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MacSlowhey everybody07:58
didrocksgood morning08:03
apwdidrocks, when its a usablity change where something i used to do (pass mouse vagely through the ubuntu logo in an arc to the menu) no longer works and i get a jerky fady appeary dissappeary behaviour, i am going to assume its a bug not a new functionality, and where the resolution is something i have no knowledge of (make sure i touch the top pixel) ... i think i'd have wanted to be shouted at, not have to check the changelog08:51
apwas you could see from my report here, it looked more like a bug than a feature08:52
didrocksapw: just to highlight that everything is documented in the changelog, so if you find something weird that isn't there and that's not a design decision, better to reduce the noise, please :)08:52
didrocksI'm not sure why launchpad didn't propose the duplicate on search, that's the issue IMHO08:53
didrocksas the keywords in it seems to be reasonable08:53
popeydidrocks: what package implements the global menu at the top of the screen in unity-world?09:07
didrockspopey: the rendering is done by unity itself09:07
popeydidrocks: so if i wanted to look at the code I am currently running which implements global menu, a simple "apt-get source unity" would be fine?09:08
didrockspopey: yeah, it should do it ;) look at appmenu-gtk as well for the "other side" of the implementation09:08
* vish remembers popey's session a while ago, where he said he has contributed to only one line of code to Ubuntu.. looks like that is gonna change soon because of focus-follow-mouse.. ;)09:12
* apw idly wonders what focus-follow-mouse will do for me09:25
kvalokamstrup: thanks for the review! soon I can write a book about all your tips ;)09:29
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kamstrupkvalo: will I receieve accolades?09:45
kvalokamstrup: definitely :)09:46
didrocksapw: on focus-follow-mouse: bug #67413809:46
ubot5Launchpad bug 674138 in Unity ""Global" appmenu breaks sloppy focus" [Low,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67413809:46
apwpopey, so aer you actually working on fixing ffm ?  /me is a keen ffm proponent for all the same reasons you put in your bug09:49
dbarthrodrigo_, apinheiro, njpatel: ping09:59
apinheirodbarth, pong10:00
dbarthgood morning10:00
dbarththis is the weekly call reminder10:00
apinheirodbarth, well, it seems that rodrigo_ and njpatel are not available10:07
njpateldbarth, hi10:08
dbarthrodrigo_, apinheiro, njpatel: calling you on skype when you're there10:09
dbarthi'm just finishing another call atm10:09
njpatelokay, logging on10:10
rodrigo_dbarth, pong10:12
dbarthah cool10:13
dbarthcan you guys get started together and i'll join you in a minute10:13
dbarthcan you invite me?10:17
dbarthrodrigo_: we're trying to reach you10:18
dbarthapinheiro: same here10:19
rodrigo_I'm available now10:19
apinheiroIm here10:19
apinheiroIm already connected10:19
dbarthapinheiro: we can't reach you apparently10:19
apinheiroto skype, but I didnt join any conference call10:19
ogradidrocks, yo ... janimo has submitted a fix for the arm FTBFS to nux upstream, i guess someone needs to pull that in10:22
didrocksogra: yeah, I already pinged them, will be in next release if this can wait for 2 days :)10:22
ograok ... it breaks our image builds, but i guess we can wait another two days10:22
didrocksok, nice :)10:23
dbarthMacSlow: ping? can you see with apinheiro how this issue ^^ could be fixed10:32
dbarthMacSlow: i'm with njpatel here and we agree this is an important priority; sorry for the potential priority inversion10:33
MacSlowdbarth, ok10:33
apinheiroMacSlow, ok thanks10:35
MacSlowapinheiro, the fact that this is the case is that the thing visible isn't the one getting all the input-events10:35
MacSlowapinheiro, so drawing happens in an xwindow-id different form the window receiving/handling the input-events10:36
apinheiroMacSlow, well, but the fact is that the key press callback code is placed on the Launcher code10:37
apinheirobut if I ask Nux object if it have the key focus10:37
apinheirothe Launcher doesn't have it10:37
MacSlowapinheiro, that makes sense10:38
MacSlowapinheiro, the events get "routed" frim the XInputWindow to the Launcher itself10:38
MacSlowapinheiro, what do you need?10:38
njpatelMacSlow, but inside nux, on view has to have the focus, he needs that view to be the launcher10:38
njpatelthis is despite the xwindow stuff10:39
MacSlowapinheiro, just want to be able to ask the launcher directly if it has the focus?10:39
apinheirowell, is the Launcher the one managing the key events, so from a external point of view is like Launcher having the key focus10:39
apinheirothe a11y support on unity ask √ćnputArea methods to know which object has the key support10:39
apinheirobut I can't use then here10:39
apinheiroas far as I understandand10:40
