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jszigah_Can someone tell me how to add the update the source list02:13
jszigah_i'm having problems editing it. I think I'm doing it wrong02:14
jszigah_ Can someone tell me how to add the update the source list. i'm having problems editing it. I think I'm doing it wrong02:18
jszigah_for linuxmce 8.1002:18
amasonjszigah_: can just add it manually to /etc/apt/sources.list02:23
jszigah_I tried but it will not let me save it.02:23
amasonjszigah_: it's owned by root02:30
amasonyou will probably want to sudo to root first02:30
amasonthen edit it02:30
amasonor sudo $EDITIOR /etc/apt/sources02:31
jszigah_I sent you a direct chat02:31
amasonjszigah_: yeh i closed it, it's really not polite to do so without asking first. Also it's better to hold the discussion in the channel so other people can see / comment on it. If i tell you to do somethign which someone doesn't think is a good idea then they can provide their opinion etc..02:33
amasonwell the editor i like to use is vi but you can use nano or whatever you like. so i would type02:34
amasonvi /etc/apt/sources.list02:34
jszigah_ok. do I go into terminal02:34
amasonyes. you can launch kate with kdesu if you so wish also02:35
amasonwhich you can execute from krunner02:36
jszigah_I'm lost with this. I need step by step instructions.02:41
zhanlingad help me02:48
zhanlingod help e02:48
amasonjszigah_: what are you actually trying to do02:49
jszigah_I'm trying to Install LinuxMCE8.10. I'm at the part where I have edit the source.list before I run the sudo apt-get update02:52
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amasonjszigah_: right ok well i don't know what linux MCE is or what it requires. If you wish to add  a line to sources.list you can either use the program kpackagekit02:55
amasonwhich is available in your 'K' menu02:55
amasonor you can open a terminal ( konsole )02:55
amasontype sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list02:56
amasondoes that make sense ?02:56
amasonso which part is un-clear02:57
jhoc2x2good morning to all02:57
jszigah_I did it but I have a whole script to insert02:57
amasonjszigah_: a whole script ?02:57
jhoc2x2hello... i am a fresh Kubuntu user...02:57
amasonjszigah_: what does the script look like ? pastebin please02:58
amasonplease pastebin03:01
sagacipaste link?03:01
amasondon't pm me03:01
amasonscrew it, i'm gone03:01
jhoc2x2can I use my built-in camera ?03:08
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:17
ademosKDE 4.6 + NVIDIA Binary Driver --- Since KDE 4.3 I have been noticing an issue with KDE Panels ----- Autohide gets stuck, and the panel will not hide until a reboot or logout.04:13
ademosAny ideas?04:13
ademosIf it helps, I'm using Kubuntu 10.0404:13
ademosI fouind a fix here: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/applications/62285-kde-panel-auto-hide-broken.html04:15
ademosdcop kicker Panel restart04:15
ademosBut if I have to restart the panel, then there's some kind of bug04:16
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ademosShould I file a bug  report? Or is this a known issue with Kicker (the panel)?04:21
sh1ft3dis there a way to set up shell menus for multi-button mouses?04:21
ademosI think my bug may be related to this OTHER panel autohide bug: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=25801204:25
ubottuKDE bug 258012 in containment-panel "Autohide panel gets visible on taskbar changes and does not hide itself" [Normal,New]04:25
ruffdogsilly question.  I used a partition manager as I was trying to resolve something on one of my drives.  I somehow messed up my config file and can't fix.  I have WinVista and linux dual boot.  I can access both drives separately.  In linux I can't access WinVista drive though.  Any help would be great.04:25
ademosOooh, thanks ubottu04:25
razfazzzMorgen, wer da der mir bitte mal mit linux ubuntu helfen kann ?07:38
gr8m8razfazzz:  there's a german channel07:40
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.07:40
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bazhangkictak, english please11:34
aaditya_how to install kubuntu12:37
aaditya_havin prob?12:37
bazhangaaditya_, already running ubuntu?12:38
aaditya_hey I'm just testing IRC12:38
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skramer_somehow I got 3 notes applets on the bottom of Search&Launch Activity. how do I remove them?14:01
skramer_because they don't show the "X" when below mouse...14:01
eMyllerhey. has anyone tried a multiseat setup on kubuntu? i need some guiding to start. thanks in advance.15:06
BluesKajeMyller,a multiseat setup on kubuntu?? ..pls elaborate15:08
eMyllerBluesKaj: there is https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultiseatX and http://kahuna.clayton.edu/byron/multiseat-kdm.html . i want to try it, but it must be fail safe, as my main machine is in production right now.15:09
BluesKajok, eMyller looks like several work stns connected to a central server...never had to deal with that.15:17
eMyllerk, np15:17
BluesKajeMyller, you could ask in #ubuntu , it's full of knowledgable ppl , some nice some not so nice , but I'm sure someone there can help15:20
eMyllerBluesKaj: thanks.15:23
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sobczykhi, is there any reason why kubuntu might not detect power jack? Sometimes my laptop does not show it plugging. Hardware iirc is fine because charge diode is working16:42
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surexsuri: welcome :)16:56
suriactually i am a very new user of linux16:56
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Daskreechsuri: Welcome to Linux and KDE :)16:59
natasuri: welcome. hope you will become fancy of linux17:00
surithank you all i must say IRC is very helpful17:01
surican any one tell me how to view  the list of channels in konversation17:07
macosuri: on most servers you can type /list, but freenode is huge and that puts an undue strain on it, so there's a bot here named alis which you can ask17:07
macosuri: /msg alis list searchterm17:08
macoso to see ubuntu channels..17:08
maco /msg alis list *ubuntu*17:09
