Twiggy2centsOn the latest update, was xvmc removed?01:11
Twiggy2centsI am on v0.24-15001:11
mrandTwiggy2cents: it's been a month or three, but yes.01:15
Twiggy2centsSo I have a low end system that xvmc worked perfect on, for hd and sd.  Now none of the profiles produce a good picture.  It blurs bad on hd and a little on sd.  I have a p4 2.8ghz and a geforce 6200.  Previously I had a similar spec'ed ati in there and I changed to the nvidia to see if it would help01:31
Twiggy2centsThere isnt a distinguishable difference in quality on the other playback profiles01:31
Twiggy2centsDo I have any other option?01:31
mrandTwiggy2cents: the general recommendation is Nvidia cards that are VDPAU capable.  You can find them used or new, with various decoding capabilities.  The other alternative is that you could compile 0.24 myth yourself and turn xvmc back on.  But you'll be stuck on 0.24 forever, it isn't even a compile option on 0.25.01:58
Twiggy2centsI have an agp slot.  VDPAU wasnt offered for that.  But I think I found my problem.  I think I lost internet in the middle of an upgrade so I have a half broken mythtv01:59
Twiggy2centsso I finished my apt-get upgrade and I have packages held back. linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic mythtv-frontend  mythvideo02:01
Twiggy2centsAny idea why?02:01
mrandTwiggy2cents: you can do a apt-get dist-upgrade and you can inspect the differences between what it is going to do and what apt-get upgrade is going to do.02:33
patdk-lapgenerally it almost works like this03:12
patdk-lapupgrade = no reboot03:13
patdk-lapand dist-upgrade = need reboot03:13
patdk-lapit's not strict, but normally works that way03:13
patdk-lapunless the exceptions I have seen where *bugs*03:13
Zinn!help For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].04:40
superm1Twiggy2cents, actually someone did post to mythtv-users an AGP compatible VDPAU card04:46
superm1maybe a week or two ago04:47
rhpot1991patdk-lap: actually dist-upgrade will pull new dependencies which is why his packages are held back05:40
rhpot1991Twiggy2cents: find a vpdau capable pci card05:40
mycosysnvidia 8400 came in AGP and pci flavors iirc05:57
Zinn[www.umart.com.au] Umart Online05:58
mycosysthats the PCI - evga is still distributing it apparently05:59
Zinn[www.umart.com.au] Umart Online06:17
mycosysevga make a pci 8400gs06:17
mycosysstill available06:17
mycosys8400 would be the only vdpau capable pci card - is the only one that ran an agp bridge too06:18
Twiggerso mycosys a pci vdpau card would suffice?13:21
mycosysshould do - long as you dont want it to be doing too much13:22
mycosysan 8400 isnt going to be doing advanced deint and inverse telecine13:22
Twiggerwould that handle vdpau normal, slim?  Or would I still have to experiment and find what works best?  This computer is pretty much a dedicated backend.  I just watch shows on it once in a blue moon13:29
mycosyswould handle vdpau decode13:30
mycosysjust probably need to set something like bob2x deinterlacing13:30
Twiggy2centsI sorry I lost internet, I had asked a question13:31
Twiggy2centswould that handle vdpau normal, slim?  Or would I still have to experiment and find what works best?  This computer is pretty much a dedicated backend.  I just watch shows on it once in a blue moon13:31
mycosys12:25:19 AM) mycosys: would handle vdpau decode13:33
mycosys(12:25:38 AM) mycosys: just probably need to set something like bob2x deinterlacing13:33
Twiggy2centsohh okay, I may do that.  Is there any reason to go with evga?  I found a 8400gs from bfg.  Would that work as well?13:34
Twiggy2centsIt has same memory and is only $4013:34
mycosysyou sure it is pci, not pci-e?14:12
mycosyspcie is cheap as chips14:12
mrandAnyone know where the miro plugin appears in MCC?  Or if it isn't there, why it might be missing?19:13
rhpot1991mrand: superm1 already called you blind :)19:19
rhpot1991mrand: launch from cli, and see if there are errors19:19
superm1and make sure mythvideo is installed19:19