apinheiroMacSlow, so yes, be able to ask the launcher if it has the focus10:40
apinheiroand be notified when it receives/lose the focus10:40
njpatelrodrigo_,   sigc::signal<void, GVariant *>  SyncGeometry;10:40
apinheiroas I said, I was using some InputArea methods/signals to do that10:40
MacSlowapinheiro, I'll work on something like this on a branch and ping you when I'm done... I guess this is blocking you atm?10:41
apinheiroMacSlow, well, there are other task I can work on, there are plenty of work here ;)10:42
MacSlowapinheiro, well according to dbarth this should be addressed now10:42
apinheirobut just mean that the a11y support for the launcher would be incomplete10:42
apinheirowell, yes, because right now the launcher is  a priority10:42
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kvalodamn, I think something is leaking memory and I need to reboot my laptop few times a day :/11:50
kvalo[18792.977936] Killed process 6686 (gltext) total-vm:3431100kB, anon-rss:3311560kB, file-rss:84kB11:54
popeyapw: sorry, only just saw your message.12:06
popeyapw: I'm not actually a particularly good coder, but it frustrates me that I can't use ffm, and the only options open to me are "find a developer who is willing to fix the regression" or "learn vala".12:06
cando_kenvandine, got a minute?12:25
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kvalokamstrup: quite simple patch: https://code.launchpad.net/~kvalo/indicator-network/libconnman-control-technology/+merge/5075014:04
kenvandinetedg, does your good-defaults-are-well-good branch fix the crash aruiz had in lo-menubar?14:08
kenvandinearuiz, lo-menubar is working for me now :)14:10
cando_kenvandine, sorry...can i disturb you a moment?14:11
kenvandinesure, i saw your branhc14:11
kenvandinehaven't reviewed it yet14:11
cando_oh cool...14:12
aruizkenvandine, wee :-)14:12
aruizkenvandine, I added separator support today14:12
cando_kenvandine, so i'll wait for your review...thanks14:12
aruizkenvandine, it seems that listening to menu changes is going to be a total bitch14:12
* aruiz really wants to avoid polling14:12
tedgkenvandine, No it infact exasperates it.  Though, I have another branch that fixes it :)14:13
kenvandineok :)14:14
kenvandinethink we can get a fix uploaded today?14:14
kenvandinei would really like to get lo-menubar uploaded today so we can get it reviewed and NEW'd, etc14:14
kenvandineand do the MIR14:14
kenvandinebefore feature freeze14:14
kenvandinearuiz, trunk right now "works"14:15
kenvandineat least for the 2 minutes i played with it :)14:15
aruizkenvandine, :-)14:15
kenvandinenot for the no document case though, still get menus in the window14:15
kenvandinegreat progress though :)14:16
aruizyeah, I need to figure that one out14:16
aruizthat window is sort of a special case14:16
kenvandinetedg, mind if i distro patch that particular bug so i am get moving on uploading lo-menubar in the current state?14:19
kenvandineto get the ball rolling, you know that takes time14:19
tedgkenvandine, Yup, that's fine with me.14:19
tedgkenvandine, I've already got my own crazy packaging branch :)14:20
kenvandinewhich branch should i merge?14:20
agateauseb128: ping14:21
tedgkenvandine, https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/dbusmenu/selective-properties  I think should fix things.14:21
kenvandineok, thx14:22
agateauseb128: tedg and I would need your opinion on some late dbusmenu landings14:22
seb128tedg, agateau: hey14:23
agateauseb128: basically, dbusmenu and dbusmenu-qt implementations are not synced right now. I need to catch up with latest dbusmenu changes.14:23
agateauseb128: I am not sure I can get this done before FF, but I would still like to get this fixed before next alpha14:24
agateauseb128: do you think this kind of things can go in in time, without FFE?14:24
seb128agateau, next alpha is next week14:25
seb128agateau, when do you see it being fixed between the ff and alpha?14:25
kenvandinehey seb12814:25
seb128on friday?14:25
seb128hey kenvandine14:25
agateauseb128: thursday would be better, friday upload is a big no-no14:25
seb128agateau, thursday is late14:28
seb128agateau, you will need a r-t exception to upload by then14:29
seb128it's probably fine for natty, not sure it will be on the alpha image though14:29
tedgseb128, When are the final uploads for alpha?14:29
agateauseb128: what is an r-t exception?14:29
kenvandinerelease team14:29
agateauseb128: tedg: the other solution is to revert latest dbusmenu changes and put them back in after alpha14:30
agateauthat's probably less risky14:30
seb128tedg, there is no hard limit for alpha but realistically they will roll iso on thursday early14:32
agateauseb128: what would be wrong with that?14:32
tedgseb128, So Wed. end of day Europe time?14:33
tedg(practically speaking)14:33
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tedgseb128, ^ is that a good assessment?  If agateau could do a release on Wed. could that get in the alpha?14:41
