you think?15:20
nessitaalecu: makes sense. Are you doing that on the control panel or shall I?15:21
alecunessita, I can do it, sure.15:21
ralsinanessita: Since I started control panel as a new user again, I noticed a bit of a problem15:21
nessitaralsina: shoot15:21
ralsinaIf you start it on a new device and go to the cloud folders tab, you see only one, and no indication of there being any others15:22
ralsinabecause it's not connected and can't get the list15:22
ralsinaSo, it maybe should say something about the list being possible incomplete15:22
ralsinaBecause it seems as if the folders are just not there15:23
ralsina*/ (end of comment ;-)15:23
ralsinaOk, gotta stop 10 mnutes to play "Powerpugg Girls Zom-B-Gone" with my son (don't ask)15:24
alecume wanna play too15:25
nessitaralsina: when you come back, I have a few questions from what you said15:26
mandelralsina: do choose the mojojojo one, he is waaaaaay cooler thant those girls!15:26
ralsinathe one where he creates the robots using kidnapped puppies is kinda cool15:27
nessitaChipaca: did you receive the signed contributor agreement for Chris McGinlay?15:27
nessitaChipaca: my question in particular is if that is enough15:27
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Chipacanessita: you can answer that question yourself, by checking whether the person is now in https://launchpad.net/~contributor-agreement-canonical15:28
Chipacanessita: (yes)15:28
nessitaChipaca: right. Thanks!15:29
nessitaalecu: any news/diagnosis on the tomboy server oops?15:29
alecunessita, no, I didn't do anything about that. I saw an email by Chipaca telling about some related couchdb timeouts, but didn't follow on that.15:31
kklimondaChipaca: this team doesn't list all people who's "signed" it.15:31
kklimonda(I know, because I've had to sign it at some point and I'm not a member ;))15:32
Chipacakklimonda: that's an error or an omission15:32
Chipacakklimonda: it is the recommended way of figuring out if somebody has signed the agreement :)15:32
kklimondaI agree, just saying that it's not a bad idea to ask anyway ;)15:33
kklimonda(or someone should make sure that the list is really up to date)15:34
kklimondaok, that was a long discussion about nothing important, time to get back to work. :)15:34
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ralsinanessita: I'm back15:37
nessitaralsina: so, I was saying. Not sure what you're saying re: device panel since either you get the full list or nothing15:37
nessitaralsina: so, how did you manage to get only one item?15:37
ralsinanessita: when I first opened it I got the ubuntuone folder only15:38
nessitaralsina: my guess is that you have only one device in that account15:38
nessitaralsina: are we talking folders or devices?15:38
ralsinanessita: not the devices panel, the cloud folders panel15:38
nessitaralsina: ok, that doesn't need connection15:38
nessitaralsina: so you're saying all  there is to see :-)15:38
ralsina"If you start it on a new device and go to the cloud folders tab, you see only one, and no indication of there being any others"15:38
ralsinanessita: no, I had two folders shared to me and they appeared after I connected15:38
nessitaralsina: ok, then syncdaemon didn't know about that before connection15:39
ralsinanessita: right. But maybe we could find a way to explain that list may be incomplete15:39
nessitaralsina: I think showing a message 'this list may be incomplete' will cause confusion. How will the user be able to complete it?15:40
nessitaralsina: right now, syncdaemon doesn't need to connect every time to get the full list, only once15:40
ralsinaBut if you are not connected the list may be incomplete anyway15:40
nessitaralsina: so you may be disconnected and have a complete list15:40
ralsinaIf you never connected it will be incomplete and empty :-)15:41
ralsinanessita: yes, you may.15:41
nessitaralsina: yes, but we can't know if the user never connected15:41
ralsinaThat's what makes it difficult, and the reason why I didn't say how to fix it :-)15:41
nessitaralsina: right :-)15:41
ralsinaMy best guess is "if we are not connected, the list MAY be incomplete". I don't think we have more than that.15:42
nessitaralsina: hum... I think this may be solved as a side effect of autoconnecting the daemon after initial device setup15:42
nessitaralsina: what do you think?15:42
ralsinanessita:  yes15:43
ralsinathe corner case would be "it's not connected and another device accepted a share" but that's a small corner15:43
nessitaralsina: I already have bug #715873 to code, I guess it will cover as a side effect what you say15:43
ubot4Launchpad bug 715873 in ubuntuone-control-panel "Auto connect after initial setup (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71587315:43
ralsinaFine by me. Thanks!15:44
helodo you sell ubuntu one music gift certificates?15:44
nessitaralsina: thank you!15:45
nessitajoshuahoover: do you know the answer to helo's question?15:45
helowell, not you obviously, but canonical ;)15:45
nessitahelo: I think no, I'm confirming15:45
heloor "advance pay" etc15:45
helosome way to delay the choice of what music is downloaded after the money has passed to canonical15:46
dobeyChipaca, ralsina: https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/libubuntuone/fix-init-py/+merge/4998915:46
ralsinadobey: approved already :-)15:47
nessitahelo: as far as I know, no. Chipaca would you know? (helo's question 2 lines above)15:47
joshuahooverhelo: we do not sell music store gift certificates15:48
joshuahoovernessita: ^15:48
helothanks for the detective work :)15:49
Chipacajoshuahoover: but the store does allow you to redeem vouchers15:50
joshuahooverChipaca: right, we just don't sell gift certificates at this time for the store15:50
Chipacajoshuahoover: right15:50
