* ajmitch wonders how much of christchurch got flattened in that one00:01
hadsYeah, felt that well here.00:03
ajmitchfelt it in dunedin, so it was fairly strong00:04
Atamirathey had another quake?00:05
Atamiraand afternoon00:05
ojwbbig smear at the RHS!00:05
Atamiraday after i leave chch too00:07
hadsSounds pretty big00:07
hads6.3 just appeared on geonet00:07
hads10km SE of CHC00:08
ojwbthey often adjust the magnitude a bit from the initial though00:08
Atamiramy friend in chc says hes used to them now00:08
Atamiradoesnt even notice if theres a quake00:08
Atamiranone of them i met the weekend did00:08
ajmitchI think they would have noticed this one00:08
Atamiraill ask them later00:09
Atamiraoh scratch that00:09
Atamiraill txt him00:09
hadsThere's phone/elec/water broken in places.00:09
ojwbhmm, it's quite shallow too00:10
ajmitchnot bad enough to cut internet connectivity through to the south00:11
hadsYeah, some CHC people in other channel have gone away but I presume that's localised.00:16
ojwbhmm, it seems to be practically on a highway through a tunnel00:22
ajmitchthe lyttleton tunnel? that could be messy00:23
ojwbyes, that's probably the one00:23
hadsThat tunnel is pretty sturdy.00:27
ojwbwell, that's good00:27
ojwbi was thinking they wouldn't have really factored big earthquakes into the design in that area00:27
hadsI had a tour through that tunnel a few years back, was very interesting.00:29
ojwbseems stuff.co.nz and nzherald.co.nz aren't happy00:29
ojwbi wonder if that's load from everyone going to read them00:29
ajmitchprobably a few too many people visiting those sites00:29
ajmitchgeonet probably got another big load spike, too00:30
ojwbseems more likely than having colocated in chch00:30
ojwbyeah, but they're built for that00:30
ajmitchpretty sure stuff.co.nz is in wellington00:30
hadsTV3 news has interesting footage at the moment00:30
chiltsyep, in Welly, and Auckland too00:31
* chilts used to work on Stuff00:31
hadsCatalyst isn't it?00:31
ojwbcathedral spire is toast01:00
ajmitchthe building isn't quite as destroyed as twitter rumours say01:02
ibeardsleeit'll be a mission to get it back as it was01:02
ojwbjohn key is going to try to fly down to see what it is like on the ground01:06
ojwbI can save him the flight - it's covered in rubble01:07
ajmitchbut he has to be there to show his solidarity with the people, it's election year after all01:07
ibeardsleekewl .. pity the RSA had already had rocks land on it .. could have tried to co-ordinate that a bit better01:07
ojwbhmm, stuff could do with some copy editing01:08
ojwbrepeated text and "The earthquake happened at a shallow depth of five to six metres below ground."01:08
ibeardsleePolice are saying multiple fatalities have been reported at several locations in the central city01:10
ojwbhaving watched the tv footage, I'd be amazed if nobody had been killed this time01:11
ojwbthough one guy was talking about having helped some people out and failed to help a guy buried up to his waist in rubble, then they panned the camera and the building was just a heap of debris01:12
ojwbso it's amazing what you can get out of uninjured01:12
ojwbhmm, the police say that chch hospital is not evacuated01:16
ojwbthe news repeatedly said it had been01:16
ojwbnot totally helpful01:17
Atamirai dont know whethere to be happy or sad01:47
Atamirathat happened 1 1/2hrs after i left chch01:47
ibeardsleethat was lucky01:49
ibeardsleeour people down there are ok01:49
ojwbAtamira: I'd go for happy01:49
Atamiraive never been in an earthquake01:50
ajmitchAtamira: well you wouldn't have been leaving any time soon01:50
ojwbif you get the choice, happy is better01:50
Atamirabut it would have been a valid excuse to not have to go to work01:51
ajmitchimagine if you'd been stuck in the city for a few days because of it?01:51
ajmitch& there goes another one that we could feel in dunedin....01:52
wgrantThat's not good.01:53
chiltsajmitch: you just felt another just then?01:53
ibeardslee All NZ airspace shut down - central air traffic control in  Christchurch hit by massive earthquake01:53
ibeardsleenot much flying going on01:53
