gnomefreaki need someone to test g-t sound for me in natty00:36
steve__i cannot start ubuntu desktop edition, as it says unity failed, and compiz failed, is there any way i can install the fix for it? Launchpad says the fix has been released01:54
yofelfirst find out why it failed. Does opengl work fine on your graphics driver?01:55
steve__it doesn't seem like it does01:55
yofelsteve__: what card do you have?01:56
steve__oh, the proprietary drivers arent activated01:56
steve__thanks for the reality check01:57
yofelthe nvidia (and ati I think) proprietary drivers don't work currently, trying to install them will remove X01:57
steve__close one01:58
yofelyou either need to downgrade X or wait for working drivers to be released01:58
yofelhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1675614 has some info01:59
steve__i don't believe i have an nvidia card, but it recognizes it as one01:59
yofelyou can open a terminal and run 'lspci | grep VGA' that'll tell you what you have02:00
steve__yeah, it's an nvidia 440mx02:01
yofeldoes KVM work fine for anyone? Here it seems like the DNS server it sets doesn't work (, I need to set a different one by hand everytime02:07
perscitusWill Gnome-Shell 3 be option in 11.04?02:47
coz_perscitus,  I dont so02:47
coz_unless it will be in the repositories02:48
perscitusUnity is junk that shell02:48
coz_perscitus,   you will be far better off with compiz as the base in unity02:48
perscitusIm better of without unity02:48
coz_perscitus,  well you could switch to classic gnome desktop on natty02:49
zzingI have installed 32 bit daily into virtualbox and then installed the additions - the additions seemed to install without error. However, when I start up the vm now gets the first dot on the boot screen and goes to a blank terminal that can echo keyboard but nothing else. Has anyone else heard of this?02:49
coz_zzing,   nvidia?02:49
zzingcoz_: The host is nvidia (mac), but I don't know about what ubuntu sees as the client02:49
coz_zzing,  if nvidia it may the issue ,,, it is broken right now02:50
perscituscoz_,  im not asking for classic.02:50
rwwNatty won't have GNOME 3 in the repositories, but will have a PPA for it. GNOME 3 is targetted for natty+1.02:51
zzingcoz_: It appears that nvidia will not be exposed to ubuntu02:51
zzingSo it is not likely that02:52
coz_zzing,  in then I am not sure02:52
coz_perscitus,  i assume you are using unity 11.04  now ...yes?02:52
perscitusrww,  Whats natty=1?02:52
rwwperscitus: the release after natty02:52
perscitusI hate Unity.02:53
zzingDoes ubuntu have net installs or something so I don't have to download another 600+ mb?02:53
coz_zzing,  I think after the release the will a minimal install cd  about 12 megs  which installs directly from internet02:54
coz_"there will be"02:54
ubottuhate is a thing we don't encourage - why waste your energy02:54
coz_zzing,  other previous versions have the   minimal install cd now02:54
zzingcoz_: I couldn't find those, where do I look?02:55
coz_zzing,   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:55
rwwperscitus: Please don't send me PMs about your opinion of Unity. I don't use it, or Ubuntu, and am thus not likely to care.02:55
perscitusI don't like the Unity looks and  the way it behaves. And makes using the desktop much much harder02:55
zzingthank you02:56
coz_zzing,  no problem02:56
coz_perscitus,   and you prefer gnome-shell .. yes?   I personally prefer calssic gnome desktop,, I only use Unity occasionally  to test compiz and report bugs02:57
perscituscoz_,  yeah.02:57
coz_perscitus,  well as rww  mentioned it will only be avialable via PPA02:58
coz_for 11.0402:58
perscitusGnome 3 does have April release02:59
coz_perscitus,  Unity does have compiz at it's base ,, have you played with ccsm to make more to your liking?02:59
coz_authide panel for example02:59
rwwperscitus: Yup. And even assuming that it doesn't get delayed again, that's way, way too late in the release cycle for Ubuntu 11.04 to use it.02:59
perscitusUnity belongs on netbook release. thats it. Which should be renamed to Ubuntu Mobile02:59
coz_perscitus,  I am not sure I completely disagree with you , however .,,. there it is :)03:00
