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jow_otroGardenia, hello !!!00:05
gardeniagood day. can anybody help m. i want to know where is format painter in xubuntu? im making cells a lot. want to know how to make the same format00:06
charlie-tcaWhat are using to make the cells?00:07
charlie-tcaUsually you can just do a copy/paste to create more of something00:08
gardeniaim using gnumeric as spreadsheet00:09
gardeniai cant do copy paste because im making grades. I already have the names of students. I only want the cells to be formatted the same but not the names00:10
charlie-tcaThen you highlight those cells, copy00:12
charlie-tcanow to paste them, right-click, click on paste-special00:12
charlie-tcait will ask what you want to paste, and you check the things you want, like just format or formula00:13
gardeniail try right now. thanks charlie. be back when its ok.00:13
charlie-tcaIt took me a couple of tries to get it right00:13
gardeniait works. im so happy. thanks charlie.00:15
charlie-tcaYou are welcome00:16
DareHow do I install xubuntu on an 4GB USB drive?01:46
DareI tried PenDiveLinux but I want to make sure.01:46
DareI'll be back in a sec if it didn't work.01:47
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yellowbluefuck xubuntu03:32
yellowbluekline me =)03:34
ismaelamezcuai'm looking for an application to format usb drives on xfce05:08
ismaelamezcuai'll keep looking05:10
TornadoXubuntuplease anyone can help me a bit here?07:06
TornadoXubuntuActually, I am running (Xubuntu 10.10) with (Thunar File Manager 1.0.2). The problem i am facing is simply a huge delay of almost (35seconds) upon right clicking on the desktop or right clicking anywhere in the file system to access the ("Create Document") option. The whole system will freeze if i did not wait those 35 seconds. Please any ideas or suggestions to solve this issue are greatly appreciated.07:18
TornadoXubuntuwhat's the link of the Xubuntu support forum?07:26
Graet|http://www.xubuntu.org/help says google07:28
TornadoXubuntuYou can find the official Xubuntu forums at ubuntuforums.org.07:29
TornadoXubuntusays the page you sent07:29
TornadoXubuntuam not able to find it on ubuntuforums.org07:29
TornadoXubuntudo you know any alternative for the Thunar File Manager under xubuntu07:30
Graet|me? no07:32
TornadoXubuntuif you are interested in the answer: http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2006/12/18/alternate-desktop-managers-kde-xfce-enlightenment-fluxbox-ubuntu-6061-610/07:40
TornadoXubuntu;) Thanks Graet anyway07:40
TornadoXubuntuplease how to set KDE Dolphin 1.5 as my default file manager under Xubuntu 10?08:18
TornadoXubuntuHello! PLease how to change the default file manager under Xubuntu 10.10 from Thunar 1.0.2 to KDE Dolphin 1.5?08:44
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:45
leoquanttornado's tend to come and go fast09:05
Sysiin what package would globalmenu-applet be?09:09
Sysiit's gnome applet, i'd like to test with xfapplet09:09
bazhang!find globalmenu09:12
ubottuPackage/file globalmenu does not exist in maverick09:12
Sysii could try gnome-applets..09:16
Sysinot there..09:18
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HozsiNekedTesokaikonia bryder:ED13:53
HozsiNekedTesokaOLA penguinfucker13:54
GevatterTodHi all, I have a problem installing xubuntu on my 'samsung nb30'. Does anybody have time to help me out?16:16
knome!ask | GevatterTod16:17
ubottuGevatterTod: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:17
GevatterTodi´ll try16:17
GevatterToderror msg: Problem w "configuration server" gconf-sanity-check-2 exited w status 25616:18
GevatterTodI tried with a solution from the web:16:18
GevatterTodchmod 777 /tmp16:18
GevatterTodthen a fsck16:19
GevatterTodnow i´m stuck after *setting sensors limits16:19
GevatterTodbut I can use the console16:19
GevatterTodjust don´t have a clue where to start16:20
GevatterTodif someone could point me in the direction, that would be great16:20
