Unit1931Hello jason__03:21
rtdosmy xscreensaver locks up on certain screensavers, namely: m6502 apple2 xanalogtv (and similar)03:35
Unit1931disable them?03:36
head_victimrtdos: I've had problems in the past on other flavours of ubuntu when I used to use screen savers (now I just use blank) when I wasn't using propriety video card drivers. So my first suggestion would be to try out a different video card driver and see if that helps03:40
rtdosthx. i'll see if i can find another video card driver. :-\04:57
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Jason1Hey there. Can someone give me some advice about a network connectivity issue?05:09
head_victimJason1: I can try05:10
head_victimI've noticed a network issue with samba shares myself recently.05:10
Jason1no problems for the last couple days until today when I configured opendns and now my connection goes down after 20 minutes or so05:10
head_victimThe whole connection or just the dns part?05:12
head_victim(can you ping sites?)05:12
Unit193Can you even ping other computers?05:13
Jason1just a sec. that's ping xyz.com right?05:13
bioterrorfor example05:14
Jason1Host unreachable05:15
Jason1the little up/down icon at the botto says the connection is active though05:16
gnewbWhat is the terminal call for the Version, i.e. Lubuntu 10.04.2? or like that?05:17
bioterrorlsb_release -rc05:18
gnewbThank you05:18
Jason1thanks for command. It tells me 10.10 maverick05:19
gnewbbioterror: I was forgetting the _ part05:19
bioterrorive eaten my omega-3's05:20
Jason1gotta stock up on your fish oils05:20
Jason1and flax seed05:21
gnewbI eat fish almost every day.05:21
gnewbI will eat more when I get my 'new' sailing boat.05:22
bioterrorfish is expensive :(05:23
gnewbNaw, the boats are expensive, the fish are easy.05:26
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Jason1I configured opendns this morning and now my connection keeps dropping after 10 or 20 minutes of use. Any ideas on how to diagnose the issue?15:31
MrChrisDruifJason1: Sorry, opendns is working properly with me15:41
Jason1you're sorry?15:41
Jason1it's ok man. I just want to know how I might have messed things up if I did cause the problem that way15:42
MrChrisDruifWhere did you set up opendns, router or ubuntu itself?15:43
Jason1ubuntu. I can't access the router. No password15:43
rtdossorry, Jason1, opendns is working for me too.15:44
Jason1No need for apologies. I'm not suggesting opendns is down. I'm saying I think I might have broken something when I was configuring my computer for it15:46
MrChrisDruifYou followed opendns's instructions?15:46
Jason1The first time I've ever had a problem with a computer after setting up opendns15:47
silverlightningI have a critical error that might ruin the whole lubuntu installation15:47
silverlightningLubuntu is stuck in package manager, during installation of critical packages,15:48
silverlightningI cannot find any equivalent of system monitor to kill of the program15:49
Jason1so any suggestions of why the connection works for a while and then goes down?15:49
MrChrisDruifJason1: I don't know....15:56
NRWlionJason1, google finds an answer in less than 4 secs: http://forums.opendns.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=527815:58
NRWlionor: http://www.google.com/#hl=de&source=hp&q=opendns+works+only+30+minutes&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&fp=47cdb7b9cadaa4c715:59
bioterrorsilverlightning, open terminal and say top16:01
wolfpackhi silverlightning16:07
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silverlightningyes, top gives lots of info16:07
wolfpackwhat ?16:08
bioterrorps aux |less16:08
silverlightningwhat I am doing then?16:08
silverlightningthe thing is package manager is stuck during a confirmation request (I think) when installing restricted packages16:09
silverlightningI have tried all the usual procedures,16:09
silverlightningthere is a <ok> there I though might be pressed but it's not responsive16:10
