SeveredCrossHey folks, is there a way I can diagnose why pre-start isn't being executed?05:45
SeveredCrossI'm trying to execute an avahi-publish-service command, but I never see it run05:45
SeveredCrossAlso, is there a way to pull in environment variables from an external source?05:46
SeveredCrossWith an old-style init script, I'd just source some file from /etc/defaults or something05:46
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SpamapSSeveredCross: one trick I've used is to set 'console output' and then in the pre-start do 'set -x' as the first line.. that will show you everything the pre-start is doing.16:35
SeveredCrossI already figured it out, but thanks, I'll remember that next time16:36
SeveredCrossI was just being terminally stupid and forgot to quote a variable.16:36
SeveredCrossThat's what I get for trying to write a job for an init daemon that I've never even looked at at near midnight.16:39
SeveredCrossBloody last-minute ideas will be the death of me.16:40
SpamapSI call that a "learning opportunity"16:42

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