Chipacajoshuahoover: I was about to add that I didn't know how you would go about buying a voucher :)15:51
Chipacahelo: sorry :(15:51
ralsinaThe person that made guake 90% transparent by default is weird.16:02
heloi bet holiday sales would go up quite a bit with gift cards... universal web browser access a-la amazon mp3 would be a prior requirement i guess16:05
helotheir terrible "download app" approach could be avoided by using the ubuntu one cloud storage, which would make the ubuntu one music store more accessible than amazon mp3 (perhaps with the addition of a batch web browser directory download)16:08
dobeylunch time, bbiab16:17
mandelnessita: ping16:19
nessitamandel: pong16:19
mandelnessita: got a couple of questions about the way we create new sso account, the user validates his email address getting an email, right?16:20
mandelnessita: in that email, do they have to click a link or copy pate a code?16:20
nessitamandel: the copy and paste a code16:20
nessita6 characters16:20
mandelnessita: now the nice question from UX, why?16:20
mandelwhy not clicking?16:21
nessitathat they need to enter in our app and we send to sso for validation16:21
nessitamandel: we want to abstratc the user to use a browser (email can be used from a desktop app)16:21
mandelclarita: thats your answer ^16:21
mandelnessita: so the user always have to go to the web to add the number oor we provide the request, right?16:22
nessitamandel: the user never has to go to the web16:23
nessitamandel: our app gives the text entry to enter that code16:23
nessitamandel: and then we need to make another REST call to SSO server validating that code16:23
mandelnessita: ok16:23
nessitamandel: you can try all this IRL with the sso UI, if you want/need16:25
mandelnessita: for what I understood, the ideal for clarita is that such a url is in the confirmation email, rather than copy^pasting16:25
nessitamandel: who is clarita?16:26
claritahello nessita -16:26
claritaI'm working in Ivanka's team16:26
claritaand I'm here now.... :-)16:27
nessitamandel, clarita: we can't use the REST api and get URLs in the email16:27
nessitaclarita: hi there! nice to meet you16:27
claritanessita: hello!16:27
nessitaclarita: so, I coded all the client side of the SSO service16:27
nessitaclarita: but we are tied to the SSO server, which is all owned by ISD team16:27
claritaok - so if we are setting up preferences at the app level, then we would have to say to the user 'go to your email and get the code'16:28
mandelnessita: this is for the windows installation, in qhich we will create a user16:28
nessitaclarita: yes, we're already doing that. Have you tried the ubuntu app that does exactly that?16:28
nessitamandel: is the same as linux, right?16:28
claritanessita: it is not that we *have* to take them to the browser, but it was one of the options we were considering... yes I've seen how it works for the Ubuntu app16:28
mandelnessita: not necesarly16:28
* mandel runs away!16:29
nessitamandel: if you plan to use the same REST API, the app will have the exact same workflow16:29
nessitabecause the REST api enforces that workflow16:29
claritanessita: mandel: ok so it looks like keep them in the preferences set up process and say nicely 'go and copy the code and hurry back' got it16:29
nessitaclarita: right. In the desktop all we have is a RESTfull api to talk to the sso server. And that API enforces a particular workflow16:30
nessitaworkflow is:16:30
nessita* ask the SSO server for a captcha image16:30
nessita* gather data from the user, in particular email and password and the captcha solution to the aforementioned image16:31
nessita* send that to the sso sever for reistration. In that step, the email is automgically sent to the user16:31
nessita* present the user with a screen to enter the code he just received from the sso server16:31
nessita* send the code along with the email and password to the sso server again, for validation16:32
nessitaclarita, mandel: basically, the email that is sent to the user is not under our control16:32
claritanessita: OK - one question - is captcha necessary when installing the desktop app or just for web?16:32
nessitaclarita: mandtory for desktop16:32
nessitaclarita: we can't register a user without proving the captcha id  + correct solution16:33
nessitaralsina: would you be available to review https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-client/async-credentials/+merge/49866 ?16:33
ralsinanessita: sure, but not right away16:33
nessitaralsina: np, thanks!16:33
mandelnessita: what happens if the machine crashes before the code is received, do they have to start all over again?16:34
mandelis windows, u know…. BSD16:34
nessitamandel: no, you need to handle this case specifically, becasue the user will be already registered, so he can't register again16:34
nessitamandel: you can try it on ubuntu: register and close the window without entering the code16:35
nessitamandel: and then, open the sso dialog again. You will not be able to register (email already registered)16:35
mandelnessita: oh interesting, and what is the work around then?16:35
nessitamandel: and if you login, our app detects that you're not validated and asks for the code16:35
nessitamandel: please try it IRL, is much more descriptive than what I can say here :-)16:36
* karni listens on16:36
* mandel boots the vm16:36
nessitamandel, karni: the code is easy to follow at: ubuntu_sso/main.py16:36
claritanessita: mandel:  ok - please could you clarify why captcha is necessary for local installation?16:36
karninessita: cool, thanks :) I still have the doc you've sent me16:36
nessitakarni: yey!16:37
nessitaclarita: we create users in SSO using an API given by the ISD team. That API requires getting a captcha and sending the solution for it.16:38