silverlightningreally weird16:10
silverlightninghowever, lubuntu runs much more lightly than the real ubuntu16:10
bioterrorkillall, kill 'em all!!16:10
bioterrorkill -9 pid16:11
silverlightningsudo killall, kill 'em all!!  F?16:11
silverlightningno reaction at all16:13
silverlightningI plotted in sudo kill -9 pid16:13
silverlightningERROR: garbage process ID "pid"16:14
silverlightningdoes it make any sense?16:14
silverlightningDarn !"##¤¤¤%16:15
silverlightningthis means full reinstallation16:15
* silverlightning calling ubuntu gurus16:16
silverlightningweird, xChat isn't as cools as chatzilla16:16
silverlightningdo you agree?16:16
silverlightningthis is the kind of pickle linux and ubuntu puts people in16:17
bioterrorpid is process id16:20
bioterrorim in a train with phone16:21
bioterrorim not in a situation where i can assist you16:22
NRWlionin germany there is no train for the next weeks because the employees driving the trains want more money16:22
silverlightningit's understandable bioterror16:24
silverlightningthere is no help to get for this is there?16:25
silverlightningI mean, no easy solution16:25
bioterrorare you installing lubuntu16:25
bioterroror running lubuntu and the software upgrade or something is stuck16:26
silverlightningno, I did that yesterday, to day I only used package manager for restriced extra16:26
silverlightningyes, only synaptic package manager16:26
bioterrorsudo killall synaptic16:27
silverlightningif it was only installation I could start all over16:27
bioterrorsudo apt-get update16:27
silverlightningno process found16:28
silverlightningsynaptic went16:28
silverlightningnot in sight anymore16:28
silverlightningthank you !!!!16:28
silverlightningmany thanks16:28
bioterrorsudo apt-get -f install16:28
silverlightningweird how terminal handles stuff16:29
bioterror!terminal | silverlightning16:29
ubot5silverlightning: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal16:29
silverlightningsudo apt-get -f install16:29
silverlightningE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)16:29
silverlightningE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?16:29
silverlightningdo I dare to make a reboot just to check on lubuntu, and then grub from puppy cd?16:30
silverlightninggrub4dos or something like that?16:31
bioterrori would like to know which process is using it16:31
bioterrorkill it!16:31
bioterrorJoeMaverickSett, wakeup16:31
silverlightningmore killing?16:31
bioterrorkilling is my business, and bussiness is good :D16:32
JoeMaverickSettbioterror: you summoned me!? :)16:32
silverlightninglike sudo kill process?16:32
bioterrorhelp him to free apt-get16:32
bioterrorim almost at home station16:32
bioterrorand ive got in-laws at home :D16:32
silverlightningmaybe I can find my disappears puppy after16:32
bioterrorforget puppy and other :D16:33
silverlightningbioterror, I shall not hold you up, be with you family16:33
bioterrorsilverlightning, joe will help you, i bet his reading backlog16:33
silverlightning  kill -s signal pid ...    Send a signal to every process listed.16:35
silverlightning  kill -l                   List all signal names.16:35
silverlightning  kill -L                   List all signal names in a nice table.16:35
silverlightning  kill -l signal            Convert between signal numbers and names.16:35
silverlightningsilverlightning@silverlightning-AMILO-L-Series:~$ sudo killall synaptic16:35
silverlightning[sudo] password for silverlightning:16:35
silverlightningsilverlightning@silverlightning-AMILO-L-Series:~$ sudo killall synaptic16:35
silverlightningsynaptic: no process found16:36
silverlightningsilverlightning@silverlightning-AMILO-L-Series:~$ sudo apt-get -f install16:36
silverlightningE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)16:36
silverlightningE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?16:36
silverlightningsilverlightning@silverlightning-AMILO-L-Series:~$ ^C16:36
