brycehRAOF, offhand I'm thinking stick with debian even though it'd cause a mass rebuild00:00
RAOFThat was my thinking.00:01
brycehjust on the thought that doing that pre-FF is probably going to be easier than having to do it post-FF00:01
cndRAOF, bryceh: is the input-abi like that too?00:01
RAOFcnd: Yes.00:02
brycehplus we gotta test the script we did last time ;-)00:02
Prf_JakobOh X people here, how do I disable the unhelp full restart X server after the GPU has crash feature in Ubuntu?00:02
cndthat could be annoying if we need to change the xi 2.1 abi00:02
brycehPrf_Jakob, huh?00:02
Prf_Jakobbryceh: The thing that tries to start the X server a couple of times and then tries to bring up some sort of helperscreen but fails and makes it imposible for me to access the consol terminal00:03
bryceh"The thing" == "gdm"00:04
Prf_JakobI would guess so yes.00:04
bryceh"helperscreen" == "failsafex" which is in /etc/gdm00:04
Prf_Jakobcool thanks!00:04
Prf_Jakobbtw any of you guys in London?00:05
RAOFNone who are awake now, I think :)00:10
Prf_Jakobheh :)00:10
=== solarion_ is now known as Solarion
cndRAOF, bryceh: what do you do when debian git has a new version of package, but it's unreleased00:51
cnddo you rebase onto the last released package commit?00:52
RAOFcnd: This depends.  Do we care about those changes?  If so, merge from the unreleased package, and say so.  If not, merge in the last release tag.00:52
cndwell, it's just a lintian standards bump :)00:52
cndso I think that's a no :)00:52
RAOFThen merge from whatever the tag is; Debian's ususally pretty good at tagging the uploads.00:54
bjsnideris it true that the x-server 1.10 abi didn't stabilize until after rc2?01:02
RAOFAfter RC1, yes.01:08
RAOFI don't believe there have been any ABI breaks post-rc201:08
bjsniderwell, i find that very difficult to understand01:09
bjsnidershouldn't a release candidate be considered stable?01:10
bjsniderjust maybe with the odd bug here and there, kind of thing?01:10
cndbjsnider, x.org bends the definition of rc really01:12
cndinstead of having alpha, beta, rc, release01:12
cndthey just have a series of rc's and then a release01:12
cndto x.org, rc seems to be just an arbitrary abbreviation01:13
bjsniderwell, let me register this for the record: i think that stinks.01:13
cndbjsnider, I had thought the abi freeze was at the merge window closure01:26
cndbut apparently that wasn't the case01:26
cndI think the window needs to be slammed harder next time :)01:26
cndthe release manager needs to be like torvalds :)01:27
bjsnideri suppose01:27
cndalmost done...01:37
cndRAOF, I've got stuff ready01:41
cnddo you want me to push to git.debian.org?01:42
RAOFYes please.01:42
RAOFOh, actually!01:42
cndI'm still here :)01:42
RAOFJust pushing up a local commit.01:42
cndcommit to what?01:42
cndok, let me know when you're done01:43
RAOFIt's done.01:43
RAOFI guess the other option would have been to pull --rebase it.  Eh.01:43
cndwell, that's what I'll be doing :)01:43
cndone of us had to do it01:43
cndok, I'm going to push now01:46
cndoh wait, I should test rebuild the server just to be sure...01:46
cndsince you added a patch01:46
cndit'll only take 15 mins01:46
cndRAOF, do you have any mt devices?01:50
cndI was hoping I could get one more tester before the push :)01:50
RAOFunless a synaptics touchpad counts :)01:50
cndbut please, smoke test it to ensure pointing continues to work well01:51
cndI only publicly made the packages available today01:51
cndand I think only myself and henrik tested them :(01:51
cndand he found a bug that I spend half of today fixing01:52
cndbut it wasn't a crasher01:52
cndanyways, build looks good01:54
cndI'm going to push stuff to git now01:54
cndRAOF, it's alright if I overwrite an old stale ubuntu branch01:56
cndlike in x11proto-input01:56
cndno need to rename it to something else?01:57
cndI guess it still has a git tag01:57
cndor should have a git tag01:57
brycehcnd, some of those stale branches got abandoned once the package reached a state where we could sync it01:57
cndRAOF, git is updated01:58
RAOFAwww, coordinations to windows is gone :)01:59
cndxorg-server, x11proto-input, xserver-xorg-input-evdev, xserver-xorg-synaptics, and libxi01:59
cndI think you'll find a way to live without01:59
cndRAOF, stuff is officially handed off to you :)02:01