perscitusNetbook is dead fab03:00
rwwespecially in a release cycle where testing is already going to be burdened with a new default UI.03:00
perscitusThe only good thing about Unity is its good for touchscreens. UNforunately,  Ubuntu is for DESKTOPS and not touchscreen03:01
coz_mm I believe touchscreen is implimented ...yes?03:01
perscitusThere is one more reason i hate Unity. I dispised groups of people who break off from main groups when  their time is better spent working together.  You know, like Beryl and Compiz. And then they rejoined.03:04
coz_perscitus,  well Beryl  and compiz were actually the same team03:04
coz_perscitus,  very few of the developers had changed at that point03:05
coz_perscitus,  it was more an internal political problem more than anything03:05
perscitusIf all the time spent on Unity could have been applied to Gnome Shell 3, maybe it be ready for Natty in time.03:05
coz_perscitus,  well gnome-shell ,, has been in the past... a resource hog... i have no idea where it stands at this point with that issue  however03:06
coz_mutter has been dropped for compiz03:06
coz_in 11.0403:06
coz_and one of the big reasons is mutters  issues03:07
perscitusOSS has allot of 'political' issues. It's why its only 1-2% of the market.03:08
coz_perscitus,  I suggest you play with ccsm settings to set Unity to a more "tolerable"  workspace for yourself03:08
perscitusMore tolerable ... sorry cant. Launcher cant be moved03:09
perscitusLauncher is in the wrong place03:09
coz_perscitus,  there is an autohide feature for that  that stays hidden until you mouse over the upper left corener of the screen ,,, over the ubuntu logo03:09
perscitusLauncher belongs at the bottom.03:10
coz_perscitus,   ccsm - Ubuntu Unity Plugin03:10
coz_"Hide Launcher"  pulldown to  "Autohide"03:10
perscitusi dont want autohide. i just want it at the bottom03:11
coz_perscitus,  the other alternative along with autohide is one of the several docks available ,,, I suggest cairo-dock03:11
coz_and if you choose cairo-dock I would go with the weekly build or compile the bzr developer's version03:12
coz_there is a bug in valac  but we have taken care of the when compiling cairo dock,,, I dont think the bug has been fixed but the dock  bypasses that during compile03:12
perscitusThe whole thing is mute03:14
perscitusSince i spend most my time in Windows 703:14
coz_perscitus,  well unless you are willing to re code the launcher in Unity  I dont see another solution03:14
perscitusI used to spend all my time in Ubuntu. Now im lucky to spend 5 hours a week in it03:15
coz_perscitus,  if you want to do that you might want to go to #ayatana  and speak with a few of the developers03:15
perscitusI once saw great potential in Linux and Ubuntu but year ago, I realized its going no where.03:16
coz_perscitus,  I believe that would be considered lack of vision not accurate  forsight03:17
rww#ubuntu+1 is for discussion and support of Ubuntu development releases. If you'd like to rant about the state of the Linux desktop, try #ubuntu-offtopic.03:17
perscitusGoogle is only one who has made any headroom03:17
perscitusAnd Android 3 kills tablet touchscreen use for Unity.03:18
coz_perscitus,  is there anything that any of us can help you with to move to a more useable Unity desktop?03:18
yofelyou do know that gnome isn't the only desktop environment out there? try KDE, xfce or lxde for a change and we are keeping classic gnome for natty too03:19
rwwand GNOME 3 will be in Ubuntu 11.10...03:19
coz_perscitus,  yes you might well  like the kde net book edition03:19
perscituskde netbook.  yuck.03:19
perscitusthats worse then unity03:19
coz_I have had a week of grumpy people ... I am out of here03:20
cozziemotoyou mean I just had to leave? :)03:21
magn3tsDoes anyone have Natty running successfully in a VBOX  VM with 3d?06:39
zzingmagn3ts: let me guess it goes to a black terminal on reboot06:41
magn3tszzing, the latest one, yes.06:42
zzingI just did this same thing only 4 hours ago and ended up with the same06:42
zzingor as I described06:42
zzingI reverted back to the release and 3d worked06:42
magn3tszzing, release? the alpha?06:44
zzingthe stable06:44
