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lnxg33khow to switch between keyboard layouts on xubuntu 10.04?05:13
persiaYou may find that #xubuntu is a better channel to get support for Xubuntu.05:14
bdmurrayI don't seem to have an ubuntu cloak and wanted to get one setup16:03
vishbdmurray: just paste your lp id here.. and ircc should get to it soon16:04
bdmurraybrian-murray is my lp id16:04
topylibdmurray: would you prefer ubuntu/member/bdmurray or */brian-murray?16:08
topyliany staff awake? we would like an ubuntu/member cloak for bdmurray please16:10
bdmurraybrian-murray sounds good to me - thanks16:11
* topyli pokes bdmurray to check his private messages16:26
topyliall set16:36
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_AlucardI would like a custom cloak of the network:18:49
_AlucardLaunchpad Profile:18:49
_AlucardUnfortunately the English is very poor18:49
vish!membership | _Alucard18:50
ubottu_Alucard: Want to become an Ubuntu member? Look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership18:50
vish_Alucard: the Ubuntu cloak is only for Ubuntu members18:50
vish_Alucard: once you become an Ubuntu member you can request your cloak here..18:50
_AlucardI understand and thank you!18:51
vishyou're welcome :)18:51
vishhmm, looks like "hedufh" is yankees fan's new nick18:53
gnomefreakhe pmed me :(18:53
vishbtw, why does this keep happening in #u " * FloodBot3 removes channel operator status from FloodBot1"  ?18:53
vishgnomefreak: well, thats new..18:54
gnomefreakconflict in bots18:54
gnomefreakhe pmed me the same thing that i removed him for but too busy to deal with him and get no where18:55
vishheh, i think some can notify the staff and kick him from freenode18:55
* gnomefreak checks but i think he used !staff command in -ops18:56
gnomefreakhe did and got no output from bot18:57
vish yea, he is on ignore.. repeat offender18:57
vishbot just got tired of him ;p18:57
gnomefreakvish: is he bothering any other channels18:57
vishgnomefreak: several channels, several occasions18:58
vishits been for the past month18:58
gnomefreakhe was klined18:58
vishall he says is either use the !o or !s and say "I'm a gangster". "band me" or "% ubuntu"19:00
vishs/all he says/all he does19:01
gnomefreakwell he was well above using nice words. he is a fan of 4 letter words over and over again19:01
vishsheesh, people need to talk a walk ;)19:02
visharr! take*19:02
gnomefreakthose are 2 4 letter words i wish came out of his mouth but no matter he is over for now. i thought you were in -ops but i also thought you were an op19:04
* gnomefreak been away too long19:04
* vish an op only on one channel :)19:04
vishand its not a core channel, so i'm not allowed to sit with the big boys/girls ;p19:05
gnomefreakwhat channel?19:05
vish -artwork19:05
vishgnomefreak: you quit smoking yet? ;)19:10
* vish remembers gnomefreak being a chain-smoker sort.. ;p19:10
gnomefreakyep but i try to keep it around 1 an hour-hour and 1/219:14
gnomefreaki figure something is going to kill me be it my heart/car/age/smoking to i figure why not be happy until than19:14
gnomefreakok lets see what compiz can do19:15
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