Cheri703is there software to have sound activation? I don't want sound activated recording, I want to play a sound when it hears an external sound...if that makes sense02:49
Cheri703Is there a way to view current mic input level from terminal? or a command so a value can be acquired?03:26
seidosCheri703: alsamixer?03:27
seidosnot sure if that's what you're looking for03:27
Cheri703no, eventual goal is "if the mic input goes over X, then play this sound"03:28
Cheri703so I need to figure out how to find X03:28
Cheri703and get it to recognize X03:28
seidosmaybe there's something in /dev03:28
seidosthere's /dev/audio03:29
seidosor maybe something in /proc03:30
seidosmaybe /proc/asound03:31
Cheri703I dunno :/ I'm not even sure what I'm looking for03:31
seidosi'm just wondering where the state of the mic input level is stored03:32
seidosso that you can get it03:32
seidosi have no idea how to get it, really03:32
seidosbut maybe i can help find the file for you03:32
Cheri703yeah, I have no clue :/03:32
Cheri703I appreciate it!03:32
seidosi know that /cat/proc/acpi/battery/BAT1/state has live info on battery state03:33
seidosso it could be the same for mic03:34
Cheri703*shrug* I don't know much about the internal workings of a lot of ubuntu :/03:35
Cheri703sounds feasible03:35
seidosi don't know much about internal workings, or coding03:35
seidosi am just crawling in the dark03:35
Cheri703I appreciate it :)03:36
seidosCheri703: i would ask in #alsa or #pulseaudio03:37
seidosthose folks would probably know03:37
Jason1Hey there. Can someone give me some advice about a network connectivity issue?07:58
nlsthznJason1: not sure but if you ask I am sure someone with the right knowledge will try and assist08:00
Bipul`Jason1, what Kind of netwok connection you have ?08:01
Jason1I configured opendns this morning and now my connection doesn't seem to last longer than about 20 minutes.08:01
Jason1So now I'm looking for some advice regarding how to diagnose the problem08:04
Bipul`dhcp ?08:04
Bipul`and what's you ubuntu verion name ?08:04
Jason1lubuntu 10.1008:05
Bipul`i think it will take automatically08:06
Bipul`try this dhclient08:06
Bipul`in terminal may be it works08:06
Jason1just a sec08:06
Jason1Permission denied. do I need to sudo for that?08:08
Jason1what sort of output am I looking for?08:09
Bipul`Try sudo or just ask in #ubuntu08:16
Bipul`Can any one tell me how shud i know which kernel version i am using?09:23
Bipul`is there any command ?09:23
JoeMaverickSettBipul`: uname -a09:28
Bipul`linux-source-* <-- something like this09:28
Bipul`kenrel version09:28
GeocosmYeah, Bipul` System --> Administration --> System Monitor, System Tab.09:41
Bipul`Geocosm,  oh thanks09:42
ray_I wanted to learn how to remove ubuntu from a hard drive that has 2 versions of ubuntu installed on it. So I decided to try it out and learn how to do it. How is it done?10:59
ray_I have no worry of losing data, as all my info is backed up11:00
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frihtareci'v instaled the ubuntu notebook along with windows12:09
frihtarecthe problem is that the icons on the left are black or white12:10
frihtareci think there are sopouse to be icons12:10
frihtarecthis is my first touch with ubuntu12:11
frihtareccan anyone help?12:11
s-foxHello frihtarec  . I am not sure but perhaps someone else will be able to help.12:11
frihtareci am going complitly to ubuntu, but because of the problems vith secure w2(i need it for conecting to the internet on my faculty) i still have windows12:13
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Guest33341anyone there12:49
Guest33341what are the latest distribution of linux12:50
Guest33341and what is the difference between ubuntu and linux...which one i should use12:50