superm1i think it comes from there19:19
mrandrhpot1991: I didn't see that - I guess superm1 did it when I was offline over the weekend (and I do have mythvideo installed, BTW).  Good call on running from the command line though - it is barfing: http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/tqJigLfC19:45
Zinn[mythbuntu.pastebin.com] $ mythbuntu-control-centre WARNING: Error loadin19:45
rhpot1991mrand: hmmm wonder if your python bindings are out of date or something19:52
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mrandrhpot1991: how would they not be up-to-date if my system is up-to-date?  That isn't something we require users to go install a non-standard version.19:55
rhpot1991mrand: see if your libmyth-python matches the rest19:59
mrandrhpot1991: it matches libmythtv-perl, for example:   Installed: 2:0.24.0+fixes.20110222.8ba07a0-0ubuntu0mythbuntu120:00
rhpot1991mrand: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mythtv/+bug/67436620:02
Zinn[bugs.launchpad.net] Bug #674366 in mythtv (Ubuntu): “Control Centre using obsolete python bindings for Jamu plugin”20:02
mrandsuperm1: so I should upstream ^ ?20:03
sabhainI am wondering if upgrading or rebuilding is the best path for me.20:58
sabhainI have just come into possession of an HD-PVR20:59
sabhainbut I'm running 8.0.4 (?LTS?) .. stable for ~3 years.  I think that's myth 0.21.  HD-PVR not included in the Capture Card List.21:00
rhpot1991sabhain: yep time for an upgrade21:04
shadow__Xi am having an issue where mythbuntu 10.10 does not show any paritions when i try to install22:07
rhpot1991shadow__X: if I can remember things I may be able to help you22:08
rhpot1991there was an issue with raid data on drives and the installer ignoring them at one point22:08
rhpot1991shadow__X: run: dmraid -r22:10
* rhpot1991 checks dates and thinks this may not be the actual issue22:11
shadow__Xhmm well this drive used to be used in a software raid array but i created a partition on it using gparted but it still isnt showing up. ill try dmraid -r now22:14
shadow__Xdmraid reported stuff on my drive22:14
rhpot1991if it doesn't need to be used by software raid then remove that, dmraid -rE22:14
shadow__Xawesome. thanks rhpot1991 that worked. i did not realized i had to do that22:16
rhpot1991shadow__X: cool, ya I hit that in an install looks like about a year ago22:17
Zinn[bugs.launchpad.net] Bug #461470 in ubiquity (Ubuntu): “HDD(s) incorrectly detected”22:17
shadow__Xfor swap iit needs to be the same size as ram for hibernation right? or is it twice the size22:22
sabhainrhpot1991: I see in the update manager that I can upgrade straight to 10.04.  My question is what will happen with the settings & database?  Is this a clean thing?22:22
rhpot1991superm1/mrand/tgm4883: do we have a stance on this ^22:23
rhpot1991shadow__X: old rule was twice the size, I've seen 1x as fine too22:24
rhpot1991most likely you can get away without it as well22:24
tgm4883IIRC, it has to be size of RAM + 1MB22:25
sabhainI've always subscribed to the theory that you get it working and then leave it well enough alone.  So that's what I've done for 3 years.22:25
tgm4883rule of thumb was usually 1.5X ram, but that was when people had little RAM22:25
tgm4883I actually run 0 SWAP on my work test box, but only on accident22:26
tgm4883only time it causes issues is if I exhaust my RAM22:26
tgm4883rhpot1991, or were you talking about the update manager thing?22:26
tgm4883sabhain, what version are you running?22:27
shadow__Xi did 2.5gb for 2gb of ram22:27
shadow__Xi plan to use hibernation22:27
shadow__Xi thought that mattered22:27
sabhaintgm4883, I have a stable install of 8.04 (which I think means mythtv 0.21) that I haven't touched in 3 years.  Just fell into an HD-PVR and want to add that, but it looks like I need to upgrade.22:27
rhpot1991tgm4883: upgrade22:28
sabhainHaven't touched meaning it's worked pretty much flawlessly since then.  We have a bunch of recordings in the database .. not a ton of stuff, but enough that I'd like to maintain if possible.22:28
