S2DoHi all! Is it possible to install LXDE as the default DE from installation, bypassing gnome?10:06
damo22anyone use 003 with protools here?10:44
ailo_atS2Do: Can't remember the options you have when choosing advanced mode when installing. You can always install it afterwards otherwise.12:42
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shanttuEvening folks. I upgraded to ubuntu studio from maverick using the instructions from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu%20Studio%20Upgrade%20from%20Ubuntu17:24
shanttufull upgrade17:24
shanttuI noticed that sound distorts. I tried using jack and basic alsa and the result is the same17:25
shanttuHave anyone else experienced this behaviour?17:25
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ailo_atshanttu: What kind of audio device are you using?18:33
shanttuailo_at I have a good old  Emagic Emi 2 6 usb sound card18:35
shanttuThe distortion is so tiny that I notice it only when using headphones18:36
ailo_atshanttu: Sounds like it has something to do with the audio device. Samplerate?18:40
shanttuailo_at i have tried both 44100 and 4800018:41
ailo_atshanttu: It always worked fine before?18:44
shanttuIt did. I find it very strange.18:45
ailo_atshanttu: Reading about the device. Did you ever need to set it using modules.conf?18:46
shanttuailo_at: only when trying to set as a default card18:47
ailo_atI never heard of distorted sound because of UbuntuStudio, so I would guess it is somehow related to the device. Usb is only partly supported as you may know, cause there aren't drivers for that many cards.18:48
ailo_atBut it is interesting that there was a change after your upgrade18:49
ailo_atshanttu: Can you double check on another system?18:49
shanttuWith the device? I can try it on my netbook18:50
shanttuailo_at: I find the sound softer when using netbook.19:05
shanttuThe difference is very very small, but it does exist19:05
shanttu10.10 desktop edition on netbook19:08
ailo_atshantu: Are you using the device on Laptop usually?19:23
ailo_atLaptops will cause ground noise often, if you have the power cable plugged in19:23
ClickClacki think it is only a problem if the ground cable is connected ;-)19:35
shanttuYes laptop only20:07
shanttuDifferent usb-ports tested.20:08
shanttunope, 6 rca out, 2 in and a separate headphone out20:21
ailo_atshanttu: Did you try without the powercable?20:21
shanttuI do not have the power cord to the card at all. Ran laptop on battery without difference20:41
shanttuThis laptop has dual boot with xp. This problem does not exist when trying on xp. Mysterious20:47
ailo_atshanttu: http://xiphmont.livejournal.com/46858.html20:48
ailo_atDon't know if that's relevant20:49
shanttuDefinitely worth checking out. I have seen that site before, but somehow in this situation did not remember about it20:53
shanttuI was on searching for distortion20:54
shanttuThanks =)20:54
shanttuI really like the sound of this card. Because there are no drivers for windows since xp i guess these can be found for a ridicilous price.20:56
Submarinehi there22:28
Submarinewhat sequencers do you use?22:29
SubmarineI tried Rosegarden, but it's a bit unwieldy at times.22:29
Phatstathis is way off-topic but I just gotta say it: I hate winsnooze sometimes22:42
rlameiroPhatsta: I already past over that :D22:45
rlameiroi quit using it :D22:45
Phatstarlameiro: unfortunally this isn't any of my computers... I'm doing a domain controller upgrade for a customer... I've been waiting 4 hours for an adprep command to run through... sucks!23:00
Phatstaunfortunally because if it had been my computer I'd kick it out the window just to give the f**cker some irony ;)23:00
holsteinPhatsta: qtractor is popular23:02
holsteinmaybe seq2423:02
holsteinask around in #opensourcemusicians23:03
rlameiroPhatsta: man, wish you luck and patience23:10
Phatstaholstein: qtractor?23:59

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