duanedesignthe latest Ubuntu release is Maverick Meerkat12:50
bioterrorlinux is the kernel of the GNU/Linux operating system12:51
duanedesignubuntu is a linux distrobution12:51
bioterrorMandriva is distrobution too12:51
bioterrorand uses GNU tools with Linux kernel12:51
Guest33341so which one i should use, ubuntu or mandriva12:51
duanedesignthey are all distrubutions built around the linux kernel12:51
duanedesignif you are a first time user i would recommend Ubuntu12:52
bioterrorGuest33341, you can guess our answer for that question12:52
duanedesignwell actually i would recommend Ubuntu to everyone :)12:52
bioterrorif  you go to #mandriva, they will tell their12:52
Guest33341i used it before, but sudo command and all those i cant understand well12:53
duanedesignUbuntu being such a popular Linux distro you will find information and support generally easier to come by12:53
Guest33341i know dos commands very well12:53
* duanedesign waves at tronyx and bioterror 12:54
Guest33341you all are admin? or guest like me?12:55
Guest33341starting with + sign12:55
mer_gestupid question, but can I change my password as usual, when I choose to encrypt my home (during install)?13:29
MrChrisDruifmer_ge: I think you can change passwords as normal. Only the partition is locked till the registered password is entered13:30
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kidsodatelesshello. when i'm watching videos on youtube before i could get the .flv files in /tmp  but i notice it is not saving there anymore.13:41
kidsodatelessanybody knows the answer?:)13:41
guesttry using keepvid.com application to save your files13:46
MrChrisDruifguest: There is an other way for that13:49
MrChrisDruifkidsodateless: guest: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/09/saving-flash-videos-in-linux-tmp-no-longer-works/13:51
holsteini say, email the content creator13:52
holsteinand ask how you are supposed to get a copy13:52
Jon__im getting gave up waiting13:56
kidsodatelessMrChrisDruif, thanks for the info.13:57
Jon__how do i fix it13:57
MrChrisDruifYour welcome kidsodateless13:57
Jon__what do i do13:58
Jon__to fix13:58
Jon__Gave up waiting for root device. Common problems:13:58
Jon__Gave up waiting for root device. Common problems:13:59
Jon__you suck13:59
bioterrorwho sucks?13:59
MrChrisDruifJon__: ??13:59
holsteinMrChrisDruif is awesome :)14:00
bioterrorjon, you have to adjust some more time for grub to find the hdd14:00
Jon__ok sorry,but i have the "gave up waiting for root device" problem and i would like to know how to fix it14:00
bioterrorsomehow the grub cant find the hdd14:00
Jon__how and why14:00
bioterroryou should add about 90 sec for the delay14:01
MrChrisDruifThanks holstein :)14:01
MrChrisDruifJon__: What's wrong? Why do I suck?14:01
Jon__never mind i found out you were helping someone else out. sorry14:02
bioterrorJon__, you have to add "rootdelay=90" to boot parameters14:02
bioterrorJon__, https://launchpad.net/bugs/29015314:02
ubot2Launchpad bug 290153 in linux "Fails to find boot device in Intel D945Gnt" [High,Confirmed]14:02
Jon__i did and it didn't work. i go to the grub and press 'e' to edit and put that in? correct14:02
holsteini would add it of a more permanent basis14:03
bioterrorJon__, /etc/default/grub14:03
bioterrorGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"14:04
bioterroradd that rootrelay=90 to that line14:04
Jon__ok thanks. i'll try it.14:04
Jon__its not doing anything14:05
holsteinits = ??14:06
bioterrordid 90 secs go by?14:06
holsteinthe machine?14:06
holsteinthe text editor?14:06
Jon__no not yet14:06
Jon__i got the same thing as before.14:06
Jon__gave up waiting for root device14:06
holsteindid you update grub?14:07
Jon__how do i do that14:07
holsteinbioterror: this would need sudo update-grub right?14:07
bioterrorholstein, not quite sure14:07
