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ograndec, have you seen natty-changes ? alsa is uploaded10:44
ndecogra: ok. thx10:46
* XorA pukes on Unity10:47
persiaXorA: Careful: when we disagree we try to do so with respect.  apt-get install xubuntu-desktop or lubuntu-desktop if you prefer.10:48
XorApersia: its quite literal, it gives me sea sickness :-)10:48
XorApersia: probably an effect of only having intel graphics so everything lags10:49
ograits rteally fast on recent intel chipsets10:49
XorAeee 901 isnt recent10:49
ograwell, there is at least a 945 or some such in it, no?10:49
ograi know there are issues with the 8xx series10:50
ograbecause intel dropped driver maintenance10:50
XorAI do really like the theme improvement in natty for gnome desktop though10:51
suihkulokkithe stort of linux 3d.. either too new hw with drivers existing only some experimantal git branch or old hw with maintainance already dropped :P10:52
XorAsince we lost being the 64bit test platform for UT codebase there is no money in linux 3d anymore :-(10:53
hrwogra: 8xx do not have intel driver anymore in ubuntu11:02
XorAhrw: how goes?11:02
hrwXorA: they killed it in intel x11 driver11:02
hrwI have a laptop with 855 at home and only fbdev works on it11:02
ograhrw, really ? I thought there is still one in universe11:03
ograbut who cares about intel anyway ...11:03
ograarm is the future11:03
hrw855 was pita anyway11:03
XorAwe just need 8 core arms, 7 cores to run mesa and one for desktop :-)11:03
hrwogra: there are rumours that there will be laptops which can replace my ul30a in 2014 ;D11:04
ograyeah, that saves all the 3d headdache11:04
ograjust do it all in SW11:04
hrwogra: you do it already on your ac100 ;D11:04
ograheh, indeed11:04
ogrametacity composite is really impressive here11:04
ograeven in pure framebuffer11:04
XorAfew of my arm devices have screens :-)11:05
hrwfrom arm devices which are around my desk only one does not have a screen option11:06
hrwogra: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarcinJuszkiewicz/DeveloperApplicationForUniverseContributor11:10
* ogra opens11:11
persiahrw: No video out, no USB, no expansion connector?11:12
hrwpersia: sheevaplug has usb but I do not have usb2vga dongles11:13
hrwand do not plan to have such ones11:13
persiaI claim it has a "screen option", and you choose not to exercise it :)11:14
XorAnote I said no screen, not the lack of option for one :-)11:16
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ograGRRRR !15:40
* ogra hates symbols files15:40
* prpplague pokes ogra in the eye with a sharp stick15:41
prpplagueogra: don't speak ill of symbol files15:41
prpplagueogra: they are your frienemy15:41
ograthey are fine if you generate them with the same toolchain you try to build under15:42
ograsadly i didnt do that with my last upload15:42
ograso i have  to start over again and redo half a day of work15:42
prpplagueogra: doh15:42
* prpplague needs coffee, brb15:42
* prpplague returns like a bad case of athletes foot15:49
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davidmprpplague, panda daughter cards just got urgent, the Panda boards shipped from DIgikey, all of them17:57
davidmprpplague, what is the thread size of the metal standoffs you use? I ordered the wrong size for my test, I had to drill out the holes but it did not matter for the test rack18:01
prpplaguedavidm: they pandaboards currently use 4/40 threads18:32
davidmprpplague, thanks, I'll order up a proper supply today18:33
davidmprpplague, the recommended power supply is 5VDC 4A, do you know how much of that is spare?18:37
prpplaguedavidm: 2A would be if you weren't using any usb devices18:39
prpplaguedavidm: talk to ctyler, he's been testing running multiple pandas from a single power supply18:39
hrwdavidm: 2 usb ports = 1A extra if they are used18:41
prpplaguehrw: 4 ports on the panda so, 2A extra18:44
davidm_prpplague, thanks, I'm just seeing what powersupply to order today19:03
davidm_Since we are planning on USB disk I'll make sure to allow the extra then19:03
prpplaguedavidm_: http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4558896&csid=ITD&body=MAIN#productresources19:06
prpplaguedavidm_: thats what ctyler is using19:06
davidm_Woot Panda boards just arrived YEA!!!!19:09
davidm_prpplague, thanks, that supply won't work for me but it's good to know a combined supply works I'm going to order an 80A 5VDC with a 12A 12VDC supply19:11
prpplaguedavidm_: dandy19:12
davidm_The 12V is for the relay controls, the relays run on 12V  I'm going to wire it for NC applys power to Panda, NO applys power to latch on daughter card19:13
prpplaguedavidm_: which relays are 12V?19:14
davidm_The serial control relays the ones that give us remote control over the panda boards19:15
davidm_not the one you are using for the latch19:15
davidm_I am going to use a rack of 24 relays, only 20 wired that we can connect to via serial control to activate and deactivate the panda boards19:16
davidm_think of it as a remote reset on power19:16
davidm_Since I'm using a single power supply and not 20 power supplys19:17
prpplaguedavidm_: ahh19:17
NCommanderhey all19:17
davidm_I'm going ot have to be quite careful of the power supply, you can weld at 80 apms of power19:18
davidm_I'm starting to think that I might want to use some fuses inline with all that power19:19
GrueMasterheh, reminds me of the custom powersupplies we had at Intel.  3.3v 320 amp, 5v 200 amp.  And they had two lugs for the wiring harness to bolt on to, about 2 inches apart.19:21
rsalvetidavidm_: awesome19:24
LajonSZHello, I'd like to ask how it'd be possible to prepare fs for ubuntu arm with androidal init.rc? Anybody know how to write sth like that? (sorry for poor English)19:27
LajonSZI have already img of ubuntu19:28
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NCommanderLajonSZ: android's init.rc system is pretty much completely different and incompatible w/ upstart19:31
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LajonSZSo, it is not possible?19:34
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