bioterrorcheck with ps aux |less16:36
JoeMaverickSettsilverlightning: try ps aux  | egrep -i 'apt|ftp|kpack|dpkg'  | less16:36
bioterroranything regarding synaptic or apt-get or dpkg16:36
bioterrorthere it comes16:37
bioterrorknight in a shiny armor16:37
JoeMaverickSettgot a link though :P16:37
bioterror!paste | silverlightning16:37
ubot5silverlightning: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:37
silverlightningsilverlightning@silverlightning-AMILO-L-Series:~$ ^C16:38
silverlightningroot      1767  0.0  2.2  23016 19716 ?        Ss   16:34   0:00 /usr/bin/dpkg --status-fd 35 --unpack --auto-deconfigure /var/cache/apt/archives/cabextract_1.3-1_i386.deb /var/cache/apt/archives/libmp4v2-0_1%3a1.6dfsg-0.2ubuntu9_i386.deb /var/cache/apt/archives/lubuntu-restricted-extras_42_i386.deb /var/cache/apt/archives/ttf-mscorefonts-installer_3.2ubuntu2_all.deb /var/cache/apt/archives/unrar_1%3a3.9.10-1_i386.deb /var/ca16:38
silverlightningroot      1800  0.0  0.8  11480  7800 ?        S    16:35   0:00 /usr/bin/perl -w /usr/share/debconf/frontend /var/lib/dpkg/tmp.ci/preinst install16:38
silverlightningroot      1813  0.0  0.0   1896   508 ?        S    16:35   0:00 /bin/sh -e /var/lib/dpkg/tmp.ci/preinst install16:38
silverlightning1000      1884  0.0  0.0   4012   748 pts/2    S+   17:37   0:00 egrep --color=auto -i apt|ftp|kpack|dpkg16:39
silverlightningoh sorry16:39
silverlightningmy network is super slow today16:42
silverlightninghi  OiPenguin16:43
silverlightningthe link will not open16:44
JoeMaverickSettsilverlightning: try killall -9 apt* dpkg16:45
silverlightningno process found16:46
silverlightningthere's no bookmark function in Chromium, really minimal browser16:47
silverlightningit has been pruned very harshly16:48
JoeMaverickSettsilverlightning: try "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" withouth quotes16:48
JoeMaverickSettsilverlightning: there is bookmark function in Chromium16:48
JoeMaverickSettsilverlightning: there is a "star" on the right-hand side of the search bar, click it. then you'll get bookmark function/to save your bookmark to.16:50
JoeMaverickSettsilverlightning: wait for it to finish ;)16:51
JoeMaverickSettsilverlightning: and see if the error still persists.16:52
silverlightningthis one is full16:53
kosaidpo|hello guys when i try to install gstreamer it says no package found16:53
JoeMaverickSettsilverlightning: run that command; "sudo dpkg --configure -a"16:53
silverlightningsorry, I didn't notice the waiting part16:53
JoeMaverickSettkosaidpo|: probably it's "libgstreamer0.10-0" what you're looking for.16:55
JoeMaverickSettsilverlightning: what have you got now? :)16:56
kosaidpo|JoeMaverickSett: infact yeh the lib thingy to make radiotray work , thnaks16:56
JoeMaverickSettkosaidpo|: you're welcome :)16:56
silverlightningsilverlightning@silverlightning-AMILO-L-Series:~$ sudo dpkg --configure -a16:57
silverlightningProcessing triggers for man-db ...16:57
silverlightningdebconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable16:57
silverlightningdpkg: error processing man-db (--configure):16:57
silverlightning subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 116:57
silverlightningSetting up libmp4v2-0 (1:1.6dfsg-0.2ubuntu9) ...16:57
silverlightningSetting up lubuntu-restricted-extras (42) ...16:57
silverlightningSetting up cabextract (1.3-1) ...16:57
silverlightningProcessing triggers for libc-bin ...16:57
silverlightningldconfig deferred processing now taking place16:57
silverlightningErrors were encountered while processing:16:57
silverlightning man-db16:57
JoeMaverickSettsilverlightning: Pastebin!!!16:58
silverlightninghangup in pastebin or my network16:58
silverlightningok, promise to use paste bin16:58
silverlightningstill waiting for pastebin17:01
silverlightningother websites open fine17:02
silverlightningdo you think it's risky to reboot with out know which processes running?17:03
JoeMaverickSettsilverlightning: "fuser -v /var/cache/debconf/config.dat" in the terminal please :)17:05
