kbmonkeymorning all04:29
Kilosmorning superfly and everyone else04:51
superflymorning kbmonkey and Kilos04:51
Kilosi store my archives on my external as packs for maverick and Packs for karmic. now i copied the wrong one to this karmic04:52
Kiloshiya kbmonkey 04:53
kbmonkeymorning guys :)04:53
kbmonkeyI got up early to fix this network, its giving me a hard time :)04:54
kbmonkeynetworking not my strong pt 04:54
Kilosnow i am sukkeling to remove them and get the right ones04:58
superflykbmonkey: mine neither, but what's the problem?04:58
Kilosi tried sudo aptitude remove /var/cache/apt/archives with and without the last / and /*04:59
kbmonkeywell superfly, a few things: ping between two ubuntu pc's by hostname (can ping by IP tho)04:59
superflyKilos: aptitude deals with packages not files05:00
Kilosi tried apt-get as well superfly 05:00
kbmonkeyand setup samba shares for the maties who visit. but let me tackle one at a time. just trying to get wins resolution working05:00
superflykbmonkey: hrm, I've never really been able to do that on my network, but it wasn't a huge problem for me... Windows does it because it wraps TCP/IP around NetBEUI05:01
Kiloshow can i get rid of the maverick ones only05:01
Kilosor even all of them and then replace with the right ones05:01
superflyKilos: how do you delete all the files in a directory?05:01
Kiloswill that --delete work here05:01
Kilosi dunno superfly 05:02
Kilosi thought the /* would do it05:02
superflyKilos: how do you normally delete a file?05:02
Kilosright click delete05:02
Kilosi normally sudo apt-get remove05:03
Kilosit doesnt want to05:03
superflyKilos: a file, not a package - there's a difference05:03
superflyKilos: what's the difference between Nautilus (your file manager) and Synaptic?05:04
Kilosi think nautilus opens things and synaptic installs and updates them05:04
Kilosi tried sudo gedit as well05:05
Kilosbut got a no entry sign05:05
superflyKilos: so when you want to delete a file in your home directory, what do you do?05:06
Kilossudo gedit /var/cache/apt/archives05:06
Kilosin home i normally just use right click delete05:07
Kilosor use cli and give the path05:07
kbmonkeyKilos: you copied the archives into /var/cache/apt/archives, for the wrong release?05:08
Kilosbut now i need to delete everything in archives05:08
Kilosno ,05:08
kbmonkeyyes you may need to remove them all, and re-copy the right ones back05:08
Kilosmust i try with the ,05:09
Kilosi only know the dos for all files and folders05:09
kbmonkeyfrom the cli, you use rm05:10
kbmonkeybut for that location you must use sudo with rm05:10
Kilosok so05:10
Kilossudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/*05:10
kbmonkeycorrect, that will remove all files, but not the /archives/  dir05:11
kbmonkeyall files in /archives/ of course05:11
Kilosok i try that ty05:12
superflyKilos: using aptitude to delete files is like trying to use Synaptic to remove a .txt file from your home directory05:13
kbmonkeythat there are subdirectories, and it will probably error on those05:13
Kilosah stupid me05:13
Kilosyes it says partial is a directory05:13
kbmonkeyor error when it hits those subdirs at least, to remove everything, you must use rm -rf (recursive, and force even if subdirs contain files) -- be Careful with this command :)05:14
Kilosok i try that05:14
Kilosis the -rf after rm05:15
Kiloslike sudo rm -rf /var/cache/apt/archives/05:16
kbmonkeyyes, -rf are arguments to 'rm'05:16
Kiloswith or without the *05:16
kbmonkeyactually it would work without the f too, 05:16
kbmonkeyuse the /*05:16
Kilosi need to find a book on these commands and arguments etc05:17
kbmonkeybecause you want to keep the /archive dir, otherwise it will remove /archives as well05:17
Kilosok i try ty05:17
kbmonkeyman rm is all the book you need :)05:18
Kilosty. it rm ed the dir archives as well but i did mkdir and got an empty one there05:22
Kiloswill cp from external again05:22
Kilosty guys05:23
kbmonkeythats strange, i did a test in /tmp and it shouldve kept it.05:33
Kilosnot serious kbmonkey  my pc does funny thjings05:34
kbmonkeyokay well I checked for you and seems like the default permissions are fine for archives :)05:34
Kilossometimes all the desktop icons disappear05:34
kbmonkeyyes my conky does that too, so I dont have any icons anymore05:35
Kilosand apps close on their own05:35
kbmonkeyoh... umm05:35
kbmonkeyyour pc sounds self aware05:35
Kiloseven xchat just closes05:35
kbmonkeythats not good05:35
Kilosbut not here on the P3 with a 6g drive05:35
kbmonkeyoh oops I cant be late, cheers laters!05:36
Kilosthis is my safety net05:36
nlsthznmorning all05:38
Kiloshi nlsthzn 05:38
nlsthznKilos: missed you at trible council last night ;)05:39
Kilossorry i forgot and hit the hay05:39
nlsthznnp... it was long on nothing much happening :p05:40
Kilosi still want to get to one and ask if there is anyone with the necessary skills to write something for ubuntu to do a mbr repair05:41
Kilossame as in xp you go to recovery and tell it fixmbr and fixboot05:42
Kilosbut then it only takes xp after that and wont take ubuntu05:42
nlsthznSneaky MS05:43
Kilosthere must be one of the guys that can do it better05:43
nlsthznhave you tried the forums?05:45
Kilosi hjave been very busy just trying to get a styable mbr on 2 drives for over 2 weeks05:46
Kilosbut will look into that as wewll05:46
Kiloslotsa peeps throw away drives because of faulty mbr's05:47
nlsthznthat sounds expensive05:47
Kilosthats fine if you can afford a new one05:47
Kilosthere is lots of stuff online about mbr probs05:48
nlsthznbut you could have had two then :p05:48
Kilosbut no linux tool specifically for repairing it05:48
Kilosyes i agree05:48
nlsthznstrange that there isn't... but can't you just re-install what is needed on the mbr?05:49
Kilosyes but mainly for ms05:49
Kilosthere must be a linux only solution05:50
Kiloswould be better if it was an ubuntu solution05:50
KilosMaaz, coffee on07:16
* Maaz puts the kettle on07:16
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!07:20
* nlsthzn goes to fix himself a spot of tea ;)07:23
KilosMaaz, ty07:25
MaazYou're Welcome I'm sure07:25
Kilosi gotta beer mug full of tea but cybercoffee is lekker too07:25
Kiloslo amanica 08:50
KilosMaaz, whats for lunch08:58
MaazHmm Kilos . Methinks Kentucky and coleslaw would go down well08:58
=== Owkkuri is now known as Owk
Kiloshi Owk 09:29
* nlsthzn waves at Esquire16:38
Esquirenlsthzn :)16:39
EsquireMaaz: coffee on16:41
* Maaz starts grinding coffee16:41
EsquireMaaz: with sugar, please16:41
MaazEsquire: What?16:41
EsquireMaaz: with sugar16:41
MaazHelp yourself outa the sugar pot16:41
MaazCoffee's ready for Esquire!16:45
Chat7935hunnies around gauteng in here? 17:51
drubinChat7935: this isn't that type of chnanle17:52
Chat7935hello? anybody in ere? 17:53
Morganvdhow stupid can people be18:17
superflyMorganvd: more than likely a bot18:22
Esquirewhois bnezya18:39
Esquirewow my first day back and I forget a / 18:40
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nlsthzngood night all20:41

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