yofelScottK: can you take a look at bug 686319 when you get the time? It works for the things I tested and scribus upstream offers pretty much the same packages in their archive for maverick and lucid.01:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 686319 in maverick-backports "Please backport scribus-ng 1.4.0.dfsg~rc1-1 to lucid and maverick" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68631901:34
ScottKyofel: You need to say in the bug it works.  Did it need any changes to work on Lucid/Maverick?01:40
ScottKyofel: Also what version of libpodofo?01:41
yofelI'll put the note on the bug, as for libpodofo - the one that maverick/natty currently has01:41
ScottKyofel: Works for you on both Lucid and Maverick?01:46
ScottK(need to be explicit in the bug)01:46
ScottKyofel: Approved.02:01
=== hunger_ is now known as hunger
seaLneagateau: oops looking into it08:44
agateauseaLne: ? you sure I was the one you wanted to answer?08:44
agateauseaLne: oh nevermind08:45
agateauseaLne: just didn't know your nick :)08:45
agateauseaLne: thanks for looking at it08:45
Riddellhi bambee 09:05
Riddellfree ownCloud trial! http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/439109:44
Riddellbambee: you also get a starring mention in my blog :)09:47
bambeehuhu :D09:49
bambeethanks ;)09:49
bambeeRiddell: btw could you re-test language-selector and confirm that: it crashes on install/uninstall and with the popup (half installed language) ?09:51
bambeejust to know if the crash is reproducible or not09:52
bambeeps: I did not touch the code, so the crash is not my fault09:53
Riddellbambee: my assumption is that the crash is caused by the kcontrol module not being fully created10:04
Riddellmy guess is if the dialog was run after the kcontrol module was created it wouldn't crash10:04
bambeeRiddell: when you install/uninstall something the kcontrol module is fully created10:07
Riddellbambee: even from that dialogue?10:08
Riddellbambee: it still crashes10:08
bambeeI don't think so, I tested yesterday without any threads in commit() and it works just fine10:11
bambeesame thing for install and uninstall10:11
bambeeI meant if it was caused by the kcontrol module not being fully created, the crash would be still there10:12
bambeein these three cases: the message is the same "PyEval_AcquireThread: non-NULL old thread state"10:13
bambeeit's very strange :\10:14
Riddellbambee: feature freeze is on thursday, shall I merge this now to get it in before then, in the hope we fix the crash bug before release?10:15
bambeethe crash will be fixed before release, don't worry ;)10:18
bambeeRiddell: workaround http://paste.ubuntu.com/570500/  => without threads it works ;)10:35
bambeeproblem:  qcoreapplication::processEvents() it's not called anymore 10:36
bambee(but the window is disabled using setEnabled(false) before installing something so it's so bad ?)10:36
Riddellif it works and the user experience is decent then that's fine10:37
bambeeIt is10:40
bambee(at least in my opinion)10:40
Riddellbambee: groovy, commit and i'll merge10:47
bambeeit's possible to fix what you asked me later ? (drop install/uninstall button, use "apply" button instead) I meant... it's not finished yet 10:51
Riddellbambee: yes, that's a bug10:52
Riddellor you can fix that and I'll merge in, as long as it's before Thursday :)10:54
bambeelunch time, I'll commit later11:12
Riddellno porn uploaded to owncloud free trial yet, although there is a folder called Iwasabletochangethepasswordthiswillnotendwellormaybeitwill11:17
Riddelland a picture of someone's tummy11:17
Riddellconclusion: planet ubuntu and kde readers are cheeky but not untrustworthy11:18
Tm_Tkids are sleeping/school ...11:18
RiddellJontheEchidna: firefox is clashing with our firefox-installer on the .desktop files, do you know what the solution to that is?11:19
apacheloggergood lawd11:19
Riddellhave they dropped a replaces?11:19
apacheloggerqtlanguageselector is horrible11:19
* apachelogger needs to go throw up11:19
Riddellmorning apachelogger 11:20
apacheloggerRiddell: talk to micah about the firefox clash11:20
apacheloggerfirefox needs the replaces not the installer11:20
apacheloggerRiddell: and good morning to you :)11:20
