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Gettyhiho guys... aehm i'm new to upstart and i'm debian user, just to drop out the most important ;) i added a new .conf script (like i did before) but this script doesnt work... if i do initctl stop of it, it just hangs, and the initctl list says its running on a process id, but that one doesnt exist22:36
Gettyi can exec the command by myself on shell, so that seems ok22:36
Gettyi always need to reboot then its fixed...22:50
Gettythat scares me22:51
JanCGetty: that sounds like you have a forking process and the current version of upstart can't "follow the forking"22:52
JanCso basically it's looking at the wrong process22:52
Gettyits something that forks, yes, but the startup process stays (php-cgi spawns for fastcgi)22:53
Gettyexpect fork is there22:53
Gettymy problem is actually that initctl "hangs" on a process that doesnt exist22:53
Gettywhat he do?22:53
Gettyand what i could do beside reboot to fix that kind of stuff?22:54
JanCwhat do you mean by "the startup process stays"?22:54
JanCthe process run from the job stays around?22:54
Gettyit doesnt fork and is gone, it starts and generates forks but still runs22:54
Gettyits even a foreground process22:55
JanCthen don't use "expect fork"22:55
Gettyi got that out of the example of someone who use it that way22:55
Gettyand i mean it works now... after reboot22:55
ionDon’t use ‘expect’ if you’re not 100 % sure of the forking behavior of the main process. That will confuse Upstart. Here’s a nasty kluge to force Upstart back into a good state without rebooting: http://heh.fi/tmp/workaround-upstart-snafu22:55
Gettyruby code is strange22:56
JanCI was just going to find my bookmark for ion's "nast kludge"   ;)22:56
JanCGetty: it just creates new processes until the expected PID exists again22:57
Gettyon stop?!22:57
Gettyof a non existing process?22:57
Gettyon start i'm with you, but not on stop22:57
JanConce it exists again, you can "stop" it  ;-)22:57
Gettyok ok... back to what happened22:58
Gettyi made the .conf script, reload-configuration, started it22:58
Gettysaw that it had a mistake22:58
Gettystopped it => hang... ctrl-c worked, check ps list, its gone22:58
ionA future release of Upstart will have better code to follow forks. The current implementation can be broken easily by telling Upstart to ‘expect’ one thing and having the main process do something else.22:58
Gettycheck initctl list, says stop/killed22:58
Gettydoing start => hang, ctrl-c worked, check ps list, nothing there22:58
Gettyinitctl says start/running with a process id that doesnt exist22:59
Gettyinitctl stop => hang22:59
ion‘workaround-upstart-snafu N’ where N is the pid from initctl status.22:59
ionthe nonexistent pid22:59
Gettyah! cool ok22:59
Gettyi can life with workaround if i have some! :)22:59
Gettyupstart is really nice22:59
JanCGetty: not using expect is a better solution if you don't really need it anyway23:03
GettyJanC: oh i will check on this anyway, i just wanted that workaround for same situations23:03
JanCyeah, it's probably more convenient than rebooting  ;)23:04
Gettyits a xen so i dont have THAT kind of a feeling to reboot23:04
Gettyalso.... i guess as long as no productive site is running on it and i still "learn" with upstart, i guess its good to reboot anyway some more often23:05

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