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smosermathiaz, i dont think so00:42
smoseranything in console output ?00:42
mathiazsmoser: well - I'm trying to log with the ubuntu account00:44
mathiazsmoser: once I've configured the system with puppet00:44
smoserand aparently you cannot. :)00:44
mathiazsmoser: the ubuntu account is then locked00:45
mathiazsmoser: not sure what does this though00:45
smoseri really dont know.00:45
mathiazsmoser: me neither00:45
mathiazsmoser: I've worked around it for now00:45
mathiazsmoser: might investigate it later00:46
mathiazsmoser: keep up the good work! the ec2 images are great base to build upon!00:46
smoserwell the account *is* locked initially00:47
smoseras in no password set00:47
smoser(usermod -L)00:47
smoserbut obviously you can get in00:47
mathiazsmoser: yeah - using my public key00:48
mathiazsmoser: however there is a password set for ubuntu00:48
mathiazsmoser: in /etc/shadow00:48
mathiazsmoser: the string starts with !00:48
smoserthere should not be00:48
mathiazsmoser: but there is a long string there00:48
elroIs there a way to specify that my rc.local should be run after mounting all filesystems? Putting a mount in rc.local shows that my ebs volume /dev/sdf has not yet been mounted.00:53
elroI guess it is because of the nobootwait00:54
smosermathiaz, just for kicks i tried to see if just doing a 'usermod -U' would end up locking you out, but i can still get in00:59
mathiazsmoser: I think it may be related to the sshd_config file I put in place01:00
mathiazsmoser: because I can log in before I install the instance via puppet01:00
mathiazsmoser: using the ubuntu account01:01
mathiazsmoser: once puppet has run, the ubuntu account cannot be used anymore01:01
smosermathiaz, i'm sure you're as capable as me to debug.01:02
smoserbut i'd start by copying off /etc/ before and comparing to after (assuming you can still get in)01:02
smoserRoAkSoAx, i have another ec2 scripts task for you at some point :)01:12
RoAkSoAxsmoser: ok cool :)01:13
smoserright now the publish is all serial. first publishes us-east-1 , then us-west-1 , then eu-west-1, then ap-southest-1 ...01:13
smoserit'd be nice if we just did those in parrallel01:13
smosera full publish takes like 6+ hours at the moment01:13
smoserprobably could cut that in half01:13
smoserand there are probably other things we could do to speed it up.01:14
smoserwell, i've got to run. later.01:14
RoAkSoAxhave a good one01:14
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superxglhi all, is there anyone who have ever written a webservice like this ?   http://open.eucalyptus.com/participate/wiki/autoscaling-behalf-monitoring-virtual-machines08:27
superxglhmm... i am a newbie , i haven't written a webservice before, can anyone here point me somewhere how to write a webservice ?08:32
superxglk, i am seaching now..08:44
superxglhmm...using axis or xfire..08:54
kim0superxgl: I suppose if you're not a developer .. hire someone who can implement this cleanly. I also don't think it has to be implemented that way09:41
kim0superxgl: potentially just a shell script that ssh'es .. checks load .. and decides to launch more instances might do huh09:42
flaccidsuperxgl: what are you trying to achieve.? i'll let you know what to do09:42
superxglkim0,flaccid: thanks very much :)  i want to achieve the load of instances , then i can decide if it is need to start a new instance (i.e a hadoop slave node)10:09
flaccidload of instances?10:10
flaccidwhat is that?10:10
superxglthe system metrics10:11
superxgllike the cpu load10:11
TREllissystem load I'd imagine10:12
superxglyes, i want to get the load average of the cluster10:13
kim0superxgl: for s in servers ; do ssh $s uptime ; done10:17
kim0there you have it :)10:17
kim0decide to launch more instances ..10:17
superxglkim0: hmm. yeah, seems like just a shell script is ok10:20
kim0yeah .. I'm saying it can be .. ofc if it gets more complex .. perhaps some proper code needs to be written10:22
superxglhmm, maybe i also need cron10:28
superxgli found a good example :   http://bash.cyberciti.biz/monitoring/get-system-information-in-html-format/10:34
flaccidsuperxgl:  i use RightScale which uses collectd and RRD10:38
superxglflaccid: what is collectd and RRD ?10:40
superxglfinding now :)10:41
superxglcollectd is very cool ..11:05
flaccidindeed it is11:06
superxglyeah, i want to have a try :)11:08
flaccidgo for it. if you want to use rightscale, its free11:10
flaccidyou get free monitoring for the first week of each instance/server11:10
superxglgreat . i want to apply collectd and rrd into my private cloud11:18
flaccidcan do that too. its just a package..11:18
superxglbut i am still a little confused...11:24
superxglthat is : how graphs  be drawn  ?11:43
flaccidcheckout rrdtool11:51
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superxgli have a question, how about ganglia ? which one is better ?13:29
superxglwhy RightScale not use ganglia instead of rrdtool?13:33
