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pmatulis_i have an alien cluster showing in the output of euca-describe-availability-zones, how to dump it?13:26
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superxglhi all , as in http://support.rightscale.com/12Guides/RightScale_Methodologies/Monitoring_System/Writing_custom_collectd_plugins/Custom_Collectd_Plug-ins_for_Linux13:55
superxglit uses instance-id as the hostname, i don't know if it is can directly apply to eucalyptus ?13:56
superxglis the instance-id binded with it's ip address ?14:00
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TeTeTsmoser: hi, do you have a few minutes to discuss the ebs root, lucid and Launchpad things?15:04
smoserTeTeT, sure. i'm just back now.15:38
TeTeTsmoser: great. I've started writing up the exercise, will take the remainer of today to be finished and checking it tomorrow15:39
smoserthere are lots of things we can do to make it more polished.15:40
TeTeTsmoser: on the launchpad project, I'll happily get the infrastructure going. Should there be a special team driving it? Like server team or a newly founded one? Do you have any preference on project/team name?15:40
TeTeTsmoser: I was thinking of calling it 'uec-ebs-root' or 'uec-persistency'15:41
smoserhm.. i kind of like both of those. i like staying away from "ebs-root" as its not really "ebs root".15:41
TeTeTsmoser: ok, so let's call it 'uec-persistency', that would allow the project to foster other relevant pieces, if need be15:42
smoserignore the ...15:43
smoseri dont knowwhy i typed that15:43
TeTeTsmoser: I'll get it started asap and create a likely named team, making you, tom and me admins, so we can add people at will15:43
smoserthanks, TeTeT15:44
kim0what's that uec-persistency thing ?15:46
smoserTeTeT, in the end, i really think we should have downloadables of a "loader" kernel and ramdisk .15:47
smoserthen, the only thing hte user really needs to do is create the ebs volume.15:47
smoserkim0, https://code.launchpad.net/~smoser/+junk/kexec-loader15:47
smoserthe readme there is probably not all that readable15:48
TeTeTkim0: I'm writing a UEC class exercise for it, if you want to proof and test it, let me know15:49
smoserbut th eidea is that we use kexec as a loader. we supply a kernel and ramdisk.  that allows both ebs-root-like function *and* reboot into a new kernel on 10.04 +15:49
smoserreboot into new kernel function exists in 10.10 already15:49
kim0wow :)15:49
kim0sounds yummy15:50
TeTeTsmoser: do you think it can be automated that much? Guess a script can do it15:50
smoserwell, we just supply the kernel/ramdisk. there is only a need for 1.15:51
smoserwell, 2.15:51
kim0we don't have kexec reboots on metal yet right15:51
smoser1 kernel, 1 ramdisk for ebs-root-like, 1 ramdisk for non-ebs-root.15:51
smoserthen, all we need is somethign that takes a ami and puts it onto an ebs volume (this is trivial for ubuntu images, and simple for anything that has grub2)15:52
smoserkim0, no ?15:52
kim0smoser: you tell me15:52
kim0just never heard of Ubuntu having it15:53
kim0if we do, why isn't it on by default15:53
kim0as in "reboot" does it ?15:53
smoseryou've never done 'apt-get install kexec-tools'15:53
TeTeTTREllis: ^^^15:53
smoseryes, it "just works".15:53
smoserbut this is different, actually, kim0. it doesn't use that.15:53
kim0smoser: you're saying, apt-get install kexec-tools && reboot15:54
kim0will kexec ?15:54
smoserthe reason its different is that eucalyptus continually loads the initial kernel and ramdisk from outside the image.15:54
smoserevery time.15:54
smoserand that kernel/ramdisk is just configured such that it mounts root, finds kernel and ramdisk, and kexec loads that.15:54
smoserkim0, you have to turn it on, (/etc/default/kexec) but other than that, yes.15:54
kim0awesome .. can't wait to reboot :)15:54
kim0is that eucalyptus's way of pvgrub15:55
smoserwell, no, this is not from eucalyptus15:55
smoserand this is separate from what we *have* in 10.1015:55
smoser10.10 solutoin is actually cleaner.15:55
smoserwe load any multiboot image that the user provides15:56
kim0smoser: do you agree with the high level structure of the updated page16:29
smoseri think so , yeah16:29
kim0feel free to revert it :)16:29
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kim0anyone tested KVM with spice on Ubuntu, does it work17:52
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jo-erlendis there any plans to get SPICE-support in Ubuntu?19:58
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Kyle__I'm trying to setup a small cluster, one head, three nodes, and keep having problems trying to get walrus going.21:52
Kyle__WHen I go to configuration, it simply says "failed to contact server".  According to /etc/init.d/eucalyptus-walrus and /etc/init.d/eucalyptus-walrus-publication, everything is running.21:53
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Kyle__Anyone?  Simple UEC install (chose defaults) on closed network, walrus not showing up, can't download images.22:15
Kyle__(successfully download images)22:15

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