chibihogoshinoi need a job.. anyone need tech work ? or something ?00:37
cyberangerchibihogoshino: you and me both, I'm only freelance atm10:19
cyberangerseems there's allways something at a friends shop luckily10:19
cyberangerchibihogoshino: what are you good at, might be able to help (at least, if I know, makes trying to help a little easier)10:20
Xpistosmorning all14:08
wrstmorning Xpistos14:14
cyberangermorning everyone15:09
cyberangerhow's everyone's day?15:12
cyberangerthe charter line is working atm, so starting out good here15:13
cyberangergranted, 50 ICMP packets had a 32% loss15:16
cyberangerthere is an issue on the line15:17
cyberangerbut nice thing about half my tricks, they don't care15:18
cyberangerand another nice thing about having a local mirror, I still was able to apply 2 months of updates15:18
cyberangeron the machines I left here, plus I like the challenge of fixing it (which I did do, the balls in charter's court, when my folks call)15:19
cyberangerXpistos: how about you, how's your day?15:20
cyberangerwrst: ^15:20
wrstmorning cyberanger, and cool stuff15:25
cyberangerwrst: cool headache15:27
cyberangerI prefer to make my own mess ;-)15:27
wrstha ha15:28
Xpistoscyberanger: Trouble shooting IE15:28
Xpistosfor ucsomter15:28
cyberangertrouble shooting IE, sounds like your safety is on, or your gun is jammed15:33
cyberangerhorrible joke aside, sounds like a fun day, intresting one at least15:33
xTEMPLARxproblems with charter?15:42
xTEMPLARxour charter service started getting spotty about a week ago15:42
xTEMPLARxworks well when it works but randomly drops us15:42
cyberangerxTEMPLARx: yeah, charter15:46
cyberangernot really random, intermittent15:46
cyberangerand high amount of issues, line quality it seems15:47
cyberangerxTEMPLARx: Lenior City?15:47
xTEMPLARxweird thing is, ours has been working great till recently.  Not sure what would have changed15:47
xTEMPLARxcyberanger: yup15:47
xTEMPLARxwe have a pretty fat pipe these days15:47
cyberangerwonder if they have area wide issues, between Maryville and Lenior Cirty15:48
cyberangeraffecting both15:50
xTEMPLARxcould be15:52
wrstxTEMPLARx, cyberanger i know another guy that has been having charter trouble also16:34
cyberangerwrst: locale?17:01
cyberangerhrm, kinda odd17:09
cyberangerwrst: that's a fairly big area, does he also have cable17:12
cyberangercable tv17:12
cyberangerxTEMPLARx: do you also have cable tv?17:12
wrstyes i think17:15
cyberangerthat shifts the ballgame, odd timing17:20
cyberangerI can't believe that, oh well21:17
cyberangerhey vychune_22:32
vychune_  hey how u doing22:47
cyberangervychune_: good22:57
cyberangerand you?22:57

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