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cjohnstonjcastro: ping02:38
dpmgood morning all07:33
kim0morning all08:01
dpmmorning kim0!08:02
kim0dpm: hey morning :)08:03
dholbachgood morning08:20
dpmhey dholbach!08:36
dholbachhey dpm08:36
duanedesignmorning all09:14
vishare we having the video sessions mentioned in the topic? how often are those? like what is the schedule..09:17
* dholbach is going to do another one this week - last time has been a bit irregular09:18
vishdholbach: oh! so its not like something with a fixed schedule? but rather you announce a sessions when you have content to present?09:20
dholbachoriginally I did it every two weeks, same time09:20
dholbachbut then there was christmas, then there was the sprint, then I got incredibly busy09:21
dholbachbut it's meant to be09:21
dholbach... fixed09:21
vishok.. :)09:21
dholbachvish is keeping me on my toes09:21
* vish was wondering when to direct folks to watch that.. :)09:21
vishdholbach: hehe, nah, i just forgot the schedule :)09:21
dholbachok, I thought I was fired ;-)09:24
duanedesignhow are you today czajkowski ?10:06
czajkowskiand woke up late10:06
czajkowskiso bit of a headless chicken today10:06
duanedesigni know that feeliing10:06
duanedesignfeels like our brief reprive from winter is over10:07
czajkowskiI woke up thought I hit snooze10:07
czajkowskiturns out I hit off10:07
czajkowskiwoke up 90 mins later10:07
duanedesignI have turned my alarm off before and not remembered doing it10:08
czajkowskiI usually am that good10:08
czajkowskijust so god damn tired atm10:08
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kim0does the Ubuntu wiki have an irc channel ..12:05
kim0wonder if I can embed a youtube screencast on a page12:06
czajkowskikim0: ask the canonical sysadmins..12:06
popeyyou can't embed video on a wiki page12:07
popeyI have tried :)12:07
czajkowskithe wiki doesnt even like being edited with wiki content never mind a video12:07
kim0neither iframe nor <object> work12:07
kim0one other thing .. after uploading an attachment, I discovered I cannot delete it :D12:08
AlanBellkim0: there are moin plugins to embed youtube etc, I could write one for whatever video source you are using, it isn't a technical problem :(12:29
dakerkim0, got my PM ?12:30
kim0AlanBell: yeah I noticed there is .. so it seems IS doesn't like that .. Thanks anyway, I'll just link to the vid12:31
kim0daker: hey yes I did .. thanks! Actually I got a bunch of little tweaks that I'll need your help with .. Can I ping you tonight12:32
kim0daker: you're awesome :)12:33
dakeri know :D12:33
Pendulumhey, can anyone here RT this, I don't have many followers and I'm hoping we get some good feedback http://twitter.com/#!/colona13/status/40020405666189312 :)12:45
czajkowskiPendulum: copying the above comment to another channel ok12:46
czajkowskiis that ok12:46
Pendulumczajkowski: of course!12:46
* Pendulum all of a sudden gets highlighted in a bunch more channels :P12:47
czajkowskiPendulum: sorry12:47
PendulumI'm amused12:47
czajkowskiPendulum: see last channel I highlighted yo in12:49
czajkowskidiscussion there12:49
AlanBelljcastro: on the uds sponsorship thing, did the special requirements field get boosted to 3000 characters or just the first text area?12:59
jcastroAlanBell: just the text area14:49
doctormoscott-work: I think you might be right15:17
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vishduanedesign: am i a bad influence, you are turning evil too? ;p15:26
duanedesignvish: i am trying out IRCCloud15:28
duanedesignvish: needed an alternate nick grouped to my account15:29
vish IRCcloud, yea, i heard about it.. need to check it out..15:30
akgranerI kinda liked it...IRCcloud that is..  but I forget about most of the time...15:36
akgranerforget about [it] most of the time ... DOH I can't type15:36
kim0nothing beats irssi in screen :P15:37
popeynot even chocolate?15:37
PendulumI <3 irssi, although I don't use it in screen. I need to start at some point15:37
kim0popey: something to think about :)15:38
Pendulum(I've been saying I'd get my act together and start using it in screen for about 2 years now. Expect it to take at least another 2 years to happen ;) )15:38
akgranerI use xchat..and some free app for my phone15:38