magn3ts10.10? yeah, it works great!06:44
magn3tseven if the alpha, it would blabber about 3d not working, would launch unity + gnome-panel, and then upon resize, unity would go bonkers and not move properly :/06:45
zzingThe daily looks like the ripped the mac off :p06:45
magn3tsI just want to try it. I've tried nightlies of the last several releases, but if it means rebooting and giving up a physical part, its not going to happen. I'lll just sit and keep looking at screenshots06:46
zzingmagn3ts: Are you running linux now?06:48
magn3ts10.10 amd64 is my host, yeah.06:48
zzingMy host is mac06:48
coz_hey guys10:13
gnomefreaki cant find software center10:22
gnomefreakfound it10:23
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pr0ph3thi all12:44
pr0ph3tis there anyway to deactivate the constant error reporting messages popping-up even if everything seems to be ok? I.e. xchat closed due to error, but it's actually still open12:45
yofelpr0ph3t: maybe you have a xchat crash in /var/crash, it'll pop up until you either report it or delete the .crash file13:02
yofelif you don't want to be prompted for crashes at all disable apport in /etc/default/apport13:03
pr0ph3tyofel, thanks13:03
zniavre_good afternoon13:27
zniavre_i got this message >conflicting fb hw usage inteldrmfb vs VESA VGA and my desktop is twice  420x360 in clone mode13:28
zniavre_i can't see any recent bug report about this13:29
yofelthat's probably the since we have vesa fb enabled by default now, and the KMS drivers don't seem to like it. Makes plymouth unusable here, I need to test something though before I report a bug myself13:37
zniavre_ho i installed and use startupmanager it solved my worrie   :o)13:42
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pr0ph3tI can't update canberra latest from the update manager, you have the same problem?15:44
hggdhanyone hanging on boot after latest updates?16:05
guigouzshouldn't unity be the default environment on 11.04 alpha 2 ?16:54
charlie-tcaonly if the video card is supporting 3d16:54
charlie-tcaIf not, it will default to 2d16:55
guigouzoh, ok16:55
guigouzi'm testing it on virtualbox, that's why.16:55
charlie-tcaso you need to have guest additions installed, then you can select the unity desktop at login16:57
guigouzcool, will do that. thanks17:00
jmlspeaking of unity, what can I do to get a visible CPU usage indicator?17:01
Daekdroomjml, I don't think there is any such indicator in the official repos, but there are so many different indicators in PPAs17:07
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protimorning (UGT) :)17:18
protiAfter the daily update I got to machines frozen at boot in a really strange way.17:20
protiupstart starts normally but does not spawn any tty and does not starts gdm/kdm either.17:21
protiMaking the machine usuable.17:21
protiIs there something wrong with upstart scripts ?17:23
hggdhproti: does it finish boot?18:25
hggdhreason is, right now my machine hangs on boot18:26
gnomefreakok so its been a long time since i used mutter/compiz/beryl/ect...  im using unity atm is there a way to make for example my desktop rain or snow or fire or what not?18:28
gnomefreakwhen i say long time i mean when i first started the beryl team18:29
Pici!ccsm | gnomefreak (18:30
ubottugnomefreak (: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz18:30
gnomefreakPici: this is unity there isnt really a apperance menu at least not that i can find18:31
gnomefreaknot sure if we phased out mutter yet either18:31
Picignomefreak: Well, you could always run compizconfig-settings-manager manually after the install.18:31
gnomefreakPici: thanks.18:32
gnomefreakit ooks like it has been replaced already18:33
gnomefreakPici: is one preffered over the other?18:34
Picignomefreak: which?18:36
gnomefreakthe compizconfig-settings-manager or simple-ccsm18:36
gnomefreaki know it is personal preference but i dont know the difference between them thats why i ask18:37
Picignomefreak: Both packages have been available for some time.18:39
coz_hey guys18:39
gnomefreakhi coz_18:40
coz_gnomefreak,  hey  guy18:41
gnomefreakthanks Pici i will start with simple for now18:41