debfxRiddell: bug #71766611:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 717666 in firefox (Ubuntu) "kubuntu-firefox-installer does not install firefox and blocks manual firefox installation" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71766611:22
Riddellthanks debfx, I tagged and milestoned the bug11:24
debfxnew synaptiks version is still blocked by the pyudev MIR :(11:29
Riddelldebfx: bug number?11:30
debfxRiddell: Bug #71877411:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 718774 in pyudev (Ubuntu) "[MIR] pyudev" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71877411:30
Riddelldebfx: presumably new synaptiks would be considered new features so we need it in by feature freeze11:32
Riddellso I'll poke mterry to hurry up and if he doesn't I'll just promote it11:32
=== ferai is now known as jefferia
debfxRiddell: ok, can you upload synaptiks once pyudev is in main?11:59
Riddelldebfx: will do12:06
=== jefferia is now known as jefferai
Riddellbambee: good lunch?12:31
bambeeyes :)12:31
Riddellshadeslayer: what happened to the neon announce?12:37
yofel_IIRC waiting for some usable banner from sheytan, should be done by the end of the week he said12:40
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
bambeeRiddell: committed ;)12:42
bambeecrashes disappeared12:42
Riddellbambee: yay!12:46
bambeeRiddell: :)13:01
=== starcraftman is now known as starcraft-ntbk
jussiRiddell: your server seems to be overloaded :P (owncloud not loading here)13:49
Riddelljussi: I took it down, someone changed the password, moved to http://50-56-71-173.static.cloud-ips.com/owncloud/13:50
felimwhiteley_anyone else seeing choqok throwing up "invalid signatures" (Version 1.0 Beta2 (0.9.85)) Maverick with 4.6 ppa enabled.. StatusNet key expired or something?14:20
debfxwhat's ~bugbot and why does it add kubuntu tags to bug reports?14:30
yofellast person I asked that said that belonged to bryceh14:31
steveireRiddell: Sorry to visit https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/680088 again, but I had a thought - Can upgrade from 10.04 to 11.04 and not hit the upgrade conflict?14:31
ubottuUbuntu bug 680088 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "Upgrade fails "Can not mark 'kubuntu-desktop' for upgrade "" [Undecided,Triaged]14:31
yofelyou can't upgrade directly from 10.04 to 11.04 using update manager14:32
Riddellsteveire: that's not a supported upgrade method, anything could go wrong14:33
steveireHmm. Ok, I'll just clean install next week then and be done with it14:36
bambeesteveire: what about 10.04 => 10.10 => 11.04 ?14:37
bambee(two upgrades instead of one)14:37
yofelsteveire: you *can* do that if you edit sources list by hand and use apt-get/aptitude, but that's even more unsupported14:38
RiddellScottK: py3dns-3.0.0/DNS/.Base.py.swp looks a bit ugly15:07
RiddellScottK: W: python-pyclamav: spelling-error-in-changelog pacakge package15:32
ScottKRiddell: Yeah.  Upstream screwed and and rolled the tarball with a file open (that would be me).  It doesn't hurt anything.15:47
ScottKRiddell: I'll fix pyclamav in the next upload.15:48
ScottK(I made the same mistake in Debian)15:48
ScottKIn any case the .swp doesn't get installed in the binary.15:49
RiddellScottK: just use emacs :)15:50
ScottKRiddell: Kubuntu is my operating system.  I just need an editor.15:50
shadeslayerwhaddup \o16:21
Riddell"whaddup"  I'll need to read up on my Hindi before I go to India16:23
shadeslayerhaha :P16:39
Daskreechबियर? नि: शुल्क? :Riddell  16:41
tazzDaskreech, you just wrote the word "beer" in devnagri.16:42
tazzDaskreech, besides Riddell wants mango lassi.16:43
Daskreechtazz: Ha ha ok :)16:43
Riddellhmm, rekonq doesn't like al jazeera16:55
Riddellcrashes after a while16:55
Riddellmaybe it is an agent of Gadaffi16:55
shadeslayerRiddell: backtrace plz16:59
shadeslayeror better, report it to bugzilla :)16:59
shadeslayer.... this begs the question, what are you doing on al jazeera ? O_O16:59
shadeslayerdo they use Kubuntu?16:59
RiddellI expect it's a flash issue17:00
shadeslayerah ...17:00
Riddellwatching Gadaffi getting desperate17:00
shadeslayerstupid flash17:00
afiestasshadeslayer: assistant is still crashing17:05
shadeslayerafiestas: huh?17:05
shadeslayeri don't get the context :)17:05
afiestasshadeslayer: Qt assistant is still crashing with the same backtrace (something about JS in webkit)17:06
shadeslayerhmm .. 17:07
shadeslayerafiestas: poke qt-creator / qtwebkit dev's17:07
