munzhow many people die a year on our roadways?00:20
munzwhen you are experiencing heightened stress, emotions or stress the driver should:00:48
munza)continue as normal00:48
munzb)not drive00:48
munzc)stomp the gas00:48
munzme say c)stomp the gas00:49
MichelleQI vote stomp the gas, and vehemently curse01:02
munzyay! me like big words, i will reuse it asap :) "vehemently"01:04
MichelleQrofl, you're welcome :-D01:06
RoAkSoAxitnet7: let me know when you around02:40
reya276Morning Everyone14:21
maxolasersquadGood morning reya276.14:28
RoAkSoAxitnet7: ping14:44
maxolasersquadWe are having the most frustrating problem.  When PHP calls one of our Oracle database packages, a query in the package executes against an execution plan that causes it to take 30 minutes to get the results.16:18
maxolasersquadIf we call that package directly in the database, or with Ruby or Python, the query runs in milliseconds.16:18
mhall119what's a database package?16:29
maxolasersquadmhall119: Oracle has its own language, PL/SQL, which is stored as database objects.  A package is a collection of procedures and functions.16:30
mhall119ah, ok16:30
mhall119I have no experience with them16:30
mhall119is it the execution that takes 30 minutes, or is it transfering data from Oracle to PHP?16:30
maxolasersquadWe have added a bunch of debugging.  It is the execution of the SQL statement.16:30
mhall119I've noticed that some DB drivers pull data only when needed, while other's load all available data when the query is executed16:31
mhall119maxolasersquad: the execute command in PHP? or the query processing in Oracle?16:31
maxolasersquadThese packages execute on the database.  There's no good explenation as to why they would execute differently by who called it.16:31
mhall119if PHP is reading data while others are not, that might account for it16:32
maxolasersquadPHP does something calls the OCI driver with something like "BEGIN foo.bar(args) END;"16:32
maxolasersquadWe capture, in the procedure, the time it was called, and with what parameters, and the time that different points of the code are executing.16:33
maxolasersquadSo we can see that execution of the SQL query taking a long time, but once it is done, PHP gets the results and processes them quickly.16:34
maxolasersquadHowever, if we call that same package with the OCI drivers for Ruby or Python, that query executes really fast.16:34
maxolasersquadIt's rather frustrating.16:34
maxolasersquadWe keep making small changes to the query, and that fixes it, but any time a small dependency changes, the query goes to poop, and we have to play some more.16:35
maxolasersquadWe've decided if we ever get stuck, we will have PHP call Ruby, which will call the package, and send the results up the chain.16:37
itnet7RoAkSoAx: ping17:52
RoAkSoAxitnet7: pong18:01
DammitJimcan someone help me with java basics on negative numbers?19:05
mhall119what's to know?19:17
DammitJimI'm so confused about the simplicity of negative numbers19:18
DammitJimI'm reading a register from a radio and it gives me 0xFFAB19:18
DammitJimthat's -55 in decimal19:18
DammitJimso, my question is... can I do regular arithmetic with this short?19:19
mhall119as far as I know19:28
DammitJimdarnet... it seems I need to sign extend it19:38

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