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RobertLaptopDoes eucalyptus support more then 1 Public interface Nic?  In other words I have 2 diff ISP with there own IP range.  So I would want Public IP range A = br0, Public IP range B = br1, and Private IP range C = br214:19
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SpamapSsmoser: hey.. so I've been thinking more about cloud-init and the cloud type setting.. I am curious.. could we check the install media type to auto detect it?16:01
smoseri'm not sure i follow the question16:02
smoserbut its a runtime decision16:02
smoserit has to be16:02
smoserthe idea is that we're making one image that runs on multiple clouds (or, non-clouds)16:02
SpamapSsmoser: right, but if the install media is CD, the cloud type should be local file16:06
SpamapSsmoser: as happy as I am that the boot only slows by 30 seconds now instead of 20 minutes .. I'd really prefer it to not slow things at all :)16:06
smoserit should not stop you for 30 seconds16:08
SpamapSit definitely does16:09
smoserthe reason looking  at install media is not valid is that you should be able to do an install in kvm (or bare metal for that matter) and then publish that on EC2 (ideally)16:09
smoserhm.. do you know why you'r ebeing slowed down for 30 seconds ?16:09
smoseryou really shouldt be. i suspect the ovf datasource is what is giving you fits16:10
SpamapSwell 1 thing is I'm gettng a DataSourceNotFoundException ...16:10
superxgloh..ganglia is based on rrdtool...16:10
smoserand there may be a fix for htat in trunk already16:10
SpamapScloud-init start-local running: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 16:00:42 +0000. up 16.88 seconds16:11
SpamapSI get that right after root is mounted..16:11
SpamapSthen after a bi16:11
SpamapSno instance data foudn in start-local16:11
SpamapSinit: cloud-init-local main process (269) terminated with status 116:11
SpamapScloud-init start running: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 16:01:03 +0000. up 36.45 seconds16:12
smoseryeah.. i'm pretty sure its the ovf16:14
smoserit tries to mount cds. i had expected mount to timeout quicker16:15
smoserin trunk now it does a read of the device before trying to mount, the read (in my tests in kvm) returns immediately with failure, where mount was taking quite a long time.16:15
smoserif its -local thats taking a long time, its definitely not EC2.16:16
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SpamapSMakes sense16:16
SpamapSsmoser: well then thank you for indulging my crazy idea section for the day. :)16:18
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hazmobileniemeyer, heading back from doc.. eta 30m18:36
niemeyerhazmobile: How are you?18:36
hazmobilestitched and anesthesized18:36
niemeyerhazmobile: Awww..18:37
hazmobileon the bright side found aideable Android irc client18:38
niemeyerhazmobile: Clearly ;-)18:40
niemeyerhazmobile: Which finger was it?18:40
Edulixhi people18:49
EdulixI want to do a cpu intesive task that can be divided into small chunks that can be sent to different computers, using some kind of clustering18:50
Edulixis ubuntu cloud recommended for cluster apps? I want to be able to plug in a new computer to my farm, then boot a thin client on it that runs a node of the cluster..18:51
RobertLaptopEdulix, can it yes.19:08
EdulixRobertLaptop: I think I might use MPI for this (I need to patch my app to make parallelizable)19:09
RobertLaptopAlthough it isn't designed to do cluster work so interconnections between the VM will likely be slower then in something designed to be a cluster.19:09
EdulixRobertLaptop: I'm new ubuntu cluster. ubuntu cloud always run images in an VM?19:10
RobertLaptopEdulix, Yes.19:11
Edulixok then it's definitely not what I'm looking for19:11
Edulixthanks RobertLaptop19:11
EdulixRobertLaptop: isn't there anything like ubuntu cloud but that runs the images non virtualized? :P19:14
RobertLaptopEdulix, not that I know of not saying it doesn't exist just not something I know about.19:15
Edulixit'd be nice if there was a distro specialized in cluster support, so that you just install & configure your mpi-enabled software in an image, then start the server and connect new nodes19:16
Edulixand then the new nodes boot via ethernet etc19:17
EdulixRobertLaptop: how does ubuntu server deal with hardware?19:26
EdulixRobertLaptop: how do I configure a new node, for example. does it boot over network, or something?19:26
RobertLaptopEdulix, just to be clear I don't work for Canorical just a user.19:26
EdulixRobertLaptop: me too :P19:26
RobertLaptopEdulix, It deal with hardware like most Linux Server.19:27
EdulixRobertLaptop: so for each node, you need to install ubuntu cloud server etc19:28
RobertLaptopThe cloud stuff uses either Xen or KVM to handle visualization and if you you setup your images just right the VM will get pretty close to bare metal ussage.19:28
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