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rwwmneptok: fyi, the user you banned in BT#37735 changed their ident; I replaced the ban with one that has another * in there.02:37
tonyyarussoIs it possible to make certain factoids *always* redirect to /query instead of replying in-channel?06:12
tonyyarussoSo I stop getting hilights from !stats in -ot :P06:13
rwwtinyurl it then06:13
Flannelor tell your client to ignore that particular string06:13
rwwor change the link to just have mine in it, since it links to the others ;P06:14
tonyyarusso(People call it instead of bookmarking the page, apparently)06:14
tonyyarussoFlannel: I've never tried an ignore by other than nick.  I suppose that should be possible though, eh?06:14
tonyyarussoFlannel: Is it possible (in irssi) to not fully ignore, but rather "exempt" from hilight?06:15
Flannel!stats-#ubuntu-offtopic | tonyyarusso06:15
ubottutonyyarusso: Some fun statistics for this channel can be found on http://ircstats.tonyyarusso.com/ubuntu-offtopic.html or http://rww.name/pisg/ or http://status.nullcortex.com/irc/offtopic/ (please call this factoid in a query if possible so as to not ping tonyyarusso)06:15
* rww giggles06:16
tonyyarussoAsk a silly question....get mocked in return.06:17
Jordan_UYou also need to specify *how* to ask for it in a query, /msg ubottu stats gives me ubottu's stats :)06:17
rwwJordan_U: only because you're logged into ubottu, I'd guess06:18
Jordan_Urww: Still, you'd need to use !stats-#ubuntu-offtopic to get the factoid.06:19
tonyyarussorww: No - it's a channel-specific factoid06:19
rwwtonyyarusso: you misunderstand06:19
ubottuI have 110 registered users with 31 registered hostmasks; 3 owners and 20 admins.06:19
rww/msg ubottu stats returns that for at least ubottu-loggedin users.06:19
rwwthere is no non-channel-specific !stats ;)06:20
ubottuThe operation succeeded.06:30
mneptokrww: oh ... THAT guy.06:32
jussiMr bazhang, if you are about, pls query me.06:59
KB1JWQDCC exploiter.06:59
jussialso, anyone who has spent time in Hongkong, any recommendations for a good hotel?07:00
rwwRandom statistic: my calculator and some grepping of ircd-seven's source say the ban list fills up in 2 months.07:03
rww(from now, that is)07:03
KB1JWQrww: Yeah, the way the banlist is handled in #ubuntu is kinda nutsy.07:20
KB1JWQrww: If you want my personal unsolicited opinion, that is. :-)07:20
KB1JWQDynamic IPs that've been blocked for 60 days?07:20
KB1JWQHow many of these banned people were one time offenders who've long since lost interest?07:21
rwwKB1JWQ: Yeah, it needs fixing, in my newbie op opinion. Not sure how yet.07:25
rwwI just pie charted who's responsible for what percentage of active +b and +q in there. Poking a couple of people to do cleanup might be useful.07:26
* tonyyarusso would like to see said chart07:27
rww(although the value of running statistics against a data set where 53/300 are "unknown" is questionable)07:27
tonyyarussoWhat, you didn't take the time to look up all the netsplit ones in the bt?07:27
KB1JWQI'd probably run a "clear bans" on it some night when folks are going to be around, and start it back up at zro.07:27
rwwtonyyarusso: I'm pondering how to do that automatically without making BT fall over.07:27
rwwKB1JWQ: We kinda did that already a few months ago07:28
tonyyarussorww: BT falls over if you look at it, so good luck :P07:28
Flannelrww: ask someone for the db!07:28
rwwKB1JWQ: d(bans)/dt of http://status.nullcortex.com/other/other/ircbans.html is just a little problematic.07:28
tonyyarussoI actually think it would make sense to make that "clear all bans that lack comments and are older than X" a cron job.  Perhaps run it every week, and anything older than two weeks without a comment goes buh-bye.07:29
tonyyarussoOtherwise it will just fill up again like before.07:29
rwwnhandler put an item about it on the IRCC agenda, so I've been pondering, hence the pie chart07:29
tonyyarussoAm I reading that long-term graph right?  We're already back where we were?07:30
rwwtonyyarusso: as I said earlier, my calculator and I think we have 2 months.07:30
rwwIt was 1 month before the FloodBot bans got nuked.07:31
tonyyarussoI can count my bans across the namespace on my fingers, so...not it!07:31