mandelclarita: for not having smart people writing scripts to create a gazillion of accounts16:38
nessitaclarita: is not a decision made by us, but by the ISD team16:38
mandelclarita: is a web solution on a desktop, not nice….16:38
nessitamandel: I disagree, you can certainly write a desktop script to register tons of users16:38
karnimandel: gazillion of accounts.. that reminds me I need to remove some amount of oauth tokens ;D16:39
nessitakarni: try the new control panel!!!16:39
claritanessita: mandel: I see - yes that's why I was confused...but I shall design with captcha! :-) thanks for the info guys16:39
nessitakarni: if you're using a desktop app16:39
nessitaclarita: have you talked with mpt? he's very familiar with the current desktop SSO app16:40
karninessita: tricky question - can I upgrade on lucid, o should I install 11.04 on a side to use it?16:40
mandelnessita: well, on a desktop smarter things can be done, not only a captcha, but is not mycall anyways :P16:40
nessitakarni: you could use it on maverick having nightlies enabled, or natty. But not lucid16:40
nessitamandel: right16:40
karninessita: np. I should upgrade anyway :) I'll try it out, thanks16:40
mptI who the what now?16:40
nessitampt: you did it!!!16:41
nessitampt: hello there! how are you?16:41
mptHello nessita, I have a cough. How are you?16:41
nessitampt: clarita is asking me about the desktop SSO app, I thought it may be faster for her to talk to you for general doubts16:41
nessitampt: I'm great, thanks for asking :-)16:41
* karni silently wonders what is clarita working on16:42
ralsinakarni: clarita is working on UX16:42
mptnessita, I know nothing at all about the code, and the main thing I know about the design is what's wrong with it16:42
karniralsina: aha! :)16:42
nessitampt: well, you can tell her so we can have a SSO app for windows much better than the current one16:43
nessitampt: and yes, I wasn't expecting you to answer about the code but the UI16:43
claritampt: I am round the corner so I will come and use the power of 'face to face conversation' :-)16:43
mptnessita, I didn't know there was one for Windows16:43
nessitampt: there will be one, apparently (I thought we were having the same one in both OS's)16:44
mandelmpt, nessita: is a cparrino idea, we have the chance to improve things on other platforms16:45
mandeldont kill the code monkey :P16:45
nessitamandel: well, if it turns out to be better we can adapt the linux one :-)16:45
nessitaclarita: so, we have our hopes in you!16:45
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
nessitamandel: please be aware of bug #709494 and the matching bug #709496 which is very important for us to handle once ISD fixes it16:48
ubot4Launchpad bug 709494 in ubuntu-sso-client "Missing user's name field (affects: 1) (heat: 10)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70949416:48
ubot4Launchpad bug 709496 in canonical-identity-provider "Need a way to set the 'displayname' property for newly created accounts using REST API (affects: 1) (heat: 10)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70949616:48
ralsinanessita: consider it a beta test for the future awesome^2 UI16:53
dobeyralsina: computers are binary, so they would be 2^awesome instead17:09
ralsinadobey: won't matter, awesome is a float17:10
DanRabbitnessita: ping17:10
dobeyralsina: i'll be sure to install a math coprocessor then17:12
ralsinaYes, it requires at least a 8028717:13
mandelralsina: ping17:19
ralsinamandel: pongale17:19
mandelralsina: how free are you to do linux reviews for code needed on windows17:19
mandelralsina: I have proposed the dbus refactored branches17:19
ralsinamandel: today, not much17:19
mandelralsina: ok, then you are an average manager....17:20
ralsinabut I can probably do a lot tomorrow morning17:20
mandelralsina: cool, tom morning, is it a deal? :)17:20
ralsinamandel: come on, I did all your windows reviews, that earned me a small piece of heaven ;-)17:20
ralsinamandel: I'll be here very early just for you17:20
mandelralsina: haha yes you did17:20
mandelralsina: cool, then we can also start taking a look at the IPC client code for the UI17:21
ralsinaAbout 6AM my time, that's 9AM UTC17:21
ralsinamandel: yeah17:21
mandelralsina: dont be crazy, you can wake up like a youngperson, 6 am is just for old people ;)17:21
ralsinamandel: I *am* old17:22
mandelralsina: just ping me whenever you can I'll be here17:22
ralsinaI go to bed at 10PM17:22
ralsinai wear my pants above my navel level!17:22
mandelralsina: you said it...17:22
karnimandel: you're right. young people don't wake up at 6AM. they have barely *fallen* asleep after coding till 3-4AM ;)17:27
dobeymandel: i wonder if ralsina will be able to survive UDS then :P17:28
ralsinadobey mandel: I am counting on jet lag for that17:29
ralsinaBesides, I am mild minnered but I can probably code all of you under the table. Specially if I have been drinking you under the table earlier ;-)17:29
* ralsina checks if "drink you under the table" means what he thinks it means. Yes!17:31
dobeyit means you're an alcoholic17:31
ralsinadobey: I drink alcohol maybe three times a year.17:32
ralsinadobey: it's just that I can drink a lot if I feel like it. It helps that alcohol is fat-soluble.17:32
nessitaDanRabbit: pong17:33
mandelkarni: indeed I"m everyday up til 2 am at least...17:34
mandelralsina: just like me, I can drink as much as I want, but I dont know one I always get drunk with the last drink17:34
karnimandel: :)17:35
DanRabbitnessita: I can't even remember what I was going to ask you :p17:35
nessitaDanRabbit: I'll be around for a while, I've just finished having lunch17:35
ralsinamandel: you are a rugbier. You are all happy drunks.17:35
nessitaDanRabbit: ping me when you remember :-)17:35
