JonathanDMorning PA.11:41
andrewJonathanD: Morning13:15
JonathanDhey andrew13:27
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teddy-dbearmornin' andrew and JonathanD14:04
InHisNameMornin'  teddy-dbear, andrew, JonathanD, sadly turkey and bacon aren't here to receive their good mornin's.16:42
teddy-dbearhi InHisName16:43
JonathanDhey InHisName16:44
andrew<greeting> InHisName16:44
InHisNameThanks all, now I have renewed energy to continue studying for my last class in 70-291 tomorrow.16:46
ChinnoDoggobble gobble17:07
MutantTurkeybark bark17:13
InHisNamer the turkeys going to the dogs ?17:17
InHisNameOr maybe china dogs gobbling up barking alien turkeys.17:18
ChinnoDognick ChinnoTurkey17:19
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InHisNameI might use turnkey in the lock and get new identity but I'd be dogged by more jokes than ever.   ~/nick OccidentoDogTurkey17:26
MutantTurkeyI have enough jokes of my name17:27
MutantTurkeymaybe i should switch to something a bit less ridiculous17:27
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ChinnoDogSause? Not Sauce?17:27
AppleSauseon purpose17:28
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* teddy-dbear is staying with his nick17:44
teddy-dbearit's what I am :-[17:44
ChinnoDogAnyone have an opinion on whether it is risky to expose a web site to the internet that responds to a host name that isn't in DNS yet?17:57
andrewI don't see what could go wrong.17:57
ChinnoDogTechnically you could still load the hidden web site by faking host headers17:58
ChinnoDogBut, is there an automated way attackers could discover and impelement that?17:58
ChinnoDogI guess it is reasonably safe18:05
ChinnoDogI am going to try to avoid it anyway. Hidden sites on production servers are bad practice.18:05
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InHisNameohhh a mass entrance ?21:45
andrewYep, enjoy the ride21:45
InHisNameride ?   Seems I missed out and just got back to reading.22:03
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ChinnoDogSeems to me that IdolOne > IdleOne22:23

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