vishgnomefreak: actually compizconfig-settings-manager is better IMO18:42
gnomefreakThe following extra packages will be installed: compizconfig-settings-manager python-compizconfig18:42
gnomefreaksimple-ccsm installs both packages18:42
vishsimple one has weird options..18:42
gnomefreakok i found apperance but visual; effects is not in there, only background font and theme19:16
gnomefreakcompizconfig settings is in the menu options though :)19:17
Daekdroomgnomefreak, Effects tab was removed.19:21
gnomefreakok that sucked. i opened compiz settings dialog and ticked water effect and i lost both gnome panels upper and unity and lost the ability to open/close/use anything else. had to restart gdm19:22
gnomefreakthis is a bad thing. my card can handle the load and so can system, so i have to blame it on compiz or the ati drivers19:22
gnomefreaki was really hoping to use ati card without issues but this has happened for a while now. not just compiz settings. and since nvidia-current is broken its not a good idea to use the 9500 card yet19:24
Gulfstreamwill 11.04 work on a laptop with an Intel Processor (probably intel graphics card?)?19:26
gnomefreakyes should. intel has a bug atm due to the new X api. the link is in the /topic19:26
DaekdroomUnity crashes every time I open ccsm19:27
DaekdroomWhich is why I'm on metacity19:27
gnomefreakok this is strange. to enable desktop cube i have to disable desktop wall and the unity plugin. im scared to disable unity plugin19:27
DaekdroomDesktop cube doesn't look like compatible with unity at all.19:27
gnomefreakDaekdroom: as long as i dont play with it im fine.19:27
DaekdroomGiven how unity manages the desktops.19:27
gnomefreakit seems its not and i miss the cibe19:28
DaekdroomI never used the cube19:28
gnomefreaki did back when i was running beryl19:28
Gulfstreamso when it says other X applications, does this include X-Moto?19:28
gnomefreaka bunch of years ago19:28
gnomefreakGulfstream: i guess you mean the PPA?19:29
Gulfstreamgnomefreak: no, on the known issues message19:29
gnomefreakGulfstream: not sure. i am guessing its broken there too but i dont work with or have upload access to X code19:29
gnomefreakGulfstream: i know just about everything you see there. i havent dug too deep into the problem but seems i may be doing that this week if ati keeps giving me issues19:30
gnomefreakok good news i dont think it is desktop cube, it seems to be EVERYTHING that is not default that breaks it for me19:33
* gnomefreak brb this is bothering the hell out of me19:33
protihggdh: No, it hangs. But trying verbose upstart shows upstart starting up correctly.19:43
protiIt justs forgets to starts some / all of the services.19:44
protiIt tries to start mountall-net and that's it.19:44
gnomefreakit seems that the whole compiz/unity issue is that compiz is crashing. there is a work around though it looks like19:48
gnomefreaksince im lost i guess i missed something during the crashes and such19:50
coz_gnomefreak,  did you try  compiz on classic gnome  to test it?19:52
gnomefreakthere is no way to refresh rhythmbox. i have to eject cd than push it back in for it to load again. due to restarting gdm im sure of it19:52
gnomefreakcoz_: no but i found out from seb that it is crashing. i am looking for the bug now19:53
coz_ah ok19:53
gnomefreaki get the feeling its not going to be easy to find19:54
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hggdh proti it hangs at what point (i.e., what are the last messages you see on the console)?19:57
hggdhin my case they stop after fsck starting and signalling the filesystems are clean19:57
gnomefreakcoz_: see bug 68255019:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 682550 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Compiz crashes when enabling or disabling a plugin in ccsm" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68255019:57
coz_gnomefreak,  oh yes  I have experienced that as well19:58
coz_gnomefreak,   I generally just compile 0.9.x  and run it on natty ,, i dont use the default  not for Unity though19:58
gnomefreakit seems that when it charshes i was using gdm restart but if i just restarted display it would keep the options enabled. but i can wait until the fix. at least it is known20:01