natalinux is open source, got any way company can earn money from his software like in windows?17:17
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maconata: sell support contracts to take advantage of the fact that most corporations require a support contract for any software not developed in-house so they have someone else to blame at 3am17:26
maconata: thats what red hat and canonical do17:26
natamaco: but this cannot help develop of many new small software from other ability company17:27
maconata: some projects charge for binaries. XChat does this on Windows17:28
macoanyone can get to the source, but if they don't know how to compile or don't want to deal with compiling...17:28
DarthFrogOr you can have two versions, on of which is only of interest to paying customers.17:29
natamaco: this is disadvantage for linux become famous OS. More company will choosing win as dominant17:29
natadn't know future debian package manager can easy install rpm or not.17:32
maconata: windows licenses and canonical support contracts cost about the same. i think canonical is actually about $50 less17:35
maconata: usually though, a switch to linux isnt about price up-front for a company, it's about their reliability needs17:35
macothough, it is often from solaris or aix or something....17:36
macoit's expensive to retrain sysadmins, but if you've got old unix admins17:36
macowell its a lot easier to retrain them to linux than to retrain them to windows17:36
maco"what do you mean i cant pipe sed and awk together with a bit of perl?!?!"17:36
natamaco: contract cost will earn from enterprise only. windows more powerful, wan use, money come 1st.17:37
maco"wan use"?17:37
natahaha, i dn't know how to use17:38
macoit is generally agreed that there's no money in the desktop, period.  servers are where it is. microsoft makes practically nothing from windows17:38
macothe vast majority of microsoft's money is from Office17:38
macobecause most windows licenses are free or like $10 to the OEMs. few people pay full price17:38
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natadn't know why people got free Ooo still like to be use office17:39
andrey__привет русские люди17:40
macobecause MS Office's formats are poorly documented and inconsistent.  if you have to deal regularly with them, OOo can be insufficient. if, on the other hand, you just have to be able to open them and read....OOo is fine. i rarely distribute docs from OOo, just use PDF, but thats no use if the other person needs to edit it too17:40
maco!ru | andrey__17:40
ubottuandrey__: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke17:40
Eruaran__Most people don't need to edit PDF's they receive17:41
natathe seller like to preinstll windows to earn more directly cause linux not easy to come in for more new user17:41
macoEruaran__: i'm saying PDF is the wrong format to use if the other person wants to edit it, but doc is also unusable for mutual editing if the formating is at all complicated and one of you is using OOo17:42
macoEruaran__: normally i use PDF output from OOo since i know it'll open right elsewhere, but if i need the other person to be able to edit, then i have to use doc and then it'll break17:42
macoand THAT is pretty much microsoft's plan to keep people using MS Office17:42
macoget them to buy it for compatibility reasons17:43
Eruaran__indeed. that is why they corrupted ODF17:43
macothankfully i know very few windows users who don't also have a linux machine sitting around, so i just use odt :)17:43
natamicrosoft is vy...17:44
natalinux need to become famous so that more hardware support for it. No need like me always need to exchange back windows sometime.17:46
natayou know the different of opensuse and kubuntu or not?17:47
natajust differnt in 1 is use rpm another is deb isit?17:48
wbsxdoes anyone else get random x crashes when pressing alt+tab with kde 4.6 and kubuntu 10.10?17:52
natawbsx: no crash. test already17:52
wbsxit doesn't crash everytime i press alt+tab17:58
wbsxbut sometimes17:58
natai more suggest got 2 account. everytime got big upgrade use 2nd account to enable completely upgrade for 1st account18:00
macowbsx: no crashes from that for me18:03
nitin007i got banned in other channel suggest in private how could i rejoin it please18:04
nitin007i got banned in other channel suggest in private how could i rejoin it please18:04
maconitin007: stop repeating yourself18:04
maconitin007: was it an ubuntu channel?18:04
nitin007i got banned in other channel suggest in private how could i rejoin it please18:04
nitin007i got banned in other channel suggest in private how could i rejoin it please18:04
natawbsx: sometime crashing is cause by other software18:04
macogosh, trying to get removed from here too?18:04
natalike my network manager kubuntu. sometime click connect few times will cause x crash18:06
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kuwo48mag wer quasseln?19:06
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apparlehi guys. I'm having problems with nepomuk. can anyone help19:11
surexHi all.. help me pls... I am running "sudo apt-get upgrade" in konsole and after sometime.. dolphin is not working. I tried to run dolphin in konsole and got this error http://pastebin.com/4PQ57LTw What could be the solution?19:16
mjobinsurex: if kde has been updated, you should restart your KDE session.19:45
mjobinI recommend KDE 4.619:46
apparleHey guys, anyone tried Gnome 3?20:25
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apparleWhy is the popup menu in vlc in fullscreen black?21:22
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit21:50
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tsimpsondumb floodbots22:27
ChrisEhas anyone managed to get a creative x-fi card working under kubuntu 10.10?  works out of the box under11.04alpha1 but that's a bit risky for me22:36
DarthFrogWorks fine for me.22:40
DarthFrogI am using pulse and I have to manually un-mute the volume control everytime I boot.22:41
ChrisEi don't see any channels in the mixer that are actually connected to the outside world, just dummies22:43
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