tgm4883the database and config files should remain without issue, you can do a db backup if you are worried about that22:28
rhpot1991you *should* do a db backup before any upgrade22:28
rhpot1991I'd do that and try22:29
sabhainperhaps should qualify that it's a "mythbuntu" install .. not an ubuntu w/ mythtv22:29
rhpot1991sabhain: shouldn't matter in the end22:29
tgm4883sabhain, that is my recommendation as well, stick on LTS released and use mythtv-updates to keep mythtv up to date22:29
mrandmy experiements with upgrading from 8.04 to 10.04 did not succeed.22:29
tgm4883rhpot1991, sabhain IIRC, there are a few packaging issues during the upgrade22:29
sabhain"stick on LTS release" .. you mean go to 10.04 rather than 10.10?22:30
sabhaindoes the wiki detail the backup / restore steps?22:30
tgm4883sabhain, honestly i'd backup the DB, put the recordings on another disk, do a fresh install of 10.04, then restore db22:30
mrandthat's what all of us seem to be doing, although not for any entirely clear reason ;-)22:30
tgm4883mrand, no real reason to upgrade OS unless you need newer hardware support or having stability issues that are fixed22:31
tgm4883Especially now that we do mythtv-updates for LTS until next LTS22:31
mrandtgm4883: yep.  My remote buttons mostly work with current lirc, and going to 10.10 risks me having to spend time that I don't have to get the remote working again.22:31
rhpot1991eh, I'm in the upgrade every release camp22:32
sabhainthe system areas are on their own drive.  Recordings & videos on their own physical drives as well ..  backing up the database would maintain the links, so long as the mount points remain the same?22:32
mrandhaving said that, if you are installing from scratch anyway, I do'nt knwo why you wouldn't start with 10.1022:32
rhpot1991sabhain: as long as you setup your storage groups to those directories it will find the files22:32
tgm4883sabhain, I think it's even better than that, links remain as long as you add the dir to the SG22:32
rhpot1991sabhain: and I'm with tgm4883 on the fresh install, especially with your current partition layout22:32
mrandAnd if you're going fresh install, I'd personally at least try 10.10.22:33
mrandIf you run into some trouble (unlikely) you can always start over with 10.0422:33
rhpot1991and I'm with mrand  on 10.10 unless you have a remote that has issues there22:33
tgm4883mrand, again, 10.10 is only supported until 12.04, 10.04 supported until longer than that22:33
sabhainSG will be new for me .. my office mate keeps his stuff more current .. and has described them.  I never had any trouble keeping the NFS mounts straight & working w/ 3 front ends.22:33
rhpot1991sabhain: storage groups are nice, you will see :)22:33
mrandexcept for the startup delay22:34
mrandwhich seems to be a "feature"22:34
sabhainI would also like to move to completely diskless .. now booting to NFS/ using a CF card as boot22:34
tgm4883startup delay?22:34
shadow__Xrhpot1991: now i am having a problem installing the bootloader22:34
mrandtgm4883: mythvideo, I think maybe especially with .iso's?22:34
tgm4883shadow__X, are you using 10.10 or 10.04?22:35
mrandtgm4883: if he can install 10.10 and get the in-kernel remote working right while he is doing the work now, he won't have to touch it again.22:35
tgm4883shadow__X, hmm, don't know then22:35
mrandIf he goes with 10.04, he WILL have to fart with the remote again someday.22:35
shadow__Xits trying /deb/sda which is right but still i dont understand why its not working22:36
mrandlirc will eventually go away.22:36
tgm4883it will go away in 10.04?22:36
* sabhain hopes not .. I've got stability there 22:36
rhpot1991tgm4883: what mrand is referring to is the move to kernel input drivers22:36
rhpot1991and not lirc22:36
rhpot1991which started happening in 10.10 and why we saw remote issues there22:37
mrandno, it will go away next time he upgrades.  But I guess if he waits another 3 years and does another fresh install, it doesn't matter. *shrug*22:38