DanRabbitnessita: okay sorry :p17:35
dobeyralsina: just don't let him sit down, or he'll break the chair17:36
mandeldobey: that has just happened twice that i can recall...17:38
dobeytwice in the span of 10 days17:38
mandelyes, I think i has to do with the influence of disney more than anything else17:39
ralsinadisney made you break chairs? That's a new one.17:40
mandelralsina: he, I'm special17:45
mandelralsina: ok, before I go, bad joke in spanish17:46
mandelralsina: conoces el chiste del hombre entre dos vallas?17:46
ralsina(that was no, in spanish)17:46
mandelralsina: valla hombre, valla….17:46
ralsinamandel: sabes como se tiene a un hombre en suspenso por 12 horas?17:47
mandelralsina: no voy a esperar tanto :P17:47
mandelralsina: good one I did not know that one hehe17:47
ralsinamanuel: no me rio de tí, me rio contigo, lo que pasa es que no haces tu parte! ;-)17:47
mandelralsina: did you watch the link I posted the other day?17:48
ralsinamandel: yes I did.17:48
ralsinaI can't remember it now, though17:48
mandelralsina: that's spanish humor :P17:48
ralsinaluckily we rejected spanish humour after the revolution of independence.17:48
mandelwhich is a same… 'cause we are dam funny17:49
=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
ralsinaIt's in the constitution somewhere, "this new country rejects all hereditary titles and honours and that thing the colonial powers call humour"17:51
mandelralsina: and since then you have not tried a decent chorizo :P17:52
mandelralsina: and we make fun of you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIL1Dv_xwLE17:52
mandelnot oyu oyu, but the way you speak hehe17:53
ralsinamandel: as long as not of me personally I don't care much ;-)17:53
ralsinamandel: I speak funny even for an argentinian, so it's ok ;-)17:53
mandeli managed to type you wrong 2 times.. impresive17:53
mandelralsina: that video is worth watching hehe17:53
ralsinamandel: I hardly understand what they are saying.17:55
mandelralsina: haha the use a lot of spanish slang17:56
ralsinanessita: bug #720226 could be about not having NM running?17:56
ubot4Launchpad bug 720226 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) "GUI does not update connection information (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72022617:56
nessitaralsina: checking17:57
joshuahooverralsina: seems more like a support request (may be a legit bug, but hard to say)17:58
ralsinaBTW: I have triaged 150 bugs in a week. I am stopping for a few days except for "really" new ones.17:58
ralsinajoshuahoover: we could ask for the output of "u1sdtool --status" to see if syncdaemon notices the network connection.17:59
joshuahooverralsina: right...it's just that these types of bugs make a lot of noise and the user really just wants help...so it would be better if they go to ask ubuntu or /support/contact18:00
nessitaralsina: I'm not sure. I don t know if the 'old' preferences (which is what this user is using) blocks on NM18:00
ralsinajoshuahoover: ok, is there a standard speech to send the user for support?18:01
joshuahoovernessita, ralsina: it won't work if nm isn't managing the connection but is installed18:01
ralsinaSo I can copy it ;-)18:01
joshuahooverralsina: good question, let me get it for you :)18:01
ralsinaHe added a screenshot and it looks just blank. Sadly, I have no Maverick yet.18:02
joshuahooverralsina: Thank you for taking the time to file this bug report. For this type of request, it's best to use one of the Ubuntu One support channels listed at https://one.ubuntu.com/support/  If this is a bug we'll be sure it gets updated here with steps to reproduce and other important information that helps us figure out the root cause of the bug.18:05
ralsinaand mark it invalid?18:05
joshuahooverralsina: yes, please :) seems harsh but ultimately, the user wants help...if it happens to be a legit bug then that's just a coincidence ;)18:06
dobeythat bug is against lucid18:06
joshuahooverdobey: yes?18:06
dobeynot maverick18:06
joshuahooverdobey: right18:06
ralsinaok, I have no lucid either18:07
dobeyand the preferences dialog doesn't give two shakes about NM18:07
dobeyit just makes the REST calls18:07
ralsinadobey: but it's not getting anything back in the REST calls, right?18:07
dobeyso not sure why it's not loading, but could just be very slow or something. would need his u1prefs.log18:07
dobeyralsina: i have no idea18:08
ralsinacould be the proxy?18:08
dobeyralsina: it defaults to saying "Unknown"18:08
dobeywell yes, if he's on a proxy it will fail18:08
dobeyoh, the log is there18:09
dobeymaybe he has an invalid token and it's not doing the right thing18:09
dobeyno idea18:09
ralsinait fails at everything, mostly18:10
ralsinaok, sent it to support anyway18:11
dobeylooks like user error to me :)18:12
joshuahooverdobey: i was waiting for that ;-)18:12
joshuahoovernessita: can we give a friendlier message for bug #696361? (related to date/time being incorrect on user's computer and getting oauth token)18:16
ubot4Launchpad bug 696361 in ubuntu-sso-client (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu sso fails with 'An HTTP non-2xx response code was received' (affects: 3) (heat: 84)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69636118:16
nessitajoshuahoover: short answer is 'no'. Long answer has several points:18:20
nessita* the error shown is what the SSO server sends us. And this error is not specific to having the date/time wrong, we can have the same error for other circumstances.18:20
nessita* we have no open slot to work on SSO, sadly. We have a couple of High bugs (proxy support, accessibility support) that are very important but not likely to be tackle any time soon :-(18:20
nessitajoshuahoover: sorry :-( I don't even know if that's the case for that bug18:21