bioterrorI cant remember :D14:07
bioterrorbut it wont hurt :D14:07
holsteinwont hurt to run it14:07
holsteinsudo update-grub14:07
bioterrorgreat minds think a like14:07
Jon__how do i do the update14:08
bioterrorholstein, you should be worried as you're using same kind of words as I do14:08
holsteinsudo update-grub14:08
holsteinin a terminal14:08
Jon__where do i put that line14:08
holsteinthen hit the 'enter' key14:08
holsteinJon__: what line?14:08
holsteinsudo update-grub?14:08
Jon__sudo update-grub14:08
holsteinin the application 'terminal'14:09
holsteinmenu applications - accessories - terminal14:09
Jon__i don't see accesories or terminal. am i in the right place?14:10
holsteinJon__: on the main gnome panel14:10
holsteinyou see the work 'applications'14:11
holsteinclick that14:11
holsteinthen, you click the word 'accessories'14:11
holsteinthen, you should see 'terminal'14:11
holsteinJon__: this is ubuntu 10.10 ?14:11
Jon__is that when i first start my netbook14:11
Jon__and yes14:11
holsteinwell, im assuming you are using a live cd?14:11
Jon__usb stick14:11
holsteinthat might complicate the grub update14:12
Jon__what do i do from start to finish?14:12
holsteinJon__: update the grub file14:14
Jon__i don't know how14:14
holsteinlets go back to adding that line14:14
holsteini dont think that took you long enough14:14
holsteinhow did you do that?14:14
holsteinwhat file did you edit?14:15
holsteincan you use http://paste.ubuntu.com/ so we can see the changes made14:15
holsteinthe changes to /etc/default/grub14:15
Jon__Ubuntu, with Linux 2.6.35-22-generic14:15
bioterrorJon__, Boot failures on systems with Intel D945 motherboards14:16
bioterrorUsers have reported slower than normal detection of SATA hard drives on systems with Intel D945 motherboards in Ubuntu 8.10. This may cause the system to drop to a busybox initramfs shell on boot with a "Gave up waiting for root device." error. Wait a minute or two and then exit the initramfs shell by typing 'exit'. Booting should proceed normally. If it doesn't, wait a bit longer and try14:16
Jon__i'll try14:17
nlsthznbioterror: what is the beginners team chat channel again?14:17
holsteinat some point you'll have to stop trying things Jon__14:17
holsteinand boot that machine14:17
holsteinmake it boot14:17
bioterrornlsthzn, what?14:17
bioterrornlsthzn, #ubuntu-beginners-team14:18
nlsthznbioterror: thanks14:19
Jon__how do i 'make it boot'?14:19
holsteinJon__: let make sure you have fully implemented the couple suggestions you have14:20
Jon__well i put in exit like you said and the same thing came up again14:21
bioterrorwait longer and type again :D14:21
holsteinyeah, "wait a minute or 2"14:21
holsteinid say give it 4 or 514:21
bioterroror get a new motherboard ;)14:21
holsteintry it, then rule it out, and move on14:21
holsteinyeah, ^^14:21
holsteincontact the vendor14:22
holsteinthey probably have an email address14:22
holsteini like to send that email14:22
holsteinnot a nasty one14:23
Jon__thanks for the help that really didn't help me14:23
holsteinjust to let the vendors know that the product is not working for me14:23
holsteinwith linux14:23
holsteinJon__: so, you've waited 5 minutes?14:23
holsteinand tried that?14:23
holsteinhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/ what you have in /etc/default/grub14:24
Jon__that site is not found14:25
holsteinis that machine online?14:25
holsteinyou can test in the terminal14:25
holsteinping -c 4 google.com14:25
Jon__is that all help you can give me14:26
holsteinwhat is in your /etc/default/grub file?14:27
Jon__where do i find that. im clueless on this stuff14:27
holsteini want to confirm that the changes have been made properly14:27
holsteinthen, we can move on to more help i may or may not have14:27
holsteinJon__: thats what im concered about14:28