Jordan_UKB1JWQ: Other than "dynamic" or "dyn" in the hostmask is there a good way to tell that an ip has been dynamically allocated?07:32
KB1JWQThe way I handle it is that in channels I'm responsible for, Eir watches every ban that gets set.  After an interval (24 hours) eir starts whining about the ban every 10 minutes or so.07:32
tonyyarussoHey Pici, when you think of it sometime send me the Munin plugin you're using for that.07:32
KB1JWQSo either you remove the ban, you set an expiry on it using the bantracker syntax, or you go mad with eir nattering at you.07:32
rwwthere are 10 bans set with "dyn" in the nick, btw07:32
tonyyarusso(It is Pici, right?)07:33
rwwtonyyarusso: yes07:33
* Jordan_U needs to do some housekeeping07:33
KB1JWQIt makes the ban tracking channel a bit "chatty" but that's okay.07:33
rwwJordan_U: I already /did/ housekeeping and still have more than you >.>07:33
tonyyarussoKB1JWQ: I'd very much not want ubottu harassing me about my bans - I'd rather have it just remove them for me if I haven't indicated otherwise.07:33
KB1JWQtonyyarusso: That can be set.07:34
KB1JWQAnd it harrasses everyone in the ban tracking channel.07:34
KB1JWQCompare our number of network trolls to the number of bans set in #freenode, for example. :-)07:34
rww( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil/IRCteamproposal#Add%20eir%20to%20%23ubuntu )07:34
tonyyarussoWhat is the banlist limit rww?  500?07:35
KB1JWQrww: Yes, exactly that.07:35
KB1JWQtonyyarusso: I believe so.07:35
rwwtonyyarusso: banlist + quietlist + exemptlist < 500, yes07:35
KB1JWQAnd +L, else it'd be less.07:35
rww500 is the default for ircd-seven, and those munin graphs look about right for 50007:36
* cdbs never knew banlists, quietlists etc had limits07:36
tonyyarussocdbs: How have you missed us yapping about hitting them in here before?07:36
tsimpsonfrom 005 when you connect07:36
rwwyeah, 100 is for normal channels07:37
cdbstonyyarusso: I did see you people talking about limits here, but I never knew that it was actually as less as 500.07:37
rwwfigured, we have no invexes, but that would be in the equation too if we did.07:37
cdbsand , I wasn't sure if there was a limit at all07:37
tsimpsonI doubt we have any +I in #ubuntu07:38
rwwwe don't, I just checked ;)07:38
* tsimpson too07:38
cdbseir seems good, but will it be a complete replacement of ubottu 's bt?07:38
rwwcdbs: no. the wikipage goes into that.07:39
tsimpsonno, it would be made so ubottu can read the comments07:39
rwws/in the nick/in the hostmask/07:39
tsimpsoneir does not have nearly as good ban "tracking" that ubottu does07:40
tsimpsonbut it does have better prodding/auto-removal07:40
DJonesHi, just a heads up, there looks to be a school/college IT class thats joined #ubuntu nicks PC07, PC12 etc with random chatter, seems to be spanish language09:50
DJonesThey've stopped talking now09:51
Picitonyyarusso: I did a write-up about munin and the plugins I wrote here: http://nullcortex.com/2010/11/munin-irc-trends/ tl;dr version: links to the code are at the bottom.12:37
evilnhandlertsimpson: eir is pretty good for the "why was this active ban set and is it ready to be removed" type questions. ubottu is better for checking up on past offenses and tracking trends over long periods of time12:46
* Pici sighs13:28
Pici"Hi I can't change my name because it says I'm banned in #ubuntu"  (thats because you'13:34
Picire banned in #ubuntu)13:35
* Pici removes13:35
IdleOnethere is an alternate meaning to every acronym I guess15:15
* jrib is confused15:15
IdleOneGood morning btw15:16
IdleOneo/ to the log readers15:16
rww\o IdleOne15:17
jpdsA national socialist salute to log readers?15:18
IdleOneHow are you crazies this fine morning?15:18
IdleOneo/ usually indicates a wave but if you prefer to see it as a salute that is ok with me15:18
IdleOnenavy salute15:19
ikoniagetting angry17:13
Pici#ubuntu looks as silly as it did when I left for a meeting an hour ago.17:15
ikoniaworse than when I left it17:15
ubottuIn #ubuntu, Lasse1 said: !sipior: what is "man"18:08
ikonialets try to get some regular topic in #ubuntu18:13
PiciSorry, its busy here at work, I'm just able to pop into #ubuntu here and there to try to get people back on topic.18:15
ikoniait's fine18:15
Pici(I aparrently have enough time to augh! in here though)18:16
h00kLasse1 isn't lhavelund, is it?18:19