cndI am going to go have a life for the rest of the night :)02:01
brycehyay, wayland good to go02:08
bryceheven works on radeon :-)02:09
RAOFYay natty-tmpfs-local schroot.02:29
bryceh\p/ wayland now uploaded to natty universe03:23
brycehsubject: [ubuntu/natty] wayland 0.1~git20101129.ac93a3d3-0ubuntu1 (New)03:34
brycehit's the snapshot from last Nov, which I'd done enough testing on before.  Looks like I need to rejigger the packaging a bit in order to update to a newer snapshot.03:36
brycehsomething to keep me busy tomorrow ;-)03:36
RAOFAha!  *That's* why the udeb build fails (sometimes‽)04:02
RAOFWoot.  rebuild-all-drivers fixed to add appropriate build-depends.06:02
tjaaltoncnd: ok, should be easy to fix06:33
brycehRAOF, nice!07:23
RAOFOh, wow.  virtualbox pulls in >800MB worth of build depends.09:56
tjaaltonRAOF: hey, you identified the n-trig wacom crasher?09:57
tjaaltonwhere was it?09:57
RAOFtjaalton: Want to upload the new wacom?09:57
tjaaltonit should fix it?09:57
tjaaltonI've had a personal git repo for it, but haven't been keeping it up09:58
RAOF(Although I haven't tested, so I can't be 100% sure that) the problem was that the device probe failure path was freeing the device private data, then UnInit was being called, dereferencing the private pointer…09:59
RAOFcooperteam.net/Packages has the new wacom, which doesn't free in the cleanup path :)09:59
tjaaltonI'll test it with my intuos4 that it doesn't break anything :)10:00
tjaaltonthough i doubt it would10:00
tjaaltonworks, ship it10:07
tjaaltontormod: re savage merge; just put the source package somewhere and I'll sponsor it10:12
tjaaltondebdiffs are so passé :)10:13
tormodtjaalton, thanks. just that I think it needs RAOF's new xserver because the packaging uses dh_xsf_substvars10:15
RAOFIsn't that from a Dandy Warhols song? :)10:15
tjaaltontormod: ah, ok then10:15
tormodtjaalton, that's why it's only a debdiff, wouldn't build on my system :)10:16
tjaaltonRAOF: debdiffs, heroin, what's the difference :)10:16
RAOFtormod: You can check it builds if you like; xserver is in git.10:17
tjaaltonso it needs xorg merge?10:17
RAOFThe xserver merge includes dh_xsf_substvars10:18
tormodtjaalton, I think it needs xorg-server-dev 2:
tjaaltonoh thaat10:18
tjaaltondamn kbd10:18
* RAOF is just checking that the world successfully rebuilds against 2:, although there's no reason to expect anything would fail.10:22
RAOFWhoops.  Don't try building virtualbox on a tmpfs.10:25
=== ara_ is now known as ara
RAOFbryceh: So, current xserver status, before I go to bed.  I'm rebuilding the world locally, to check that it works.  This has identified an essentially cosmetic transition problem with the abi substvars which I'll fix when I get up tomorrow.  Apart from that, all's good.11:24
RAOFAnd now, to sleep!11:25
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
tjaaltonduh, didn't check the patch still applies to the new x11-apps17:25
Sarvattyeah all of those patches need refreshing, most shouldn't be needed anymore even17:27
Sarvattturned out a lot of the apps ones were because of some debian specific .pc changes that got reverted17:27
tjaaltonah, ok17:27
tjaaltonso if it builds in pbuilder it should be good?17:27
Sarvattshould be, lessee..17:29
* Sarvatt always gets confused which apps are in which of the -apps packages17:29
tjaaltoncould've tried it myself, but whatever :)17:31
Sarvatt5K/second from ftp.debian.org :D17:32
Sarvattlets see, oclock fails still17:34
Sarvatt/usr/bin/ld.bfd.real: oclock.o: undefined reference to symbol 'XtAddEventHandler'17:34
Sarvatt/usr/bin/ld.bfd.real: note: 'XtAddEventHandler' is defined in DSO /usr/lib/libXt.so.6 so try adding it to the linker command line17:34
Sarvatt/usr/lib/libXt.so.6: could not read symbols: Invalid operation17:34
Sarvattnot done yet but looks like the oclock hunk is the only one needed still17:38
Sarvatttjaalton: http://sarvatt.com/downloads/patches/100-fix-linking-with-no-add-needed.patch is all thats needed for x11-apps 7.6+417:42
tjaaltonSarvatt: cool, can you push it? I'll upload it then (unless you were core-dev too?)17:43
Sarvattokie one sec17:43
tjaaltonSarvatt: thanks, uploaded with the new patch18:31
ricotzbryceh, hi, did you want to upload wayload to natty?18:59
ricotz... wayland19:00
brycehricotz, yes19:03