joshuahoovernessita: ah, ok...i created an faq related to this since the few people i've worked with that get this error, correcting the date/time solved the problem...realizing it's not always going to be the case but better than nothing (i think!)18:22
nessitajoshuahoover: if you can think of a good message to show, something like 'bla ble 2xx response bla bla. You should confirm you have the date/time set correctly, that can be one of many casues why you're getting this' I can squeeze a branch in18:22
nessitajoshuahoover: so, basically, if you have a message proposal that can work in the sense that suggest to check date and time but do not guarantee that that is the problem, I'm happy yo add it18:23
joshuahoovernessita: yeah, not sure we should do that...hmmm18:23
ralsinaI had that bug the first week I joined canonical :-)18:23
joshuahooverralsina: use a time server! ;)18:23
nessitaralsina: I know. Can you think on a good message?18:23
ralsinajoshuahoover: I had the YEAR wrong, so the time server failed18:23
ralsinanessita: "There has been an error in the login process. Please see this page for possible causes"18:24
ralsinaAnd create a page for it, explaining the time error and whatever other possibilities in order of decreasing likelihood.18:24
nessitaralsina: hum18:24
nessitaralsina: are you aware SSO is not ubuntu one dependat, right? we need a generic page18:25
ralsinaBut "a non 2xx response" is really not something I would show.18:25
joshuahooverralsina, nessita: yes, something along what ralsina posted is what we need due to the error being vague18:25
nessitaralsina: I agree18:25
joshuahoovernessita: ah, good point18:25
ralsinaYes, a ubuntu page18:25
nessitajoshuahoover, ralsina: but we need a generic FAQ18:25
nessitaif you give me the link to it, I'll make a branch18:25
ralsinajoshuahoover nessita: a ubuntu wiki page would serve?18:28
nessitaralsina: I think so, yes18:28
ralsinanessita: Ok, I will create one later and send it to you, unless someone beats me to ir18:31
dobeythe non-2xx error thing is the shoving multiple error conditions into a single user-facing message problem18:46
ralsinadobey: yeah18:55
ralsinaBesides, lower in the stack there is a better error, a 401, IIRC18:55
ralsinabut somewhere in the middle all the errors get collapsed18:55
dobeyi'll just blanket all those errors with a factual statement18:56
dobeyi hate oauth.18:56
ralsinaWe could change it to "OAuth hates you!" ;-)18:56
dobeyit would at least be a more accurate error message18:58
dobey"No OAuth for you! You go end of line!"18:59
dobeyoi it's only 14:0018:59
nessitaralsina: you available to do reviews now or still busy?19:18
ralsinanessita: still busy for another 30 minutes19:19
nessitaralsina: ack19:19
ralsinanessita: but if you mail them to me I promise they will be done before you login tomorrow19:19
nessitaralsina: sure!19:20
nessitaralsina: sent19:22
mandelralsina: ping19:28
ralsinamandel: ponga!19:29
mandelralsina: I have notice that foerdi (msi man) has commented in some bugs, did you manage totalk with him?19:30
ralsinamandel: not yet19:30
ralsinamandel: I will call him tomorrow morning19:31
ralsinamandel: I am procrastinating, so I will stop.19:31
mandelralsina: haha19:34
mandelralsina: did he event get in touch?19:34
ralsinamandel: yes, he sent me an email. I am just an inconsiderate bastard19:36
mandelralsina: ok, cool then I trust u19:37
ralsinamandel: that's what SHE said19:38
ralsinamandel: did I use that right? ;-)19:38
mandelralsina: perfect!19:38
mandelralsina: sis u get the email with the installer UI workflow?19:38
ralsinamandel: yup19:39
ralsinamandel: I like it, even19:39
mandelralsina: hahaha19:39
mandelralsina: I think everything with a nice QtWizard should be doable, but then we have to launch the msi installer with no UI as a second process and think how we can deploy a single .exe with the msi embeded in it19:42
ralsinamandel: I have absolutely no idea how to do any of those things.19:43
mandelralsina: that UI with Wix can be done to, but the process will have to be broken for the account set up and clarita did not want that19:43
ralsinaExcept maybe create a QWizard in a single exe19:43
ralsinaI could even do it in C++19:43
dobeywe're moving to fltk. it is the future19:44
mandelralsina: yes… I know how to do it in C++ to, but would be a pain to add yet another lang19:44
ralsinamandel: yeah19:44
mandelmaybe pyinstaller has somethings smart....19:44
mandelpy2exe does not AFAIK19:44
ralsinadobey: didn't you hear? The enlightenment widgets got 1.0 yesterday. They are now the past ;-)19:45
dobeyfltk is not ewt19:46
dobeyor etk or whatever it's called this week19:46
ralsinadobey: right, but if etk (or whatever) is released, everything else is the past. It follows logically from ewt being the future before.19:48
ralsinafltk has been the past for a few years already!19:48
dobeyare you low on coffee or tired or what? :)19:49
mandelif anyone does this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1960799/using-gitdropbox-together-effectively/1961515#1961515 with ubuntuone I might literally kill them19:50
joshuahoovermandel: don't tell beuno that (substitute bzr for git)19:51
mandelno, bzr uis great, I just dont wanna see people using ubuntuone to host their repos or code, lp is there for that19:52
joshuahoovermandel: it's not a good setup, but we used bzr to help track down issues with file sync...easy to compare if things are syncing between multiple computers19:53
mandeljoshuahoover: haha, that is evil19:54
joshuahoovermandel: yes, and drove the chicharra guys crazy (still does)19:54
mandeljoshuahoover: I;m not surprise, do not do it on windows… ever19:54
joshuahoovermandel: heh19:55
mandeljoshuahoover: you could BSD seriously :P19:55
joshuahoovermandel: really? that seems a bit odd19:56
