dpmgood morning all07:33
dpmhey andrejz07:38
andrejzdpm, do you happen to know if it's possible to change encoding settings for the virtual terminals (Ctrl+Alt+F2 for example) ?07:40
dpmandrejz, I'm not an expert on this, but you might want to have a look at http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/console-setup or http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/console-tools07:44
yurchorHi! Does anyone know why "slideshow-edubuntu" is so low in the 11.04 package translation list?08:04
TLEdpm: hey, what ever happened to that lang pack update? The last 10.04 one08:22
dpmhi TLE, the languages that were tested and were part of the ISOs should have been uploaded with the isos, and the other ones in updates. I didn't check with pitti, though. Were any tested langpacks not uploaded?08:24
dpmyurchor, I put it down in the list because it is not part of the default Ubuntu install, as per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/TemplatesPriority#Priority%20policy08:25
yurchordpm: Thanks. :)08:25
dpmTLE, we had problems with FF, and some languages could not be updated because of that. We have to do the same for the Natty langpacks (i.e. fix firefox), so I'll try to see if it's possible to have another update of the languages affected in lucid08:27
dpmhi :)08:29
linardsI am pretty tired of this issue that occurs all over the packages08:31
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linardsthe thing is with packagesw that uses some kind of framework / window managment08:31
dpmlinards, is this question about translations?08:31
linardsso, the string in Enlightment ( exalt ) : "System failed, child exited with status %d"08:32
linardsI am translating it to Latvian from English08:32
linardsand Latvian translation needs to know EXCAT sitation of this message, because it makes radical diff08:33
linardssituation of "child"08:33
linardsI am developer in Delphi and some Web coding languages, so I am extremely puzzled08:33
linardsbecause "child" can mean a lot of ... starting from child of window ( control / widget ) and endoing of child of particual function / procedure08:34
dpmlinards, this is not something that can be fixed in the translation, so I'd recommend to talk to the enlightment upstream developers to reword the messages so that they are translation-friendly. In any case, can't you try to translate it to something neutral, so that it encompasses all cases?08:35
linardsWell, I am member of ~ 2 million people nation08:36
linardsI focus on quality ..08:36
dpmlinards, all translators focus on quality, regardless of the size of the population :)08:37
linardshehe :) True, but still ... this is our stand in this moment ...08:37
linardsAnyway - maybe it would be possible to integrate some kind of light check of translation strings in LP?08:38
linardsI man .. check if string contains sensitive word combinations .. like "error ; variable ; child / parent "08:39
linardsand if found, try to report to package publisher before sync08:39
linardsIt would help a lot08:39
dpmlinards, strings are already checked with 'msgfmt -c' in LP, but the additional checks you are suggesting would be really difficult to implement, especially because it would be very difficult to come up with test cases that are meaningful for all languages08:39
linardsgood point08:40
dpmthe ones you are mentioning might make total sense in Latvian, but might not be useful in Malayalam, for example08:40
linardsyeah ... did not catch this case though ... txh for pointing out08:41
dpmno worries :)08:41
linardsdamn. In this context started to think about WineHQ translation req ..08:42
linardsbut I am kinda afraid of Pootle08:43
linardsMaybe there is some simple how-to ( step by step for dummies ) for it?08:43
linardsMy guess is that gettext they recently implemented is still pretty unclear ...08:44
dpmlinards, I think pootle should not be much more difficult than using LP, I'd suggest googling for a pootle tutorial, and I'm sure you'll figure it out. If not, you might want to ask on their IRC channel, and I'm sure they'll be happy to help08:44
dpmwhat do you mean by the gettext they recently implemented?08:44
linardsThey ( starting from 1.3.12 imho ) integrated PO /POT trasnlations08:45
yurchordpm: winehq parse their old-style ini files with Translate Toolkit and make POs.08:46
dpmoh, I see, I did not know that08:46
linardsdpm: glad to inform ya' ;)08:47
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TLEdpm: sorry for not getting back to you earlier, thanks for your reply regarding those lang packs. I was just wondering because the last time I heard abour them, there was some problems getting them built14:41
dpmhey TLE, no worries, thanks for the heads up nevertheless, I need to check with pitti on the current status15:03
andrejzhello everyone! i have a great news to share. Slovenian government has annouced they plan to migrate 90% of users to openoffice and firefox to 2015 and eventually to Linux :)17:38

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