ajmitchchilts: yep01:53
chiltsgeonet: 6.3, 4.5, 4.4, 4.0 ... and still your one to come01:54
Atamiramy friend lives close to the centre of the city01:56
Atamirabut not in the city01:56
Atamiraso i wouldntve been near it01:56
Atamirai was in the square last thurs tho.01:57
Atamirashame about the cathedral01:57
Atamiraif they dont fix any of the other old buildings01:57
Atamirai hope they fix that one01:57
Atamiraits an icon to the city01:57
ojwbmy geophysicist gf is wondering if there could be an aftershock off shore01:59
ojwbsome of them are pretty close to the sea01:59
chiltsanyone know where http://ubuntu-nz.org and can anyone get it?02:01
chiltsI know this isn't important at the moment, but am just wondering02:01
ajmitchchilts: it just points to the wiki02:01
ajmitchor at least it should02:02
chiltsI never saw it in the title until just now :)02:02
ibeardsleesomeone was talking about following that up .. who was that?02:02
ajmitchuh, I think I said that we should, but it was never clear who'd do it :)02:02
ojwbseems to be owned by canonical02:04
ojwbthe domain I mean02:05
ajmitchyeah, I can probably find the right people to talk to about it02:07
chiltsajmitch: that one you felt at 2:50 was a 5.5 and another shallow one (5km), centered on Lyttleton again02:07
ojwbthe one ajmitch felt just now was 5.502:07
chiltsthe GeoNet recent quakes page is mostly Chch02:08
ajmitchso all these are just a practice run for a big one in wellignton :)02:08
chiltsit's on the BBC now: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-1253329102:08
ojwbhmm, that one was in a harbour02:09
ajmitchojwb: is that significant?02:10
ojwbwell, being offshore makes a tsunami more likely02:10
ojwbwhich wouldn't be good02:10
ojwbthen they'd just need the banks peninsula to become an active volcano...02:14
ojwbapparently 0.88 cents is a plunge02:20
ibeardsleein Christchurch02:24
ajmitchyeah, a little bit of a shake02:24
mcgillicuttyjust saw it on the news.  Earthquakes seem to be becoming more and more common02:24
HoggsThis one seems to have done far more damage than the last02:25
ibeardsleeyes .. deaths have been reported02:26
ibeardsleemore buildings collapsed02:26
HoggsRight at lunch time.. worst time it could have happened02:27
snaildid a recent update break cups for anyone else?02:38
hadssnail: Yes02:38
hadscups backend failed or somesuch02:38
snaildid a restart ressurect things, or was more poking needed?02:38
hadsNope, still broken02:39
hads/usr/lib/cups/backend/hp failed02:39
ojwbthe canterbury ring laser is down - we're open to alien attack! http://www.geonet.org.nz/earthquake/drums/04:18
ojwbhmm, I hope the weather is better in Christchurch than Wellington05:41
ojwbthat's not going to make life much fun for anyone having to camp out the night05:43
karoralifeless: Are you in Chch?08:36
karoraAh, OK.08:37
karoraAny DDs in Chch itself?08:37
* karora has been fielding the traditional "Are you OK?" e-mails from folk in Europe & the US...08:38
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BactaHi Atamira, how's things?19:05
Atamiragood thanks19:06
BactaHave any family in Christchurch?19:06
Atamiraand you?19:06
BactaI'm okayish19:07
Atamirayes, and family is fine19:07
Atamiraso are friends19:07
BactaThat's good19:07
BactaMine are too apparently, was a bitch getting in contact with them though19:07
BactaWas worried about one family member because she was working in a building that was red stickered after the Sept earthquake19:07
Atamirayeah. we've been watching the news all night19:10
Atamiraits affecting work as well19:10
Atamiracommunications in chch is restricted use.19:10
BactaYou live there?19:11
Atamirano, but i was on holiday there over the weekend for 5 days19:15
Atamiraflew back to akld monday19:15
BactaI was there on Saturday and Sunday19:15
Atamirai was there from thurs to monday19:15
Atamiramy friends down there are ok19:15
Atamiraas are my family19:15
BactaWow, dodged a bullet19:15
Atamirait wouldnt have been that bad for me19:15
BactaI'm sorry but why the hell are tomaw, ikonia and elky in here? They're not Kiwis19:15