protihggdh: exactly at same point20:09
gnomefreakanyone using mozilla team PPA minefield + unity?20:10
protiTry adding --verbose at the cmdline and it'll be showing what's happening after the fsck.20:10
protiI have 2 machines that I updated today, and both showed the same problem.20:12
StevethepirateYou probably get this a lot; but how stable is Alpha 2? :)20:25
hggdhproti: yes, it _does_ sound like init issues. Do you have multiple filesystems?20:25
charlie-tcaStevethepirate: depends on how bad you need to be able to use the system daily20:25
charlie-tcaAs long as it is not absolutely needed, it is great20:25
hggdhcharlie-tca: right now, for example, my machine is dead...20:25
StevethepirateWell, when it crashes, from the YT vid's I've seen, X crashes a lot.20:25
StevethepirateThis is not a problem, as its a netbook, just need ssh on it rly :)20:25
charlie-tcaThen you just answered your own question20:25
charlie-tcait is not stable20:25
StevethepirateI'm not sure if thats just the 3/4 YT vid's I've seen.20:25
StevethepirateBut ok, thank you.20:25
gnomefreakStevethepirate: X problem are around (see /topic) also unity+compiz are problems, and more20:26
hggdhproti: yes, I had already run with init=/sbin/init --debug (which, I guess, gives you the same thing as --verbose, didn't know about that one). In my case I see upstart stopping after mounted-tmp ended20:26
gnomefreakif you use the PC 1 time a month for about 1 hour each time you should be ok :)20:26
charlie-tcaonly if you pick a time that everything is working, though20:26
gnomefreaknetbook uses unity by default doesnt it?20:26
DaekdroomIn 10.04 yeah20:28
DaekdroomI mean 10.1020:28
DaekdroomIn 11.04 there is no netbook edition for now20:28
* gnomefreak has found alot of bugs in the last week or so that i have been trying to work out but out of something like 20 i still have say 15-17 still to work on20:28
gnomefreakyay highest CPU% is 5 this is a first for me :)20:28
gnomefreakmake that 620:28
Daekdroomubuntu-netbook package seems deprecated20:28
gnomefreaki have browsers open with tabs a cd playing on unity and it switches between X and rhythmbox20:29
gnomefreakah maybe because unity is default for gnome?20:29
Stevethepirategnomefreak: I guess that is acceptable; I literally only use non-CLI when I'm bored :)20:30
charlie-tcayup, with unity default for Ubuntu, a separate netbook edition is no longer needed20:30
StevethepirateAs long as the release doesn't make the PC rebooot every few hours :)20:30
psusiI liked the global menu in the old netbook edition since all windows were maximized... but I don't like it in Unity for unmaximized windows.  I hope they made it only use the global menu for maximized windows.20:31
charlie-tcaStevethepirate: shouldn't be a problem, can't really get to the desktop today anyway20:31
StevethepirateIn what regard?20:32
charlie-tcabroken today20:32
StevethepirateI'm about to do a dist-upgrade, wish me luck :)20:32
* psusi likes making a snapshot to revert to before dist-upgrade20:39
gnomefreakassuming that was pretty much the differences between netbook and regular install20:39
* gnomefreak still not happy with having an OS icon on the unity bar20:39
Amaranthpsusi: global menu is all windows, not just maximized20:40
Amaranthunity has some heuristic for maximizing windows automatically though20:40
AmaranthIf they are created with a certain size, I guess20:40
gnomefreakthat makes it way too easy to screw the other system up20:40
gnomefreakit is not beant to be removed same as desktop switcher and a few others20:41
gnomefreakwell damn i really have been away too long20:56
charlie-tcaWe really tried to switch to lightdm for natty, but it is not far enough along yet.20:58
gnomefreaki really hated the idea that xubuntu changed the login screen and everything else to default instead of keeping the set default20:58
charlie-tcahuh? That xfce login screen sucks20:58
gnomefreakyes badly20:58
gnomefreakat least used to20:58
gnomefreakdidnt we pretty much give up on webkit?20:58
gnomefreakIIRC it was to be the newest and greatest but seems to have fallen short of that that is i thought it did20:58