Picih00k: <redacted>.  No.18:20
h00kPici: just checking...18:21
h00kapologies for the hilight.18:23
h00kThey're both Lasse from .dk18:23
macoh00k: i thought lhavelund was from .fi18:38
macoer....oh im confused18:38
macoat some point i learned jussi's not the only jussi we haveand then northern europe confused me18:38
PiciNorthern Europe confuses all of us.18:39
hedufhsup cocksuckers?18:46
gnomefreakhedufh: can we help you?18:47
hedufhfuck u18:47
gnomefreakguess not18:47
* gnomefreak waits for ubottu to pm me18:48
gnomefreakhe pmed me too :( sad sad man18:48
werhfuck u18:57
werhfuck u18:57
werhfuck u18:57
werhfuck u18:57
werhfuck u18:57
werhfuck u18:57
werhfuck u18:58
gnomefreakthat is really getting old.18:58
gnomefreak@comment 37849 use of language. he is the same person as hedufh19:00
ubottuThe operation succeeded.19:00
gnomefreakwell i guess it worked anyway19:00
ubottuFloodBotK1 called the ops in #kubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (271 users, 0 overflows, 271 limit))21:00
ubottuFloodBotK3 called the ops in #kubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (279 users, 0 overflows, 279 limit))21:00
gnomefreakwhat is with the mass join21:00
gnomefreakit has been a while since i saw one of them21:01
tsimpsongnomefreak: long netsplits confuse the bots, as well as high lag21:08
gnomefreaktsimpson: thanks21:14
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (flood (19))21:38
gnomefreaki would like to reschedule the fight for another day please21:44
jribwell floodbots keep +r #ubuntu gnomefreak :(21:51
tsimpson*serious* lag going on21:58
rwwI'm going to sit opped up in #ubuntu for a while, I think. Services aren't doing too great either.21:59
gnomefreakother than the mass jois and splits i havent seen too much lag. at least nothing like i have seen in past22:02
gnomefreakholy crap that is lagging22:02
rwwyou and your "I haven't seen much lag" caused it!22:04
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gnomefreakits because i havent been watching #u much today22:06
gnomefreakthats the only one i saw lag in. plus the global notice said they were rerouting to fix the issue. i guess that didnt help22:06
tsimpsonI'm getting different messages at different times with this client and stdin22:10
tsimpsonfor instance, stdin doesn't see these messages yet22:10
tsimpsonheh, my other client sees your messages, but not mine22:10
tsimpsonfreenode is falling over!22:10
popeybelieve what you're saying22:10
popeynot sure I22:10
rww. ubottu's not doing too great either, I guess.22:14
rwwYup. I think the connections between servers are laggy.22:14
rwwpopey: you're not identified with nickserv, btw.22:14
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (flood (16))22:14
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (flood (16))22:14
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (flood (16))22:14
jrib#ubuntu +Rr again :/  How can we tell floodbots to stop doing that?22:14
rwwjrib: Now, or in a world where freenode is not being weird?22:15
jribrww: I'd benefit from both I guess22:15
rwwbecause usually you'd either 'protect 0' or /mode #ubuntu -r, but that's just gonna last until the next time something odd happens22:16
rwwubottu: tell serard about away22:38
Jordan_Urww: Are you intending to be opped in #ubuntu?22:52
rwwJordan_U: yes22:52
rwwalthough it looks like things are calming down, so I'll be unopping in a minute or three.22:52
Jordan_UWhy? (not complaining, just curious).22:53
rwwJordan_U: because chanserv wasn't responding earlier, and no chanserv means no +o on demand, which means no ability to deal with problems.22:53
* rww munches popcorn, giggles at -ot23:34
* rww stops munching, charges EMP cannon23:36
* rww facepalms23:40
macorww: was that at "Sir"?23:42
rwwno, "braaah". "Sir" just made me start pondering Cpt. Mackenzie Janeway.23:43
* Jordan_U is glad not to have to op in -ot23:43
rwwJordan_U: you're missing out on all the fun!23:46
rwwand by "fun" I mean questioning your sanity as you fall asleep at night.23:46
rww#ubuntu-offtopic is not very good at five-minute rainbow time.23:51
macohow does five-minute rainbow time work?23:56
rwwI turn off color code filtering, and people make rainbows. Except they don't :(23:57

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