czajkowskitdr112: interesting sense of humour! cheeky!10:11
tdr112czajkowski: ah you got it , good stuff11:01
czajkowskitdr112: I did, thanks11:01
slashtomgood morning11:02
tdr112hey slashtom11:02
czajkowskihow are we all ?11:05
czajkowskitdr112: but a cat!11:05
tdr112i like cats and some day you will LOVE them too11:12
czajkowskikevin in google has tried this logic before11:12
slashtomcats are evil11:13
czajkowskihttp://bit.ly/hqFGCi interesting read11:50
ebelbut apple *does* ban GPL software, you can't distribute it11:58
ebel"Apple should do the decent thing and ban GPL software, too. The company presently reaps rewards from allowing GPL-licensed software in the App Store, even though the company has no intention of complying with the terms of that license" !!!!11:59
ebeli.e. "Apple is engaged in wilful copyright infringement"11:59
ebelGPLv3 has a new clause desigend to thwart DRM11:59
ebelin essence Microsoft or Apple may have to give the user all their DRM secret keys if they give them a GPLv3 programme.12:00
ebelSo here, the interests of Apple/Microsoft are different from the interests of authors of the GPL12:00
ebelThe only way to make the AppStore(s) GPL combatible is to drop DRM. Which AAPL/MSFT won't do.12:01
czajkowski12:45 < Pendulum> hey, can anyone here RT this, I don't have many followers and I'm hoping we get some good feedback http://twitter.com/#!/colona13/status/40020405666189312  :)12:46
VampiricPadraigHey #ubuntu-ie13:08
czajkowskiVampiricPadraig: hi13:08
czajkowskiebel: did someone volunteer to get cds shipped to them for this one time ?13:08
ebelczajkowski: yeah airurando13:09
ebelAh I see your reply13:10
ebelthe canonincal end is the only bit that's not done.13:10
ebelI am fine with me requesting it, and then poking people.13:11
czajkowskiLGMA moving to Open Sourceā€¦ http://www.lgma.ie/opensource/?p=16913:11

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