joshuahoovermandel: is that because you only have one hand?19:56
dobeybut which flavor of BSD?19:57
mandeljoshuahoover: hehe, atm it wont, but I've learned how to use too much kernel memory and make everything go crazy19:57
mandeldobey: Blue Screen of Death :P19:58
joshuahoovermandel: heh19:58
mandelI'm calling it a day, catch u all tom!19:58
alecuAnybody wants to get rid of notifications? then, review this: https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntuone-control-panel/bubbles-checkbox/+merge/5004320:01
* beuno doesn't but will still review20:01
dobeyalecu: what if i want to get rid of extraneous check boxes? :)20:02
alecubeuno, great!20:02
beunoalecu, could I get a quick screenshot of the checkbox?20:03
alecudobey, review and dissaprove20:03
alecubeuno, sure20:03
joshuahoovermandel: does the purchased music folder sync on the current windows beta?20:06
nessitaalecu: I will20:07
alecunessita, hurry up before dobey disapproves :-)20:08
nessitadobey: don't!20:08
dobeysorry, i don't agree with the idea of solving "i shot myself in the foot" with "here's a form to select what size ammo to use when shooting yourself in the foot, so you can adjust the level of pain to your liking."20:11
ralsinadobey: please don't disapprove it, mmmmkay?20:11
dobeyi didn't. i was being facetious earlier20:12
ralsinadobey: ok then. It was discussed and it was decided, so disapproving it is not really useful.20:12
nessitaalecu: I don't think the word 'bubble' means anything at UI level20:14
nessitaalecu: can we have 'Show all notifications' for the UI option?20:14
alecunessita, sure20:15
alecubeuno, http://ubuntuone.com/p/dZO/20:15
alecubeuno, and it seems that publishing from the web ui is not working on firefox 4 beta 11 :-(20:15
beunoalecu, yeah, known issue, we're waiting for the next FF4 update to fix some bugs, then we'll fix whatever remains broken20:16
beunoalecu, +1 on what nessita said, and maybe not use the word "all"?   "Show notifications"?20:16
alecu(I spent a few minutes reloading, thinking it was my connection :P)20:16
alecubeuno, the idea is to add in a following (branch, version?) a more granular set of checkboxes20:17
alecubeuno, like empathy does.20:17
nessitaalecu: wait wait wait, not sure if we're doing that20:17
alecubut I agree that  "all" could be removed till then.20:17
alecunessita, version perhaps.20:18
nessitaalecu: you should be working on API, we should do the minimun in other projects20:18
nessitaalecu: otherwise aquarius will complain (with reason) :-)20:18
alecunahhh... he'll just buy us beer.20:19
=== ivanka is now known as ivanka-train
nessitaalecu: we can't add more checkboxes on the same screen, we would need UX inout for that20:19
nessitaalecu: and besides, we have higher priority bugs for the control panel than adding more granularity to notification settings20:20
alecunessita, absolutely. By "version" I mean "O+"20:20
nessitaalecu: ah! you scared me! :-D20:20
alecunessita, absolutely. By "version" I mean "Ñ+"20:20
nessitaalecu: sorry, I understood 'next branch', and all the sudden I panicked20:21
nessitaalecu: I've been triaging several UI bugs for the control panel so I'm a little freaked out right now, too much work pending to do20:22
dobeywow. Empathy says "[] Show bubble notifications"20:23
dobeysuch an atrocity20:24
alecudobey, yeah. "notification bubbles" sounds a lot better :P20:25
nessitaalecu: awesome branch, approved20:25
alecunessita, beuno: string fixed.20:25
alecunessita, thanks.20:25
dobeya nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat, eh20:25
beunoalecu, +1ed as well20:26
alecugreat! let's land it!20:26
* beuno puts on his seat belt20:26
dobeyit should totally just send pokes to people on facebook when their files are synced20:26
alecudobey, hahahaa20:28
alecudobey, I'm working on a Festival plugin for Ubuntu One. It will say the name of each file synchronized.20:30
dobeybut it has to sound like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNzyQamf6O820:32
nessitain 10 minutes I'll be leaving for an hour to run an errand. Does anyone needs something before that?20:34
dobeya martini would be good20:37
dobeyshaken, not stirred20:37
nessitadobey: here, have one20:37
dobeyralsina: how are you on that stable-1-4 fix?20:48
ralsinadobey: not even started. It's a two-liner20:48
ralsinadobey: but I had a terrible day syste-wise20:48
dobeyshould i do it?20:48
ralsinadobey: if you have 10 minutes, yes please20:48
dobeywell, i'd like to get the maverick sru item off my todo list :)20:49
ralsinahahaha you are motivated then :-)20:52
dobeyoh, just remembered20:56
dobeyi need to e-mail my rally receipts in too20:56
ralsinadobey: please do20:56
dobeyand now, the stable fix21:09
grunthusHi, I'm working on bug 715820, having had a proposed branch rejected.21:19
ubot4Launchpad bug 715820 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "No tooltip for disconnect button (affects: 1) (heat: 12)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71582021:19
grunthusI'm quite new to bzr and MOTU in general, ...21:20
ralsinahi grunthus!21:20
ralsinaI see nessita disapproved it?21:20
dobeyit was a branch against the downstream ubuntu packaging branch21:21
dobeynot against the upstream trunk21:21
grunthusThat's correct. I need to branch from trunk. Can I do this, merging into my edited code, or should I start over?21:21
ralsinagrunthus: take a patch and start again I think21:21
ralsinaBut my bzr-fu is not exactly strong :-)21:21
dobeygrunthus: you can take the .diff and apply it to upstream trunk probably21:21
ralsinaSorry to be strict about these things, but we really appreciate your help21:22
grunthusNo need to apologise! Good to see there's a process in place.21:23
