Unit1931Cheri703: Too early to tell about U-H?01:56
Cheri703one minute01:59
Cheri703dmcglone: around?01:59
Cheri703Unit1931: looks like it should work02:02
Unit1931Cheri703: Thanks, I told me friend!02:04
Cheri703kk, sounds good02:04
Unit1931I need to find another friend to bring...02:09
Unit1931What happened to the NC State guy?02:12
Cheri703no clue, never heard from him :/02:14
Unit1931What dept again? (my sister *may* ask/tell him about it)02:17
Cheri703uhm political science maybe? professor justice :)02:18
Cheri703let me check02:18
dmcglone1Hi all02:19
Unit1931Hello dmcglone1!02:20
dmcglone1How's it going tonight02:20
Cheri703dmcglone1: I'm going to pm you02:20
dmcglone1sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don't02:46
dmcglone1testing  my keyboard. seems my  spacebar is acting up02:46
canthus13Just installed maverick... now the screen randomly goes white for a second.02:46
Cheri703blarghy blargh?02:46
canthus13Cheri703: My point exactly. :)02:47
canthus13not to mention wireless freaks out under load...02:47
dmcglone1my mistake becomes everyone's amusement ;-)02:47
Cheri703I'm getting ready to try to set up the worlds most complex bark control device :)02:48
canthus13back in a minute... gotta reboot.02:48
Unit1931dmcglone1: Wrong window?02:48
dmcglone1was trying to figure out why my space bar was acting up02:49
dmcglone1seems to be fixed now. I think the kids jammed it up a little02:49
Unit1931Take the food out of it...02:49
dmcglone1I gotta keep them kids off my computers!!!!02:49
canthus13Whee. That was quick.02:50
Unit1931canthus13: I really like irssi (not tested with IM)02:51
dmcglone1canthus13: should have installed KDE 4.6 :-)02:51
canthus13Unit1931: :)02:51
canthus13Unit1931: I knew you would.02:51
dmcglone1what is irssi?02:51
Unit1931But some things *really* bug me02:51
canthus13dmcglone1: An awesome irc client. :)02:52
canthus13Unit1931: Like...?02:52
Cheri703anyone know of software for making things sound activated? not "hear sound, start recording" but "hear sound, perform pre-specified action"02:52
canthus13I dunno. I want webcam software that activates on 'taking clothes off'. :)02:52
Cheri703there is motion activated webcam software, windows though I think02:53
canthus13there's a package called 'motion' that does that. I want a package that only activates when clothes are removed. :)02:53
Unit1931You can view all the windows at once and it has a nice list of the names at the bottom02:54
Cheri703ah, gotcha, need something that will recognize certain parts and then activate02:54
canthus13Heh. :)02:54
canthus13Actually, just activate when something over a certain size moves.. that way it doesn't go off every time the cat walks by.02:54
dmcglone1LOL happened again02:55
dmcglone1I'm about to try and get me some sleep, I've got to take my brother to the airport at 3:30am02:57
dmcglone1I'm out g'night all03:02
canthus13woohoo! Maverick seems to have solved my usb transfer speed issue! I just wish it didn't cost me wireless performance. :(03:15
Unit1931canthus13: Can I get a list of all the windows open? (names would be nice...)03:30
canthus13Hmm.. Not sure. I've never tried.03:31
* canthus13 just memorizes all the windows.03:31
canthus13I'm only in 8 or so channels, so it's not hard.03:31
canthus13I would imagine there has to be a way, though.. I know some people that are in well over 100 channels.03:31
Unit1931I don't use the users plugin once I found /names03:32
canthus13Unit1931: http://forums.opensuse.org/archives/sf-archives/archives-tips-tricks-tweaks/335202-irssi-cheat-sheet.html03:32
canthus13./names is what I usually use.03:32
Unit1931ooops add the ?03:33
canthus13Oh. I put the . in there so it would print instead of performing the command. :)03:33
Unit1931http://quadpoint.org/articles/irssi#channel_statusbar_using_advanced_windowlist <-- that had a good one (found some other cool plugins and settings)04:20
canthus13Nice. :)04:24
Unit1931Do you use the hilight second window?04:27
* Unit1931 just started using it for now04:35
canthus13alt-up/down arrows will let you swap to it to scroll around.04:35
Cheri703delivering computer tomorrow...04:41
* Unit1931 going out to shovel04:42
* canthus13 went out to shovel only to find the front walk was already done.04:53
Unit1931I just had to do a touch-up and clear where the plow came by...04:57
Cheri703I shoveled ours last time, it's husband's job this time04:57
canthus13My neighbor gets snowblower-happy sometimes... I think he just did the entire block.04:59
Cheri703ha, nice04:59
Unit1931We need that...05:00
Cheri703my dad had one that needed repairs (a secondary one), but he gave it to someone...I told him he could bring it when he came to visit, but noooo05:00
Cheri703he uses an atv + plow blade for his driveway05:00
Cheri703sometimes a blower05:00
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Unit193Total switch over :(05:03
canthus13Unit193: eh?05:06
Unit193canthus13: Disabled IRC in finch (I take it I can't reply into hilight?)05:08
canthus13Unit193: Nope.05:13
Unit193canthus13: Thanks for all your irssi help :)05:14
canthus13But if you set up your highlight like the example, you should have the channel noted in the beginning of the line.05:14
canthus13no problem.05:14
Unit193I do see the channel name05:15
canthus13That way you know which channel to reply in. :)05:17
* Cheri703 is bleh05:44
BiosElementcanthus13: Bleh is not allowed here ;)06:32
BiosElementCheri703: Bleh is not allowed06:32
BiosElementcanthus13: Get a real name so tab doesn't nag you :P06:32
* BiosElement is finally relaxed ^_^06:33
Unit193Day going well BiosElement?06:34
BiosElementUnit193: Project crisis averted.06:34
Unit193BiosElement: CubeCreate seems close, what's your guess on when it may be out in beta or RC? (If you don't mind me asking?)07:54
BiosElementWithin a month is the aim for a beta, probably around march for a beta. But it really depends on how much we decide to aim for in a 1.0 release.08:01
Unit193March for RC? or do you think you'll miss your aim? (Did I miss it on the site?)08:05
BiosElementIt isn't on the site, I don't make a habit of release dates anymore.08:08
BiosElementTechnically the end of last month was the aim for a pre-alpha release. That never happened and really hurt morale.08:08
thafreakMorning Ohio14:00
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canthus13I think it's logged.20:58
djoewell, it is now, again20:58
Unit193I just had to say something... :)20:58
djoe15:41 -!- Netsplit *.net <-> *.split quits: ubuntulog20:59
djoe15:55 < Unit193> So is this unlogged?20:59
djoe15:56 -!- Netsplit over, joins: ubuntulog20:59
djoeyou know, FTR ;-)20:59
Unit193Curse you djoe!! ;)20:59

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