JoeMaverickSettwithout quotes !! :017:06
silverlightningSpecified filename /var/cache/debconf/config.da does not exist.17:06
JoeMaverickSettsilverlightning: try this paste bin; http://pastebin.com/17:06
silverlightningyour pastebin works17:07
JoeMaverickSettloop hole!! :\17:08
silverlightningyes, a good thing17:08
JoeMaverickSettsilverlightning: hold on, did you type the full thing? did you miss out any letter.17:08
JoeMaverickSettfuser -v /var/cache/debconf/config.dat17:09
JoeMaverickSettthere is a *t* behind the .da17:09
JoeMaverickSettdid you copy+paste/type it correctly? please check it. :)17:11
silverlightningI get nothing17:13
silverlightningsorry, a hangup17:14
silverlightningroot 1800F frontend?17:15
kosaidpo|guys i cant make radio tray wok17:15
kosaidpo|its says gstreamer plguni missing :P17:15
silverlightningdid you install plugin packages?17:16
=== JoeSett is now known as JoeMaverickSett
JoeMaverickSettsilverlightning: what was the last thing you said? :)17:16
JoeMaverickSettit's expired. :\17:17
silverlightningand then I wondered about what "root 1800F frontend" signaled?17:17
kosaidpo|yeh i did install that libgstreamer0.0...17:19
JoeMaverickSettsilverlightning: killall frontend17:19
silverlightningsudo killall frontend?17:20
silverlightningnothing happened17:21
silverlightningnothing appeared with sudo killall fronted17:24
silverlightningmight have happened something though17:24
JoeMaverickSettkill -9 180017:24
JoeMaverickSettsilverlightning: try that ^17:25
silverlightningno such process17:25
JoeMaverickSettsilverlightning: so, what does "sudo apt-get upda && sudo apt-get upgrade" tells you? :|17:26
silverlightningwhat exactly are we trying to do, or get to know?17:26
JoeMaverickSettwell, we're trying to see if that resolves the errors you're getting.17:27
silverlightningE: invalid operation upda17:27
silverlightningi see17:28
silverlightningwell, I don't entirely but..17:28
JoeMaverickSettarrghh, sorry.17:28
JoeMaverickSettsilverlightning: it's "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"17:28
silverlightninglots are happening17:29
silverlightningwaiting for headers...17:29
silverlightninghi mark7617:30
silverlightningheaders are slow17:31
silverlightningoffers to update packages if I want to continue and press Y17:31
silverlightningshall I17:32
silverlightninghmm abort17:32
JoeMaverickSettwhy abort17:32
silverlightningI put "y" and pressed enter17:32
silverlightningdoes it make any sense?17:35
JoeMaverickSettnot at all.17:35
silverlightningsome is up with the restricted packages17:36
silverlightningI think I need them to get into my  bank17:36
silverlightningjava and all that17:36
silverlightningthey have a new HP laptop on offer17:37
silverlightningyou have really been helpful Joe17:38
silverlightningunfortunately I have to leave for about an hour17:38
silverlightningdo you think the laptop will start again, or run when I get back17:39
JoeMaverickSettsilverlightning: try a reboot and do that last command.17:39
JoeMaverickSettmight work.17:40
silverlightningthanks I saved the command in a word document17:40
silverlightningis there a way to join a room at start up in XChat?17:41
JoeMaverickSettsilverlightning: there is.17:41
silverlightning...the guys are phoning me know, I have to go17:42
JoeMaverickSettsilverlightning: Network List > then select the server "e.g. Ubuntu Servers" > then edit button > Favourite channels17:42
silverlightningsee you later perhaps or another evening17:42
JoeMaverickSettsilverlightning: alright, see ya :)17:42
woutervddnhey guys, I was wondering if there still is a lubuntu-netbook available?18:42
bioterroryou can choose it from the login menu, if I recall right18:42
bioterrorbut I think lubuntu itself is suitable for the netbooks18:42
woutervddnyeah but I'm searching for something with a more portable feel..18:43
woutervddnI've got this old laptop here and it doesn't run jolicloud since version 1.1 released18:43