ricotzbryceh, nice, but why didnt you use the latest git?19:03
brycehricotz, I plan to, but had this snapshot ready to go right now19:04
ricotzbryceh, ok, i see19:05
brycehalso, dunno yet if newer wayland has changed dependency requirements or needs packaging rejiggered19:05
ricotzyes the demos are splitted into a separate tree19:05
brycehricotz, interested in helping work on it?19:05
ricotzperhaps, if i find a moment ;)19:06
ricotzi am able to upload to the wayland ppa19:07
Sarvattubuntu too no? no way thats going in main I'm sure19:07
brycehyeah worst case if newer wayland requires git mesa or some such, I'll refresh the ppa19:07
brycehSarvatt, universe19:07
ricotzbryceh, i think it would be better to put it in edgers where mesa git is up2date ;)19:08
Sarvattspeaking of which, need to redo mesa packaging in there *yet again* :(19:08
ricotzSarvatt, dont forget to keep the nouveau nvc0 patch ;)19:09
Sarvattricotz: oh crap, I might have overwritten that already19:09
ricotzSarvatt, i was desperately searching for the problem until i noticed it19:09
Sarvatti'm about to drop lucid/maverick in there, updating all drivers with the new dropped xsfbs stuff isn't gonna happen19:09
ricotzi updated it on the we to fix it19:10
Sarvattricotz: did I screw it up already? it's an automated script so I probably did, lets see19:10
Sarvattoh cool19:10
Sarvattadding the patch in a hook so i wont drop it again19:10
ricotzgood :)19:10
cndRAOF, found two bugs in the xi 2.1 work19:19
cndI'm testing fixes right now19:19
cndwould you be able to wait for them before pushing to ubuntu?19:20
ricotzbryceh, could you upload a package to the natty new queue for me?19:20
ricotztjaalton, ^ do you mind?19:23
brycehcnd, I think he's asleep.  But I can wait for you.19:26
brycehricotz, if you have the packaging all ready to go, sure19:26
cndbryceh, ahh, ok, whoever is pushing19:26
cndI've got the patch ready19:26
cndjust slogging through pushing it out19:26
ricotzbryceh, thank you, http://people.ubuntu.com/~ricotz/libbluray/19:26
ricotzbryceh, i will ping an archive-admin to look at it if it is up19:27
brycehricotz, ok looks good.19:31
brycehricotz, uploaded19:31
ricotzbryceh, thanks!19:31
brycehdunno if there are any special new package requirements for java stuff, but presumably if there are the archive admins will know19:32
cndbryceh, I've pushed a new commit to git19:33
cndwe should be ready for upload now19:33
brycehcnd, hey I only signed up for waiting!19:34
cndoh :)19:34
cndI got ya19:34
brycehcnd, fill me in... what packages/git repos should I pull?19:34
cndyou don't have to push if RAOF was going to :)19:34
cndbut in case you are interested, xorg-server, x11proto-input, xserver-xorg-input-evdev, xserver-xorg-input-synaptics, libxi19:35
brycehif you can wait 3 hours he should be on then, but I can push if it's an emergency19:35
cndnah, no need for you to push19:35
brycehok cool, yeah if RAOF has been your primary xorgician probably best if he tends to it19:36
cndhe's also been getting rc2 ready for upload19:37
cndso I think he'd rather do it19:37
cndwhen you chimed in, I thought you and he had decided that you would be pushing it instead19:37
cndthat's what you get for being sly over irc :)19:38
bryceh[ubuntu/natty] libbluray 0.2~git20110213.20739ed-0ubuntu1 (New)19:46
brycehheh, yeah I knew I was taking a risk given how many days you've operated without a weekend reboot ;-)19:46
jcristauSarvatt: is that oclock patch upstream? (too lazy to check..)19:53
Sarvattjcristau: doesn't look like it, it might be caused by our libXt .pc though still, lets see.. i did try to push all of those app toolchain changes a few months ago19:56
Sarvattoh we aren't patching the .pc in libxt, hmm19:56
jcristauwe might be removing xt from Requires somewhere19:57
Sarvattyeah pretty darn sure I double checked them all and none were appropriate upstream back then.. 19:58
trinikronotormod: ping i would like to ask you about that drawpix utility you mentioned in bug 57907120:12
ubot4Launchpad bug 579071 in mesa (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "savage_drv fails drawpix glDrawPixels demo/test/benchmark (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57907120:12
tormodtrinikrono, hi, you've this bug too?20:28
trinikronotormod: you asked in bug 705464 to look this bug20:29