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gnomefreakafaik the PPA hasnt been updated at all since sometime in maverick dev cycler21:00
charlie-tcaI don't think we have. Webkit is still causing problems, such as trying to install from the 64bit desktop images21:02
charlie-tca!info webkit21:05
ubottuPackage webkit does not exist in natty21:05
charlie-tcawell, kick the 'bot again.  As far as I know, the version included in natty is the latest right now.21:05
yofelcharlie-tca: well, which one? 'webkit' doesn't exist. libwebkitgtk-1.0-0 does21:06
gnomefreakthats just a library for webkit no?21:07
yofelit is, I'm just trying to guess what he means21:08
charlie-tcaI don't know. I gave up on it21:13
gnomefreakapport adds a whole lot of inof when reporting unity bugs21:15
gnomefreak1 down a lot more to go. /me lets dog out21:16
gnomefreakok i thought ctrl+alt+print screen took a screenshot, has this changed or been disabled?21:28
protihggdh: The upstart start mountall-net and that's it. Last command.21:28
protiI started a new shell in another tty then ran upstart.21:29
gnomefreakwell i cant get any key combo to take screenshot21:29
charlie-tcaprintscreen or alt+printscreen21:29
hggdhproti: are you using wireless?21:30
protihggdh: not at all21:30
protiThis is workstation (Sun U20 and U27).21:30
protiIt's just like the upstart wasn't told to start the system.21:30
gnomefreakcharlie-tca: niether seem to be working21:31
charlie-tcamaybe they aren't there yet. It is taking a while to get all the things working in unity21:32
gnomefreakyeah i noticed and expected it21:32
hggdhproti: mount-net deals with remote FSs, it should not block21:34
protihggdh: it does not. The script finish correctly.21:34
hggdhsnf then nothing?21:35
protiThen the upstart sits there and does nothing.21:35
gnomefreakcharlie-tca: gnome-screenshot -d # works :)21:35
hggdhproti: home many FSs you have?21:35
charlie-tcanot assigned to the shortcut yet, maybe21:35
protihggdh: 4-5 ext2 boot / /usr /home /var and some others. But nothing complicated21:36
gnomefreakthere 2 unity bugs reported i think i get a break now21:36
hggdhproti I have more -- /, /boot, /usr, /var, /tmp, /srv, /opt, /src21:37
hggdhproti: I wonder if this is hitting us because of multiple FSs21:37
hggdhI do not think anybody else experienced it21:38
protihggdh: IHMO I don't think the fs(s) are the problem. The system got past the mounting and upstart starts some scripts.21:38
protibut udev is not started, neither X, neither the ttys.21:38
* gnomefreak wonders what else i *have* to get done today21:38
hggdhcharlie-tca: did you update & reboot your natty today?21:39
hggdhproti: X is later on the boot21:40
charlie-tcano, you said it was not a good idea21:40
hggdhyes, better safe21:40
protihggdh: The udevs waits for virtual-filesystems which is provided by mountall.21:40
charlie-tcaWant me to try it?21:40
protiyes, I would like to see at least tty(x).conf be run.21:41
hggdhudev is probably the issue21:41
protitty1.conf does not relies on anything but the runlevel.21:41
hggdhcharlie-tca: only if you accept not being able to reboot21:41
charlie-tcahm, I prefer being able to use the system21:41
hggdhso please do not do it21:42
protihggdh: hum, I'm not really convinced that udev is the culprit. mountall maybe. How do I check the emits is done in the upstart ?21:42
gnomefreakwhat is wrong with rebooting? i did it earlier21:43
hggdhgnomefreak: after applying all updates to natty?21:44
hggdhproti: AFAIK you would have to have a serial console (or something like it) so that you do no lose the boot messages21:45
hggdhthen you boot with --verbose or init=/sbin/init --debug21:45
hggdhand follow the undescriptive messages init emits21:45
gnomefreakhggdh: all except the last 5 or so21:50
* gnomefreak hasnt been paying attention but what bug do i need to look for21:50
gnomefreakhmmmm "find files isnt opening anything :(21:50
gnomefreakubuntu icon -> find files21:50
gnomefreakseems that is the only one in that dialog that fails.21:50
* gnomefreak needs to stop finding bugs for today21:50
hggdhgnomefreak: do you use multiple filesystems, or just one?21:51