holsteinyou are supposed to have edited that file14:28
holsteinin step one14:28
holsteinright when you joined the channel14:28
holsteinand, its totally cool that you dont know where that file is14:28
Jon__tell me again14:28
holsteinyou need to edit the file14:28
holstein /etc/default/grub14:29
holsteinyou can do that several ways14:29
Jon__where is it14:29
holsteinthe file is in /etc/default14:29
Jon__how do i navigate there14:29
holsteinhowever you feel comfortable14:30
holsteinyou just want to make sure you are getting the one that is on the hard drive14:30
holsteinand not the one on the USB stick14:30
holstein*if there is one on the USB stick14:30
Jon__i dont have the stick in14:31
holsteinso, how are you booting the machine?14:31
Jon__turn it on14:31
holsteinmy diagnostic process is based on you having booted from a USB stick14:31
holsteinlet me know when you are booted into that machine14:32
holsteinfrom live USB or CD14:32
Jon__i have booted from the usb stick to install ubuntu to the hard drive in my toshiba netbook14:32
holsteinJon__: but the netbook is booting right?14:33
holsteinthats not the one with the error?14:33
Jon__yes it will boot and ubuntu will work on my usb stick butnot on my hard drive14:33
holsteinso, the toshiba netbook is the machine in question?14:33
holsteinwith the boot issue?14:34
Jon__what do you suggest14:34
holsteinwell, assuming that the answer to that question is 'yes'14:34
holsteinand the netbook is the machine in question14:34
holsteinthat is not booting14:34
holsteinlet me know when you are booted into that machine with a live USB stick or CD14:35
holsteinand we'll go from there14:35
holsteinthats one way you can edit the grub file14:35
Jon__ok i have a screen with try ubuntu for free or install14:37
holsteini think we are on the right track14:38
holsteinJon__: you want to 'try ubuntu'14:38
holsteinso we can edit your grub file14:38
Jon__hold on... and that link, how is that suppose to help?14:39
holsteinwell, that is someone with a toshiba netbook14:39
holsteinwith the same error14:39
holsteinrunning ubuntu 10.0414:40
holsteinJon__: anyways, im about to run out for a bit14:40
holsteingood luck to you14:40
holsteinwhen joining support channels, you might want to lead with 'my motherboard sucks'14:40
Jon__i have 10.1014:41
holsteininstead of MrChrisDruif sucks14:41
holsteinor whatever14:41
holsteinno one is on salary here :)14:41
holsteinbut help will be given14:41
MrChrisDruifholstein: Sup?14:41
Jon__i apologize14:41
holsteinnot to me14:41
holsteinto MrChrisDruif ^^14:41
holsteinanyways... bbl14:41
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johnny77does anyone know what these processes does zeitgeist-datahub & zeitgeist-daemon?15:29
bioterrorjohnny77, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeitgeist_(file_manager)15:31
bioterrorthere you go15:31
johnny77bioterror: ok, thanks. Is this part of Ubuntu that is automatically loaded?15:35
Jason1I configured opendns this morning and now my connection keeps dropping after 10 or 20 minutes of use. Any ideas on how to diagnose the issue?15:54
bioterrorremove opendns and check if the problem exists15:59
JackyAlcinejohnny77: You still here?16:46
JackyAlcinezeitgeist-datahub is what stores the information from the Zeitgeist framework (ie: zeitgeist-gedit, zeitgeist-chrome)16:47
JackyAlcinezeitgeist-daemon handles the pulling of such information (Gnome Activity Journal)16:47
JackyAlcinejohnny77: ^16:50
johnny77JackyAlcine: I'm back. Thank you.17:00
JackyAlcineNo problem.17:01
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nitin007hello is there any indian17:19
JackyAlcinenitin007: You're part of SpeechControl?17:22