dobeyah, and you signed the contrib agreement i see, so should be good as long as you propose to the right place :)21:24
ralsinaAnd we get cparrino to approve the string change21:26
dobeyhaha, you know. this bug doesn't really exist on stable-1-4 it seems21:33
dobeystable-1-4 won't work on windows, but the bug itself doesn't occur21:34
grunthusbasic question: if I do bzr branch lp:ubuntuone-control-panel <branch name>,21:37
grunthusdo I make up the branch name myself?21:37
grunthusRight, got a clean copy of trunk for ubuntuone-control-panel, running all the testsuite.21:41
* karni is finally experiencing advantages if implementing SD \o/ !!21:47
ralsinadobey: ha! (dis)advantages of refactoring, I suppose21:51
ralsinagrunthus: I usually use fix_bugnumber but others use more colorful names21:51
karnicat food | /me21:51
ralsinakarni: that command means you are executable!21:52
ralsinaYou don't want to be executed, do you :-)21:52
dobeyi don't know if you'd want to pipe cat food into you21:52
dobeyi hate when people use _ in branch names :)21:53
ralsinadobey: would fix-bugname be better? And why do you hate it anyway? :)21:54
dobeybecause it requires using both pinkies to type21:54
dobeyand stretching them21:54
ralsinadobey: piping cat food into you is a weird way to get executed. Cruel and unusual, even!21:54
ralsinadobey: next one is _-free just for you21:55
dobeyralsina: or maybe it means you're turning into a prawn and want some cat food21:55
* ralsina missed that movie21:55
ralsinadistrict #whatever right?21:55
ralsinaWhen I was single I used to go to the movies 3 or 4 times a week21:56
ralsinaSince I had my kid I go 3 or 4 times a year.21:56
dobeyi don't go to the movies much21:57
ralsinaI could see them on TV or the PC but if I can advance them I have no patience to watch them.21:58
dobeyoh, well, that was me complaining, not saying i don't want to go to the movies21:58
dobeyi haven't seen new tron or green hornet :(21:59
karniralsina: haha just noticed your joke ;) no I don't! but I do enjoy good food (however it's simetimes such a waste of time ;P )22:01
grunthuslost my Internet connection there. Was asking about apparent lack of debian/changelog?22:01
dobeygrunthus: there is no debian/ dir upstream22:02
karnidobey: hahahah right. it wasn't precisely cat food, you know ;D22:02
dobeygrunthus: nor should there be22:02
* karni enjoys he's full of vegetables sandwitch22:02
grunthusExcuse my ignorance! Lots to learn.22:03
ralsinaArgh, miguel is still as much of a moron as he was 10 years ago. Some things never change :-(22:03
ralsinaThe previous line is my personal opinion, and doesn't reflect the opinion of anyone else except the voices in my head.22:04
karniralsina: as a manager you should have that text under a short-cut ;D (... and doesn't refelct the opinion of Canonical Ltd....) hehe22:05
ralsinakarni: I am still not used to not owning the company I work for :-)22:05
karniI can barely hold that huge sandwitch in my hands22:05
karniralsina: ;)22:05
ralsinaBut in any case, he is, and I have told him so, so who cares.22:06
dobeyralsina: miguel?22:07
ralsinadobey: de icaza22:07
ralsinaCheck his latest tweet22:07
ralsinaactually from about 3 hours ago22:08
karniralsina: so where does Canonical have employees from? UK, there are quite many from Argentina, US I think, couple from Poland if I'm not mistaken22:08
dobeyabout meego?22:08
ralsinadobey: about the banshee thing22:09
ralsinakarni: spain, italy22:09
dobeyoh whatever22:09
karnidobey: you saw that tweet about meego policy for employees leaving to the rest room ;D?22:09
ralsinakarni: brazil22:09
karniralsina: that is so awesome.22:09
ralsinakarni: england22:09
ralsinaonly on desktop+ we have spain italy, US, UK and argentina22:10
karniralsina: wicked :)!22:10
ralsinakarni: it makes me have long days, too ;-)22:10
karniralsina: heheheh22:10
ralsinaand I am pretty sure in online services there are also australians, french and many others22:10
dobeydon't forget ukraine22:11
dobeyand oz22:11
* karni on call brb!22:11
dobeyactually, i don't think we have any french on our team22:11
dobeynow i have to go look22:12
dobeyyep, no french for us22:12
ralsinadobey Aurelien Gateau?22:12
ralsinais he not on OLS?22:12
dobeyhe's on dx22:12
ralsinaok, not on ols then :-)22:12
dobeyyou just like him because he's a kde hacker22:12
ralsinawell, of course!22:13
ralsinaEven if I am pretty sure I mangled his name22:13
grunthuscan you point me to a good guide on building a deb from the bzr trunk please?22:13
karnidobey: ralsina: very cool :)22:13
ralsinac-parrino is sicilian22:13
ralsinaor at least he speaks sicilian22:14
karnidon't forget poland! zyga (and 2 others?) are in as well. zyga works on.. what was it..22:14
karniembedded systems of some sort22:14
dobeygrunthus: it's not necessary. do you need to build a deb for some reason?22:14
karnithey had a conference during previous UDS alongside, too22:14
ralsinakarni: Ukraine22:14
dobeykarni: linaro?22:15
karnidobey: yes!22:15
ralsinadobey: switzerland22:15
karniralsina: coool22:15
ralsinaAnd that's it for ols22:15
ralsinakarni: basically everywhere?22:15
dobeyols == u1 team22:15
karniThis is so awesome :)22:15
karnidobey: oh. is that an acronim of some sort?22:15
dobeyi guess so22:16
dobeynot one that i use though :P22:16
karniI'll remember that. aha ;D22:16
grunthusI thought that I would have to generate a deb file, install it and test it.22:16
dobeybut you know how managers are22:16
dobeygrunthus: you can run within the source tree easily enough22:16
dobeygrunthus: PYTHONPATH=. ./bin/ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk22:16
nessitaok, I'm back!22:17
nessitagrunthus: hi there! I read the backlog22:17
nessitagrunthus: how is it going? did you manage to add the tests for the tooltip adding?22:17