ubot4Launchpad bug 705464 in xserver-xorg-video-savage (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 10.04 doesn't set hardware acceleration on ProSavageDDR video card (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70546420:29
trinikronoand i am wondering how to run drawpix20:29
tormodtrinikrono, ok I see. drawpix should be in mesa-demos20:31
trinikronotormod: is that a package to install?20:31
tormodtrinikrono, hmm it does not exist in maverick20:32
trinikronotormod: i use lucid20:32
tormodtrinikrono, I put a drawpix binary here: http://alioth.debian.org/~tormod-guest/libdrm/20:39
tormodtrinikrono, and it requires this picture file: http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-xorg/app/mesa-demos.git;a=blob_plain;f=src/images/girl.rgb;hb=HEAD20:39
trinikronoit says error loading libglut.so.320:40
tormodtrinikrono, you need to install the freeglut3 package20:40
tormodtrinikrono, but you should also see the bug simply by running /usr/lib/xscreensaver/antspotlight20:40
trinikrono:D i get the black screen also20:40
trinikronotormod: and the ant looks really strange20:40
tormodtrinikrono, the ant looks strange, that's another separate bug. but do you get small dots/patches all over the screen20:41
tormodtrinikrono, I will try to make a lucid package for my PPA20:57
trinikronotormod: can i speak to you also about bug 70546420:58
ubot4Launchpad bug 705464 in xserver-xorg-video-savage (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 10.04 doesn't set hardware acceleration on ProSavageDDR video card (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70546420:58
tormodtrinikrono, sure20:58
trinikronoyou saw my latest comment, is it a bug really?20:58
tormodtrinikrono, I consider it a bug in Ubuntu if you have to fiddle with xorg.conf to get things up and running20:58
tormodtrinikrono, do you know what in your xorg.conf makes DRI work?20:59
trinikronotormod: in the Module section it has : dri, dbe, dri2, glx and record21:03
tormodtrinikrono, I have uploaded the lucid savage package to my PPA, but it will take some time before it is built21:03
tormodtrinikrono, and if you remove the Module section, there is no DRI?21:03
trinikronotormod: i can try that for you21:04
trinikronotormod: going to restart x wish me luck21:08
trinikronotormod: you know if i delete the xorg.conf it works fine21:19
tormodtrinikrono, so you never needed any xorg.conf?21:20
trinikronotormod: thats the thing i did21:20
trinikronothats why i created a xorg.conf in the first place21:21
trinikronobut when i delete it now it is fine21:21
trinikronotormod: the only way i can be sure is too reinstall lucid and see if it needs a xorg.conf to work properly, do you agree with this?21:24
tormodtrinikrono, I do not think reinstall is necessary22:06
cndRAOF, ping me when you get on22:06
RAOFcnd: Pong.22:06
RAOF(But in a desktop team meeting, so low bandwidth)22:06
tormodtrinikrono, maybe your xorg.conf was needed in an earlier version, but no longer in lucid22:06
cndRAOF, just wanted to say I've got one more small patch22:07
cndI'm testing right now22:07
trinikronotormod: well maybe we can close that bug because it does seem to reproducible and the reporter is happy22:07
cndso if you haven't pushed, it would be good to get this in22:07
tormodtrinikrono, maybe you can attach your Xorg.0.log to the drawpix bug report, and test the driver from my PPA, it is built now.22:07
RAOFtormod: Do you want to push our mesa savage patches upstream?  I've been meaning to do it but there always seems to be something better to do :)22:08
tormodtrinikrono, I'll wait a bit longer for feedback from David before closing that report22:09
cndseb128, do you know who I should talk to about pushing a patch to enable multitouch in qt?22:09
cndI'm readying it now, and I want to push before feature freeze22:09
tormodRAOF, which patches? weren't they cherry-picked from upstream?22:09
seb128cnd, Riddell22:10
RAOFI'm pretty sure the patches adding ARGB visuals aren't upstream.22:10
cndseb128, thanks!22:10
seb128you're welcome22:10
tormodRAOF, oh I see, 03_savage-expose_fbmodes_with_nonzero_alpha.patch22:11
tormodRAOF, I know nothing about it, where it came from or what it really does22:12
tormodRAOF, it is from "knarf". maybe you can ask him22:13
