InHisNameandrew: get yer nom noms here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMWi7CLoZ2Q13:57
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SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!15:36
teddy-dbeargood chocolate to all!15:49
SamuraiAlbaGood Runescape to all!15:53
ssweenyGood Farscape to all!15:54
HowdyDoodyhello any grubbers listening ?16:08
HowdyDoodyhello mr bacon, SamuraiAlba16:09
HowdyDoodyonly a stuffed bear is paying attention ?16:10
HowdyDoodymy grub has been messed by ubuntu update16:15
HowdyDoodyI think it fried my Bacon16:16
HowdyDoodyI am InHisName on another machine, SamuraiAlba16:17
SamuraiAlbaSorry, was filling out my FAFSA16:40
HowdyDoodySamuraiAlba:  upon booting liveCD saw error of hard drive controller.   REseated SATA cable.  Now works again.16:43
HowdyDoodySchool funding for College or ??  SamuraiAlba16:43
HowdyDoodyWhat major are you choosing ?16:51
SamuraiAlbaNow for the Hesaa...16:51
SamuraiAlbaComputer Science with a focus on Network Security @ Camden16:51
HowdyDoodyCool,  I am in Cisco training right now and a microsoft series.  Finish up late march.17:02
SamuraiAlbaEnjoying it?17:02
HowdyDoodySorta,  lotta info, heavy exams for certifications.17:03
SamuraiAlbaI have most of the Cisco study guides and videos here :)17:03
HowdyDoodyThe big trick is will a future employer want me rather than someone else with bazillion years experience and no certs.17:04
SamuraiAlbaThat is a big trick :O17:04
HowdyDoodyI have accumulated 7 Gigs of study helps dumps pdfs  and nuggets etc.17:05
SamuraiAlbaNow I have to find out how to convert my dynamic HD to a simple volume so I can install Ubuntu :)17:05
HowdyDoodyDelete partitions17:05
SamuraiAlbaIt's my laptops ONLY partition17:05
HowdyDoodyStart with bare drive.17:05
SamuraiAlbaNot an option with a broken DVD burner and no backup external...17:06
HowdyDoodyDo you  still want dual boot?17:06
SamuraiAlbaI have Wubi.  I was also going to install CentOS, tho17:06
ChinnoDogIf you have one hard drive and one partition I don't think there is any value in making it dynamic in the first place.17:07
HowdyDoodywubi is only one to install into file in windows drive.   NO reformatting17:07
HowdyDoodysort of a 'nested' dual boot17:07
HowdyDoodyWhat about that black edition, is there a dvd player there ?17:08
HowdyDoodyOpps its a laptop17:08
SamuraiAlbathe black edition desktop is still here :)17:09
SamuraiAlbaI put a PSU in it, but now it needs an HD17:09
SamuraiAlbaYou bought the HD :)17:09
HowdyDoodyYou sold me two now have none?17:09
ChinnoDogSell it back to him at a profit17:10
HowdyDoodydo you have a USB to SATA box or adapter ?17:10
SamuraiAlbaI'm just gonna have to stick with Wubi :'(17:11
HowdyDoodyI could try ChinnoDog  but he was out of stock on cash then and gave it to his girl friend to pay bills.  So I assume still empty.17:11
HowdyDoodywubi plays pretty nice without spending any $$17:12
ChinnoDogoh. hmm. I see.17:13
HowdyDoodyChinnoDog: do you know much about grub2 ?17:13
ChinnoDogRent to own?17:13
ChinnoDognot really17:13
ChinnoDogI know that if you installed Windows on a simple disk and then converted it to dynamic that you should be able to change it back though17:15
ChinnoDogMaking it dynamic doesn't remove the structures that were there before you did it. You made it a dynamic disk without any dynamic volumes, which does nothing for you.17:15
SamuraiAlbanow to find out how to convert it back...17:18
ChinnoDogmight be able to right click on it in disk management and convert back with a couple clicks17:19
SamuraiAlbano joy there17:20
SamuraiAlbamaybe gparted?17:21
SamuraiAlbaHIRENS!  WOOWOO!17:22
ChinnoDogno. Linux tools do not know anything about dynamic disks last I checked.17:23
ChinnoDogHave you created any dynamic volumes?17:23
SamuraiAlbabrb trying Hirens17:26
HowdyDoodyChinnoDog: In my usoft class, when converting to dynamic, there is NO going back.  Sorta like lvm in ubuntu, its delete partition to go back to basic disks.17:33
HowdyDoodyThere might be a hacker way to do it but would not be pretty.17:34
ChinnoDogIt is completely different from LVM17:35
ChinnoDogAt least, for the first paritition17:35
ChinnoDogThere is a caveat with dynamic disks. You can't install Windows onto them.17:35
HowdyDoodyCan't install boot volume to it.17:35
HowdyDoodyBut can convert others.17:35
ChinnoDogSo when you install Windows you will be installing onto a standard partition17:35
HowdyDoodyits Gates 's goofy answer to lvm17:36
ChinnoDogIt isn't possible to remove the partition information for that first partition17:36
ChinnoDogThe only thing converting a disk to dynamic does is mark it as dynamic, until you create dynamic volumes on it which still don't affect the first partition17:36
ChinnoDogI'm pretty sure I've converted disks in the other direction before17:37
HowdyDoodyIt has physical and logical buried deep in it.17:37
ChinnoDogBut, only if you don't have dynamic volumes created on it17:37
ChinnoDogWhen they were first introduced it created a problem with disk imaging software because none of the existing solutions could read it17:38
HowdyDoodyProbably his one volume was converted to dynamic.   He can see it in disk management.17:38
ChinnoDogSo I would have to convert it back in order to image it17:38
HowdyDoodyIf he never converted the one disk to dynamic then he might have a chance to undo the little bit flag.17:40
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