_marx_akgraner: http://www.npr.org/2011/02/22/133847765/silver-star-recipient-a-reluctant-hero09:23
_marx_women at war09:23
_marx_9 traits of a veteran unix admin09:45
_marx_We use vi, not emacs, and definitely not pico or nano09:46
_marx_trait No. 7: We have more in common with medical examiners than doctors09:48
_marx_trait No. 9: Rebooting is almost never an option09:48
_marx_No. 8: We know more about Windows than we'll ever let on09:49
_marx_click the button in the lower left, then look for shutdown as an option09:50
_marx_Veteran Unix admin trait No. 5: We prefer elegant solutions09:54
_marx_If there are several ways to fix a problem or achieve a goal, we'll opt to spend more time developing a solution that encompasses the actual problem and preventing future issues than simply whipping out a Band-Aid. This is related to the fact that we loathe revisiting a problem we've already marked "solved" in our minds. We figure that if we can eliminate future problems now by thinking a few steps ahead, we'll have less to do down09:54
_marx_the road. We're usually right.09:54
akgranerjack_, jack__ hey did you get your ban issue worked out?14:08
jack__akgraner: yeah. i had it cleared on my work accoutn but had to argue it out for my home IP14:09
jack__stupid admins :x14:09
akgranerglad you got it worked out14:10
BugeyeDjack__: were you preaching against ubuntu or something?15:03
BugeyeDjack__: i got called out one time for answering "how do i set a root password?" ... but not banned.15:03
jack__i got kicked for telling somebody how to set the root password15:03
BugeyeDahh. heh.15:04
BugeyeDthat's a crock.15:04
jack__well, to be fair, i was being a jerk. some guy asked a technical question and i responded that he shoudl use a diff type of software and why and some admin told me to go to offtopic15:04
jack__and i told him to suck it15:04
adam_vollrathyou jerk15:04
jack__i know15:04
jack__and then i typoed 'fsck' while helping some guy recover his filesystem and they banned me15:04
BugeyeDjack__: well, sounds like the admins were protecting their users from bad folks like yourself. :)15:37
holsteinhow are you supposed to answer 'how do i set a root password' ?15:39
holsteinit they want a root password, they should and can have one15:40
jack__yeah, i got yelled at saying it was 'unsupported'. what does that even mean? they wont help me if i have root enabled? heh15:57
holsteinthat doesnt sound right16:02
BugeyeDthat's the same thing i ran into a while back. and holstein, i agree totally.16:15
BugeyeDif they want a root password, they should and can have one16:15
BugeyeDyou probably don't want your grandmother to have root on her box, but then again if she's technically capable enough to wade through irc she's probably going to find out how anyway.16:16
holsteinany user should be able to have a root pass16:19
holsteinand totally ruin the install16:19
holsteini dought anyone is saying 'you need a root password, its fun and easy for beginners'16:20
holsteinBugeyeD: maybe this is on the heels of the android root terminology16:26
holsteinthat im sure lots of folks dont quite understand16:26
holstein'if i root my ubuntu box, i bet i can...'16:27
BugeyeDi dunno. my "incident" happened a couple of years ago if i remember correctly. i've steered clear of #ubuntu since then.17:22

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