crashsystemsDoes anyone know what the next LTS release will be?00:30
nhainesUbuntu 12.04 LTS, in April 2012.00:32
nhainesFollowed by Ubuntu 14.04 LTS in April 2014.00:33
akkPoopy Penguin00:33
akkor Pulchritudinous Panda00:34
nhainesakk: I'll wait for Ubuntu 17.10 (alchemous aardvark).00:36
nhainesIt'll change everything!00:36
akkdict doesn't know "alchemous"00:36
nhainesdictionary.com prefers "alchemistic" but I regret nothing.00:37
iheartubuntudoes anyone know if i an take inkscape classes anywhere?02:19
pleia2doctormo did one for User Days, lemme get the video link02:20
iheartubuntuim tired of being a jack of all trades... would like to really learn inkscape well02:21
pleia2I haven't watched it02:21
iheartubuntuthank you!02:21
pleia2but doctormo is the one who got me started with inkscape :)02:22
iheartubuntuhow would i have known about that otherwise? i have ubuntu classroom (i believe) listed in my google calendar02:22
iheartubuntulooks like a bunch of stuff coming soon at beginning of march02:23
pleia2in addition to the calendar, ubuntuclassroom.wordpress.com has our blog posts about events02:23
pleia2(this feeds to the ubuntu planet)02:24
pleia2and yeah, beginning of march is ubuntu developer week02:24
iheartubuntuthanks for that web link02:26
pleia2he starts around 8 or 9 minutes in02:28
* pleia2 might actually watch this now02:28
iheartubuntujeez, im getting ads on my skype now02:32
iheartubuntuOMG this is great using inkscape on a 22" monitor. beats a netbook02:34
pleia2oh yeah, I try not to do image editing on my netbook for that reason :)02:35
* iheartubuntu has been tryin' to get Sys76 or Zareason to lend a comp for a review02:36
iheartubuntu(not like Im going to get that CR-48 anytime soon)02:37
pleia2I still have my review one, they said they'd send a box for me to send it back but they haven't yet02:37
pleia2considering bringing it to scale if they don't before then02:38
iheartubuntuso you'll have to return it at some point?02:39
iheartubuntuawww. whats going to happen to those who sold theirs on ebay!02:39
pleia2they probably would have to pay for it :)02:39
iheartubuntuyou might as well pimp it out with pink before returnign it :)02:39
pleia2I do worry about bringing it and leaving it at the booth, fears of it walking off and all02:40
iheartubuntuahh thats true02:40
iheartubuntuhave you put ubuntu on it yet02:40
iheartubuntuor dual boot?02:40
pleia2it came with ubuntu02:41
iheartubuntuwhatchyou talkin bout?02:41
pleia2oooh, you were talking about the cr-48!02:41
pleia2I've been talking about the zareason laptop :)02:41
pleia2the cr-48 is mine to keep02:41
iheartubuntuok i understand all now02:42
pleia2no ubuntu on this for me, I quite like chromeos and am enjoying the experience of writing about it, submitting bug reports, etc02:42
iheartubuntuim uriousi f inkscape has an embed font feature02:45
iheartubuntuthat would be useful02:45
ishimeruThis chat just scared the crap out of me02:58
iheartubuntu?? why02:58
ishimerui have a cr-48 and was reading through the chat for the last hour02:58
ishimerui started clutching mine close as i was reading i had to return it02:59
iheartubuntufor anyone with a website and want to incorporate the new Ubuntu font, there are instructions here... http://font.ubuntu.com/02:59
iheartubuntuso how do you like it ishimeru?03:00
iheartubuntuis that a Japanese name?03:00
ishimeruyeah, it was an old attempt at making my real name japanese03:00
ishimeruthe cr-48 is fun though03:01
ishimerui leave  by my bed just in case i need to make a quick google search03:01
iheartubuntui have a brother living in japan (16+ years now)03:02
ishimeruoh nice03:02
pleia2I have a cousin in tokyo03:03
pleia2but I have cousins everywhere (even one living here in sf, I didn't know until I moved!)03:04
iheartubuntui hope all headed my nickel buying advice last week. thep rice of a nickel has just gone up again from 7.2 cents to 7.3 cents. :) sell when it doubles in price03:04
iheartubuntupleia2 have you been to japan?03:05
iheartubuntuive only been to tokyo wako03:05
iheartubuntu(a restaurant)03:05
pleia2iheartubuntu: nope, never been anywhere in asia03:05
iheartubuntuneither have i03:08
akkI've been to tokyo wako (or a place with a very similar name) ... in monrovia or somewhere around there, I think it was?03:08
iheartubuntuchinatown in SF is pretty close. i think its the biggest chinatown in the USA03:08
iheartubuntuyah monrovia :)03:08
pleia2yeah, biggest outside of asia03:08
iheartubuntui was just there a week ago03:08
iheartubuntuohh wow03:08
akkGood place, but d doesn't like it so I don't get to go much.03:08
iheartubuntuakk are you in los angeles?03:09
akkNo, San Jose, but I have friends&family in LA.03:09
ishimerupleia2: do you like steampunk? (random i know, bear with me)03:09
iheartubuntusteampunk = good03:09
iheartubuntuthere is a great hidden object for ubuntu that is steampunkish... called The Clockwork Man. I bought it but have never had time to play it03:10
iheartubuntuh-e-l-l-o princess03:10
ishimeruhere's the rest of the universe... http://bjornhurri.cghub.com/images/03:11
pleia2ishimeru: yes, it's fun :)03:11
iheartubuntuishimeru - nice photos03:11
iheartubuntudid you do?03:11
pleia2haha, awesome steampunk leia03:11
iheartubuntuakk i have relatives in SJ also.03:12
iheartubuntui spoke at a reggae conference in SJ back in 199903:12
iheartubuntu"reggae pon de internet"03:12
ishimerureggae *pwn*?03:12
iheartubuntuwow i feel old now03:15