bioterrortry mobile phone? :D18:43
bioterroriPad? :D18:43
woutervddnso I moved to ubuntu netbook but it's darn slow..18:43
woutervddnbioterror: I'm seriously considering android :p18:43
woutervddnor meego (maybe..)18:44
woutervddnAlso I hate the fact that joli gets more and more closed..18:44
woutervddnthey don't have any other browser in there app center then chrome for instance..18:44
woutervddnand since they are based on jaunty I can't get XBMC on it -_-'18:45
woutervddngot another OS in mind?18:45
bioterrorI like lubuntu and salixos18:46
woutervddnDon't know that one.. will look it up18:53
woutervddnhow heavy is their KDE version?18:55
bioterrorkde is heavy18:55
bioterrorno matter what you run18:55
woutervddnyeah.. probably being to optimistic again :(18:56
bioterrorkde is horrible18:56
woutervddnI've never really used it longer than two days or so..18:56
woutervddnbut I'd like to try it :)18:57
woutervddnrebooting.. xD19:02
woutervddnbioterror thx mate19:02
davydehi guys19:28
davydei made a script how i have it autostart?19:29
bioterrorput that script to /usr/local/bin/19:29
bioterrorand make foobar.desktop to .config/autostart/19:29
bioterrorhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ there's a nice guide ;)19:30
davydewhat does mean "make foobar.destkop"19:33
kosaidpo|hello guys19:34
kosaidpo|bioterror: icant use radiotray its says my installation miss some plugin gstreamer although i have gstreamer installed19:34
kosaidpo|any idea ?? bioterror19:34
bioterrorand what's that plugin19:35
bioterrorsome doesnt help19:35
bioterrorinstall some gstreamers19:36
bioterrorgood, bad, ugly19:36
kosaidpo|bioterror: i already installed libgstreamer but it still not workin19:36
davydei haven't .config/autostart...19:39
bioterroryou can make one, right?19:39
=== wolfpack is now known as Guest84210
davydei don't know can i?19:39
bioterrorI bet you can19:39
davydeok i open leafpad a file named autostart and write the name of the script keybit.sh right?19:40
kosaidpo|bioterror: here you go http://min.us/ljlTW819:40
bioterrordavyde, cp keybit.sh /usr/local/bin/19:40
davydedid it19:41
bioterrordavyde, nano .config/autostart/keybit.desktop19:41
bioterrorand add there19:41
bioterror[Desktop Entry]19:41
bioterrorand  remember to sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/keybit.sh19:42
davydeok rebooting :P19:47
davydeyeah!! works!! thanks bioterror!!!19:48
davydeanother problem :P19:48
davydewhen i click on sunaptic package manager it ask me for password but didn't work19:49
bioterrorkosaidpo|, doenst tell much19:49
bioterrordavyde, you had that problem yesterday?19:50
bioterrorcan you say in terminal19:50
bioterrorgksu synaptic19:50
davydeok it ask the password.. i write it press ok and the windows disappear19:51
bioterrordoes the terminal say anything?19:51
davydeno anything in terminal19:51
bioterrorwhat if you type "gksudo synaptic" without ""19:51
bioterror^^ that annoys me alot on Freenode19:52
davydethe windows is different the first one ask me if i want to remind19:52
davydeok works now19:52
bioterrordoes it work19:52
bioterrorlet's do some tweaking19:52
davydeready :P19:53
bioterrorsudo nano /usr/share/applications/synaptic.desktop19:53
bioterrorand you have that Exec=19:53
bioterrorguess what you have to do :D19:53
davydeyes exec tell gksu i change in gksudo :P19:54
bioterroryep :)19:54
davydei'm in debt with you19:55
davydewhen you come in venice i pay you 3 or 4 beers!19:55
bioterrordamn, half of europe is offering me some beers :D19:55
davydebut is better nano then leafpad?19:56
bioterrorshould I rail around :D19:56
bioterrordavyde, I just like terminal :D19:56
davydewith interrail19:56
davydewich is the difference?19:56
bioterrorI dunno, I just like terminal with black background :D19:56
bioterrorand I can more easily navigate in terminal19:57
davydewith nano?19:57
bioterrornano or vim19:57
davydei'm looking for other problems =)20:00