andreasnanyone have Unity and a recent version of Thunderbird running?14:41
* agateau wonders whether "urg" means "yes" or "no"14:42
seb128tedg, sorry I'm tired, I meant tuesday14:42
seb128the alpha3 will be out on thursday14:42
seb128so you need upload by monday eod14:42
seb128or early on tuesday14:42
agateautuesday is today, monday is yesterday... seems inpractical14:43
seb128in any case please don't block libdbusmenu updates those need to land before the freeze14:43
tedgagateau, Tuesday week14:43
andreasnI need to know if clicking "Tools > Message Filters" while that window is already open will bring up that window or not14:43
seb128agateau, no, next week14:43
seb128the feature freeze is thursday this week, alpha freeze is on tuesday next week, alpha is thursday next week14:44
seb128if you land updates on monday you are ok14:44
agateauseb128: ohh... I was asking whether it would be ok to upload on thursday *this* week14:44
seb128tuesday will depends at what hour it lands and it they do respins or not14:44
seb128agateau, you said you wouldn't get it done before ff which is thursday...14:44
seb128being confused now14:45
agateauseb128: I messed up, I thought it was tomorrow (wednesday)14:45
seb128so you have until end of week14:45
seb128works for you?14:45
agateauseb128: should be enough yes14:45
agateauseb128: so deadline is "package in main by monday", right?14:46
seb128well not really that hard but the safe line is yes14:46
seb128starting tuesday you count on delays on respins, etc14:46
seb128but it might still go in14:46
* agateau prefers aiming for the safe line14:46
kenvandinetedg, dbusmenu fix uploaded14:47
tedgandreasn, Sorry, I don't have Thunderbird or Unity running :)14:47
agateauseb128: thanks14:47
seb128agateau, you're welcome14:47
aruizkenvandine, that no_rpath thing... have you tested it?14:50
aruizkenvandine, that's supposed to be there to allow relocation, any reason to remove it?14:51
kenvandinearuiz, think you can roll a new release in the current state? with my branch merged?14:51
kenvandinewell lintian complains14:51
kenvandinenot like anything else is going to use the shlib though14:51
kenvandineso probably not harmful to have it14:52
kenvandinebut would rather keep the build clean for review of the package14:52
andreasntedg, that's ok. I'm running GNOME Shell and I got it to work there, so I wanted to confirm it's a Unity specific issue and not a bug in TB14:52
kenvandinetedg, going to get your xorg issues sorted out in time for scale?15:05
kenvandinemassive downgrade in store i guess15:05
tedgkenvandine, Yeah, I hope so... trying to get code and presentations done for SCALE first :-/15:05
tedgkenvandine, BTW, I think this is for you more than me: https://code.launchpad.net/~robert-ancell/dbusmenu/new-gtk3-depends/+merge/5069615:05
kenvandinefun stuff i am sure ;)15:06
kenvandinei'll look at it15:06
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njpatelapinheiro, jaytaoko  can help with the input stuff15:45
njpatelapinheiro, reading through the emails, it seems the main thing we need right now is the launcher to emit the correct signals, right, so you can start/stop selection mode?15:45
jaytaokonjpatel: chatting with  apinheiro now...15:45
apinheironjpatel, well, and also a way to know if the launcher has the key focus on that moment15:46
njpatelapinheiro, the panel is not the focus here because it obviously does it's thing in the service, and the connection between the launcher and panel through ubus would still cause a focus-out and focus-in in the panel menu, so it should just all work15:46
apinheiroand when I say launcher15:46
apinheiroI also include the quicklist and in a near future15:46
apinheirothe dash15:46
njpatelapinheiro, right, I'm pretty sue nux already knows these things so just needs to be made available15:46
bcurtiswxU1 is spazzing connecting and unconnecting15:49
njpatelbcurtiswx, u1sdtool --quit; killall notify-osd15:53
njpatelthat'll stop the spamming15:53
bcurtiswxnjpatel, lol ;) thx15:53
njpatel(notify osd will restart the next message you get, don't worry ;)15:54
danyRjust a quick question: with which unity version is natty going to be released? 3.6 or 3.8?16:08
popeyapw: indeed, I don't even _want_ the fix proposed by pitti on the bug report. I actually want global menu _and_ ffm.16:10
apwpopey, any idea how to implement it, do it by how long you stay in a window or something16:11
apwhoaving to stop in the window perhaps to get it16:11
popeyi thought a modifier key held down to lock the menu would do it16:12
popeypreferably one I can trigger with my left hand (right hand on mouse)16:12
popeyI'd rather not introduce artificial delays to my workflow (by stopping in a window to get the menu)16:13
