gary_posterhey benji, since the board is full with three features, I wanted to highlight that I made the work we talked about that would be shared across the mail unsubscribe story and the structural subscription edit page a card in the unsubscribe story, since it is active right now.  I put your name on it.13:24
benjisounds good13:24
gary_posterbac benji danilos : mubvle/kanban in 213:30
gary_posteror 113:30
benji"mubvle" today Gary has a Russian accent13:31
gary_posterthank you13:35
bacgary_poster: my participation in UDS is still not settled.  i will be going to the canonical summit.13:40
bacfrancis is going to talk to elliot to see if they want me to stick around for at least a few days of UDS to amortize the cost of the plane ticket13:41
danilosbac, thanks13:51
danilosbac, (I mean, useful for me as well :)13:51
bacdanilos: what are you referring?13:51
danilosbac, UDS discussion13:51
bacdanilos: are you going for sure?13:52
danilosbac, btw, maybe we can organize a sprint in Belgrade right after that, or you can join me for some pair hacking because it's very close :)13:52
danilosbac, nope13:52
bacdanilos: that would be great!13:52
gary_posterhey danilos, you have time for a mid-imp call?  I'm struggling with where to put stuff14:30
danilosgary_poster, sure thing14:31
gary_posterI hear you14:32
gary_posterjust got new mumble14:32
gary_poster2 sec14:32
danilosdid you unwrap the plastic?14:32
* benji lunches.16:47
=== gary_pos_ is now known as gary_poster

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