bioterrorsilverlightning, hi20:08
bioterrortry "sudo apt-get -f -y upgrade"20:08
bioterrorusually the one who asks ;)20:08
silverlightningcould easily be me lol20:10
bioterrordid you try that command20:10
silverlightningoh the windows confirmation page20:11
silverlightningwhat do I do?20:11
silverlightningmarking of <OK> just doesn't do anything on my computer20:12
silverlightningI am in lubuntu20:12
bioterroropen terminal20:12
bioterror"sudo apt-get -f -y upgrade"20:12
silverlightningI am in terminal20:12
silverlightningand the windows eula turned up again20:13
bioterroraccept it20:13
silverlightningbut that is the issue !!!! how ?20:13
bioterrorwith tab key20:13
silverlightningthat I have20:13
silverlightningnothing happens20:13
bioterroryou should move that selection with tab20:14
silverlightningI'm not completely dim20:14
silverlightning...well usually not20:14
silverlightningI suspect something is preventing the usual procedure ?20:24
silverlightninghi jakob20:24
silverlightningbioterror, do you have any thoughts ?20:24
bioterroryou have something like that?20:25
silverlightningyes, but it is only the sign:  <OK>   at the end and in sort of in the middle20:25
bioterrorthen press enter20:25
bioterrorwhat no?20:25
silverlightningthat was my initial thought too, it leads no where20:25
silverlightningI mean I did press enter, and then when nothing happened I sort of marked of the <OK> sign, and pressed Enter, still nothing happens20:25
silverlightningI am stuck in this confirmation stage20:25
silverlightningweird issue20:25
silverlightningwhere is the clever online paste page?20:25
bioterrorthat ok is red?20:25
bioterrorlike that <Yes>?20:25
silverlightningno black20:25
silverlightninghowever the header on top of the window "Configuring ttf-mscorefonts-installer "20:26
silverlightningis read20:26
silverlightningdid the paste function work?20:26
bioterrorttf-mscorefonts-installer is already the newest version.20:26
silverlightningcan this be the result of not proper connection to the ubuntu server?20:26
silverlightningis that a bad thing?20:26
bioterrorI press once tab20:26
bioterrorand the <Ok>20:26
bioterrorturns to red20:26
bioterror(I removed it and now installing again)20:26
bioterrorthen it shows <Yes>      <No>20:26
bioterrorand I pressed arrow to left20:26
bioterrorand red Yes turned to red20:26
bioterrorand now it's installing20:26
bioterror-first red20:26
bioterrorit has nothing to do with it20:27
bioterroras I said20:28
bioterrorpress tab so that the <Ok> turns to red20:28
bioterrorpress enter20:28
bioterrorthen you get another Eula -screen where you have to move red indicator from No to Yes and press again enter20:28
bioterroryou have to that same when you're installing propietary java20:28
bioterrorhave to do20:28
bioterrorno it's not20:28
silverlightningtab?  exactly which key ?20:28
silverlightningwhich ever way I mark of the <OK> area it doesn't turn red20:29
silverlightning...ok, I am a bit dim20:30
silverlightningam I being really boring now lol?20:32
kosaidpo|bk guys20:32
silverlightninghi kosaidpo20:32
kosaidpo|bioterror: i launch it via teminal http://pastebin.com/kzjUPHdy20:32
kosaidpo|silverlightning: supp20:32
kosaidpo|u box is ok ?? :D20:33
silverlightning:- )20:33
silverlightningnot availabe kosai20:39
silverlightninghi szczur20:39
szczurhi silverlightning20:39
silverlightningCecar ?20:39
silverlightninghow are you doing?20:39
kosaidpo|silverlightning: haha why btw pls can you type my nickname so the window will pop up :D tnx20:39
kosaidpo|szczur: hello20:39
kosaidpo|szczur: please im havin some poblem to make radiotray work20:39
kosaidpo|szczur: http://pastebin.com/kzjUPHdy20:39
kosaidpo|silverlightning: wht i meant is my nickname like its shown so my pidgin window will pop pu wichi doesnt when u type kosai :D20:39
silverlightningI hear you kosaidpo|20:40
silverlightning:- )20:40
silverlightningfor some reason, pastbin will not open from your link?20:40