afiestasshadeslayer: http://paste.ubuntu.com/570666/17:07
afiestasweeks ago I had that crash from everything using QtWebkit (amarok, rekonq, ...)17:08
shadeslayerquite possible we need new qtwebkit17:08
afiestasnow only assistant seems to be affected17:08
debfxafiestas: try: echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory17:10
afiestasdebfx: working17:13
=== Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan
debfxwe really should update qtwebkit17:15
debfxRiddell: I can't find the weekly qtwebkit tarballs. Do you know where they are?17:16
Riddelldebfx: they stopped being made a while ago, you just need to get a git snapshot now17:16
debfxlet's see if gitorious can create a snapshot17:19
debfx334 MB, that can't be right17:20
Riddellcould be right, without history17:21
debfxthe current tarball is ~30MB17:22
Riddellthat's with all the unnecessary stuff removed17:22
Riddellthere's a release script somewhere, although you can also just remove directories to match the current one17:23
Riddelldebfx: needing a new snapshot for a reason?17:23
QuintasanRiddell: Do we need to have something packaged?17:23
* Quintasan is slightly bored17:24
RiddellQuintasan: koffice, although it's broken17:24
debfxRiddell: bug #710582 but they haven't even backported the patch to the 2.1 release branch17:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 710582 in webkit (Ubuntu Natty) "webkit crashes on amd64 architecture with SIGSEGV in WTF::OSAllocator::reserveAndCommit() was: webkit does not implement "assert" sanely" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71058217:24
Riddelldebfx: mm right17:24
QuintasanRiddell: mmkay, I could give it a try but if it's broken isnt it better to wait for something that works?17:26
RiddellQuintasan: what's your e-mail?   I can send you the patch17:26
QuintasanRiddell: quintasan@kubuntu.org :)17:27
QuintasanRiddell: source is at ktown?17:27
Riddellthat's a cool e-mail17:27
QuintasanRiddell: You should have one too, shouldn't you?17:27
RiddellQuintasan: e-mailed bounced17:27
debfxQuintasan: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtmobility/+bug/676512/comments/5 if Riddell isn't working on it17:27
ubottuUbuntu bug 676512 in qtmobility (Ubuntu Natty) "MIR qtmobility" [Undecided,Incomplete]17:27
RiddellI'm not17:27
Quintasandebfx: We have to make sure it passess tests phase?17:30
QuintasanRiddell: how fast is the connection to an EC2 machine?17:31
RiddellQuintasan: EC2, how old fashioned?  dunno, I use rackspace now17:31
debfxQuintasan: yes, currently the tests aren't built at all17:31
RiddellQuintasan: why are you needing a machine?17:32
QuintasanRiddell: How long would it take to upload 25mb from there?17:32
* Quintasan wishes he could have better internets here17:33
debfxRiddell: do we still need this patch? http://paste.kde.org/5605/17:39
Riddelldebfx: I don't know17:40
Quintasantst_qdeclarativefeedback.cpp:42:19: fatal error: qtest.h: No such file or directory17:50
Quintasandebfx: That's what Michael reported but I am not sure how we're going to make it work17:50
debfxQuintasan: patching the build system presumably17:51
bambeeRiddell: changes to language-selector done :)17:59
bambeeI'll commit17:59
Quintasankubotu: order cookies for bambee17:59
* kubotu slides a whole bunch of world's finest cookies down the bar to bambee.17:59
* bambee eats everything18:01
debfxok I have no idea which qtwebkit commit to backport18:01
rbelemRiddell: do you know if is there a way to send notifications via dbus?18:02
bambeeyou asked me to bump using dch -i... I suppose that I must bump to 0.14 ? (all LanguageSelector.qt have changed...)18:02
shadeslayerRiddell: yes there is18:02
shadeslayerrbelem: iirc there is18:02
rbelemshadeslayer: do you know how?18:02
shadeslayergimme a second :)18:03
rbelemshadeslayer: i was trying org.freedesktop.Notifications.Notify18:03
rbelemshadeslayer: but it did not work18:03
shadeslayerfull command?18:03
bambeerbelem: try  qdbus org.freedesktop.Notifications18:03
bambeeit will list all remote objects18:04
bambeethen it can list all interfaces too :)18:04
rbelemdbus-send --session --dest=org.freedesktop.Notifications /org/freedesktop/Notifications org.freedesktop.Notifications.Notify string:"" uint32:0 string:"" string:"teste" string:"teste" array:string:"" dict:string:string:"" int32:300018:04