tormodfor reference it was bug 46747422:14
ubot4Launchpad bug 467474 in netbook-launcher (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "netbook-launcher crashed with SIGSEGV in glGetString() (affects: 13) (dups: 3) (heat: 9)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46747422:14
trinikronotormod: installed from ppa, result is the same and attaching xorg to bug report22:19
tormodtrinikrono, thanks! disappointing the ppa package didn't help though22:19
tormodRAOF, are you uploading the xserver soon? just wondering if there will be window between new xserver and FF for driver sync/merges without having to add ugly build-depends22:22
RAOFtormod: I take it you've *got* a savage card?  That would let you piglit-test that patch :)22:22
RAOFYou'll need to add the ugly build-depends anyway, at least for a merge?22:23
tormodRAOF, I am the privileged owner of a savage card22:23
RAOFAnd, yeah.  It should be ready before lunchtime.22:23
RAOFI've just got a niggle to fix, and then some more testing.22:23
tormodRAOF, why would I need build-depends for a merge? if the Debian packaging requires e.g. 1.9.422:24
RAOFBecause the packaging requires dh_xsf_substvars, which only appeared in
RAOFI mean, you *could* just rely on that particular version being available, but it's not a bad idea to actually have correct build-depends :)22:26
brycehapw, do you have plans for bug #702090?  We've been accumulating dupes at a pretty good rate.22:26
ubot4Launchpad bug 702090 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu Natty) (and 4 other projects) "i965gm GPU lockup if vesafb is left loaded (EIR: 0x00000010 PGTBL_ER: 0x00000100) - *ERROR* EIR stuck: 0x00000010, masking (affects: 45) (dups: 34) (heat: 353)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70209022:27
tormodRAOF, hmm strictly speaking yes22:27
tormodbut for a sync we rely on such things all the time right22:28
RAOFIf that were the only diff, I wouldn't keep it for a sync.  If there was any other diff, I'd keep it.22:29
tormodanyway have a nice lunch while I sleep :)22:30
RAOFSleep well :)22:30
cndRAOF, ok, I'm done now22:53
cndpmcgowan was pinging me saying things weren't working with his trackpad :)22:53
RAOFcnd: Oh, there's another patch?  git pull --rebase it is :)22:53
cndand I realized that I hadn't fully tested trackpads22:54
cndbut they should work well now too22:54
cndsorry for the run around...22:54
cndRAOF, you wouldn't happen to have one of the newer synaptics trackpads would you?22:54
cndwith "semi-multitouch" capabilities?22:54
RAOFHow could I tell?  I have exactly two synaptics touchpads.22:55
cndif you do, then you can play too22:55
cndlet me see22:55
cndcan you run evtest on their device nodes?22:55
cndI find device nodes by searching for synaptics in Xorg.0.log22:55
cndat the beginning, it'll spit out a bunch of properties22:56
cndif you get ABS event codes >= 53, then you've got a multitouch device22:56
cndthough it's probably only semi-multitouch22:57
RAOFI'm guessing my 3yr old touchpad won't be semi-multitouch, so I'll only test the newer one.22:57
RAOFNope, only 28 - tool width.22:58
cndsorry :(22:59
JanCwhat does semi-multitouch mean?23:20
RAOFcnd: The Xi 2.1 patches bump minor input ABI, don't they23:24
RAOFcnd: Ah, yes.  There it is.23:26
cndRAOF, is that ok?23:40
RAOFYeah, that's fine.23:40
cndbtw, there technically is an abi change23:41
RAOFI was just checking whether to bump serverminver.23:41
cndthough it's buried in the server23:41
cndand I don't think any input drivers access it23:41
cndI'd be surprised if they did23:41
RAOFWell, we'll be rebuilding the world for unrelated reasons, so that won't matter :)23:41
RAOFIncidentally, the Xi patch introduces a compile warning.23:50
RAOFIn fact, a whole bunch of compile warnings :)23:50
RAOFI presume you're on them, though.23:50
cndRAOF, hmm, I haven't seen any23:51
cndcan you pastebin them/23:51
yofelbtw, is it known that plymouth is unusable in natty with nouveau currently? I only get pixel garbage displayed and a message about conflicting vesafb and nouveaufb in dmesg23:52
yofelnote: X starts fine, I just can't see any messages in plymouth thanks to that23:52
RAOFcnd: Will do.23:53
yofelworks fine if I use gfxpayload=text and remove the vt.handoff=723:53

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