bioterror 20:40
bioterror^^ that one20:40
bioterroryou need to do it with that key20:40
silverlightningmight be my network but other sites load fine here?20:40
bioterrorkosaidpo|, sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-plugins-{good,base,bad,ugly}20:40
bioterrorkosaidpo|, does it work now?20:40
kosaidpo|bioterror: hang on ill install20:40
silverlightning<> ^^  ??20:40
kosaidpo|bioterror: whts these plugin for ?20:40
wolfpacksilverlightning: did you figure out where is your TAB key ?20:40
silverlightninglol no20:41
kosaidpo|silverlightning: uhm how so ?20:41
szczur:( i'm losing internet packets and everything works really slow, or doesn't load at all20:41
wolfpacksilverlightning: http://computerfans.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/394281_tab_key.jpg20:41
silverlightningI feel relieved, I haven't had a working os in days20:58
silverlightningthank you again bioterror, wolfpack and JoeMaverickSett20:58
silverlightninghow are you doing davyde?20:58
silverlightningI am trying to make chromium a bit more usefriendly20:59
silverlightningI am really only used to Firefox and Opera20:59
silverlightningwb szczur20:59
davydei dislike chromium20:59
davydei installed firefox20:59
davydei trying to assing a shutdown command to my power button21:00
bioterrordavyde, click battery icon, preferences -> general tab21:01
davydether is no battery icon :P and i have no battery i can't toggle ac :P21:01
Unit193silverlightning: Take a look at midori (sudo apt-get install midori)21:01
bioterrordavyde, no laptop? :D21:01
bioterrorUnit193, that's still far from firefox21:02
davydeyes laptop21:02
bioterrorUnit193, even tho it's lightweight21:02
bioterrordavyde, unplug the power cord21:02
davydei haven't battery on my laptop it's in the trash :P21:02
Unit193bioterror: It's closer then chromium... and some nice built-in features!21:02
silverlightningdavyde, I am looking into how to rebuild an old battery21:03
silverlightningdavyde, only worth it if it's hard to get a replacement though21:03
davydemy battery is not in the trash but it's broke21:04
silverlightningso, firefox would devour the lightness of lubuntu?21:04
davydethere is no command to have that preference?21:04
bioterrordavyde, gnome-power-preferences21:04
bioterrordavyde, that's the command21:05
silverlightningwhat happened?21:07
silverlightningoh I see21:08
silverlightningI was left behind on a lonely server lol21:08
davyde_bioterror if i put on "shutdown" he do if i choose ask me do anything21:09
silverlightningis there any reason why lubuntu, or chromium might possibly have a hard time to connect to some web sites like youtube,21:09
davyde_wich is the best plugin for firefox to see youtube video? or other flv21:22
davyde_ok i did sudo apt-get insall flashplugin-installer..21:23
davyde_for remove it? sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-installer and autoremove?21:24
bioterrorPackage: flashplugin-installer21:24
bioterrorSource: flashplugin-nonfree21:24
bioterrorProvides: flashplugin-nonfree21:24
davyde_it's the same?21:25
davyde_youtube video goes  jumping from frame to frame it's not fluid.. so my laptopt is too old21:26
bioterrorwhat's your cpu usage?21:27
davyde_how can i see it?21:27
davyde_100% gghhggh21:28
davyde_155mb of memory on 43221:29
davyde_serching for something with google bring the %cpu in firefox-bin to 80-90%21:31
davyde_uaz it's late21:33
davyde_go to bed21:33
bioterrorcat /proc/cpuinfo |grep CPU21:33
bioterrorwhat does it say?21:33
davyde_i saw on task manager21:34
davyde_is 100% on a youtube page21:34
bioterrorwhat does that command prompt21:34
davyde_with youtube open?21:34
bioterrordoesnt matter21:34
bioterroreven with thehun open :D21:35
davyde_intel celeron cpu 2.60GHZ21:35
bioterrorshouldnt bee too old21:35
davyde_it has worked a lot21:36
davyde_can i try download a flv video and watch it with...... with what?21:38
davyde_gnome mplayer21:38
davyde_i think i have no medibuntu repository21:38