iheartubuntuanyone see this new car computer with ubuntu? http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/navi.jpg03:16
iheartubuntui had sketched something like this out years ago when i first got into ubuntu... but it would also control the EV stuff as well.03:17
ishimeruyeah, i want03:23
erichammondk3b works great for burning a bunch of Ubuntu CDs in the background while I do other work.  I don't have to do anything except replace the CD when it ejects.  k3b detects the new blank CD and starts burning again.04:05
* iheartubuntu thinks one day his PDF book collection will be larger than his real book collection.05:15
iheartubuntupleia2 - black & white versions now available --> http://iheartubuntu.com/ubuntu-us-ca/05:50
iheartubuntunite all05:50
iheartubuntutesting empathys IRC07:09
iheartubuntuvery basic07:11
iheartubuntubut works fine07:11
akgranernhaines, you around?15:26
nhainesakgraner: yes, I am now.16:54
nhainesjono: will you be rocking SCaLE this weekend?17:04
jononhaines, unfortunately not17:11
nhainesjono: aww!17:12
nhainesjono: you should jet out on a private jet, have lunch, and jet back to SF in time for dinner.  That's what a real rockstar would do!  ;)17:13
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iheartubuntuAmazon now is offering 5000+ movies for free streaming if you have Amazon Prime (their $79/year) shipping deal. Otherwise a movie might cost $2 to $3 each 48 hour rental. I just tested out the trailers and they work great. Im curious if anyone has Amazon Prime, if they can watch movies on Ubuntu?19:10
iheartubuntuSeems like a pretty good alternative to Netflix.19:11
iheartubuntuI thought Ive heard Redbox is getting ready to do streaming movies too.19:11
iheartubuntuthere is a list of FREE movies on amazons website to try out19:13
iheartubuntulooks like the videos work great on amazon! very easy to use. full screen, no prob for me.19:17
pleia2cool :)19:18
iheartubuntui could see someday there will be no physical DVDs, just steaming. lots of jobs lost. no need to ship them, etc19:20
nhainesI suppose they'll just have to go back to what they were doing before 1999 when Netflix wasn't sending DVDs through the mail.19:21
pleia2physical dvds are a pain, I have to admit using netflix on my tv for some movies I own on dvd because it's easier19:22
pleia2read: pleia2 is lazy19:22
jamiedmattinglyi havent paid for a movie or dvd for years i just download them and watch them19:24
pleia2iheartubuntu: is there any way you can use our actual black and white logo on the info sheet? My printer is really bad at greyscale :(19:50
* pleia2 replies to related email19:55
iheartubuntuone sec20:03
iheartubuntupleia2 - i didnt use that because im not seeing the logo. there is a big red X in Inkscape that says "linked image not found"20:04
pleia2iheartubuntu: strange! ok, I'll get you a copy of the svg direclty20:04
iheartubuntuserious? :)20:07
iheartubuntudo you want this an alt version or the main version20:07
pleia2it can be an alt version if you want, it'll be the ones I'm printing20:09
pleia2and linked it to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Logo for future reference20:55
nhainesSlowly but surely!21:51
nhainesIf I were to write a tutorial on how to recover data from a RAID array, and I wanted to have instructions for using Red Hat or Fedora, is there a stable or reference version of Fedora I would use?22:10
nhainesFor example, the Ubuntu-based instructions are centered on 10.04 LTS.22:10
pleia2I don't think so, but Fedora 13 is what RHEL 6 will be based on22:13
pleia2so if you had to select a stopping point, that's what I'd go with22:13
nhainesOkay, because I grabbed 14, but I have a 13 CD too.22:14
pleia2oh, s/will be/is22:14
pleia2apparently RHEL was released in november22:14
* pleia2 still has an RHEL4 box lurking around22:15
nhainesI hear Fedora automatically detects and mounts RAID 5 arrays.  Ubuntu doesn't do that, although if you install mdadm and lvm2 then Ubuntu does as well.22:15
nhainesSo now I'm testing from the live CD.22:15
nhainesAnd Fedora's next.22:16
pleia2(I always use lvm these days, but is that an assumption about your configuration?)22:16
nhaineslvm2 is the package name.22:17
pleia2I know22:17
pleia2but why installing it if you're just dealing with raid?22:17
nhainesIs lvm2 sufficient?22:18
nhainesI'm trying to recover a failed RAID array from a NAS product.22:18
pleia2my question is whether you're using lvm on raid, it's not strictly required22:19
pleia2you can just create a big ole physical partition on the array22:19
nhainesI believe it is, although I'd have to hack around a bit.22:19
* pleia2 nods22:19
nhainesGrr, why does mdadm require postfix?22:19
pleia2--no-install-recommends :)22:20
nhainesOh well, I'll install mdadm first and if that doesn't mount the RAID array (or if it destroys it) then I'll check with lvm2 as well.22:20
erichammondLooks like I'm going to be able to get a bunch of CDs burned by this weekend (100+?).22:32
erichammondI'm going with 10.10 32-bit desktop.22:32
pleia2I'm getting all my stuff together after work today, so I'll be able to update the wiki with how many official pressed ones we have (at least 100 in addition to the 100 ubuntu 32-bit 10.10 DarkwingDuck got in the conference pack)22:33
erichammondBased on my fuzzy recollection from past SCALEs I think we'll easily be able to hand out hundreds of CDs.22:35

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