Patrickdkkernels >= 2.6.3422:38
tgm4883i'd say 10.10 has to go 11.04, 11.10, 12.04 where as 10.04 only has to go 10.04 -> 12.04, but i recommend clean installs anyway22:39
sabhainISO's don't work in SG's?22:39
tgm4883sabhain, unencrypted ISO's only22:39
mrandsabhain: they work fine in 0.2422:39
tgm4883oh, and apparently ISO's that were ripped in a certain windows program don't work either22:39
mrandtgm4883: haven't heard that one.22:40
sabhainwhat's "windows"?22:40
tgm4883mrand, yea i saw it on a bug report, dvd shrink or dvd decryptor22:40
sabhaindoes 10.04 include 0.24?22:40
mrandsabhain: nope, you get it by enabling auto-builds22:41
rhpot1991mrand: I thought it was only unencrypted in 0.2422:41
rhpot1991unless I missed something22:41
ZinnStorage Groups are a streaming method of transmitting material to a frontend, meaning they don't provide block-level access to the file in question. An ISO is a disk image, and requires block-level access. Upstream has a plan to simulate a block device across the network using NBD for 0.24. Until then you can use the following workaround: http://www.baablogic.net/drupal/node/722:41
rhpot1991sabhain: workaround here ^22:41
mrandrhpot1991: I guess I always strip encryption22:41
rhpot1991"Support for (unencrypted) DVD ISOs, VIDEO_TS, and BDMV over storage groups"22:42
sabhainjust looking at that .. but going to 10.04 and using mythtv-updates would get me past that?22:42
rhpot1991from 0.24 release notes22:42
sabhaini've always just used ddrescue to make my isos22:42
mrandrhpot1991: so you somehow rip your DVD, but don't strip the encryption?22:42
rhpot1991mrand: I don't use iso no more so I dunno22:43
rhpot1991and my old isos are setup outside of storage groups, suppose I could check them22:43
rhpot1991and I've done some of them with ddrescue, which will skip over the drm bits but leave the encryption I think22:43
* rhpot1991 updates the article to match that info22:45
sabhainso the svn links to mythconverg_backup are 404'd22:50
mrandsabhain: they work for me (http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Database_Backup_and_Restore points to files on github now)22:53
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] Database Backup and Restore - MythTV22:53
sabhainok .. I was on the mythbuntu wiki .. thanks!22:54
mrandsabhain: we need to fix that - do you have a quick link?22:54
rhpot1991I'm pretty sure all our wiki pages are out of date22:55
mrandNever mind - I think I'll try to reword it to point to the mythtv wiki22:55
sabhainhttp://www.mythbuntu.org/upgrading ... in the "clean install, keeping old database" section22:55
Zinn[www.mythbuntu.org] Upgrading | Mythbuntu22:55
tgm4883that page needs updating23:04
superm1rhpot1991, we dont have a custom recipe for it23:25
superm1so if it's got a problem, it's part of the regular recipe23:25
rhpot1991superm1: you mean re updating?23:28
superm1regarding hibernate23:28
superm1oh wait you were meaning for the question after weren't you23:28
rhpot1991I pinged you at the update one23:29
rhpot1991which we already went over pretty well :)23:29
superm1in theory the 8.04->10.04 jump should work23:29
mrandA month or two ago that my bug on it was still open.  I admit I haven't tried it since forever, but I'm guessing it wouldn't make it.23:31
mrandsabhain: thanks.  tgm4883, I updated that page23:33
sabhainnp .. thanks for your input mrand/rhpot1991/tgm4883 .. I'll probably do the backup and work up the courage for a reinstall later in the week.23:40
sabhainI will also try the upgrade 8.04 -> 10.04 first and report back as to the results.  Might be a good data point to have.23:42
mycosyshow hard would it be to strip all recordings from the database on 0.22/jaunty, use it to do setup of an upgrade to 0.24/10.04, then add em back?23:42
mycosysspose even do a clean install - tho that woudl be a LOT more work lol23:45

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