yofelI'm just installing last updates, but with the updates from ~8h ago my eeePC booted fine just now, root and home seperate on LVM21:52
gnomefreakhggdh: just one. im assuming the update that broke your system was one that required a restart?21:54
gnomefreaki have the most basic install possible21:54
hggdhgnomefreak: actually, I decided to reboot just because there where a lot of updates (including X); I decided to play safe (or, now, rather unsafe)21:55
protihggdh: No, my problem is there is far too much messages. Those machines are workstations not servers with serials console.21:56
hggdhproti: yes, I know. Same issue here...21:56
gnomefreaki only saw a hand ful of X updates today and all but 1 i restarted after. i just had 1 come through not too long ago but i dont see that being the problem you are seeing21:56
gnomefreakthese were the last ones since restart: binfmt-support libdbusmenu-glib3 libdbusmenu-gtk3 libdconf0 libutouch-frame1 x11-apps21:57
hggdhnone of them sound as possible culprits. I *think* this may be related to multiple FSs, but it may be just by chance21:58
yofelwith all updates from the german mirror my eeePC boots fine21:58
hggdhproti: last update to mountall was on Feb 9th, I doubt this would have impacted only now21:59
protiThe problems occured today, but I last rebooted the machine 2-3 days ago.22:02
protiBetween the 2.6.37-4 kernel and today.22:02
protiI'm now on my home machine (a workstation too). It does not shows the behavior of the 2 formers machines.22:03
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protihggdh: do you have a preference where to paste the list of packages ?22:10
protihggdh: http://pastebin.com/jaJCeuAC22:10
protiThis is the list of the packages installed today (the boot was ok today).22:10
protiI think if I reboot the machine now it'll be a problem.22:10
protinothing really talking to me when looking at the list.22:10
protimaybe libc-bin 2.13-0ubuntu1 ureadahead22:10
hggdhthese two sound like possible candidates22:20
protihggdh: Keep the list, my home workstation does not boot anymore.22:38
protihggdh: All my machines have a point in common.22:41
proti1 partition /boot, the rest is LVM.22:41
hggdhproti:  and multiple FSs under LVM, correct? I still think this has something to do, this is the common point (I do not have LVM)22:42
hggdhOK, I will open a bug on this22:43
protiHowever, all the problems happens after the disk mount.22:43
hggdhnow, against what... I am not sure. I think I will start with the kernel22:43
hggdhyeah, I agree22:44
hggdhor, better stating nothing happens after mountall is triggered22:44
protiI think the kernel has nothing to do with it.22:44
hggdhI agree, but I do not know what to set as package22:45
protiThe problem happens with 2.6.37-x and 2.6.38-[1234]22:45
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protiThe initrd of 2.3.37-x is old.22:46
hggdh*that* I did not know22:46
hggdhthen... the plot thickens22:46
protiFocus on the list I gave you. The culprit is inside.22:47
hggdhactually, no, it does not. the kernel may be old, but one of the updated packages may be causing it22:47
protiThere are some obvious package not guilty.22:48
protignupg gpgv gcalctool libx11 and so on...22:49
hggdhyes indeed, I think libc6 and ureadahead are good chances22:49
protiI don't know enough of upstart unfortunately.22:50
hggdhupstart has not been changed since end of first week this month, so I would not count it in22:51
protiBut smth around upstart. start udev works ok. start kdm does the correct thing.22:52
protiSomething is wrong in the chain of actions.22:52
hggdhhow did you open a new console that early in the boot?22:53
protiboot with break=bottom, then mount -o move all of the fs.22:53
protiThen chroot and run getty -8 -l -n /bin/bash tty222:54
protiand then exit twice.22:54
protifs = /proc /sys /dev and so on.22:55
protiAdded --verbose too, I used this excellent page here : http://upstart.ubuntu.com/wiki/Debugging22:56
protiThen I wished I knew which target to use for the network multiuser booting.22:57
protihggdh: maybe python or pam.23:04
protiand espeak23:04
Andre_Gondimnatty will be use gnome 3 or 2.32.x23:05