bioterroratleast you have more MHz than I do :D21:38
davyde_can i do something?21:38
davyde_do you use chromium?21:39
davyde_chromium is awful21:42
MrChrisDruifdavyde_: Why?21:43
davyde_the tab on the top without home button cannot see if is connecting to the site21:43
bioterrorif you ask from me21:44
davyde_now seem ok21:50
MrChrisDruifdavyde_: Personal preference I guess :)21:50
MrChrisDruifI like the tabs on top :)21:50
MrChrisDruifHome button can be enabled21:50
MrChrisDruifConnection is in the bottom left21:50
MrChrisDruifI love btw the idea of losing the adresbar :P21:50
=== Freejack is now known as Guest34706
davyde_ok now it's time to sleep21:52
davyde_i hope21:52
=== IdleOne_ is now known as IdleOne
silverlightninghi again22:15
silverlightningdoes adobe flash player work in lubuntu at all?22:15
bioterrorwhat do you think22:16
silverlightningwell, I suspect there might be a plugin for the gnome mplayer22:16
silverlightningI think adobe came with the restriced packages, I'm not shore22:17
silverlightninghowever it doens22:18
silverlightningdoesn't play22:18
bioterrorwhat are you exactly trying to do22:18
silverlightningmaybe vlc would work better as all main media player22:18
bioterrorI use VLC22:18
silverlightningmaking youtube videos play22:18
bioterrorfor my media needs22:19
silverlightningIf I download firefox, there are vlc plugins22:19
silverlightningI don't know about the gnome player22:20
bioterrorvlc plugins wont play your adobe stuff22:20
silverlightningI see22:20
silverlightningI think vlc plays youtube videos22:21
Unit193There is a FF plugin that uses your media player to play embedded videos22:21
silverlightningand none for the default chromium browser?22:21
silverlightningwhy would  they combine gnome  player and chromium?22:22
silverlightningor where they never meant to work together?22:22
silverlightningI am missing a lot of plugins22:24
Unit193silverlightning: Would this help? http://www.webgapps.org/addons/flashvideoreplacer22:24
silverlightningdo you watch online tv?22:25
Unit193Not using Lubuntu (I also watch it using DownloadHelper)22:26
silverlightningI'm sort of forced to work with lubuntu for a couple of weeks22:26
Unit193You *may* want to add the medibuntu repo (http://medibuntu.org/repository.php)22:28
silverlightningthey would work fine with lubuntu?22:31
bioterrorsilverlightning, there's really no matter do you run ubuntu, xubuntu, kubuntu or lubuntu22:33
bioterrorthey have the same core, only the candy on top is different22:33
silverlightningI have to be carefull not to make lubunt as heavy to drag around as ubuntu22:38
silverlightningvlc plays youtube vieos22:56
silverlightningright now in lubuntu22:56
bioterrorwhen you download them, yes22:56
bioterrorbut in the browser?22:56
silverlightningnot yet lol22:56
silverlightningnot even if I fiddle a bit with browsers and plugins?22:57
Unit193You can also put the link in "Open Network Stream" (depending on what version you have)22:59
silverlightningonly thing VLC will not do is play online tv23:01
Unit193silverlightning: What browser have you chosen?23:03
silverlightningI have only chromium, but I am looking for an alternative23:05
silverlightningthe additional drivers will not activate ?23:06
Unit193Video drivers? if they are for your video card, you may need to reboot23:07
silverlightningyou know the regular ones that pop up in an icon on the tool bar when system is freshly installed23:07
silverlightningbrb, reboot23:07
silverlightningso totem is the only one for online tv?23:15
Unit193silverlightning: If you want VLC, the people at #videolan may be able to help...23:17
silverlightningyou think?23:18
silverlightningthere's a room for everything !!23:19
silverlightningthere's something in Ubuntu that really drags my computer down23:43
silverlightningat first I though it was debian23:43
silverlightningbut lubuntu runs freely23:43

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