grunthusdobey: Ahah. Of course.22:17
grunthusnessita: I'm on a steep learning curve. dobey and ralsina have been helping out.22:18
dobeyhrmm, i think i'll have to finish this 1.4.6 release in the morning22:19
dobeylibtool is being unfriendly at the moment :(22:19
* karni sometimes forgets to go un-away22:20
dobeyralsina: do we have a list of exactly what needs to be done to the banshee music store, somewhere?22:20
nessitagrunthus: nice :-)22:20
ralsinadobey: not that I know of.22:20
ralsinadobey: and since the rhythmbox plugin is broken, it's hard to compare22:20
ralsinadobey: I have been fixing it, but I only got to the point of causing a segfault22:20
grunthusThis is interesting. I have deleted the old local branch I had yesterday, taken a fresh branch (trunk)22:21
dobeydo i have to fix the rbox plugin first?22:21
ralsinadobey: no22:21
ralsinadobey: if you rmember what was in it :-)22:21
grunthusJust ran the UI from within the bin directory per dobey's instructions.22:21
grunthusMy tooltips seem to be there already.22:21
ralsinadobey: I had never seen the specifics of that task beyond "feature parity"22:21
dobeyyeah, i don't know what features are missing22:22
nessitagrunthus: do you have your old branch installed? I mean the package that you build from your branch22:22
dobeyi know people hate the way the library handling works22:22
ralsinadobey: grmbl, you can see rhythmbox store on maverick22:22
dobeyso i guess i'll fix that first22:22
dobeyi can't see anything on maverick22:22
dobeypoulsbo drivers don't work on it :)22:22
grunthusCould be it nessita, i'll check.22:22
ralsinadobey: VESA :-D22:22
dobeythat also didn't work22:23
dobeyblack screen for the loss22:23
grunthusBack to normal now. Feel slightly embarrassed as that is rather obvious.22:25
nessitagrunthus: don't feel embarrassed, I know I've done sillier things22:26
ralsinagrunthus: I couldn't hack anything in ubuntu one until I was two-months into the company, you are doing great :-)22:26
ralsinanot that I have hacked much, but at least I now feel like I could. Self delusion and all that.22:27
dobeyalright, i'm off. later all!22:29
grunthusralsina: Thanks for encouragement.22:29
ralsinagrunthus: :)22:29
nessitabye dobey22:30
karnibye dobey22:30
ralsinaOk, I'm off too. Have fun people!22:34
karniralsina: thanks! bye22:34
grunthusBye, thank you.22:34
grunthusnessita: D-Bus keeps crashing on my virt. Natty box when I run the test suite, looks like I need to run updates/upgrade22:37
nessitagrunthus: perhaps. Have a trace to share with me? I may see if I see something familiar22:38
grunthusnessita: been googling for something on this: pastebin.com/zVY1PKcJ22:51
grunthus^Whenever I run the test suite.22:52
grunthusThe test suite passess all bar one (SKIPPED) test, when running on the unmodified trunk.22:52
grunthusThen it spews out "E1101: ExceptionHandligTestCase.test_no_dbus_exception_is_not_dbus_no_reply: Instance of 'ExceptionHandligTestCase' has no 'assertEqual' member22:54
grunthus(Repeated many times with variation in test case.)22:55
karnialecu: around :)?22:55
alecukarni, around, yes. but I'm leaving in a couple of minutes22:56
karnialecu: not a problem, just 5 secs :)22:56
karnialecu: where can I find the notifications text you display, or even better - I just need 3 of them from you22:56
karnialecu: what do you display when you have 3 downloads at the moment, and 2 uploads22:56
karnialecu: I mean the content of the notifications22:57
karnialecu: I currently have 'Downloading x, Uploading y' but I thought I could be perhaps somewhat consistent with yours22:58
karni(that's the case when there are both down and uploads)22:58
nessitagrunthus: ah, that's pylint22:58
nessitagrunthus: you should be using our nightlies PPA, where we have a patched version of pylint22:59
nessitagrunthus: do you know how to enable it?22:59
grunthusErm, no (you guessed that though!)22:59
grunthusin /etc/apt/sources files23:00
nessitagrunthus: nopes! we're fancy23:02
nessitagrunthus: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntuone/nightlies23:02
nessitathen, sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude upgrade (or whatever apt version of that is)23:02
alecukarni, let me check...23:06
karnialecu: if it's not a problem :) thanks.23:07
grunthusnessita: Progress! That seems to have sorted pylint (still the odd grumble from GConf)23:08
grunthusWill apply my diff now23:09
nessitagrunthus: the grumble from gconf is normal23:09
alecukarni, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-control-tower/ubuntuone-client/trunk/view/head:/ubuntuone/status/aggregator.py#L56023:09
nessitagrunthus: you can safely ignore it23:09
karnialecu: thank you!! :)23:09
alecuno problem! :-)23:09
alecuwell, and this is EOD for me23:09
grunthusfood|cat first though. (Can ignore GConf, OK, but can't ignore cat)23:09
alecusee you all tomorrow!23:09
grunthusnessita: Patch worked, new strings are in for tooltips again. Test suite 704 passed and 1 skipped.23:25
nessitagrunthus: great. Did you add the tests for *your* changes?23:26
nessitagrunthus: we have unittests for all the gui code, so I would ask you please to add tests for your newly added code as well23:27
nessitaotherwise we won't be able to merge the branch in...23:27
grunthusnessita: Not yet, thought I'd try the existing tests first.23:28
nessitaso you know you broke nothing ;-)23:28
grunthusso far so good!23:28
nessitaok, I gotta EOD to have dinner23:28
nessitagrunthus: feel free to email me or look for me in this channel23:28
grunthusBon appetite, I have to go to bed soon, will be back tomorrow.23:29
nessitagrunthus: I'm looking forward to see your work! and thanks for contributing23:29
grunthusThanks very much for helping!23:29

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