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JomikHeya, can someone here help me out with configuring/setting up the wpa_supplicant? I've been trying for some time, but just can't seem to get past that point... I know that my wireless card connects if the internet doesn't have a password. But need it to connect to a WPA-secured net. Any help, please? :)19:43
ibuclawJomik, I take it you aren't using a conventional system? :)19:49
ibuclawie: no GUI19:50
JomikI am19:50
JomikI'm using Ubuntu 10.1019:50
bioterrorhi again19:52
bioterrorlong time no see19:52
s-foxHello bioterror .19:52
JomikNoone able to help me? :o19:52
aveilleuxJomik: network-manager-gnome has a built-in GUI configuration tool for WPA-encrypted networks19:52
JomikI haven't really been looking in the GUI, where do I get it up? XD19:53
JomikI try getting it connect by choosing the wireless net in the status bar, top right corner, it asks for my password and I type it in, 100% sure it's the right one. Then I wait without anything happening and it pops up again, asking for the password.19:54
aveilleuxJomik: http://www.debianadmin.com/enable-wpa-wireless-access-point-in-ubuntu-linux.html19:54
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JomikI believe that wpa_supplicant was installed already with ubuntu 10.10? I at least get a lot of info when typing wpa_supplicant in the terminal?19:56
aveilleuxJomik: if it's already installed then it won't break anything by running that command.19:57
Jomiktrue* lol19:57
Jomikwhat does touch do? O.o19:59
aveilleuxJomik: It creates an empty file if one does not already exist20:00
JomikTy :D20:01
JomikWeird that he tells me to create a file with ENABLED=0, and after tells me to do a touch to the exact same...20:01
aveilleuxJomik: Yeah I dunno why that's there.20:01
Jomikooooh, the layout changed? O.o20:02
JomikWhat da eff, my layout changed to greyish bars instead of the blackish, and it doesn't react to mouse clicks? :o20:03
aveilleuxJomik: Can you log out and log back in?20:04
JomikI can shutdown the computer by taking the power. But I can't touch anything on the GUI20:05
Jomikor open a terminal20:05
Jomikdoesn't react to keyboard or mouse. The mouse moves though20:05
aveilleuxJomik: ctrl+alt+f1, then log in via terminal, then run sudo reboot20:05
aveilleuxJomik: That'll kill your session here20:05
aveilleuxJomik: So you'll have to reconnect to freenode20:06
JomikI think I was logged in20:06
JomikNah, it's another computer :20:06
aveilleuxJomik: Ah, okay20:06
Jomikno reaction whatsoever to sudo reboot XD20:07
aveilleuxJomik: that should have rebooted the computer.20:07
aveilleuxJomik: Did you get to a Terminal? It should have blacked the screen and said "/dev/tty1" at the top.20:07
Jomikdoesn't work with sudo shutdown now either20:07
JomikIt has20:07
aveilleuxJomik: Try sudo shutdown -r now20:08
JomikUbuntu 10.10 server-pc tty3 (I did f3 because f1 was just blank)20:08
aveilleux(The "now" is a part of the command)20:08
Jomiknothing either20:08
JomikCTRL + ALT + F7 brings me to the GUI? It has a grey box now, where the accessories menu normally is. O.o20:09
JomikShould I just cut the power?20:09
JomikLol, this is the same thing that happened before I formatted my hdd <.<20:11
aveilleuxJomik: Unfortunately I think it's the only option at this point20:11
Jomiknow it's the normal GUI20:11
JomikYeah, I went ahead and did it20:11
JomikIt's trying to connect automatically again, but doesn't seem like it'll be able to <.<20:12
aveilleuxJomik: Right-click on the manager, click "edit connections", and delete the connection. Then start over.20:13
Jomiklike, redo the driver installations? :o20:13
JomikDo you have teamviewer?20:14
aveilleuxJomik: Uh, no, I meant redo the connection.20:15
aveilleuxJomik: Yes20:15
JomikWould you mind popping on teamviewer? The computer in question has it. >.<20:24