rbelembambee: i was using that to find the interfaces :-)18:04
bambeeso why don't use it to make the call ?18:05
rbelembambee: it is not working :'(18:05
bambee(it's simpler, imho)18:05
rbelemshadeslayer: ^18:06
Quintasandebfx: They (tests) are most likely broken, I supplied /usr/include/qt4/QtTest/ to INCLUDES but well18:06
bambeeRiddell: sorry my question was stupid... all bumps increase minor version in this changelog xD18:08
shadeslayerrbelem: yeah i can't find the docs on techbase as well18:10
shadeslayeroh oh18:11
* shadeslayer greps Quassel18:11
shadeslayerrbelem: _notificationsClient = new org::freedesktop::Notifications("org.freedesktop.Notifications", "/org/freedesktop/Notifications",18:14
shadeslayer                                                             QDBusConnection::sessionBus(), this);18:14
shadeslayerquassel  has that18:14
debfxQuintasan: it's missing a -lQtTest18:14
rbelemshadeslayer: it is not working for me via cmd line18:15
rbelemshadeslayer: it works with python18:29
rbelemshadeslayer: but with dbus-send it does not18:29
Quintasanrbelem: >works with python, <--- Python...works? Does not compute18:32
rbelemQuintasan: :-P18:54
QuintasanWHAT ON EARTH18:54
Quintasandebfx: ping18:54
debfxQuintasan: pong18:55
Quintasandebfx: I got the tests to run, and well, they pass but there is something bugging me, w8 log is uploading...18:55
Quintasanlong log is long18:56
Quintasanwrong window18:56
txwikingerQuintasan: you play to much Mahjongg18:57
Quintasantxwikinger: are you talking about the 4 player game or the crappy american one?18:58
txwikingerNo idea.. I am talking about あ18:58
Quintasantxwikinger: Well, I play a lot of mahjongg but あ's are not part of it :P18:59
txwikingerQuintasan: Well.. something looking very similar is :p18:59
Quintasandebfx: http://paste.kde.org/5613   <-- warning: log is damn big, somehow scroll to line 2397 and look at the magic19:00
Quintasandebfx: line 5398*19:00
bambeeRiddell: committed, ready to merge :)19:02
debfxQuintasan: hm, you might need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to wherever the libs are during the build19:02
bambeenevertheless, take your time it can wait until tomorrow ;)19:03
Quintasandamn it, I have no idea where the hell it puts it's libs19:05
=== shadeslayer is now known as shadeslayer_
bambeehttp://blip.tv/file/4790125 :D19:09
debfxQuintasan: maybe LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(abspath lib)19:10
debfxQuintasan: I wonder why these errors don't fail the build19:14
debfxQuintasan: you could try adding "set -e" at  the top of rununittests.sh19:22
debfxthough that makes the script abort after the first failing test which is not ideal19:24
Quintasandebfx: set -e before #!/bin/bash or right after it?19:26
Quintasanit didnt fail19:32
QuintasanI didnt enable tests in the first place19:35
Quintasandebfx: yay, got it to fails at some database magic19:43
Quintasanhmm QSQLITE not loaded19:44
Quintasandebfx, Riddell: qtmobility has to pass all tests to get a MIR?19:45
RiddellQuintasan: a failed test would suggest a bug of some sort19:46
QuintasanRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/570739/19:48
debfxQuintasan: maybe libqt4-sql-sqlite isn't installed?19:48
Quintasanwell. That's what I got so far19:48
QuintasanThere are some tests that trigger some nasty stuff and result in core dups19:49
Riddelltry it with libqt4-sql-sqlite installed for the sqlite issues19:50
Riddellthen I guess try and find an upstream to comment19:50
Riddellfairly often I've had upstreams go "why are you running the test suite, it's only intended for us" which does defeat the point of a test suite but gets us out of having to include it in the packaging19:51
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=== Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan
QuintasanRiddell: Cool, bugging #qt-mobility as we speak20:00
RiddellQuintasan: the developers are all australian so they may not wake up for a couple of hours20:01
Quintasanhmm, looks like a sleepless night then20:02
QuintasanRiddell: I have some stuff to do anyways so I won't get bored :P20:02
apacheloggerqtmobility ftw20:52
apacheloggerRiddell: I suppose they get taken over by intel engineers20:53
=== bbigras is now known as Guest39178
Riddellanyone awake?23:57

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