akgraner(when I remember I can connect using my phone)15:39
Pici♥ irssi15:39
PendulumI'm about the least technical person ever to love irssi15:39
akgranerI keep saying, "I need to look into irssi" but sadly I haven't done so15:39
Pendulumbut anything else makes me want to hit things15:39
senseDo you need to use the browser client for IRCCloud?15:50
scott-workdoctormo:  again, i apologize if i was too forward, but it's so sad to witness, i can only imagine what it must feel to be involved15:50
* czajkowski loves screen+irssi 15:50
doctormoscott-work: Yes, it's sad. I think we'll need the CC involved eventually.15:52
vishscott-work: in all the confusion, there hasnt been a response from anyone to your mail :s15:58
scott-workvish: it's quite understandable with all the turmoil15:58
scott-workactually the ubuntu studio team has been trying to reach out to other audio distros that are based on ubuntu studio15:59
scott-workto help pull some of their improvements back into ubuntu studio, much like submitting patches to "upstream" as it were15:59
scott-workand one of the developer/maintainers of another distro has shown interest as an art lead/director :)16:00
scott-workand a few others have emailed me directly as well16:00
vishscott-work: i think Cory had asked dashua to look into it16:02
vishbut dashua got inactive too..16:02
vishthat was a long while ago though^16:02
vishmaybe 6-10 months?16:02
Technovikingjcastro: the slave DB on the forums has been replaced, we should be good.16:21
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow!16:22
jcastroTechnoviking: sweet, when's the other small forums being turned back on?16:23
* jcastro admittedly only reads CC and the +1 forum16:23
Technovikingslowly during the day today16:23
dpmsee you dholbach!16:25
dholbachbye dpm16:25
Technovikingjcastro: cafe is back up17:30
Technovikingdpm: FYI http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=169311117:38
* popey tickles Technoviking 17:45
Technovikingpopey: teehee17:46
Technovikingpopey: what is up17:46
popeyUnity on my mac :)17:46
* popey is happy now the nouveau driver works on it17:46
popey(it was segfaulting)17:47
popeyI spoke to a guy in #nouveau and he threw a patch together, I rebuilt mesa and job done17:47
Technovikingpopey: just saw, heavy tweaking or ootb17:47
popey10.10 -> 11.04 upgrade17:47
popeybasic install, no tweaking yet17:47
popeymouse is still skittish17:47
popeyI upgraded the disk in the MBP to 1TB :D17:47
popeyand RAM to 8GB :)17:48
popeyMUHAHAHAHAhahahahaahahahaaha *choke*17:48
Technovikingtrying th ejedi mind trick on wife to get SSD for MPB, no luck so far17:48
Technovikingthink I can clean install natty on my mbp?17:50
popeyi went for a massive disk for the MBP17:53
popeyi tried17:53
popeydid you know we have a mac specific ISO now?!17:53
popey"natty-desktop-amd64+mac.iso   " - "Desktop CD for 64-bit Mac (AMD64) computers (standard download)"17:53
Technovikingno mactel ppa needed?17:56
kim0popey: are you running that ? does it work well18:02
dpmthanks Technoviking, I've just replied18:07
Technovikingdpm: your an Ubuntu member?18:19
jonoanyone seen jcastro?18:20
dpmTechnoviking, yeah, I need the badge, don't I? :)18:20
vishjono: hey.. i did.18:20
vishi'm guessing it is lunch time for him..18:21
jonovish, were is he?18:21
vishjono: wait, i meant saw on IRC :) .. he was here a atleast till 45mins ago.. :)18:21
Technovikingdpm: done18:22
jonohmm ok cheers18:22
dpmTechnoviking, cool, thanks!18:22
* vish should stop hiding join/part messages.. but that 45mins i mentioned is the last chat jcastro had here18:25
popeyyeah, he was here earlier18:28
popey< jcastro> Man! I love working for jono! He's _so_ awesome!18:28
popeyor something18:28
senseBy the way, did any Ubuntu community member get hit by the New Zealand earth quake?18:29
vishsense: maybe humphreybc?18:30
vishjust since he is nz..18:30
sensevish: Last earth quake he was tweeting a lot, but I haven't seen anything from him this time.18:31
vishyea, i remember..18:31
popeyhis parents house was apparently pretty badly knocked about18:32
senseI hope he's alright.18:32
popeyhe is18:32
popeyfamily is, house isnt18:32
popeyi believe its also his parents business, as its a guest house18:32
senseThat's a shame.18:33
Pendulumoh no :(18:33