JDogg420anyone know how to chatng startup programs?17:14
WhaleDolphinI'm seeing "Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs" when I try to bring up the latest kernel update from the debs17:14
WhaleDolphinI think its because I have a XFS root partition17:15
JDogg420anyone know how to change start up programs in xubuntu?17:16
charlie-tcadepends on the program, but they should be in Applications -> Settings -> Settings Manager -> sessions and startup17:17
JDogg420thanx i found it17:19
NewbeeAustriagood evening, just one qestion: how can i transform natty to look like 10.10?17:23
charlie-tcachange the themes in Appearance and Window Manager to bluebird17:24
NewbeeAustriai already set the theme to bluebird, but the panels etc. are different.17:24
charlie-tcadid you change both themes?17:24
NewbeeAustriai think so, but let me have a look again17:25
rtdoswhat changes are in store for xubuntu 11.04? I know about the changes in Ubuntu 11.04 but what about Lubuntu 11.04?17:25
charlie-tcartdos: As in #lubuntu about lubuntu, please17:26
NewbeeAustriacharlie-tca: both are bluebird17:27
charlie-tcartdos: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyNarwhal/TechnicalOverview#Xubuntu17:28
charlie-tcaNewbeeAustria: logout/login again?17:28
charlie-tcachange the theme in Appearance to something else, then back to bluebird17:29
NewbeeAustriathats how it looks like: http://postimage.org/image/369fpec9w/0da589d8/17:29
charlie-tcapanels don't look grey to me there17:30
charlie-tcaThat is not the natty theme, it is the maverick theme17:31
NewbeeAustriaits both set to "bluebird"17:31
charlie-tcaand bluebird was the maverick theme17:32
charlie-tcaas far as I recall17:32
NewbeeAustriathe colors are not so important to me, i would simply like to have the 10.10 panels back17:34
NewbeeAustriai could install 10.10, backup my home folder, install 11 and exchange home folder, would that work?17:39
JDogg420hello i installed xubuntu besides a windows install but grub did not pick up my windows vista partition on sda1 but the bootloader was installed on sda1???17:39
charlie-tcaThose panels are no longer valid in natty17:40
charlie-tcaNewbeeAustria: too much has changed for that17:40
NewbeeAustriathose worked good on my netbook17:41
NewbeeAustriamaybe i'll give debilian with xfce a try, installed already 6 distros last days here17:42
NewbeeAustriabut first i'll try the thing with backup home folders17:43
NewbeeAustriathank you for your help, charlie-tca17:43
charlie-tcaor just change the panels around some17:43
NewbeeAustriawill try17:44
NewbeeAustriahave a nice day17:44
technikfreakxubuntu 10.04 is rockng so good on my netbookj18:00
JDogg420hello i installed xubuntu besides a windows install but grub did not pick up my windows vista partition on sda1 but the bootloader was installed on sda1???18:00
JDogg420need help18:01
JDogg420how to get flash support?18:05
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JDogg420how to get compiz to autostart18:46
JDogg420right now i have to type this every time? compiz --replace ccp & disown18:46
JDogg420right now i have to type this every time? compiz --replace ccp & disown18:53
JDogg420how to get compiz to autostart18:53
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metroid1what (if anything) are people using as a lightweight alternative to gwibber, for facebook?22:55
mark76There's an alternative to Gwibber? :/22:55
metroid1oh, maybe not.  i was hoping.22:56
metroid1there is pino and hotot but neither seem to stream facebook.22:56
mark76I thought Gwibber was a Twitter client?23:00
charlie-tcadoes pidgin work?23:00
charlie-tcaIt does have a facebook plugin you can add23:01
metroid1is it possible to run ubuntu one with thunar?23:10
charlie-tcayes, but not as easy as in ubuntu, since it was never intended to be used with thuar23:14
ubottuHi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!23:15
metroid1charlie-tca: thanks.23:19

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