rwwmayhaps we need a !gnome3 factoid23:05
hggdhproti: interesting. on the second term I re-executed mountall23:08
hggdhall FSs are now mounted23:08
protiThen ?23:09
protiMe too everything is mount ok and the command finish ok.23:10
protibut then nothing.23:10
protiIt should if I read correctly emits virtual-filesystems which should start udev and so on.23:11
protiInstead it's like a sitting duck, idling.23:11
hggdhno, mine completed boot23:15
protihggdh: I can open a bug -have a launchpad account. But I don't know how to file the bug.23:16
hggdhproti: actually I (on tty2) (1) after mounting the FSs '/sbin/initctl stop mountall; (2) /sbin/initctl start mountall23:16
hggdhproti: if you succeeed booting, you can run 'sudo ubuntu-bug upstart'23:17
hggdhnot sure sudo is neede, but just in case...23:17
hggdhor, perhaps, mountall as the package23:18
protihggdh: does the boot goes on (udev, network, tty...) ?23:18
hggdhit does, but I just found not all is OK23:19
hggdhI cannot mount my encrypted home23:19
protiHum, I didn't check upon this one.23:19
jibel_hggdh, in your case it might be a race with mountall, I had a very similar issue some time ago with multiple fs on different disks.23:20
jibel_hggdh, I added a "sleep .1" before exec mountall in /etc/init/mountall.conf and that fixed it23:20
jibel_hggdh, I filed bug 71281123:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 712811 in mountall (Ubuntu) "mountall fails with "mountall: fsck /home [369] terminated with status 8"/ Non-existent device - Possible race ?" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71281123:21
hggdhjibel_: hum, I will try it23:21
jibel_upstart/mountall are very racy23:21
protiI started tty1 ok.23:26
proti/sbin/initctl start tty1 and got the prompt.23:27
protistart mountall did nothing but starting mountall.23:27
protinetwork is down.23:27
protiHow do I know which jobs upstartd did start and which is blocked by smthg?23:28
yofelinitctl list - that will dump the state of all known services23:32
protiyofel: thanks23:32
yofelalthough one-shot services like mountall will show as stopped after they finished23:32
protiI have upstart-udev-bridge plytmounth mountall (pid)  ureadahead23:34
protitty1 and tty223:35
protiI forced them all start23:35
proti(dbus too).23:35
hggdhgpt X!23:35
protigpt ???23:35
hggdh(1) reboot with init=/bin/bash (or /bin/sh)23:36
hggdh(2) just in case -- open two gettyƛ for tty2 and 323:36
hggdh(3) on tty1 -- init -v -- this tty will be locked23:37
hggdh(4) on tty2 -- mount -a23:37
hggdh(5) on tty2 -- initctl stop mountall23:37
hggdh(6) on tty2 -- initctl start mountall23:37
protiok will do23:37
protirebooting now.23:38
hggdhproti, you might wat to add a delay as jibel_ pointed out, I did23:38
hggdhbloody hell, still no mounted /home/myself23:39
proti1 and 2 ok23:40
protihggdh: runlevel = 6 for init -v ?23:41
protiwhich one is now for multiusers text ?23:41
hggdhany from 2 to 6, IIRC23:42
hggdhoh text, no, text you pass a kernel parm on boot -- text23:43
proti3 is ko (failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: connection refused).23:44
protiI think I nedd to exec /sbin/init from thell.23:45
protiForgot the -v.23:47
protiOnly 2 services started23:47
protiplymouth and mountall23:47
protiwith process23:47
protiI saw a ureadhead quit with status 5.23:48
protihggdh: command (3) on tty2 hangs.23:50
protihggdh: sorry I meant command (5).23:50
hggdhdifferent behaviour23:50
protiwrong assertion23:50
protiThe mountall command was stuck.23:51
proticommand (6) is stuck23:51
hggdhtrying again here23:52
protiHow can I tell the upstart daemon to go verbose ?23:52
protiespecially after having started it.23:52
hggdhI do not think you can23:53
protitoo bad23:53
protimountall is listed as process 457 but mountall daemon is 459.23:54
hggdhhum. my initctl stop mountall is also stuck23:55
protiwelcome aboard23:55
protirunning processes :23:56
proti/sbin/init, 2 /bin/bash one on each tty23:56
protiplymouthd and mountall --daemon23:56
protiKill -15 did not terminated the mountall --daemon23:57
protiI had to kill -9 it.23:57
hggdhsame here23:58

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