Atamirai wasnt in the town centre. already did that friday19:16
BactaAh yep?19:16
ikoniamy sinceer best wishesto you all in .nz, be very careful out there19:16
Bacta*sincere *wishes to19:17
BactaYou're supposed to be English19:17
Atamiraty ikonia19:17
ikonia Bacta "too" not to19:17
* Bacta headdesk 19:18
ikoniaBacta: so don't get smart with me19:18
BactaI hope you're joking19:18
ajmitchpeople, please just shut up & behave, we don't need the aggro here19:19
ikoniahow bad is the damage at the moment ?19:19
Atamirapretty bad19:19
ajmitchbad enough, judging from the photos I've seen19:19
Atamiracommunications is down, power is out. water has to be boiled19:19
ikoniathe news in Europe is a bit bland due to the A/P political news being headlines19:19
ikoniaAtamira: ok, so pretty much the back to raw basics19:20
BactaLook for a NZ source perhaps?19:20
ikoniaBacta: europe isn't keen on broadcasting NZ sources, it tends to pickup the mail networks and just highlight coverage from NZ rather than play it properly19:20
BactaThe mayor is on TV again19:20
ikoniathe riots in the middle east are taking headlines away from this19:20
Atamiraikonia, yeah.19:20
ikoniaAtamira: what's the aid situation like, it looks a little lacking from here19:21
Atamiraso far, no idea19:23
Atamiraright now they are just concentrating on getting ppl out of collapsed buildings19:23
Atamirathe army went in last night to help as well19:23
ikoniais there any official news death toll at the moment, the european numbers seem a little scaled back19:23
Atamiraofficially, we have confirmed 35 deaths.19:24
Atamirabut the full tally is still in the estimates19:24
ajmitchunofficially, it's looking a lot higher than that19:24
ikoniathat's actually better than we are getting reported19:24
Atamiracause so many are unaccountable19:25
Atamirawe can only hope for the best19:25
ikoniaAtamira: 200 is the european current predication19:25
ikoniato be honest if it's only 200 I think you will have done "well" due to the size of the devistation, not that it is acceptable to lose any life19:26
ikoniait just looks like there should be more19:26
ajmitchlooks like my ISP's network is congested again19:27
Atamiraso far, we've been told its 6519:27
Atamirabut that was again an estimate19:27
ikoniakeep yourselves safe,19:27
ajmitchit could well be over 200 though, hard to know for a few days, I suspect19:27
Atamirathey are telling ppl to stay home19:27
Atamirai wonder if my friends will go to work19:28
Atamirathey moved buildings cause the other one was unsafe19:28
Atamiraand this new building was single story19:28
ikoniaI bet a lot of people will want to work in single story buildings after this19:31
hadsHuh? Where did that agro come from? Everyone is welcome here.19:31
hadsMorning all19:31
ajmitchhads: he has a history with certain people :)19:31
hadsOh, maybe everyone isn't welcome then :)19:31
ajmitcheveryone's welcome if they can behave19:32
ikoniacommon sense19:33
* ajmitch heard from a friend via facebook, he got to spend about 7 hours helping get people out of a building yesterday19:34
ikoniathat's the hope that the guys who can help each other19:34
ikoniais there solid medical support at the moment ?19:37
ajmitchfrom what I know, there is, hospitals around the country have been cleared out to take in people from christchurch19:38
hadsYeah as far as anyone knows from outside Christchurch search and rescue + medical is going fine.19:40
Atamiralatest news said that alot of the ops for this week have been postponed and chch ops are being sent up here for them19:42
hadsHospital was cleaned out of non-acute people yesterday afternoon19:43
Atamiraarmourguard have sent ppl down there19:46
Atamiraand one of my work collegues, her flatmate was sent down for work and rescue stuff with dogs19:46
mwhudsongood morning20:24
snailthis earthquake stuff; it's happened before: http://www.nzetc.org/tm/scholarly/Cyc03Cycl-fig-Cyc03Cycl0555b.html http://www.nzetc.org/tm/scholarly/Gov06_01Rail-fig-Gov06_01Rail024a.html http://www.nzetc.org/tm/scholarly/tei-NHSJ06_03-t1-body1-d1-d5.html21:19

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