Pendulummost of my friends seem to have escaped at least physical harm, although one friend from uni hasn't checked in yet18:33
jonopopey, LOL18:35
Technovikingpopey: the mac daily cd is giving me fail18:46
popeyyeah, thats why i went 10.10 -> 11.0418:48
jcastrohey JFo19:27
JFohiya jcastro19:27
jcastroI just wanted to say ... I love you man19:27
JFoI love you... man :)19:27
JFowhy do you love me?19:27
jcastrodunno, I just felt good right now, I had a nice sandwich for lunch19:28
jcastrofeelin' the love, etc.19:28
vishJFo: you just like to keep hearing it over n over again, dont ya! ;p19:28
Technovikingjcastro: sounds like you had a beer sandwich, with all the love19:28
JFojcastro, :-)19:28
JFovish, no one ever tells me... I get worried when they start :)19:29
jcastroTechnoviking: if I had a beer the last place you would see me is talking to JFo19:29
jcastroanyone want to help test summit real quick? I need someone who hasn't submitted for sponsorship19:58
akgranerjcastro, did you get anyone to submit anything yet20:03
jcastrowanna try it?20:03
jcastrodon't bother leaving real data I'm going to have to delete this anyway20:04
akgraneron it20:04
jcastrook try it20:04
akgranerjcastro, submitted20:05
akgranerand I got a message this time20:06
akgranerit says - Request Sponsorship20:06
akgranerThanks very much for requesting sponsorship to uds-o. If you have any queries about your request, please e-mail jorge@ubuntu.com.20:06
akgranerWe'll let you know whether or not your request has been accepted soon via email.20:06
akgraneris that what you needed to know?20:06
akgraneranything else?20:06
jcastroI just need to make sure you're in there20:06
m4n1shakgraner: you mean get a message via mail?20:08
akgranerno on the screen20:08
akgranerbefore you never knew if your submission was successful20:09
m4n1shjcastro: till when is it open?20:09
jcastroit's closed now, I was just testing it20:09
akgranerjcastro, let me know when my stuff has been deleted so I can apply for realz :-)20:09
m4n1shI mean when opening and when closing - the sponsorship?20:09
jcastroakgraner: deleted!20:09
m4n1shjcastro: hope old data is still preserved20:10
m4n1shthe one submitted, when it was opened by mistake20:10
jcastroit is20:10
akgranerjcastro, need anything else?20:10
jcastroakgraner: nope I am good!20:10
akgranercool beans catch ya later then20:10
jcastroirc's not very reliable for me today21:03
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jcastroso is freenode having problems or is it just me?21:13
pleia2there have been some netsplits21:14
doctormopleia2: morning21:15
pleia2hey doctormo :)21:16
pleia2doctormo: I'm doing a talk at SCaLE on finding help in Ubuntu and I'm using some of your asking smart questions slides :)21:17
doctormopleia2: That's great, I'd like to see that.21:17
pleia2I'll be sure to send you the slides (there will probably be a video eventually too)21:17
Pendulumjcastro: Martinp23(martinp23@freenode/staff/martinp23)- [Global Notice] Hi everyone! Just a bit of re-routing there which will hopefully reduce lag in parts of the network and make the layout a bit more sane. Sorry for the noise! Join #freenode with any questions.21:18
czajkowskijcastro: go plus +w and you see the wallop information on freenode21:45
Technovikingwow, this is tripe http://itmanagement.earthweb.com/osrc/article.php/12068_3925641_1/Ubuntu-Where-Did-the-Love-Go.htm21:50
jonoTechnoviking, yeah, it is nonsense21:53
jonoI am disappointed in Bruce for that on21:53
pleia2wow, speculation abounds21:59
popeyand dredging up distant past22:02
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pleia2I am not sure why he mentions upstart at all, it really hurts his point :)22:05
macosince fedora and debian and chrome os all use it?22:11
macoand he's wrong about init being able to do all that upstart does anyway22:11
JFothat seems to be professional trolling at its worst/finest22:18
AlanBella lesson in flamebait that comes straight from the OMG playbook22:24
paultagis that the slashdot post?22:36
jcastroIf you look at his little history, people have hated Ubuntu and said it's been going downhill since ..... 4.10!22:41
TechnovikingI love that all the discussion with Ubuntu are only political based and not technical:)22:45

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