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pleia2Pendulum, AlanBell, akgraner - any comments on the UDS/Sponsorship page I sent over last week? meeting is in an hourish17:49
Pendulumit looked good to me17:52
* AlanBell can't find the link17:55
pleia2the email subject is "UDS Application Review Page"17:57
pleia2sent to alanbell@ubuntu.com17:57
AlanBellgot it17:58
* AlanBell can't spell Elizabeth17:58
macoAlanBell: used an s?17:58
AlanBellmaco: no idea what I did, but I couldn't find it17:59
AlanBellI did read it at the time17:59
AlanBelllist is the same order when sorted by surname or firstname18:01
AlanBellpleia2: all looks fine to me18:04
jonopleia2, akgraner are you able to join the meeting in a few mins?18:58
pleia2I'll do my best, work is very busy today18:59
jonopleia2, np19:01
jonook, I think we are about ready19:01
jonowho is here for the meeting?19:01
AlanBelljono: feel free to use the bot #startmeeting19:02
jonoakgraner, you here?19:02
AlanBellit does minutes19:02
jonoAlanBell, I should learn how to use it :-)19:02
jonoI am old school when it comes to meeting19:02
jonoAlanBell, can you do that for me?19:02
Mootbot-UKMeeting started at 19:02. The chair is AlanBell.19:02
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jonothanks AlanBell19:02
AlanBellis there an agenda jono?19:02
jonoyes, let me grab it19:02
jonoI want to first review previous actions19:03
jonoand then discuss an outreach campaign19:03
jonoI am going to need input from pleia2 and akgraner though and I am not sure if they are able to attend much19:03
AlanBell[topic] Review of actions from previous meeting19:03
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Review of actions from previous meeting19:03
jonoso the actions:19:03
jono * pleia2 and akgraner to flesh out mentoring process for reviewing sponsorship applications.19:03
jonopleia2, did you manage to get this finalized?19:04
pleia2I put together http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/UDS/Sponsorship and sent it for review, AlanBell and Pendulum said it looked good19:04
pleia2I figure we just Include it on UDS when we're ready19:04
jonopleia2, awesome, so people will basically one of those folks?19:05
pleia2for now we ask them to email all of us19:05
jonoit looks good to me19:05
jonopleia2, would you be happy to add that?19:05
jonook, next:19:06
jono * jono to investigate reducing the 1000 char limit for sponsorship applications in summit.ubuntu.com.19:06
jonooops, yes19:06
jonoI passed this onto jcastro who filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/summit/+bug/718794 and it is now fixed19:07
ubot4Launchpad bug 718794 in summit "Sponsorship field character limit needs to be increased (affects: 1) (heat: 19)" [Undecided,Fix released]19:07
jonoit is expanded to 3000 chars19:07
jono* jono to put together first cut of landing page for outreach campaign.19:07
jonoI put together http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/UDS19:07
jonoadded some content and sent it to the list for review19:08
jonoI didn't really get any feedback - do you folks think it looks OK?>19:08
IdleOnelooks good to me19:08
jonopleia2, are you happy with that page?19:08
pleia2yeah it's good19:08
jonook cool19:09
jonoso an update on the sponsorship:19:09
AlanBellthere are a couple of TODO bits on the page obviously19:09
jonothings are held back a little as ISD has developed a new web form to ease data collection for sponsors and canonical staff (for travel arrangements) and we are trying to get them to consolidate the LP form and this new form into one form - if this doesn't get resolved this week I will open sponsorship on Monday anyway19:10
jonoI would like to open sponsorship and launch this campaign on Monday if possible19:10
jonodoes that sound good to you folks?19:11
pleia2that'd be great19:11
jono[topic] Planning Outreach19:11
AlanBell[topic] Planning Outreach19:12
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Planning Outreach19:12
jonowhat I would like to discuss is putting together an outreach plan for next week19:12
jonoso we can raise the awareness of the diversity campaign and encourage more women to apply for sponsorship19:12
jonoI have a few notes from the last meeting that we can use to plan19:12
jonopleia2 to announce it on ubuntu-women, cross-post to ubuntu-news and blog about it19:13
jonopleia2, would you be happy to do this on Monday?19:13
pleia2might have to wait until evening PST, but I'll do it Monday :)19:13
jonopleia2, I will blog that day too19:13
jonojledbetter to blog, tweet/dent, contact certain women he thinks would be great candidates19:14
jonojledbetter, are you here?19:14
jonoyeah, that was a type19:15
* AlanBell has to pop out, I will end the meeting and do the minutes when I get back19:15
pleia2thanks Aiween19:15
pleia2err, AlanBell19:15
jonoAlanBell, before you run19:15
jonocould you blog on Wed?19:15
jonojledbetter, would you be happy to blog and promote on the Tues?19:15
AlanBellPendulum: that could be put on the accessibility blog?19:16
jledbetterjono, Sure.19:16
jonojledbetter, :-)19:16
PendulumAlanBell: dunno if we can since this as far as I can tell is really women-specific19:16
jonoAlanBell, wed ok for you?19:16
jonoPendulum, we can promote on the a11y blog about encourage more impaired folks along to UDS19:17
Pendulumjono: I think you need to meet with the a11y team first, but I would like to do that at some point (it's on my agenda for our call :) )19:18
jonoPendulum, would you be happy to blog on the Wed on your own blog about the Ubuntu Women campaign?19:18
jonoPendulum, absolutely19:18
jonoPendulum, maybe the following week?19:18
Pendulumjono: yep, I can blog wednesday on my blog :)19:18
jonothanks Pendulum! :-)19:18
jonoI will also ask mdz to blog next week19:18
jonomaco, would you be happy to blog about this on Thursday next week?19:19
macowhat am i supposed to say?19:19
macoi mean, on the blog19:20