JomikI tried reconnecting now, it didn't work again20:24
aveilleuxJomik: If you can't get a network connection then how can I use TeamViewer?20:25
JomikWired network20:25
aveilleuxJomik: PM me for a minute20:25
JomikI need it to be wireless, cuz atm I have a cable throughout the whole house, which is pretty annoying.20:25
JomikHey again, problem didn't get solved. So I wanna hear if anyone here thinks they can help me set up my wireless connection to connect to a WPA secure connection. I have it on a wired connection, but I need it to be wireless. The computer has teamviewer, so you can control it and see what happens if you want. Please help? XD20:40
JomikHow do I open .cab files?21:00
JomikTrying another driver.21:00
JomikDuh, that fixed it, tyvm bioterror :)21:05
bioterrorI was busy at another channel helping some newbies :D21:06
JomikHeya, new question; is it possible to check if you're connected to the internet in a sh script? Like, start this program after the computer connected to the internet after startup.21:18
JackyAlcineJomik: use the ping command.21:20
JackyAlcineie: ping http://www.google.com -121:21
JackyAlcineexclude the minus one. lol21:21
Jomikso while (! ping http://www.google.com) do done start something. ?21:25
JomikI need to execute a program after we have gotten an internet connection XD21:26
JomikI don't thing that ping returns true or false?21:26
JomikSomeone help me make that bash/shell script please? :)21:44
MrChrisDruifJomik: paste.ubuntu.com21:50
Lorizeanhi... so, I'm wondering, is there a specific package I can install to get the c++ opengl headers?21:50
szczurJomik, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OnNetworkConnectionRunScript21:52
JomikMrChrisDruif: What about paste.ubuntu.com?22:03
Jomikszczur tyvm for that :O What is the command for closing a process/program?22:03
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bioterrorseems like he figured it out?22:09
JomikWhy does my script in the if-down.d folder work when the script in the if-up.d folder doesn't? O.o22:25
JomikHow do I run a bash script from another bash script?22:28
Jomikszczur can you help me again? XD22:28
szczuryou can run script from a script by using "exec" command22:29
szczurfor example exec /etc/networking/if-up.d/connected.sh22:30
JomikYeah, I tried executing it... like exec /usr/bin/teamviewer22:30
JomikI had a script in if-up.d22:30
szczurit should work22:30
szczurlemme check22:30
Jomikmine is in /etc/network/if-up.d22:32
Jomikand the script in /etc/network/if-down.d/ works ... O.o22:32
mer_gehi! can't I just create an additional user with encrypted /home in 10.04?22:38
mer_gethere is no such option22:39
Jomikszczur do you have teamviewer?22:39
szczurJomik, nope22:39
Jomikpisses me off that it wont start O.o22:40
JomikI can type "teamviewer" in the terminal22:40
Jomikand it'll start22:40
bioterrormer_ge, sudo adduser --encrypt-home <user>22:40
JomikI can type /usr/bin/teamviewer, and it'll start.22:40
JomikBut, neither of those works in the script22:41
Jomikwith or without exec22:41
mer_gebioterror thanks! that simple?22:41
bioterrormer_ge, yup, that simple22:42
Jomikbioterror, any ideas? XD22:44
JomikWhy a script wont run from if-up.d when it'll run from if-down.d ?22:44
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szczurJomik, can i take a look at the script23:03
szczurstill searching for solution :)23:03
Jomikmy script is 2 lines23:06
Jomikit works if I run it manually23:06
Jomikit starts up teamviewer23:06
Jomikbut it doesn't work otherwise23:06
Jomikteamviewer is in /usr/bin23:07
Jomikand /usr/bin is in the $PATH23:07
JomikHey szczur, I have to run now... Could you mail me if you find an answer? I'll send you a query with my email.23:20
Jomiktyvm :)23:21

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