popeymind you it all seems a bit demented anyway. if my firefox is on my right hand screen and mouse is currently over terminal in left hand screen, and I want to open a new browser tab, I'd have to take an exceptionally circuitous route from left screen to right screen (where firefox is) then back to left screen (for the menu).16:14
jcastroDBO: any pending merges?16:20
jcastroI see a few that need fixing16:20
DBOI'll take a look over reviews after the phone meeting :)16:21
jcastroDBO: today's status day so the more the merrier16:21
jcastrothough since some are needs fixing I will explain how the workflow works for people16:21
jcastrocando_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/71818516:29
jcastrowas this the one you were pinging about yesterday? (sorry I was on holiday)16:29
didrocksjcastro: for last release, you can still look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-02-2216:38
didrocks+ what is fix commited for the next release :)16:39
* jcastro nods16:40
alecuHi guys, do you know if a new version of gir1.2-unity-3.0 will be packaged soon?16:50
alecuIt looks like the issue in bug #709240 is fixed on libunity trunk (getting "TypeError: must be an interface" when using libunity from python)16:51
ubot5Launchpad bug 709240 in libunity "libunity support gobject-introspected languages" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70924016:51
cando_jcastro, yes17:02
cando_sorry if i've disturbed you...17:02
jfiHello, is 'unity_launcher_entry_set_count' supported by unity-2d-launcher?17:12
cando_jcastro, ping17:12
cando_hi! yes the bug is that...and sorry if i've disturbed your holiday!17:13
Kaleojfi: yes it is (only in Natty)17:29
and471ronoc, does the bug I just filed in indicator-sound get the 'Most OCD Award' ?17:29
lamlexand471, depends- how many times did you wash your hands while filing?17:30
jfiKaleo, thx for confirmation!17:31
and471lamlex, damn, now you've reminded me I'll have to wash them again...17:31
* and471 aplogises in advance for those who actually have OCD17:31
* and471 apologises for spelling 'apologises' incorrectly17:31
ronocDanRabbit1, hey have you seen this -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-sound/+bug/72325417:32
ronocand471, ah I have had worse :)17:32
ronocDanRabbit_, , hey have you seen this -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-sound/+bug/72325417:33
and471ronoc, yeah I suppose you have had mpt working with you...17:33
DanRabbit_ronoc: looking..17:33
ronocand471, https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-sound/+bug/72327817:35
and471ah good :)17:35
DanRabbit_ronoc: So is there just the two icons needed for no volume and high volume or is there the full set needed?17:36
ronocDanRabbit_, just two needed for the mic input slider . so in gnome currently we have audio-input-microphone-low,high etc17:37
ronocwe need just audio-input-microphone-panel-zero and ...high17:38
ronocI think that is how it should be named, but I'm no icon king17:38
DanRabbit_ronoc: okay I can do that. should I just add the icons to the ubuntu mono set?17:38
DanRabbit_ronoc: yea that sounds consistent with the current naming scheme17:38
ronocDanRabbit_, yep that sounds good, just talk with Otto,17:39
ronocnice one17:39
DanRabbit_ronoc: no problem, I'll send him a mail17:39
ronocDanRabbit_, excellent thanks a mill17:39
apinheironjpatel, ping17:51
njpatelapinheiro, pong17:52
apinheiroit is about what we talked in the morning about the branch review17:52
apinheirospecifically this one:17:52
apinheironjpatel, should I add you as reviewer?17:52
njpateloh, you need a review right17:52
njpatellamlex, review please asap ^17:53
apinheironot sure how remove alex launi as reviewer17:53
apinheiroah, ok17:53
apinheiroI thought that the conclusion was add you on the review17:53
lamlexi will review right now17:53
njpatelthanks dude17:53
apinheirolamlex, thanks17:55
apinheirobtw, I should have commit grants, so you can just approve it, and I can make the merge17:56
lamlex+1 looks good apinheiro17:56
apinheirolamlex, ok, I will do the merge then17:57
kenvandinetedg, can you update the status of https://code.launchpad.net/~robert-ancell/dbusmenu/new-gtk3-depends/+merge/5069618:44
kenvandinei merged it into ~ubuntu-desktop branch18:44
kenvandinebut can't change the status18:44
tedgkenvandine, It'll change automatically when I merge in the desktop branch.18:52
tedgkenvandine, Let me do that.18:52
kenvandinetedg, thx18:52
kamstrupkenvandine: hey man - i'm tweaking the Dee overrides. The current Python integration is pretty darn awesome if I may say so myself: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/dee/trunk/view/head:/examples/pythontricks.py :-D19:12
kenvandinekamstrup, awesome19:15
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saoAmaranth: I'm using the daily packages from ppa:unity/daily and trying to run that unity version. Same issue with the black screen (seems that compiz is loaded but not the unity plugin)21:00
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