jonomaco, you can see some of the blog entries for ideas - basically that we are working hard to make UDS a really diverse event, and encouraging women to apply for sponsorship to attend19:20
jonoand pointing to the Ubuntu Women UDS page19:20
jonoto basically raise visibility19:20
jonopleia2, Pendulum, maco, jledbetter, akgraner on that note, I personally think that it might be worthwhile to personally reach out to other women in Ubuntu Women and suggest that they apply - would you be happy to help with this?19:22
jonooutreach is useful, but I don't think it is the only useful method of raising awareness19:22
jledbetterRight. Have names in my head already. Should we coordinate or just go for it?19:23
PendulumI don't know about the others, but I've already told some women that they should apply so I suspect that's less something you need as a pledge and more something we're all doing already19:23
jonoI don't think it needs to be hugely coordinated, just something that is on our minds19:24
jonogreat stuff :-)19:24
jledbetterSounds good.19:24
jonoso I need to hear back from stuartm to confirm the sponsorship form will be ready so we can open up on Monday, but all being well, we should be good to go19:24
macojono: k i guess i can blog it. i need to make a technical post first. the technical to social post ratio on my blog lately has been whacked :-/19:24
jonomaco, no worries :-)19:24
jonoit doesn't have to be this week, next would be cool too :-)19:25
jonoI am just conscious to keep the message in everyone's minds19:25
jonoany other ideas and suggestions on the topic of Diversity and UDS and encouraging more women to apply and participate?19:25
jledbetterOdd question since I'm in the midst of organizing something geared toward women but is there daycare on site?19:25
jonojledbetter, currently, no, I could investigate to see if this is an option19:26
macojledbetter: i have seen a baby at UDS before19:26
jonoI will check and see what the options are19:26
jledbetterI'm curious to see if it'd make a difference.19:26
macouds dallas...the baby was the only person younger than me19:26
jledbettermaco, Awesome :)19:26
jonoI will also talk to some press about the UDS Diversity drive19:27
jonoI might suggest the journos talk to pleia2 - would you happy with that pleia2?19:27
pleia2http://www.linuxpromagazine.com/Online/News/Ubuntu-Increasing-Its-Diversity was published last week19:27
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  http://www.linuxpromagazine.com/Online/News/Ubuntu-Increasing-Its-Diversity was published last week19:27
jonopleia2, yeah :-)19:27
pleia2(thanks to maco and valorie for posting some helpful comments :))19:27
jonopleia2, would you be happy to provide interview content if a journo needs it?19:28
pleia2jono: and yes, that's fine19:28
jonoawesome :-)19:28
macojono: when doing so, could you *please* mention that there's meetings with the a11y team being scheduled too? the comments on that post make me :( and i think pointing out that we DO recognise there's more to diversity than women would help head those off19:28
jonomaco, absolutely19:28
jonoPendulum and I are going to schedule a meeting on that topic19:28
jonowe have our own meeting today19:28
jonopart of my six hours of meetings today :P19:29
jonoI am going to see if I can get Bruce Byfield, SJVN, and Zonker on board to write something up about this19:29
jonowell, that is everything I had on my list - anything else to discuss, or should we wrap?19:29
jonook, I think we are done then :-)19:30
jonohere are the actions I noted:19:31
jono * Outreach plan for next week19:31
jono  * Monday:19:31
jono   * pleia2 to announce it on ubuntu-women, cross-post to ubuntu-news and blog about it19:31
jono   * jono to blog and post on the Ubuntu Facebook pages.19:31
jono  * Tuesday:19:31
jono   * jledbetter to blog, tweet/dent, contact certain women she thinks would be great candidates19:31
jono  * Wednesday:19:31
jono   * Pendulum to blog19:31
jono * jono to check if we can provide daycare at UDS.19:31
jono * jono to talk to press to ensure some visibility on the topic - pleia2 happy to do interviews.19:31
jledbetterThank you for the right bit ;)19:31
* AlanBell returns19:32
jonojledbetter, :-)19:32
jonothanks everyone!19:32
Mootbot-UKMeeting finished at 19:32.19:32
jonoI will send the actions to the mailing list so others can see them19:33
jonothanks, everyone!19:33
jledbetterThank you, jono :)19:34
AlanBelljono: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/2011021719:35
pleia2hypatia: were you able to put together some plans for an UW get together at SCaLE?19:41
pleia2I've sorta been keeping my saturday evening open just in case, but it's getting difficult :)19:42
AlanBellPendulum: for the accessibility blog I was just thinking of talking about the sponsorship process and not making it about women at all in particular19:43
hypatiapleia2: i've been overwhelmed with school and haven't organized anything :(20:12
hypatiapleia2: let's use the lunch break on saturday20:12
pleia2hypatia: ok, sounds good, want me to send a mail to the list about it, or you?20:13
pleia2I think we'll just instruct people to come by the Ubuntu booth for details, which we'll have there20:13
pleia2we'll have something figured out by then :)20:14
hypatiawe can just congregate at lunchtime and go eat somewhere20:15
pleia2ok, maybe just use the ubuntu booth as the congregation spot20:16
hypatiasounds good20:16
hypatiawhat is there nearby food-wise, any ideas?20:16
pleia2not a clue20:16
pleia2maybe Gareth has some ideas20:16
pleia2oh! I'm speaking on Friday morning :)20:17
pleia2at Ubucon20:17
hypatiayay :D20:17
JanCheh, SCaLE has time for a lunch-break?  ;)23:35
elkyLCA does too. We tend to make it possible for speakers to not have to talk over the rustle of food wrappers.23:40
JanCat FOSDEM there is no official lunch pause, although the main tracks & soem devrooms do have one, sort of23:50
JanCpeople are eating all over the day anyway...23:51

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